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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Two handed fighter / Sin eater / Barbarian


Shadow Lodge

Building this character for Society and looking for some feedback / advice on the Feat Holes I have

Faction - Shadowlodge
Race - Half-Orc
Gatecrasher = Orc ferocity
Dirty Fighter

Str :16(+2)
Dex :13
Con :14
Int :9
Wis :14
Cha :8

lvl 1 Fighter -1
(lvl1)Power attack
(f1b) Improved Sunder

lvl 2 Inquisitor-1
Judgment 1/day
Monsster Lore
Stern Gaze

lvl 3 Inquisitor-2
(lvl 3)WF (Nodachi)
Cunning Initiative
detect alignment

lvl 4 Inquisitor-3
Solo tactics
Teamwork feat
+1 Con - Con 15

lvl 5 Barbarian -1
(lvl5) Raging Vitality
Fast Movment

lvl 6 Fighter -2
(f2b) ---------
Shattering Strike +1

lvl 7 Fighter -3
(lvl7) Greater Sunder
Overhead Chop

lvl 8 Fighter -4
(f4b) Weapon Spec (Nodachi)
+1 Str - 19 str

lvl 9 Fighter -5
(lvl9) Improved Critical (Nodachi)
Weapon Training Polearms

lvl 10 Fighter -6
(f6b) Sundering Strike
Shattering Strike +2

lvl 11 Fighter -7
(lvl11) Critical Focus

lvl 12 Fighter -8

Lemme know what you think ... and what advice you'd give

If the society accepts Eldritch Heritage consider getting the Orc and Celestial bloodlines through these feats

otherwise, try to get an animal companion somehow, and for skills consider history/arcane/divine/dungeoneering/survival as important ( to know, and track classic inquisition foes)

if allowed, use piecemail armor, a full set, my inquisitor made an "Inquisitor Armor" that gave 7 armor as medium armor, you with heavy armor use will look probably for a mix of heavy pieces

Shadow Lodge

Eldrich heritage wont happen with a Charisma of 8

no Idea how to get an animal companion ...

I'll look into the piecemail

edit - Nope not legal

Does the sin eater archetype allow a domain? The feather subdomain gives an animal companion

Shadow Lodge

Michaelsaurus Rex wrote:
Does the sin eater archetype allow a domain? The feather subdomain gives an animal companion

No Sin Eater trades Domain

hm, consider some ranger levels then (or maybe animal or similar domain would give it to Inquisitor? not sure what exactly a normal domain grants or doesn't to inquisitors half asleep as I am atm >.<)

what exactly is the core concept for you? couldn't you get a higher Cha or drop the sin eater variant?

Shadow Lodge

Sin Eater has its own after Combat "Self heal" as well as some basic spells

the Idea was "Absolution after death by my hands"

also animal domain / feather or whatever doesnt get the companion till 4th level ... Im only planning to take 3

Barb 1/ Inquisitor 3/ Fighter 8

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