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Fighter 2 weapons



Some advice on the fighter, I have someone starting a fighter but they want to use 2 1 Handed weapons.

I do not understand how that would work, all I can find is that the STR is halved when you deal damage with the second weapon.

Does the PC:
Have special requirements to use 2 weapons?
Have to roll 2 D20 1 for each weapon?
Does this count as one standard action?

thanks for any help

The rules for TWF close to the end of the combat chapter.

The off-hand weapon can be a one-handed weapon or a light weapon.

If it is a light weapon the penalties will be less than if they use a one-handed weapon.

If they take the two-weapon fighting, the penalties will drop even more.

He has to use a full round attack which is a full round action to use both weapons.

He also has to roll 1 d20 for each weapon.

thank you for the reply much appreciated!

Lantern Lodge

Also if the player so wishes he can ignore str and keep it at 10 go with weapon finesse and just use his dex to hit and later get his weps enchanted with agile to also use his dex for damage.

And there is an archetype for the fighter class that would let him reduce the penalties for using two 1-handed weapons to the same as wielding a light weapon in the off hand. Of course, he needs to get to level 11 before that happens. Over all, might be better to get him to dual wield short swords until then since the penalties are a bit stiff otherwise (-4 to each attack roll instead of compared to -2 if he used a light in the off hand)

It also lets him use both weapons in a standard attack instead of a full attack at level 9.

Designer, RPG Superstar Judge

jordain, there are no "use two weapons" rules in the Beginner Box. If you're adding in rules from the Core Rulebook or the PRD, it's as concerro said: look toward the end of the Combat chapter.

You may also want to take a look at the Beginner Box Transitions document, which talks about adding in rules from the Core Rulebook and where to find those rules.

I apologize for the delay in answering, your original post must have scrolled out of view because of other posts in this forum..

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