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Another natural attacks question

Rules Questions

So, we have:

Bloodrager/dragon disciple with draconic bloodline and helm of the mammoth lord.

In rage we have...

Bite (primary, 1,1/2 str), claws (primary, str), gore (primary, str).

In form lf dragon we have different draconic attacks. Plus we have an ability to use weapon in hands (not using claws).

When primary natural attacks reverts to secondary? Only while using weapon? Or if you use any other natural attack as primary?

Can you discribe all attack bonusses with str bonuses for bloodrager 5/dragon disciple 10 with helmet of the mammoth lord? Maybe, I missed something.


Grand Lodge

Form of the Dragon gives you one bite, two claws, and two wing attacks. Referencing the Universal Monster Rules, unless otherwise stated, Bite and claw attacks are primary while wing attacks are secondary.

When bloodraging and in humanoid form, your bite, claws, and gore are all primary attacks, and your bite deals 1.5x str mod. Keep in mind that if you use a manufactured weapon as part of your full attack, your bite and all other natural attacks are always considered secondary, therefore only doing .5x str damage on a hit.

The Universal Monster Rules tell you when certain natural attacks are primary or secondary.

*edit Also, another thing to remember is that you don't have access to your Helm of the Mammoth lord when you're polymorphed into the dragon.

Thanks! Primary - means allways full BAB, not -5? Even when i use couple of "primary" attacks together? So, it's very good :)

Lord Lupus the Grey wrote:
Thanks! Primary - means allways full BAB, not -5? Even when i use couple of "primary" attacks together? So, it's very good :)

Yes. Primary = full BAB, full Str bonus. Secondary = BAB-5, half Str bonus. Doesn't matter how many of each you're using.

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