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Dual wield

Beginner Box

Is it assumed that in the beginner box anyone can dual wield without issue? I know there are several "minis" depicted with a weapon in each hand, but I saw no dual wield rules or feats.

ASEO out

They just used old art for those minis.

Tangent on the odd art:
Particularly egregious is the dwarf in leather armor with a shortbow in hand, a buckler on the other, and a sheathed sword. The title was "dwarven wizard". Riiiight. I'm all for stretching the limits of others expectations. But that has at least 5 things going against it.

But! Everyone can hold two weapons in the BB, just not use both.

You could always give the dual-wielder +1 to-hit if you're feeling kind (and they spend a feat). :D

Inspired me to house-rule a couple feats for PBB:

Fighting Style Feats.

You may only use one fighting style at a time.

Two-Weapon Fighting Style: Requires DEX 13+, one-handed weapon plus light off-hand weapon.
In this fighting style you use a small off-hand weapon such as a dagger to harry and distract the enemy, giving you +1 on your to-hit roll. You may choose which weapon to attack with each round, making one attack as normal.

Fencing Style: Requires DEX 13+, rapier in main hand, nothing in off-hand.
This style emphasises rapid movement. It gives the rapier wielder a +1 dodge bonus to their AC.


There aren't rules in the Beginner Box for PCs to attack more than once per round.

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