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Chartered Company: The Balanced Scales Trading Company

Pathfinder Online

Goblin Squad Member

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Greetings everyone,

I'd like to make a formal announcement for my chartered company, The Balanced Scales Trading Company.

Who are The Balanced Scales?
Essentially, The Balanced Scales are intended to be an organisation that promotes crafting, resource gathering and trading as the primary method of enjoyment in-game. The intention would be to start the game from Day 1 as a significant force within the community for the provision of raw and produced materials.

The organisation of The Balanced Scales will be quite flat, unlike other chartered companies.

At the top will be the Company Master who will be responsible for solving any inter-company disputes as well as setting out who the company will and will not trade with as well as other diplomatic functions. They will be responsible for the long-term vision of the company and for liaising with the Chapter Masters on how the company is running from day to day.

A step below the Company Master will be the Chapter Masters. These will be experienced members who will be responsible for day to day operations of their Chapter. As the Company moves into other territories other than their home territory, a new Chapter will open. The Chapter Master is appointed to deal with any small intra-company disputes as well as coordinating production to fulfill orders.

Then there are the Employees. This covers everyone who works for the Company regardless of their specialisation. There will be an opportunity for promotion within this band; experienced employees may step up to become Senior Employees who will essentially be subject matter experts on their chosen fields. It is likely that new Chapter Masters will be promoted from the Senior Employee band but Employees who make a significant effort into moving into a new territory may also be rewarded with a Chapter Master promotion.

The Balanced Scales Trading Company are an organisation of like-minded individuals who worship Abadar. They are dedicated to bringing civilisation through commerce and uphold the law.

Diplomatic Relations
For just now, feel free to contact me via forum PM.

Goblin Squad Member

What are your feelings towards posting merchants in "public hideouts"?

Goblin Squad Member

I've no issues with that; although the bulk of the work will come from orders, the Company will not dictate how an individual conducts his business unless they are looking to deal with someone on the blacklist.

To get on the blacklist, someone would need to a) attack one of our members or b) back out on a deal. Really the blacklist will exist in order to protect our members rather than dictate who they deal with.

Goblin Squad Member

Greetings, Nostrus.

The Seventh Veil is very interested in opening Diplomatic Channels with all other Companies. Your Company in particular sounds like a perfect trading partner. If you're open to the idea of cooperation in areas where mutual benefit is clear, I'm sure we could work together to maximize each of our efforts with respect to Harvesting and transportation of goods.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon, I'll speak with you soon.

Goblin Squad Member

A chartered company that wants to promote crafting? I'm in.

Goblin Squad Member

Greetings Mogloth! Feel free to PM me any details for contact. I'll be looking to create a website in the coming months.

The Balanced Scales Trading Company would like to advertise that, as per Ryan's latest blog, we will be issuing contracts for the following:

- Auction contracts
- Bounty contracts
- Guard contracts
- Loan contracts
- Purchase contracts
- Sale contracts
- Transportation contracts

The Balanced Scales Trading Company does not condone assassination and will do everything in it's power to bring perpetrators to hell in our spheres of influence.

Civilisation through Commerce!

Goblin Squad Member

The Balanced Scales should have a web presence, hosted over on Guild Portal, by the end of the week.

Goblin Squad Member

This looks great! Good luck and may the contracts be with you!!

Goblin Squad Member

Looking forward to the website.

Also looking forward to more details regarding crafting.

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for the support, BlackUhuru. I'm also eagerly awaiting further details on the crafting/resource gathering/processing aspect of the game, Mogloth.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm putting the finer touches to the website this week, and I'm contemplating setting up a guild on the Alliance side of the Argent Dawn WoW European server for those of us in that area to get to know one another ahead of the game's release.

Goblin Squad Member

I've been inactive for a few weeks, but the Balanced Scales are still here! With recent developments, The Balanced Scales are likely to be focusing on resource gathering over crafting in order to supply the first founding settlements.

We'll be recruiting players interested in the crafting side of the game, so if you're looking for a Company that looks after you, consider The Balanced Scales!

would the balanced scales by any chance have need of a paladin to help protect its members from bandits and unjust treachery?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Would mostly depend on their alignment. Unless they are Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Good or Lawful Good a paladin may not be able to join. Also the leader hasn't been seen around the PFO section since July.

Goblin Squad Member

Greetings Nostrus. I do hope your long silence is no indication that your company is no longer active. In the case that you are still active, it would appear that the Keepers of the Circle and the Balanced Scales may, at times, compete in various ways. However, we welcome such competition in the spirit of freedom. Please note that should the need arise our Keepers of the Circle Chancery is now open for any foreign envoys that might wish to parlay with us.

Erian El'ranelen, Warden of Gold, Keepers of the Circle

Goblin Squad Member

I would be interested in joining this chartered company and I will mainly craft healing potions because I believe that this would be most useful as well as to myself as to others.

This looks interesting, i would love to join this charter.

Shadow Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Those of you who are interested in joining a crafting and trade based company and feeling left in the cold by Nostrus may find succor within the Pax Mercatorum.

Our methods are similar to that of The Balanced Scales, except our structure consists of a high council of 6 Oligarchs and everyone else. This structure may expand and/or deepen as the Mercatorum grows.

I can guarantee that, even though I do not post regularly, I log in almost daily and will continue to do so at least through to Open Enrollment.

Dark Archive Goblin Squad Member

I must apologise for disappearing, I've recently taken a new job which has me working on rotation and I've only just got reliable internet access.

The Balanced Scales Trading Company still exists and I'll be looking to formalise things in the next few weeks. If there are still parties interested in joining, then please let me know either via this thread or through PM.


Shadow Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Greetings John Stout! I hope you stick around :)

As a player, I'm glad to see another trade focused group. Having no competition or challenge for our inevitable trade empire wouldn't be fun at all. I hope we can establish a friendly relationship of respectful competition.

As an Oligarch of the Mercatorum, we'll be keeping an eye on you...

Goblin Squad Member

I wish you the best of luck, and happy trails. I look forward to seeing your caravans of fine goods and other resources travel the King's Road and the backwater paths, all throughout the River Kingdoms.

Dark Archive Goblin Squad Member

theStormWeaver, we look forward to some friendly competition.

Bluddwolf, thanks for your comment.

Goblin Squad Member

How would you feel about a member who is also a member of a different Charter Company?

Which Chartered Companies would you approve?

Goblin Squad Member

can you be in more then one CC?

Goblin Squad Member

The Settlement of Dagedai would like to welcome its second chartered company.

Congratulations guys! We are looking forward to seeing you in game.

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