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Living Construct

Advanced Race Guide Playtest

I love the warforged race from the Eberon world setting so I thought I would try my hand at making a living construct race. It is based off of the warforged but there have been a couple minor changes to it.

Peoples thoughts on it would be great.

Living Construct – 10PR total

Living constructs are immune to sleep, paralysis, disease, poison, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain and effects that cause the sickened condition. 8PR

Living constructs only receive half the healing from positive energy effects and resting (minimum 1), they also only take half the damage from negative energy effects such as inflict spells. -4PR

Living constructs do not need to eat, breath or sleep but can benefit from the effects of consumed spells and effects such as heroes’ feast and potions. A living construct spell caster still needs to “rest” for 8 hours before preparing spells. During this time the living construct can take no strenuous activity. 3PR

Living constructs have a +2 Natural Armor bonus 3PR

Living constructs cannot wear armor, robes or other items that occupy the body slot. A living construct can have their body and natural weapons enchanted as a magic item but must remain with the enchanter for the entire process and can do no other actions. 0PR

Living constructs have an unusual physical construction that makes them vulnerable to certain spells and effects that do not normally affect other living creatures. Living constructs take damage from spells such as heat metal and chill metal as if they were wearing metal armor. A living construct is also subject to spells such as repel metal or wood as if they were wearing metal armor. The metal in a living constructs body also makes them vulnerable to rusting grasp, taking 2d6 pts of damage from the spell. A living construct takes the same damage from a rust monster’s touch. Spells such as warp wood and wood shape affect objects only and thus cannot be used on a living construct. -1PR

Living constructs due to their highly magical nature are vulnerable to areas of no magic. For every hour spent in such an area a living construct gains 1 negative level. If a living construct is reduced to 0 levels they cease to function till they are removed from such an area. Once out of an area of no magic negative levels are removed at a rate of one per day. -1PR

Living constructs are hardy and receive +2 Con. 0PR (variation of human heritage except stat is always set to Con)

Living constructs have a standard language array 1PR

Living constructs have low light vision 1PR

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