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Allip / Spectre Bestiary 3

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The picture in Bestiary 3 for the Allip matches the minature in Pathfinder Battles that is labeled as Spectre.
The picture from the Bonus Bestiary of the Allip is not used in the Bestiary 3
My question is-is the Minature Labeled wrong and should be an Allip or is the picture in the Bestiary 3 wrong and is actually a picture of a spectre?

The Allip used the Spectre's art in B3.

That art was used for the Allip in Undead Revisited, so I would say that WizKids used the wrong model art for this miniature.

I believe in another thread it was said by someone from Paizo that the art in the Bonus Bestiary was not considered cool enough, so art that had been ordered for another purpose was made the new Allip illustration for the Undead Revisited and Bestiary 3, sort of at the last minute.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Urath DM is correct.

The Allip's artwork was pretty neat in bonus bestiary (didn't see the bestiary 3 artwork yet, so maybe I like that one better)
The creatures that really needs new art are the Chimera in Bestiary 1 and the Duergar from bestiary 1.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

We used the best art available for a spectral undead, because that's what WizKids wanted in the first set.

This is an example of the type of compromise that we will no longer make now that we know that the miniatures will be a success.

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