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There are quite a few 3pp products that I own or want to own that would be great as physical copies. Is there a way to actually have them printed out?

I would also love to see some compilations of the products put into a single physical copy. I know that it would take a ton of work on the part of the 3pp publishers who are already strapped for time and resources so this is probably just a dream.

I assume you mean not just printed, but bound as well?

Would soft-cover be ok? Or are you talking about hard cover versions?

Bob, if you are looking for specific things in print from Purple Duck Games drop me a line a There are many products that could be made into POD but it's good to know if someone is looking for something specific.

I'm ok with softbound.

I'm not exactly which products I'm looking for yet. I know that I can print one that I want. I'm hoping that I can print another, but they are both from Rogue Genius Games.

Right now, I'm just looking to print Anachronistic Adventures and the Skill Challenge Handbook. I'm still going through everything I have and I am looking to see what I want to print out because I'll be using it often. I was just hoping that there was an easy way for me to just have something printed out if I wanted it.

So should I just send a request if something comes up to whichever 3PP I want to print from and see what they can do?

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In my experience, many of them make POD available through drivethrurpg. That doesn't help if you buy the PDF here of course, but if I know I'm looking for a print copy I often find it there even if on paizo there's only a PDF version.

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For the items that are not available for print on demand, I would just get it printed at fedex. May not be the kind of print and bind that you want but better than nothing. Of course they may ask for a letter of permission from the publisher, which luckily, I actually got one from Owen back when I needed my Genius Guide to the Armiger printed out. I find most of the third party publishers are super nice about it if you shoot them an email asking about it.

Grand Lodge

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I got you bro
Skill Challenge POD.

Anachronistic Adventure POD

I'm going to have to do it. I need to wait because of some rent issues, but I think I can swing it. I'm probably going to have to start buying my stuff from there instead of Paizo if there are POD options.

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