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Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but there's a question about PFS that we can't resolve. Is there any possibility for a level 1 druid (gnome) to fly a bird Roc? If so, what does it take? Thank you very much for your time. With respect, a pathfinder from Kaliningrad.

I'm not aware of specific PFS rules for dealing with flying mounts. Last I checked, roc was an allowed companion type, so to the best of my knowledge the rules default to regular Pathfinder rules.

A roc is medium sized at that level. A small creature like a gnome should be able to use it as a mount. A riding saddle for an exotic mount is all you need to fly without any issues. Ride checks to avoid falling off can be difficult at low levels though.

And how is the fall checked? every move? what is the difficulty of the throw?
The weight of the saddle for exotic animals is 30 lbs. The same weight gnome (woman)
Capacity bird Roc with Str 12 is 43 lbs. So he will not be able to rise into the air?

correct. as it stands, you generally will have to wait till your bird becomes large to ride him effectively, or find a way to increase his capacity. there are magic items, spells available for this. ant haul comes to mind

cast ant haul on it. get triple the effective carrying capacity for 2 hours/level.
if you grab something that increase ur caster level or extend duration (like this trait) then you get to spend a lot of time on him even on level one.

And how many Ride should i take?

all of the ranks you can possibly get. max it out.

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