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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Revisited (PFRPG)

***** (based on 4 ratings)
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Revisited (PFRPG)
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For most people, death is a release, a passage into the just rewards of the afterlife. Yet not everyone who dies rests easy. Legends and campfire tales tell of those individuals too evil to die, or too twisted by pride or occult knowledge to cross over to the other side. These lost souls become the undead, plaguing the dark crypts or silent streets of cities and farm towns alike, feasting on the innocent or spreading their immortal contagion like a plague.

Undead Revisited explores 10 different undead monsters—or entire breeds of monsters—from both real-world history and the time-honored traditions of fantasy roleplaying. Each monster entry explores the undead creature’s formation and ecology, its interactions with its victims and other undead, tips and tricks regarding its role in a campaign, variant versions for added gaming utility, and more. In addition, each entry comes with a unique sample monster, complete with full statistics for the Pathfinder RPG and ready to be dropped into any game.

    Inside this 64-page book, you’ll find:
  • Liches, the twisted spellcasters who lock away their souls so death may never claim them
  • Devourers, who form from the spirits of powerful spellcasters and fiends that venture into the darkness beyond the planes and come back forever tainted
  • Raveners, the undead dragons wrapped in the soul energy of those they destroy
  • Spectral dead, those formless spirits such as the wailing and betrayed banshees, the insane allips, the furious spectres, and the supremely evil wraiths
  • Shadows, those souls too covetous and miserly to relinquish their grasp on life
  • Bodaks, the eyeless horrors twisted by sights no one was meant to see
  • Graveknights, whose lust for battle knows no end—not even in death
  • Nightshades, the planar juggernauts who seek to snuff all life from the cosmos
  • Mohrgs, the undead murders who rise after death to stalk the streets
  • Wights, with their insatiable hunger for the souls of the living

Undead Revisited is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be used in any fantasy game setting.

by Eric Cagle, Brian Cortijo, Brandon Hodge, Steve Kenson, Hal Maclean, Colin McComb, Jason Nelson, Todd Stewart, and Russ Taylor

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-303-3

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription.

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Undead with feeling...


Loved this book. I have a tendency toward the macabre in my self designed campaigns and this book is well worn by now. I love it and has bought a dark light to my home campaign that brings realism to my players in spades. Great work.

Put the Chill back in the Grave


If your characters are fearless vampire slayers, use these undead and their variations to put the fear back in them. Check out my full review Undead Revisited

Great book, but a few problems

****( )

While i really loved this book, and i think it stands up to the other Revisited books admirably, i did feel that some entries felt a bit forced or rushed. Namely the spectral dead section, which i think that the entries there could have had their own sections in their own right to flesh them out more. The section on the wight as well felt a bit lacking in new insights that i have come to expect from the revisited line, as did the shadow section.

Kicks it up a notch


I always love the monster revisited books. But this one is really excellent. Not only is it filled with great ideas on how to use undead in your campaign, but the sample monsters are fantastic. They assume you already have plenty of low level undead. Other than the lowly CR 6 allip and CR 9 wight lord, everything else is CR 12 and up. With some incredibly villainous CR 19, 20, and 21 monstrosities to terrorize your player characters with. Gift Certificates
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