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A new brother seeks Counsel

Lantern Lodge

Grand Lodge **

Honoured brothers and sisters of the Lantern Lodge,

My name is Wei, a recent migrant from Goka who has joined your cause. As a new member, I recognise that my skills are scant. Like a freshly-hewn rock cast into the stream, I am yet rough, waiting to be smoothed and polished by the river of hardship and experience.

Yet I am more than a simple stone, for even as the river shapes me, I too have the capacity to shape myself and steer my development. To that end, I seek counsel from my seniors in the Lantern Lodge regarding the skills I should train myself in and the knowledge I should seek to make myself most useful to to the Lantern Lodge.

Should I study the history of Golarion and its many nations? Should I study many languages and the art of linguistics? Or should I study the ways of men and how to see through their lies, or how to persuade, coerce or mislead them?

The wisdom of our homeland teaches that the young do well to seek the wisdom of their elders, and that the elders do well to teach the young, for thus is the knowledge and wisdom preserved in the community and the community strengthened by the lore of generations. I thus trust that as I humbly seek counsel, I will find wisdom from my seniors, that I may better-serve the Lantern Lodge, to the benefit of our Lodge.

With humble regards,

Brother Wei Tang
Monk of the Wind God Monastery
Pathfinder of the Lantern Lodge

Grand Lodge **

Uhhh....Minister Wang says that having a bit of knowledge of everything is better than knowing a whole lot of nothing.

Umm...I've gotten by... I had to get books one time.... I think they were books. They had squigly word things in them... stuff for Qidat...Quinda....Qidara...a bit. Minister Wang says our nations have a long history.

Grand Lodge ****

With Amara Li in charge, you'll definitely need to be good at being polite, rather than lying through your beak or sending Bèn Dàn to flex his muscles at someone who owes someone else gold. Diplomatic approaches work nicely, rawwwrk.

It goes without saying that you must speak Tien fluently. I'd pick up Varisian, or if you're a sage, Thassilonian too.

There's a new region of interesting flora and fauna in the Inner Sea. Often scholars in Goka will want natural odds and ends. Sometimes, only perceptive adventurers can locate these curiosities in the first instance. Studying nature, especially botany, is useful. Appraising trade negotiations to ensure the likes of the Sczarni to no dupe our brothers and sisters in Tian Xia is a useful skill set.

Your missions will be primarily cultural - I have seen little need for athleticism or feats of strength.

Now recruit, how could I convince you to fetch a pot of green tea from kitchens? If I said it was a mission for Ms Li, would you believe me? Hrmmn?

Grand Lodge *

well welcome to the fold, i wish more of us could speak so frankly

anyway, i agree with kuro poe, we must reamain cultural not like those taldorian's

also does anyone remember the days before the factions?

anyway i am off to see if i can find an adventure its been months since i have seen one

ta ta for now

Sczarni **

Welcome to the family it is an honor to meet you.

I speak a full twenty three languages and I have yet to meet a person I could not talk to

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