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How to Get a High Armor Class (Completed Post)


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Thanks again to everyone who provided suggestions for this post! Now that it's more or less completed (if I missed a universal AC bonus then please list it along with a book reference so I can add it to the list), I wanted to share it. Hopefully this helps those who want to be able to avoid taking hits.

How to Get a High Armor Class, brought to you by Improved Initiative

Shadow Lodge

Well written Neal.

Thanks Monk. I like to think it's helpful, without getting into the "and then when fighting this specific enemy or in X particular situation, you become invincible".

I see a lot of that, and I try to avoid conditional guides when I can.

Well done. Do not forget to post it in the Guide to the Class Guides threadm so Broken Zenith can add it to the guides collection.

Scarab Sages

You forgot the Tower Shield Specialist (Fighter), which increases his max dex to armor by an additional +2, and gets shield bonus to all touch attacks.

Nobody likes tower shields these days...

Thank you Timebomb, the TSS has now been added.

Scroll Scholar (use scrolls as a weapon and shield) is worth a mention as the player could purchase scrolls for this purpose (a LOT less situational).

Likewise a discussion of the different types of a.c. (touch, flat footed and vs incorporeal creatures) would add to the article (e.g. the mage armour entry for example).

But well done, good topic for a guide.

Liberty's Edge

I believe you left out the Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier as well.

Dragon Disciple bonuses stack with existing Natural Armor Bonuses, which if you are a Draconic Sorcerer gets to a +4 at bloodline level 15 which stacks to a +7. If you aren't a sorcerer, but have a race that gets a bonus to Natural Armor, it will stack with that instead. Barkskin (and amulets of Natural armor) stacks with this since it's an enhancement bonus to Natural Armor for a max of +12.

Summoners can siphon 2 evolution points from their Eidolons at level 10 and can choose to evolve their natural armor. Synthesists get regular bonuses of Eidolons to their NA and can spend evolution points on it too.

Dropping prone gives you a +4 against ranged attacks, and you might want to discuss cover and improved cover as well.

An Armidillo Familliar gives a +1 NA bonus.

Wild Shape by druids nets a Natural Armor bonus as well as beast shape spells.

Shadow Lodge

The only thing I can find is that Viking Fighter was left out when it increases your shield's bonus to AC instead of Bravery IIRC.

You missed out the Lore/Nature Oracle. The combination of using Charisma for their casting and AC combined with the ability to wear armour and use shields and having spells to further buff AC is not to be sneezed at.

In the spells section you definately want to mention Draconic/Elemental Form. Draconis provides significant natural armour, elemental provides natural armour and can provide dex increases. Seamantle also makes a powerful defensive spell providing a +8 cover bonus to AC.

On magic items it is worth noting that it is cheaper to buy a Dusty Ioun Stone or Juingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5k each) than it is to upgrade a +1 Ring of Protection or Amulet of Natural Armour to a +2 (6k extra). Also they will add to touch AC which the Amulet does not.

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