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Psyloke / Lady Mandarin


I have a 1st level mind blade inspired by the X-Men's Psyloke. What kind of armor do you think the Lady Mandarin armor was? Would multiclassing into something like ninja or monk or even psychic help to emulate her?

No one?

Lady Mandarin armor looks like Banded mail a little, but I would switch it out for Scale mail or a chain shirt for dex reasons. I would say a dip into fighter class should allow you any armor you want, and boost BAB. Added; a dip into Slayer would be more like Psyloke.

Thanks Crag!
How many levels dip into slayer do you think?

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

The Kinetic Shinobi hybrid class is a blend of ninja and kineticists and is an ideal path for creating a character like Psylocke!

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That is a very interesting class. I will have to take a look at it. Thanks Jason Nelson!

Psylocke is one of my favourite mutants.

Parade armour might be an idea. Ideally it could be as fancy as whatever you could come up with. :)

I remember reading the Lady Mandarin story with Jim Lee's art and Chris Claremeont's words when it first came out in the Act of Vengance. Such a great time.

Grand Lodge

If your looking at 3rd party publishers. I used a Soulknife when I did a Psylocke character.

The character is a Pathfinder Society character

The Exchange

So far at first level she is very acrobatic as well as a pretty good fighter.

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