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Guide to Varisia planned?

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Liberty's Edge

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I just realized, after finishing my Darkmoon campaign and starting RotRL, that Varisia doesn't have it's own guide.
The Guide to Darkmoon Vale was a tremendous help during gaming and preparing, as a "one place to look stuff up"-source.
But, unfortunately, there's no such thing for Varisia! All infos are scattered throughout other products - Jade Regent #1, articles in other APs, etc...
Ok, we have the Companion, but I really would love to get my DM sourcebook, called Guide to Varisia, 64 pages of awesome goodness!

Liberty's Edge

I would love to see and pay for a guide to Varisia. Something along the libnes fo the 3E FR book.

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Yeah! You could call it something like "Varisia, Birthplace of Legends!"

Oh wait. hplace-of-Legends

Liberty's Edge

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Patrick Harris @ SD wrote:

Yeah! You could call it something like "Varisia, Birthplace of Legends!"

Oh wait. hplace-of-Legends

As I wrote, I know of the Companion, but that's player's content only.

A "Guide to" would contain so much more stuff...
As Varisia is Golarions most developed area, it's strange that we don't have a guide...?! :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think Varisia is too large and well-developed an area for a Campaign Setting softcover. That's why there are Campaign Setting books for separate parts of it: Guide to Korvosa, City of Strangers, Magnimar: City of Monuments, etc. You can't cover Korvosa and Kaer Maga and Magnimar and Riddleport and Sandpoint and everywhere else in just 64 pages.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

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I want to do a hardcover Varisia book some day.

Some day.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules Subscriber


I will be happy to wait if a hardcover is done in place of a 64 pages book. If not I'll happily buy the 64 pages book :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm going to say that I have had enough Varisia for quite a while.

This isn't to say I dislike that part of the setting, or that the material that has been published hasn't been excellent. It is just that we already have a very, very clear view of what Varisia entails. Entire books on most of the major cities, numerous APs set there, lots of supplemental material on its people and culture. In short, I already have enough material to "get" Varisia, the country and its people.

I cannot say the same for large chunks of the rest of the setting. I'm not just talking about totally unexplored bits, like Casmaron or southern Garund. Most of the area around Lake Encarthan is unexplored, especially very unique places like Druma and Razmiran. Thuvia and Rahadoum haven't been dealt with much beyond "immortality elixirs" and "atheists" with some genies thrown in. Nex and Geb could easily warrant a 64 page book together, being some of the more unique, magically advanced societies of the Inner Sea. While every book on Varisia inherently reiterates material that has previously been published, books on these areas would have more space for entirely new material, enhancing the breadth of Golarion and the ideas it encompasses.

While Varisia may have been the core of the Pathfinder setting, I believe it has grown beyond that. The whole world is filled with incredibly interesting people, places, and ideas. Given the limit of how much material Paizo can publish in any given year, I would much rather see a "broadening" of the setting rather than a "deepening" of material on Varisia. While more Varisia books would not be bad, I would feel that they were missing the opportunity to explore new and interesting avenues rather than further enriching an already well developed setting.

I understand your view and in a sens share it. I had a group of PC in transit through Razmiran and I realy miss the kind of information that a 64 pages Rasmiran book may have.

In fact I'd take more regional book (broadening and deepening).. Of course I know they have a limit of how much they can produce and keeping the same quality level. For me, I'd rather skip prestige class book and the like to open more space for regional, god, organization or other flavor of the setting books.

I'm with Mort. I like Varisia as much as the next guy but there's so much more to the world. Let's have some of that for a while.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I agree with some of the latter posters. IMHO, would prefer more info on the other regions first, like Brevoy, Nex, Geb, Numeria, etc, since at this point almost all of the major cities for Varisia have been fleshed out in their own books, and with several adventure paths quite a bit of the region has been explored. I'd prefer seeing a Tien Xia, Planes, or Distant World hardcover before Varisia.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Patrick Harris @ SD wrote:
I'm with Mort. I like Varisia as much as the next guy but there's so much more to the world. Let's have some of that for a while.

If I understand Erik's post right, a book on Varisia isn't right around the corner anyway. It's one of those things they'd LIKE to do eventually when it makes sense to do so. Of course, I could be misinterpreting the post. :)

That said, a Mendev/Worldwound hardcover, yes please! :-D

Silver Crusade

Any of these hardcover! Huzzah!

Belnor. :)

Silver Crusade

I'd love to have a full Varisia book, especially to further explore the Varisian and Shoanti cultures, but I have to admit a 64 page Osirion book tops it on my WANT list. :)

(as does a Distant Worlds Hardcover. And a Distant Worlds Bestiary. And a 64 page Verces book. And a Verces Hardcover. And a Great Beyond Hardcover. And a South Garund Hardcover. And a Vudra Hardcover. And an Osirion Hardcover.)

(so many wants, so little time)

.....the manna wastes, druma, nex, geb, ahhh so many wants..
and how can any of us forget james jacobs unspeakble futures (hope i remebered the name right james, if not im sorry)

Does this book do a decent job of describing/explaining more about Janderhoff?

As my favorite corner of the Pathfinder setting I would like to see the region get a decent write up.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Yeah, the "some day" part is an allusion to the fact that the timing isn't right at the moment, for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is potential over-saturation. There are plenty of other awesome places to focus on in the time being.

Those looking for more Varisia material should really check out the new monthly Pathfinder comic from Dynamite. James Jacobs has been writing mini-gazetteers of various locations within Varisia, complete with a bonus encounter. It's fun reading, and sheds light on some locales like Paupers' Graves and the Shankwood that haven't previously been discussed in detail.

And you can subscribe here on, of course!

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