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Mythic making the impossible ,possible

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

Was just thinking since Mtyhic power are all about making your character able to do the impossible I came up with this little what if

what if
(example for idea illustration not a suggested new rule)

There was a Mythic feat or ability that let you ignore any one prerequisite when taking a non Mtyhic prestige class. feat/ability can be taken 3 times. 2nd time lets you ignore a single class prerequisite, the 3rd time lets you ignore a single feat prerequisite (the ignored pre-requiste must itself not require a pre-requisite you don't have) a feat gained in this way can't count as a pre-requisite for feats if you normally can't qualify

taken Once
Eldirch Knight without needing martial weapon prof

taken twice
Paladin levels without needing or being penalised for being non-lawful good

taken three times
Weapon Specialization without Fighter level 4 (still need weapon focus and prof)

I just thought maybe there are other ways Mythic characters might be able to stand out as unique and powerful. ability combinations not seen outside Mythic heights.

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