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We have amended the restriction regarding previous Pathfinder credits.

Prior to this update, the rules said that you were ineligible if you had a cover credit on any print edition of a Paizo Pathfinder product. The FAQ said that you were ineligible if you had any Paizo design credits.

The updated rule is that anyone who has a design credit in 3 or more of Paizo's Pathfinder products is ineligible. (This is regardless of product format or location of credit.)

(Other eligibility restrictions remain in place.)

I need to ask a question about the eligibility rules. Part of the very first rule says "Anyone with a cover credit on a hardcover RPG book is ineligible". Does that include any self-published works?

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If you self-published a hardcover RPG book, then yes.

Damn. I suppose the fact that it was a vanity printing and in another genre doesn't matter, if in fact it is my name on the cover...

Well, I suppose it's better to find this out now than when/if I'd made it to an advanced round, right?

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was it ever for sale, or did you just create a few copies for yourself and some of your friends... I would think such questions would matter.

You could buy it from the publisher. Now, that was at the cost of printing - there was no profit margin. It was also available as a PDF download (for free).

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I hope you entered anyway!

Yes, I put in a submission right before I went back to check the rules. I'd say what it is, but...

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