making an eidolon. did i do it right?


i started out with a bipedwhich gets claws, and limbs (arms and legs) free.

i will list what i am going to give it with how many points.

bite (1pt) 1d6 dmg
claws(again)(feet?) (1pt) do i need this?
bleed(claws) (1pt) 1d6 of bleed dmg
improved dmg (claws) (1pt) claw dmg goes up to 1d6
reach claws (1pt) gives 5 feet range to claws
improved natural armor (1pt) +2 bonus to natural AC
tail (1pt) +2 bonus to to acrobatics
rend (2pts) allows rend attack

will those mesh well together?

does flight (su) mean wingless flight?

here is a crazy idea can i make an eidolon that my Pc can use as a weapon (aka bio weapon with mouths,tentacles, and claws. and what not)

flies just behind the PC or hangs on to the PCs back
bleeding bites
breath weapons
energy attacks(bites)
extra heads.
can heads(for bites) be attaches to limbs or tentacles?
do you need to pick up extra bites energy attacks breath weapons bleeding bites and such for each head?
>.> can tentacles be makes into bleeding tentacles?

is there a way to make a crow eidolon effective?

is there an up to date guide?

so reach only gives reach to one attack, not all attacks of that form. So reach claw means 1 of your claws have extended reach.

I know this much off hand.

okay evolution points are just for mechanics and not for looks?
if so than that means the eidolon can have clawed feet that don't give claw attacks same with the bite having a maw full of sharp teeth that are not used for biting?

yeah sure.

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Yeah, flavor it however you want. Note though that some GMs are more stingy about flavor than others, especially in Pathfinder Society official play, which I hear specifically has rules against that sort of thing.

Are you using a standard summoner from the Advanced Player's Guide, or the unchained summoner from Pathfinder Unchained? There are some very different rules with the two classes.

Also, what level are you, and more importantly, how many total evolution points do you have access to?

i am guna stick with vanilla summoner unchained seems to restrict creativity too much to demon and angels and things interested in dragging your soul off to the afterlife. i wana play a summoner that has a eidolon that has a "mother wolf protecting her cubs" kinda vibe. and play the summoner as kind of in the back kind of fellow. i am feeling the neutral(alignment) kind of vibe right now. or i am play the eidolon not the summoner sorta vibe.

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