Community AP maps like ROTRL?

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Is there any AP's that have as comprehensive of a map set as the community made ROTRL maps (thanks everybody involved in that)? They have been a massive boon to my campaign, and I was curious if any other AP's have had such attention to detail and as complete of a map set done.

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Honestly: I doubt it.

Runelords has been out for 11 years, and a lot of the fan-made material pre-dates the Pathfinder RPG. It remains an extremely popular AP.

Crimson Throne seems to have a good amount of fan-made material, but not nearly as much as RotRL.

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Paizo has been much better about making higher resolution map packs with the Adventure Paths over the years, so it has limited the need to make maps in order to run the game.

Some users still post some community maps, but typically it will be a few random maps that fell short of what the DM's felt was needed.

sadly, no. SD could use a lot of these

Someone did some amazing high def maps for Shattered Star a few years ago. Highly recommend

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Second Darkness really REALLY needs something like this. The maps for that are ridiculously bland for such exotic locations as the Darklands and Kynonin.

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You guys should go over to deviantart. RonPepperMd has made some very nice Second Darkness maps.

Can confirm. Here's a link to the DA gallery for easy access.

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