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Thinking about Post-Apocolyptic Pathfinder

Product Discussion

Silver Crusade

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So I've got this small company called Sneak Attack Press and I'd thinking about possible next steps to take with it.

One possibility that I'm thinking of is doing something post-apocolyptic with Pathfinder. I thought I'd throw it to see if there's any interest and see what exactly people might want.

One thought it to do just a big rulebook. Or two (PC and GM). Or three (PC, GM, Monsters). This approach could either come with a specific setting or be a toolbox approach.

I've also through about focusing more on adventures. This might have smaller GM and PC books, and an adventure path plus some short .pdf side quests. For the content of the adventure path, I'm thinking of either a post-apoclyptic "Kingmaker" where you help return civilization to the wastes, or travel-heavy adventure where the PCs explore a good section of the country.

I'm leaning a little bit towards the second option, partially because Warlords of the Wastes is more like the former. At this point it likely is never coming out, but if it does the adventure approach is less redundant with that.

Any of this appeal to anybody? Any other ideas?

If you're considering developing something, you should talk to Gareth Michael-Skarka about his Warlords of the Apocalypse which needs some development love.


Shadow Lodge

Meh...most people have written WotA off as vaporware.

Would this still be fantasy or do you want mod/sci-fi eliments?

Silver Crusade

I'm thinking a modern/sci-fi game set in the near-ish future. Somewhere in the Mad Max/Fallout/Gamma world vein.

Also I'm hoping to have control of the project, so I don't think trying to revive WotA is the best route for me. (But thanks for the suggestion).

I think you'll have better luck with a toolkit/ruleset than a setting.

Dark Archive

I love PA and look forward to whatever road you take.

I myself was thinking of doing something similar, though more setting focused then toolkit. It's more of a 'lovecraft meets fallout' thing set in Ontario. I already have material written, and if you're looking for a freelancer, my schedule is open.

(And yes I do have a publishing credit)

I'm a bit the opposite. There are any number of generic systems out there over recent years and I'd much prefer a setting in which to get excited about and stir up my imagination.

Even if you left it fantasy a good solid setting book with a few world specific traits/feats/prestige classes could be really cool.

Moving to Modern/Sci-fi complicates things a bit. I'd say have a look through the Sci-fi book and Amethyst Renaissance products to see how they handled it.

If it is straight mod/sci-fi with no magic then I'd probably go the mufti book rout, Rules, Setting, and Enemies.

If you mix the two like Amethyst then a lot of weight shifts off your shoulders since anything not tech and guns is already in the pathfider book.

In my group a well done kingdom building theme would be pretty awesome but we weren't head over heals for the actual Kingmaker rules. They were ok but not quite what our gm had been looking for.

Amethyst preview

Infinite Futures

Silver Crusade

@Thomas, The Canadian Chromatic I sent you a PM with my email. Let me know if you don't get it.

@Darksyde My original through was more straight sci-fi, maybe using psionics as a form of "magic." If more people were into fantasy hybrid, I might be swayed.

Even with the sci-fi I think I rely on PFRPG for a lot of the heavy lifting. An archetype for barbarian, fighter, and rogue can make them fit right in.

I was not impressed by Infinite Futures. Amethyst Renaissance, however, is the stuff.

A setting heavy book that offered up archetypes and some alternate ways to handle classes would be a fun take. I'd love to see it.


Thanks for the plug, if you have any questions regarding Amethyst, let me know.

You could also look at GRC's Modern Path for something closer to a straight modern set-up.

I'd be interested in a PF Post Apocalypse setting OR rules set that dispenses with the Shadowrun theme of modern-era tropes attached to the demi-human races. Personally I'd rather there were no elves, dwarves, halflings or gnomes in a Post-Apocalyptic treatment of PF, but I understand that doesn't leave much PF left for some folk. I applaud the desire to create this and will watch for further developments.

I'd be interested in a PF PA book as well, especially if it was a spiritual successor to Gamma World. No fantasy races, rather mutants, pure strain humans, and maybe a few stock species. Various tech, runied earth, mutated critters for a bestiary. There's a TON of potential there.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for the feedback everybody. I think I'm probably going to work on this for a couple months and then run a Kickstarter Campaign for it.

Another question that occurs to me: In your perfect PA game, what level of Gonzo would you want? If I end up taking a tool-box type approach, I can probably include multiple options and leave it to the GM to decide, but if I include a setting I'll need to have a default level.

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

I've also been looking at PA for pathfinder, likely in conjunction with the Anachronistic Adventurers classes we're almost done putting out.

I've always loved PA, and neither my work on d20 Apocalypse nor Sword & Sorcery's version of Gamma World has dulled that interest.

this is inside baseball but you might ask Expeditious Retreat Press about a pathfinder conversion of Sorcery and Super-Science.

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