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can a low lvl character cast a high lvl scroll? like a lvl 3 wizard casting a scroll of haste

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The spell has to be of the correct type (arcane or divine), on their spell list, and the caster has to have the appropriate ability score (INT 13 in the case of a wizard trying to cast haste).

If all that is true, but the person trying to activate the scroll has a lower caster level than that of the scroll, they must make a caster level check (1d20+caster level) with a DC equal to the scroll's caster level+1 in order to cast the scroll successfully. If they fail, they must make a DC5 Wisdom check in order to avoid a scroll mishap.

(Taken from here.)

So the short answer is, yes, but with more difficulty.

is there an easier way of doing this with out a scroll like a one time use a easier activation thing?

Potions might be what you are looking for.

750 gp for a potion of haste, which would grant you Haste for 5 rounds.

Standard action to drink them, and anyone can use them.

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