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TWF dex based barbarian build... please critique


So my group rolls for stats, this means he's not completely put together yet but...
15th level build=
URBAN BARBARIAN 12 levels/WEAPON MASTER FIGHTER 3 levels and continuing with fighter from 15 on out. Feats aren't in the perfect order to follow from 1st level but the feats and rage powers are what I dwindled a much larger list down to.

F1. Weapon finesse
F2. Combat reflexes
1. Two-weapon fighting
3. Extra rage power: superstition
5. Master craftsman
7. Create magic arms and armor (this and previous feat can and would be switched out in an ideal situation and let the magic user make the items so I could focus on hitting things but I don't know the make up of the rest of the party and need to conserve my cash to get more stuff.)
9. Improved two weapon fighting
11. Extra rage power: internal fortitude
13. Greater two weapon fighting
15. Power attack

Rage powers-
2. Beast totem lesser
4. Witch hunter
6. Beast totem
8. Spell sunder
10. Beast totem greater
12. Come and get me

The main items to get are-
+5 cloak of resistance
+6 belt of dex.
Gloves of dueling
Flawed Scarlet and green cabochon (combined with internal fortitude for rage cycling)
+3 keen furious agile rapier
+3keen furious agile rapier

Assuming an 18 in dex starting out and adding +3 with the ability bonuses through the levels that gives me a base dex of 21 or +5. Rage at that level adds +6 and with the +6 from the belt that makes the base 33 or +11, now with 15 levels, weapon training, and bonuses from the weapons enhancements and the -4/-4 for the TWF and -4 for power attack that puts me hitting with 26/26/21/21/16/16 dealing 1d6+22 for my good hand and 1d6+18 for my off hand attacks all with a 15-20x2 crit range.

So if all attacks hit its 6d6+120 if nothing crits

And a question for all commenters, do you know of any items, feats, ect. That would add to my dex and be stackable withwhat I have?

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Having a one handed weapon as an off-hand weapon will put heavy penalties upon you. You should go with a light weapon.

If you must use a one-handed weapon, the Sawtooth Sabre is choice, as it counts as light weapon for the purposes of penalties during two weapon fighting.

But a sawtooth saber isn't a weapon that qualifies for the weapon finesse feat, or the agile weapon enhancement, so that weapon wouldn't work with this build at all.

I could switch it up with a gladius which would make my attacks 28/28/23/23/18/18 same damage but only gritting on an 18-20

Or the kukri, it would give the same attack bonus I listed for the gladius and same crit rang listed with the rapier (15-20) but would change damage die to d4 instead of d6

Wakizashi is the only weapon i can think of with d6 damage 18-20 crits and is light.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

the change from D6 to D4 for kukri's won't affect your damage output that much ( average goes from 3.5 to 2.5). It's the static bonusses that do the damage

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Kukris are the choice weapon here.

Yep -1 average damage beats eating a feat any day. Although as there seem to be no plans for weapon focus or other weapon specific feats he can always use a rapier and a kukri.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Wait, what's your race?

A couple of things to consider:

If you're going to use the same weapon in both hands, you might look at Weapon Specialization (pre-reqs Weapon focus, Ftr level 4). You get +2 to the weapon damage with no minus to attack rolls.

If you're going to use two different weapons, you might want a slashing in one hand and a piercing weapon in the other, just so you have the options. (Gladius is P/S, but I don't know if that makes up for the 19-20 threat range.)

If money is likely to be an issue, the Dervish Dancer feat lets you use a Scimatar with Weapon Finesse AND count it as an agile weapon. It costs you one feat and 2 skill ranks in Perform(Dance) vs. 8,000 gp for an agile weapon. (If you have any Str bonus or Power Attack, you can also use a Scimitar two-handed, which you can't with the rapier or light weapons.)

And a question:
Do you need Double Slice if you're using agile weapons? (Is the Dex bonus halved on the off-hand like the Str bonus is?)

Related to this, is Double Slice a good investment for a TWF if you're not going for Two Weapon Rend? In this build, it would negate the off-hand penalty for Power Attack, but is that worth the feat?


At what level is this character starting?

Black blood, the dm wants us to create a custom race for this campaign, I have it completed but figured that would add another lengthy section to an already lengthy post. In another campaign I would go human for the extra feat but as is the extra feat is not an option for me

Gwen, I think I've settled on switching out the rapiers for kukri. As stated by bart above the d4 vs the d6 isnt nearly as hurtful to the build as the -4 compared to the -2. The following levels after this will continue in the fighter arch type weapon master, I planned on grabbing weapon specialization (and weapon focus since its a pre-req.) And yes double slice. Agile weapon does state that only half dex bonus and half power attack bonus get applied to off hand attacks. Oh and dervish dance wouldn't work because you can only use one weapon with dervish dance.

Mergy, character is starting at 15th level so feat and rage power line up doesn't really matter as long as there in the right pre-req level or higher.

Anyone know of anything that gives luck, insight, sacred, competence, ect. Bonus to dex? Anything but enhancement...


Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So if you have the stats for it (High Dex and a Str of 15), you can use the Thunder and Fang feat from Legends of Varisia. Lets you use a Earth Breaker in one hand and a Klar in the opposite. You don't get to finesse them but you get to retain your shield bonus even if you attack with the Klar and TWF with them only results in a -2/-2. Not exactly what you where looking for but can be pretty devastating and give you a nice boost to your AC.

Joegoat wrote:

Anyone know of anything that gives luck, insight, sacred, competence, ect. Bonus to dex? Anything but enhancement...

Well there is the Book.

You could also consider alchemist levels for the dex boost mutagen.

A permanent reduce person would net you +2 dex -2 str and +1 ac and to hit so a total of +2 to hit +2 to ac no change to damage (d4 becomes d3 but +1 from higher dex).

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