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Bigger Shark is banned...but for how long???

Do you like green eggs and ham?
Would you if you know what they am?
Do you think green eggs come from cartons?
Do you think they're laid by martens?
Will you still like them when you see
green eggs are laid by JTDV!?

Brother, can you spare a franc...?

Dumpy. wrote:
it's a goblin on a tricycle!


"...You like play game?!?"

To be...or not to be?

Dear Uncle GoatToucher...

Where do bears come from?
Where are bears going?
How long have bears got?


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*sound of a gamma-ray burst being cocked*

But how long until then...?

Pulg wrote:
Wouldn't a broken schism be a reunification?

Wouldn't that require a reversal of entropy?

...on Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Geography), and Knowledge (History).

Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
How long have I got?

Dear Uncle GoatToucher,

HEY! Who turned out the lights?!?

Over and Out,

Floating In A Most Unusual Way

It would seem this thread has succumbed to Entropy...can we reverse it?

The Universe Song

Eric Idle

*via Aldis lamp*

Next poster: What if God was one of us?

What now?

Hey, who turned out the lights?!?

To be...or not to be?

Next poster: Who's on first?

Heyyy, what are THESE?

How did everything come out of nothing?

2/10. What are you looking at me like that for?!?

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Where do AIs go when they die?


Hootie and the Blowfish are breaking up?!??!?

HAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHA! Boy, that was some joke I pulled on the Universe, huh?


What? Won't somebody laugh with me?







Moral Standard: For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

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Hey, who turned out the lights?!?

What do YOU think?

questioning rabbit wrote:
Is it ever going to end?

Are you going to steal MY bit now?

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Was the dinosaur-killing meteor the original "rock-star?"

Next poster: Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

You're asking ME???

...Well, where is He?????

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You want me to do it AGAIN?!?!?

*looks from man to pig, then from pig to man, then from pig and man to Putin*
Which one is which?

Whoever's out there: Can Entropy be inverted?


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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
That would be f@*#ing hilarious - push comes to shove, Sarenrae calls Asmodeus's bluff, Asmodeus makes good on His threat, opens up Rovagug's prison...and a Chaotic Good butterfly-goddess - who is possibly still powerful enough to take the other gods on all by Her/Himself and give them a run for their money at the least - flies out. The ULTIMATE POETIC JUSTICE!!!

Now why is Groetus passing out cigars...?

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"Oh, don't mind Me, Lady Pharasma, I'll just clean Everything up when You're done with it and put it all AWAY..."

...Would you believe She never even bothers to ask where "Away" is?


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MannyGoblin wrote:
Pharasma, Lady of Graves wrote:
I'm still on top.
Not according to Groetus. He sees all.

Secret Overbeing? Why not Groetus?

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What does Pharasma become...?

Where do I come from?

Where am I going?

How long have I got?

...Where am I?

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Falling deities? Why not Groetus?

Where have all the Slaadi gone?

Who won?

Et Tu, Brute?

Next Poster: What Can Change the Nature of a Man?

What do you think?

Roycilo wrote:
Ever wonder if an admin will post "I Win!" on this thread, and then lock it?

You think?

Do you?