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Mutants and Masterminds 3E (anyone else wanna try it?)


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I think I have all of the submissions, hope I didn't miss any. I added a link to the write up, noted who posted it, my view of the concept and what archetype from the book the idea seems related to.

Current Submissions:

Hex (Trup) - Dark Magic Wizard (Mystic)
Ice (Catman123456) - Ice Controller (Energy Controller)
Jötunn (DM Jelani) - Immortal Mythical Hero (Brute)
Ninjahime (robertness) - (adorable) Hi-Tech Thrill seeker (Martial artist)
Seraphim (Zouron) - Angel (Warrior/Paragon)
Silver Mask (Xzaral) - Assassin seking vengenace through good deeds (Psychic)
Star_Light (GM Spugly Fuglet) - Spaceborne energy based life form (Supernatural creature)
Victor (Grand Moff Vixen) - Mutant Scientist (Speedster)

DM Arknight could I ask will the game world be "Just future" "Alt Earth" or "Present day"?

as I understand it we will be playing the "Silver Storm" series of adventures that takes place in Emerald City in the default setting for MnM, which means it is a present day.

Shadow Lodge

Ice backstory and revise build:
Ice - PL 10

Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 4, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 4, Presence 0

All-out Attack, Assessment, Close Attack 4, Evasion, Improved Critical 4: Ice blades: Strike 8, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Luck 5, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Takedown 2

Acrobatics 10 (+14), Athletics 10 (+12), Insight 11 (+15), Perception 10 (+14), Ranged Combat: Ice Manipulation: Energy Control 5 15 (+15), Stealth 11 (+15), Treatment 3 (+3)

Ice Armor: Protection 10 (+10 Toughness; Impervious)
Ice Manipulation: Energy Control 5 (chi, cold, DC 20)
. . Arctic Zone: Environment 1 (Alternate; Cold, Cold (Extreme), Impede Movement (1 rank), Impede Movement (2 ranks), Radius: 30 feet)
. . Freeze: Snare 3 (Alternate; DC 13; Accurate: +2)
. . Ice blades: Strike 8 (Alternate; DC 23; Penetrating 2)
. . Ice clone
. . . . Create: Create 2 (Linked; Volume: 4 cft., DC 12)
. . . . Illusion: Illusion 3 (Linked; Affects: Two Sense Types - sight, Area: 8 cft., DC 13)

Initiative +4
Freeze: Snare 3, +2 (DC Dog 13)
Grab, +12 (DC Spec 12)
Ice blades: Strike 8, +12 (DC 23)
Ice Manipulation: Energy Control 5, +15 (DC 20)
Throw, +0 (DC 17)
Unarmed, +12 (DC 17)

Enemy: His former clan
Honor: He refuses to hurt the innocent.

Native Language

Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 10, Toughness 12, Will 10

Power Points
Abilities 40 + Powers 34 + Advantages 23 + Skills 35 (70 ranks) + Defenses 18 = 150

Ice is a renegade ninja. Why did he defect is wrap in mystery. Some says he was passed over for being the next grand master. Others say he out to avenge the death of his brother. He has his reasons and he's not tell anyone any time soon.

Zouron wrote:

I think I have all of the submissions, hope I didn't miss any. I added a link to the write up, noted who posted it, my view of the concept and what archetype from the book the idea seems related to.

Current Submissions:


Ninjahime (robertness) - (adorable) Hi-Tech Thrill seeker (Martial artist)


You're playing a flippin' angel and applying the adorable descriptor to Ninjahime? Don't make me pull out the Pita Ten references on you. j/k

LOL well maybe, but I remember Ninjahime from the last game and found her adorable then and still do, ohh and as for Pita-Ten references I wouldn't bother I haven't seen that series, I was far more inspired by the music album "Blood of Angels" by Nox Arcana and Michelle Belanger. Though I have a few other inspirational sources.

cool so its present day alt earth (supers), Im thinking [美少女戦士セーラームーン] Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn, or "Pretty Soldier Sailormoon" for Star Light hehe who by day is Miss Stella Light [Primary school teacher] :)

LOL. With the Paragon archetype and flaming sword, I figure Seraphim will wind up falling more into Angel of Vengeance mode than hyper-active winged anime ditz. Though there is a certain cute factor to an angel making flower deliveries, especially at funerals.

robertness wrote:
Though there is a certain cute factor to an angel making flower deliveries, especially at funerals.

It seemed a very appropriate job, I wanted something mundane, something fairly low paying that fitted the "good girl" theme that also fit the whole angel thing, also it had to be something someone with huge white wings could do so no auto mechanics and the like, delivery girl seemed to work and flowers well just fitted the last piece was me remembering a Russian movie where a young man drives a flying taxi while delivering flowers and so I stole the idea.

Is it adorable in a "To excited about new toy to care about dying party members" sort of way? .... I can deal with that.

no not in that sort of way no :) you will just have to wait and see.

Ok, I can tell this is going to be a tough decision. :( A lot of interesting concepts and I really hate to not let everyone in the game, but I'll only have a limited number of slots so please don't hold it against me if not selected? :)

I will hold it against you Arknight. And I will find you. and I will kill you.

On a unrelated note is anyone else excited about Taken 2?

It's always a tough decision cutting players. I'll understand if I don't make it.

Pick who you feel would be the best fit. If I don't make the cut that's cool.

Do what is best for your game, after all that is the most important thing Arky

You most saluted GMness GMArknight, In my most Humbly and gouvly of opinions, knowing how a games loses players to RL, would you reconsider and have 8 players at the start?

If not then as GM you have power over Life/death and play as you see fit:)

Arknight might not quite have the power of life or death over characters at this point. Kind of existence or non-existence.

This was just another silly post to keep the thread alive.

"just another silly post to keep the thread alive"
Sorry I'm confused by the meaning of your post, Ninjahime/robertness ??

It means that he posted exclusively for the purpose of having something happening in the thread, to keep the group together and focused on the game.

Or to keep it from slipping into the archived posts.

that takes a lot lot longer then one day ;)

Recruiting posts that slip under the first twenty or so tend to fall into the category of "may as well be archived" with my browsing habits.

I'm really itching to play this system. If there's enough interest to give a second group a shot, anyone willing to take a chance with a new-to-the-system GM (namely me)? I really want to play in Arknight's game because I like what I've seen of his style, so I'm not saying this to shut down the recruiting process for his game.

I've been reading a bunch of Hulk comics, and it's making me itch to play this system as well. If Arknight's game doesn't end up going off for whatever reason I'd be happy to play in another. First commitment is here though.

I will be more then happy to play in it regardless of whether arky's goes off or not ;)

I love super hero games and they are what I want to play the most rpg wise, but it has been years since I had time or opportunity to play supers IRL (seems everyone must play fantasy and plausibly once in a great while a sci-fi game).

I love this system, and I will definitely pursue another group if this doesn't take off.

yep same here been a fan from M&M 1.0 be nice to play 3.0 im a itching to

I definitely want to play, too. I hope that Arknight just got waylaid by RL for a bit and can get his game going.

So if you were to run a MnM 3e game Robertness what kind of game would it be? had any thoughts on that so far?

yep may need a new gm

I've got three ideas rolling around. I'll throw them out here and see how folks respond. Please, don't post character concepts yet. Once I've gotten a little feed back and decide on a setting, I'll start a recruitment thread.

  • School for Supers: I'm sure you all know the drill on this one. A twist I might introduce is allowing PCs to play instructors. If I get really twisted, I'll make the PCs play instructors.
  • Mechasuit Ninja Team Gold Is Go! Inspired by the Bubblegum Crisis animes and various sentai team shows, the heroes are members of a team of mecha/battlesuit piloting vigilantes.
  • Superhero Team v. Occult Eldritch Horrors: For those that always wondered who'd win, Superman or Cthulu. Seriously, we'd start with a team of supers facing down occult threats like crazed sorcerers and might work up to Eldritch threats from beyond space-time.

Whichever of these routes we go with will involve setting homebrewing and players would be encouraged to join in the world building.

Well there are some nice ideas there and I prefer STvOEH the most then MNTGIG and finally SfS, however that should hardly be a surprise (considering I made Edward Esoteric Pickman) and that I find Ninjahime adorable ;)

BTW the answer is simple, superman can be killed but as Lovecraft wrote "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die."

Third option certainly. I love pulp, horror genres. Atomic Robo yeah! Hellboy yeah!

Werewolf Queen! The answer is always Werewolf Queen!

Sorry, couldn't resist the Adventure Time reference. I'm looking for a few more replies before I make my decision, but your replies are encouraging.

I am favorable to the Superhero Team v. Occult Eldritch Horrors. While I am not as much into the anime scene I still am very interested.

After pondering this for the afternoon, I've come to a decision. We'll be going with the third choice... No, that sounds sub-optimal. Plan C... No, that's like A and B failed. Operation Delta - Superhero Team v. Occult Eldritch Horrors - will commence with its own recruiting thread shortly.

And I still hope Arknight finds the time to get his game booted.


Here be the recruiting thread.

Silver Crusade

Well, if DM Arknight is still paying attention, I'm still watching here.

And I.

and me, Looking at DM Arknight log of pasts the one on here was his last one, lets hope DM Arknight is all right in RL.

Wow hope everything is ok with him.

Don't worry his a bit irregular in his logging on.

well 14 days makes ya think hes gone

yeah... same vanishing trick he did last game I am afraid.

Arr hes done this before I see, O well you live and larn

As of now, I hereby withdraw my interest and submission. I am not going to try to play a game where the GM can disappear at any time with no notice for extended lengths of time. I have slow enough games I am already in and I don't need more.

Some here i'm gone

I have to say that I owe all a most heartfelt apology.

The past two weeks have been exceedingly busy both for work and family. I've been working solid at work, with no time to even pick up the phone and take a break by posting. By the time I got home and spent an hour or so with family, it was time to crash and start it all over again. I've also had to pick up some issues we had on weekends, so the last thing I've wanted to do is vegetate with family in front of the tv when not working on things around the house.

I should have taken a few minutes to explain instead of leaving everyone hanging. I'd love to get to play some M&M, but unfortunately for the forseeable future I won't be able to run anything....


super awsome uber necro post! dunno if anyones still interested but i'm working on making a campaign and I'd love to run it(military themed campaign jsyk)

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