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ok i got to love dwarfs..but i understand your dislike for said you would change them if you could..what would you have changed ...whats the perfect james jacob dwarf lol

1. the stand ..stephen king
2. moorcock all of them...showed me what could be beyond the hobbit
3. everything by howard and lovecraft..two broken there letters in the books "a means to freedom"
4. world war z..max brooks the book that all zombie books will be measured by
5. wool by hugh howey....nothing closer to heinlein
6. starship troopers and a moon is a harsh mistress ..master at the top of his form
7. icewind dale trilogy....made me remember how i felt when i was a teenager reading my first fantasy novels
8. ask james jacobs thread...if we could only get him make pazio do unspeakable futures without him leaving the company
9. dying inside by robert silverberg...just read it
10. the original forgotten realms box set my imagination on fire and made me want to create and publish my own world..

maybe a little shallow..but the deep stuffs not alway the fun stuff

Hi james was wondering in the long term..does paizo plan to release less rule books and more campaign related material....not trying to start the bloat war argument..i would rather see more campaign books...have a great weekend

I go with the idea that dwarfs have goats on the rocky surface of there mountain homes.

A reboot i am happy about if Rifts..always loved the world of rifts but the system just was not for Rifts is getting ported to savage worlds..oh happy day...oh happy day

Hi james i hope you had a great day...i was wondering where can you buy the software you used to do the maps on your blog..your world map looks great..and speaking of your blog...update please

I think after occult adventures the hard cover line is going to switch to more campaign related stuff..thats good news no more rules bloat

Thors one of my favorite heros..i dont mind the women thor for awhile but i wish they would stop beating up on thor so much...truth is marvels big boys have been going through the wringer lately
1. caps depowered and now a old man
2. iron mans a full on villian
3. thor no hammer and no honor acting like a five year old
4. hulk is now doc green..a intelligent smart ass
looking forward to how hickman will wrap up his long story with secret wars

Hi James...was wondering
1. what are you reading

2. will you ever update your blog. i check it everyday

3. have you read monte cooks numenera..if yes did you like it

4. any plans for a nex/geb adventure

5. do you have a huge collection of rpg books. not counting paizo stuff

6. can you name a few current writers that do lovecraft type storys well

7. i miss the days of the giant rpg box set..i know cost is a issue nowadays, but if you could do one would you and if so what would it be about

thank you

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James Jacobs wrote:
Mackenzie Kavanaugh wrote:

I had actually missed the question and answer regarding multiple currencies, but after I went back and read it... I would like to say that I really like that there are different canonical names for the various types of coins depending on region. A gold piece is a gold piece is a gold piece, but being able to describe a treasure hoard as containing crowns, measures, sails and even scarabs adds a bit of interest, since the coins came from all over the Inner Sea region.

Given their nature, would it be particularly odd for a dragon to become obsessed with collecting Thassilonian or Azlanti coins for their hoard, both of which must be fantastically rare to find in the modern era, and yet not intrinsically worth any more than coins of the same sort minted yesterday in Absalom?

Having in-world names for coins IS important, if only for us to use those names in our fiction or in in-game handouts. But being able to refer to them all as "pieces" is equally important, since that means we only have to define that once, not once every time we mention a coin.

I don't think it'd be that odd for a dragon to become an obsessed coin collector.

Would a dragon who is very social in humaniod societys also consider using slave/henchmen, etc to mint their own build their hoard, spread their renown, or instill fear

Hi James
1. whats your favortie classic rock band..whats your favortie song by that band
2. do you like any country music, if so what
3. jeff grub or ed greenwood for best creator
4. what do you collect if anything
5. whats your favorite western
6. did you like the ending of stephen kings dark tower books
7. do you think black 13 is in a locker in the world suzanna was transported to allowing her and eddie to find it and try to break the cycle that roland loops through
8. do you have any original fantasy art from any of the artist that work for paizo
9. would you like to write the adventures of young lovecraft and howard if the estates gave you permission
10. do you read zombie novels..if so whats your favorite
well thats my top ten for now....thanks

Hi james,, i know youve been asked things like "how does someone get a design job, or a writing job at paizo" what i would like to ask is how does someone get a sweeping the floor, working in the warehouse, etc kind of job at paizo
thank you


its really werid coming back to the paizo site..since i was my wifes cargiver when i lost her i also lost my now i come on and peek at the new releases..being a book person and not being able to buy books was one of the strangest side affects of losing her...she did not like rpgs, fantasy, sci-fi or just about anything i read..but she let me be me and love me for it...sorry folks just had to vent a little

since my wife died in july i feel like ive been living in my personel endtimes

its been really tight here since my wife passed away so i dident get anything this year...

I hope you have a very merry christmas..this first christmas without my wife has been sad and strange....ive fallen behind on so many books in the last few months..just wanted to let you know that i think glorian is the greatest of all the currently published rpg worlds

Hi james i was wondering what character class would make a good wandering judge that is both magical and connected to a deity in someway would a inquisitor fit this roll

Some posts up you mentioned you might get around to reading the black company..its great james..i loved them..if cook trolls these boards please more black company..

Hi James was wondering when a life event derails your creativity what are some of the things you do to get yourself back on track..
also i hope your having a better week then last

Hi James was wondering have you ever used a "deck of many things" in a game

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Hi james...just wanted to say that i went on another fourm and vented a little about my wife passing away (ive been having a hard time)...and a stranger thats will be left unamed went me a 100 dollor piazo gift card and asked for nothing in return..other then kind words..i suppose what i want to say is that, that is the community thats been built here..everyone at piazo should be very proud

and now for a queston do you read jeremy robinson books he write alot of kaizu stuff

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i dont know how to make my own fourm so i chose this one
my wife died..shes been gone since july2..i was her full time care givers for over 18 years..she had so many health problems those and her meds would fill six pages..she was a fighter and stronger then anyone ive ever met in my life

in her last days i already told james that she told me to tell that james guy i talk about thank you and i said why baby and she said because he made me so happy with his products..

you see my life did not like sc-fi or fantasy..books or movies. had no intrest in rpgs or comics ..but they made me happy and that made her happy..she was sick wheni got the emerald spire in the mail and i was so excited and she was excited because it made me happy...she always wanted to make me happy
i miss her so much..i think i may have to go to grief conselilng....what really hurt me last night..was coming on here like a always see i havent played a rpg in over 20 years but i love reading campaign guides, and rule books and such...well my job was tied to her i worked for the state so suddenly im on unemplyment....i came on there site and there the advanced class guide, the iron gods ap, the people of the stars, the pathfinder tech guide..i relized none of those books would go on my self with the rest of my collection..but worst i would never be able to get them and show them to her and see that look she would get when im so happy...that looks gone forever
in the end i miss her more then i ever thought i could miss anything

thanks comunnity for letting me ramble..i one word of advice is if you love someone tell them...tell them all the the she slipped away at tacoma general the cancer finally taking her..i felt like was slowly turning into a pile of dust....still trying to figure out how to put myself back together
thank all of you for letting me ramble

Hi James
i was wondering what are somethings you like to do to cheer yourself up when your sad
Just wanted to let you know i went into the lakewood barnes and nobles the other day..and bam..they have a butt load of pathfinder stuff, i found myself saying under my breath "way to go paizo"

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Hi James im sorry if this post brings anyone wife passed away on the 2nd..she lost the battle with cancer that had been going on for so long.things are really hard right now..but im glad shes at peace..the main thing i wanted to say is that in the last few days she was making her wishs known, one of the things she said to me was "thank that guy james you talk about" and i said why baby and she said " because his books make you so happy" so from jerry (spelled like a guys name) thank you james...

sorry if spelling is sloppy gotta go for now everyone if you have someone in your life that you really love..i pray that you tell them and tell them often

Man i loves me some black company...wait until soldiers live it can break your heart and at the same time leave you wanting more..

i hope Glen writes more company novels...Glen if you ever lurk here i ask please please give us more...even if its just one more

Thanks for your thoughts James
we appreciate it

Hi James was wondering what did you think of the fight between brienne and the hound on game of thrones..i have never read the books and know the scene deviated from the books but i thought it was fantastic

would you stat up brienne as a paladin in pathfinder...and would the hound simply be a fighter ?

thanks looing forward to my order coming this month...cant wait to get my hands on the emerald spire..

my wife who just got home from the hospital.(sadly she has terminal cancer) told me to say HI to you..she says that i talk about the piazo staff like i really know them..thats the great thing about piazo and your fourm..we all do get to know you guys..even just a little..that makes the pathfinder experience more personel then suits and ties churning out products..thank you very much

Does anyone have the hardcover yet? my orders still pending

arrggh im stuck waiting with pending order..sigh..cant wait to read it

48 here

"hey buddy you got a smoke"

sold sold and sold

what is would like to see is a set of regional hardcovers..nuff said

Hi James hope your doing great was wondering
1. from what we all have seen of the new godzilla movie, what do you think so far
2. have you checked out monte cooks numenera
3. just want to say thanks for this years products..a banner year indeed
( now the waiting for said products well that sucks lol )

GreyWolfLord wrote:

In regards to the AP and that they are monthly, I look at them more like magazines then books. Basically, with Paizo losing the Dragon and Dungeon, the AP's replaced that loss...from what I understand. So, though they are NOT magazines, I view them more similar to magazines (even in how they are put together with different sections) than a book release per se.

So, in the collection of APs, I'd also view getting back issues similarly to how you would with a set of magazines (or comics). Unfortunately, just like back issues of those items, with APs, some will be higher priced (more valued by some) than others, and/or harder to get.

much of what you say is true..unfortunatly that also encourages pirateing..which is wrong but out there in massive numbers..i dont mean to offend anyone here and if im late to this discussion as vic has shown..i just dident know about the other threads...suppose i'll go read some more numenera

print on demand?.....

What i dont like is being a late comer to pathfinder aps and other products go out of trying to collect all the books but it makes it hard..i loved that rise of the runelords was collected in hardcover and i understand that you dont want to do alot of hard covers, that you would rather people buy the books monthly..i get all that but i do wish you would consider hardcover collections when books go out of print
thank you

nukes smooks dirty, dirty, bombs or the rtx nutron sphere..these are voice activated by triger words...both spoken and satelite transmited..manual activation is more complicated it must be opened and made flat, turning it into a circuit based map..the right combination can explode the sphere or send a signal to other spheres..if spheres are activated in combination they automaticlly wake up a satelite over anartica (as a side note it was placed over that location after spys in world war two followed hilters explorers that were trying to find the hollow earth theory that hilter believed in so much...thats another story for another day)only two men know the proper code to destroy a combination of spheres or the daisy chain as termed by kennedy..there are only 6 links in the chains...each link in a safe location moscow being one..thank god the president is not one of the people refered to a the dyson twins...

of course i could be completely full of s%@+..but you never truely know do you

Of course putin could over play his hand..the eu is weak..god knows with obama destroying this country we're weak..but if the ukrane turns into a true blood bath..and no one will help....remember all those pipelines for energy that run right through that country are soft targets..a few dudes with bombs cut off the energy to to eu which backlashs right on putin.
shhh plus the suite case bombs reagan smuggled into moscow just might change a few minds

Hi james
i was wondering im creating a gnome npc i want them to be a inventor..what class should i make them..wizard? i want them to use magic

Hi James i hope your having a great day

just a few things this time..when im working on my campaign world instead of writers block, i find myself with too many notes block..was wondering do you use any software or such to make sense of way too many notes

have you ever read ambrose bierce

do you like to read books about real world cryptids or mystries. if so have you ever read anything by nick redfern

oh one last thing im sure you have this book but just in case.
the del rey h.p lovecraft and others tales of the cthulhu mythos is a great book

hmmmm looking at the title of this fourm....i say
burning h.p lovecraft in effigy on james front the trick

Hey james i was wondering on a planet the size of golarion at any one time how many mythic beings do you think there are..humaniod, monster, or not trying to get a exact number just a ball park number
thank you
for being you

Hi Jame
how are you today?
i was wondering i skiped 3.0 and 3.5 dungeons and dragons completely i know you did work for both (i think) im always intrested in your work besides the dragon and dungeon magazines can ou give me your top five works so i can begin my amazon and ebay search

Hi james im trying to get all the pathfinder books...i dont have many of the revisted books what 3 or 4 would you recommend i start with
thank you

hey james how many pages is tghe emerald spire hardcover...cant wait

i have read the comic since i was 5 in 1970, i have never missed a issue since at on time i own evey issue including number one ( a brokered deal but at least i had it for five days lol )
this is screwing with the characterss too much.i hope this movie bombs so bad that marvel can somehow give the first family the treatment it deserves

yeah i checked on amazon and got mine before feb 1st..i try to buy on piazo when i can but somtimes funds and the fact that im a prime member just mean i must use amazon..usually amazon gets paizos stuff wayyyyyyy late

the return of aroden

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