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Silver Crusade

Hey Folks.

You can find the latest news, products, and blog posts from Rising Phoenix Games by heading to the last post in this thread.

Good Gaming!

Sovereign Court

New on the blog:

Who is Rising Phoenix Games
Rodney sat down with Jon Frater to talk about Rising Phoenix Games and our product line.

Roleplaying on the Cheap
Tight budget after the Christmas-spending-spree? No problem. Here's my 3 point plan for buying books on a budget.

Goblin Lugging
The challenging sport of Goblin Lugging, inspired by the real-life sport of Wife Carrying.

Silver Crusade

Out in the darkness a malicious force moves, ready to strike a blow that will leave the village of Yamamura irreversibly scarred and in dire need of heroes to make their stand.

Where Heroes Stand is an adventure for 3rd level characters, compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and set in mythical Japan.

It will be available here, on Paizo, with the rest of our products, at paizo.com/companies/risingPhoenixGames.

Silver Crusade

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All of our Pathfinder and Starfinder products are on sale this week on Drive Thru RPG, including all our Field Guides packed full of monsters and our fan-favorite, Welcome to Scarthey.

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