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Shattered Star and Prestige Points

Shattered Star

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Why do the PC's receive only 8 PP for completing "Shards of Sin", a four-level adventure? In the course of a regular PFS character's career, he or she would usually gain a minimum of 3 PP per level and have a chance to gain up to 6. Even if we say that the Shattered Star characters have no factions and thus can gain only three PP per level, shouldn't anyone completing "Shards of Sin" gain 12, not 8?

I understand that the Shattered Star AP is not a PFS adventure. I'm not asking about the real-world Pathfinder Society; I'm asking about the in-Golarion Society. Shouldn't they value what's happening in Shattered Star at least as well as how they value other agents' doings?

Grand Lodge

Well, they are also getting an artifact too. You could also argue that because it is a small lodge, they have less to offer... I don't know. I am already planning to offer more than suggested, but that is because I intend it to be fame more in Varisia rather than the Society.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

The rate at which PCs receive prestige points is slower for an Adventure Path than it is for Pathfinder Society. That rate goes up a bit in the next few adventures, but it's still going to end up with the PCs getting fewer Prestige Points and Fame than they do in the Pathfinder Society.

Partially because they're different campaigns with different needs and realities, and what is correct in one doesn't have to be in the other.

Partially because the PCs in Shattered Star have more options (item creation, etc.) and get better rewards (in the form of more treasure and more powerful treasure, artifacts notwithstanding) that they don't NEED Prestige and Fame as much.

Partially because while the Shattered Star characters end up higher level, and while their individual adventures are longer, they end up NOT going on as many adventures as do your typical Pathfinder Society org-play character does.

If you want to increase the fame and prestige awards, thoguh, that's easy. Just change the numbers. But doing so WILL end up with PCs being more powerful, so you should prepare for that.

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Hi James,

Thanks for the reply.
One of my PCs is actually writing the journal and the maps that will eventually be published at the end of the Campaign ("The Shattered Stars Chronicles").

He's putting a lot of effort on it, and I want to reward him with extra Fame and/or Prestige.

How much you think I should give as extra per adventure?

For ex.
Adventure 1 says PCs get 8 Fame and Prestige at the end.
I was thinking on awarding and Extra 4 to him. Is this ok or will it get out of hands?

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