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Larry Elmore Kickstarter

Gamer Talk

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey all, given how huge of an influence he's had on our hobby, I figured folks would be interested to know about this project. The grand daddy of fantasy RPG artwork himself, Larry Elmore, is holding a Kickstarter for a massive artbook to collect nearly all of his work.

Check it out: Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardback)

Yup, this is gonna be great!

I met Larry once at my favorite gaming store. I bought a couple of his prints and we chatted for about 15 minutes. He's always been my favorite artist and after meeting him I can only say he's the greatest. My best wishes to you Larry for your book.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Flagging in case Paizo wants to give Larry some press as they did for Reaper. :)

I think i may've found my first kickstarter project to go into.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

He was asked if the book is going to go on sale, and he did confirm that it would, but it would have to be a short print run, and thus, if you want to be sure of one, the best way to convince him to print enough is to back the Kickstarter.

At the moment, there's a few bonus materials that would be for backers, such as prints of the Dragonlance bookcovers, the B/E/C D&D covers, and more to come.

Liberty's Edge

Wow! This guy was/is one of my primary fantasy artist heroes. Heck, he was one of the main reasons I wanted to become an artist!

Definitely jumping on this!!!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


This finishes up at the end of the month and there are some cool stretch bonuses.

~sighs~ oh well. Dratted bills.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I was a huge fan when I was growing. I have added my name to the backers as well.

We're into the last three days so I just thought that I'd bump this. I just about managed to resist this, but in the end Larry's art is just so iconic to D&D to me that I couldn't resist.

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