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Liberty's Edge


Ive been playing PFS for a couple of months now and noticed someone reading one of these before last session. Thought I might try one out , is there a particularly good one to take a look at?

Also are the boons for reading the novels still in effect?


Grand Lodge

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You still get the boons for owning the novels.

Honestly, I have vastly enjoyed all of the pathfinder novels. I personally started with Death's Heretic, and would definitely recommend that one as a solid all around introductory novel (I ended up buying all of the other ones that where out the night I finished it). If you find that you like that, try Prince of Wolves and Master of Devils. Bonus, if you like those two, there is another adventure featuring the duo due out on Wednesday. From there it is pretty much open game.

As a side note. Some people give The Worldwound Gambit a lot of flack for its style, but I found the book to be very good regardless (honestly I felt the style choice was fine, but YMMV). A real Oceans 11 like vibe. In addition, even though they aren't directly connected, I would recommend reading it before Blood of the City.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I really enjoyed Prince of Wolves and Master of Devils. Although, Master of Devils really stretched my suspension of disbelief, but it was still good.

The Exchange

they get my vote. My fav right now is Blood of the City - but that is likely because I read it last. Maybe City of the Fallen Sky... yeah, I like Alchemists.

Prince of Wolves - Great read!
Master of Devils - Classic Kung-Fu movie story line... but good.
Blood of the City - I have to check out urban druids again.
Master of the Fallen Sky - HA! Alchemists rock!
Death's Heretic - I understand PF athiests now!
Song of the Serpent - I wanna play a troll!
Winter Witch - Cool! (yeah, that's a pun).
Plague of Shadows - my least favorite...
Nightglass - this convensed me to kill Zon Kuthan cultists on sight.
World Wound Gambit - Great! 2nd best I think... maybe the best. I LIKE THE FIRE GUY! - he's crazy, and he knows it.



You can start with any of the novels. All of them are stand alone stories, so even if one follows another (like Master of Devils follows Prince of Wolves), you can read them out of order and not be "spoiled." I cannot really recommend what I "think" you might like if I don't know your taste in books. What do you like to read? What are some books that you have REALLY enjoyed?

Many here on the boards name Dave Gross as their favorite Tales author. I love his books, but Plague of Shadows]/i] and [i]Death's Heretic were two of my favorites in the series.

I have not read Nightglass, Song of the Serpent, and Master of the Fallen Sky. Not for lack of wanting to, it's just that I had to suspend my Tales subscription for a little while. I also have not read Blood of the City yet, but it's on my shelf waiting to be read.

I recommend reading the reviews for all the books to get a sense of what you would like. Pick one and see what you think! Also, you can hunt back through the blog for sample chapters. They usually are posted on the blog right before the book is released. Look at what date a book came out and hunt around the blog in that month!

Also, take a look through the Web Fiction. Usually, there is a prequel or sequel released for Free on the web fiction that is by the author of a novel about the characters in the book. It's a great way to get a free taste of what the book might be like.


Dark Archive Contributor

Itchy wrote:
Also, take a look through the Web Fiction. Usually, there is a prequel or sequel released for Free on the web fiction that is by the author of a novel about the characters in the book. It's a great way to get a free taste of what the book might be like.

I second Aaron's suggestion about the web fiction. All of the novel authors have had at least one story, and so have many other writers, several of whom will surely have Pathfinder Tales novels on the shelves sooner rather than later.

One of the great strengths of the line is its diversity.

Liberty's Edge

Ive gone with Master of the Fallen Sky. Numeria has fascinated me from Day 1, and the Alchemist is just such an unusual class.

I guess Im just a fan of strange concepts out of fantasy settings

Thanks for the input and advice

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