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Selling Poisoned Arrows (and other weapons)

Rules Questions

Are there any rules for selling poisoned items? It would seem that selling a poisoned arrow should net you less money than selling the poison itself, but I have no idea if that's the case or not.

Any ideas on this?

I ask because I'm playing in a Legacy of Fire campaign, and we've wound up with, like, 200 arrows poisoned with scorpion venom taken from fallen gnolls. If these arrows sell for the same amount the poison dose does, it's a pretty absurd amount of money (50% of 200gp per dose x 200 = 20,000gp; and we're a 6th level party).

So, either the arrows *don't* sell for that amount, or the adventure path writer didn't think it through when he gave them that many arrows.

My GM has trusted me with doing treasure calculations for the party, as he's not a fan of math generally, and I am, so I want to be fair about this.

The problem with this could be the question: Is it allowed to sell poison/poisoned arrows where you are?
If I were your gm I'd let you sell them in small amounts and for a lesser price.

But RAW they should sell for something about the usual 50%.
So most likely the writer didn't think it through.
Or he thought the gnolls would use most of those arrows.

On a related note, how many pieces of ammunition can you apply a single dose to? That might help solve the individual price question

One dose per piece of ammunition; I know it seems weird that it takes the same amount of poison to coat an arrowhead as a sword, but that's what the rule is. The argument being that, in either case, it's a dose of poison being delivered to the target.

I went ahead and told the GM what the issue was, and that, by RAW, the arrows would probably sell for much, much more gold than he wanted us to have at this point. I suggested that he limit it in some way; up to him.


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