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interest in shadowrun 4.0 1,000 Build point adventure


Looking to see what the interest would be for a 1000 BP adventure?

If enough interest is to be had, ill mod my shadowrun recruitment thread to allow for the 1000BP rule.

of course, with this 1000 BP would release some other restrictions, such as the 12F rule for resources, the cap on cyberware (all versions would be allowed) and initiation into higher level magics would be allowed.


free pie?

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Interested, but looks like I might be the only one...

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That does sound... interesting. Pretty much superhero-level power I suppose. My other Shadowrun game seems to be DOA, so I might be up for it.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Well...if the standard rules game is DOA, I'd be down for some butt kicking uber-mensch SR.

Liberty's Edge

1000 points... So are we going to be taking down warhammer 40k minis solo?

Sovereign Court

I'd be intrested as well, whats to idea behind our uberfied runners?

I would love to play this!


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Perhaps Dewn Mountain will return.

Perhaps one of you illustrious folks would like to run a standard game?

I would, but am still learning the 4e rules. If noone steps up, maybe I can run a simpler intro adventure.

I have run before, but my life does not give me the time to run games right now.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

I'll keep my eyes on this & the other recruitment thread.

Perhaps I can use this medium as a way to learn the ruleset better...

If someone wants to DM a standard game, there are some players willing to go in the other thread... :)

If someone really wants to play obscenely high power shadowrun, I'd probably want to try it, but only if we go 400 bp + x1 karma + x2 nuyen (or just karma creation from the beginning).
It's just a pain in the ... to use the bp system for drastically larger amounts of points as all the generation tools have certain hard rules (like not being allowed to break up skill groups) that don't make sense for what we're up to. Plus, a character created with standard rules + karma/nuyen is completely compatible with other veteran characters.

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Lol. Truth be told, Cyberwolf. Most of the posters here are survivors from a started game that was just aborted yesterday. Theoretically, we all have characters ready to go if someone is ready to jump on the GM podium. I would do it myself if I had more of the books and about a week to read up on everything. I don't think I have a handle on the world thoroughly enough to do a proper job of it yet. I would also like to see the rules in action a few times to make sure I grasp the dice mechanics.

Barring a full campaign, is anyone willing to run a few 'Shadowruns'? Kind of intro level stuff. Doesn't have to be tricky or complicated, but maybe just a "go break into this building and hack this secure terminal" or "you're all protecting this med bus as it goes in to pick up this injured VIP". Something that allows some of us to see the combat and hacking rules with a couple of social checks for fun. No overarching conspiracy. Just a basic scenario that is the definition of 'running'. I realize that planning a whole thing out with hooks and clues is tough, but I think that most people posting here would be happy to just to have the chance to RP a character doing the most basic Shadowrun work out there until someone feels comfortable doing something more complex. Maybe we could even take turns running the basic runs. Would make for a good explanation to point to why all the characters are running together once we finally do get a more permanent GM.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

If you can be patient for a bit, I think I will be able to run something similar.

I still need a bit more time familiarizing myself with the ruleset & whatnot, though.

The flavor/plots are the easy part for me, honestly, and I have a few of the published adventures to hand already.

i can be patient. :D

all of those hard rules would be very easy to modify as needed for higher BP characters. essentially those rules are all for "beginning" characters and a high BP character would not necessarily be considered a "beginning" character.

that being said, i am not sure what you mean by + x1 karma + x2 nuyen.

CyberWolf is referring to the character generator software and/or webpages that keep track of the buildpoints for you. They don't allow you to add skill groups and then split them while keeping the BP correct. I admit I am not sure about the '+ x1 karma + x2 nuyen.' either, lol.

ah, that explains much of my confusion. i don't use chargen software as a general rule.

I just meant creating the characters with the standard 400 bp method, then granting everyone a certain amount of karma points and another certain amount of nuyen on top of that.

That way, you don't have to change ANY rules.
You can use the standard rules for creation and the standard rules for "leveling up"/advancing a character.

And afterwards you have a completely rules-legal veteran character.

Btw, one really good character generation (and advancing!) tool can be found here - apart from the unchangable rules (like skill group stuff) you can customize almost everything.

So... Anyone still wanting to play?

For high-power-genetically-optimized-monsters, if you really want to go crazy, I propose going with 400 bp standard creation, then adding 400 karma and 800k ¥.

For introductory ("simple") runs with normal, 400 bp standard, beginner runner characters, I got a mage ready, posted in the other thread.
There are at least two other players ready over there, so if anybody wants to lead, we could get going.

I would like to play. I am honestly more interested in the high power variant, but would be willing to play lower down as well. <3 Shadowrun.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

I will have some simple runs up on the PbP section soon.

I'll link them here when its done. Also the other recruitment thread...i think we'll have at least 4 players then.

Bear in mind, this will be a bit slow, given that I'm still learning the rules.

thank you for stepping up to the plate. i will begin working on a character for submission.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

No worries. I may end up using published runs to start with.

Anyone else want to pitch a character?

I have you want it posted here?? He is a 400 point build physical adapt. Just click the character and see what you think. I can alter him if needed.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

See here for Beginner Runs recruitment info..I expect we can go "live" with pre-run stuff and intros by Friday or so.

hey everyone, apologies for the drop...RL crept up on me and i thought i had the time to do a shadowrun game, but for the near future i do not...perhaps july you may see a posting asking for a base shadowrun session

but thanks again for the interest

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