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I have found that the races on this planet all have extremely contradicting goals and interactions when their cultures interact with one another. Anyone have some fun ideas on how everything on this planet goes down? As of now, the Shobhads and Contemplatives in my game hate each other and use slurs such as shabs and brains to talk about each other. The ikeshti are constantly messing things up to pursue their wild cultural/biological goals, and the Hylki are trying to hold this societies together through gang manipulation. Also have you guys implemented the Thurok in your campaigns?
Also my players have coined the term Shobad-neh is the way xD. Im trying to use the bounty in my story line and don't know which way to go as of now.

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Akiton is really the worst part of the Pact Worlds. Time has passed it by, and it's been plagued with bad choices, poor outcomes, and failure.

My Ysoki Technomancer was raised in the Diaspora, but he was essentially a climate/economic refugee from Akiton, as part of a mass resettlement program of Ysoki off-world.

It's a world of garbage, run down cities, chaos anywhere beyond the gardens of the entrenched elites. It's the back end of the system.

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I run Akiton as kind of Borderlands-ish, if more serious. The civilized parts of Akiton are only somewhat, and the wilds tend to be outright Mad Max. Its often a functional kind of dysfunction, but not fun if your not big on neo-feudalism and warlord gangs.

In theory, the larger Pact could and probably would give Akiton the hand up it would need to reassemble itself into a functioning planetary polity. The problem is, the Pact collectively has bigger problems. Akiton having gone all "fall of Rome" is bad, but there are a lot of problems that are way worse. So, everyone else largely allows Akiton to shamble along as a relatively unthreatening world of neo-feudal megacorporate enclaves and raider armies.


I am building a long adventure that start in Akiton, I use it as a world where everybody tends for themselves and where mercenary, criminal, corporation all use it with no regards to each other.
No real structure, except in certain cities

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With all of the company towns, defunct mining operations, and general lawlessness, I like to think of Akiton as an ideal planet for a space-western feel.

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I'm a Leigh Brackett fan, so I tend to run Akiton as a Brackett-esque Mars. With a little bit of Burroughs "Barsoom" and a lot of Blade Runner thrown in.

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