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GMing an evil PC + kinda funny story

Gamer Talk

I've run games with evil characters as DM and as a player and from my experiences what you do is set a few obvious rules:

1) no screwing over the party in any way

2)go with the group decisions ie. if the party decides we are going to let the enemy go you let the enemy go don't kill him

3) your welcome to roleplay as evil if you want but if you get thrown out of a town don't expect everyone else to fight for you to come back in the town/sleep outside of the city limits with you (which isn't to day the party can't if they want to but if they decide to sleep in the inn don't complain and you might have to fight a few enemies on your own)

about you trying to change his alignment don't do it that ruins the fun for his character design that he has clearly put a fair amount of effort into making and is willing to take penalties and waste feats on for the back story what you should do is think about his character as if he were in a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation the wizard feels that what you all are going to be fighting is an evil that must be stopped so he is fighting it and his companions are willing to look past his evil deeds to take out this greater evil because if it were me and a DM tried to say "yeah I don't like evil PCs so I'm going to make you change your alignment" I would either A)find a new DM or B) say fine and drop almost all of my roleplaying because you are trying to decide things about my character that isn't yours to decide. now you guys may have a long history and he may react differently but if you don't know the guy that well than you shouldn't try to decide his character's mentality

Is there a "I need advice" in here somehow that I missed?

If you're playing a campaign where you want good to win - good luck, you will likely need it. I DM'd for an all-neutral party (Red Hand of Doom -> City of the spider queen) and it gets very frustrating. You can't tell your party to do something because its the right thing to do... You need to give them a reason that would motivate the entire party to be on the side of good. And don't be surprised when they ask the bad guys if they pay better than the good guys do..

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Just try to find "justifications" for adventures that appeal to good and evil characters alike.

Also, evil people want friends and companions too. They might just have a different moral outlook than their allies. Look at TV shows like The Sopranos, The Shield, The Wire, Oz, Game of Thrones, etc., for inspiration for anti-heroes and evil protagonists.

Silver Crusade

@will_asher: I'm with dunebugg.

PS: You should have the town's watch investigate that murder, just because the PC's don't exist in a vacuum. We had an evil character in our mostly good party that we continually had to spring from prison. Posters of his face went up around town and he had to be careful that we didn't discover what he had really been up to. (He was well on his way to becoming an assassin).

See I like to cite Deadwood as an example of how an Evil campaign might play out. Works really well, but the guy offing the whores managed to irritate the other evil guys by doing so, and things didn't end well.

Its plain bad for business, even amongst the most broad minded BBEG's.

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I removed some posts, including the original post, and this thread is locked.

We try to keep a family-friendly messageboard here, folks.

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