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This thread is for players in southeastern New England. Let me know who you are and where you are so I can support your area.

You can reach me at:

The Boston Lodge is:

If you join the Boston Lodge, you can sign up for games at:

I'm based in Boston and initially plan to cover the area enclosed by:

Manchester, NH
Worcester, MA
Providence, RI

So who is out there? Where do you play?

Grand Lodge

I've just posted new events to:

Here is your chance to play the Intro scenarios in Boston, Bridgewater or Westborough.

Grand Lodge

The first Intro scenario is running at Pandemonium near Central Square, Cambridge, MA on Sunday Oct-2 from 1-5pm. Register at:

Hello, Captain Walker.

I just received an e-mail from Boston Gamers about this. Last year, I was scouring the boards looking for a New England Lodge, got tired of not seeing anything and gave up.

I'm so excited!

Grand Lodge

Scholars' in Bridgewater, MA will be running the Intro scenarios starting at 10 am on Saturday Oct-8.

Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA is running Intro-1 (possibly Intro-2) on Sunday Oct-9 starting at noon.

Register at:

Grand Lodge

The Whiz in Westborough, MA is running the Intro scenarios starting at Noon on Sunday Oct-16. Food and Drink is available for purchase onsite. They ask that you do not bring consumables into the store. Also due to the presence of young children, language must be kept to a G rating.

Register at:

Grand Lodge

This Saturday at The Whiz we have:

9am 2-15 Shades of Ice part 1: Written in Blood [tier 1-5]

2pm 2-17 Shades of Ice part 2: Exiles of Winter [tier 1-5]

Please register to let us know you are coming. Thanks.

Grand Lodge

Games for this weekend Nov 5-6, 2011 are:


Battleground Games - Abington, MA
10am Beginner Box Bash
2pm We Be Goblins!

Stillpoint Comics - Fall River, MA
11am Intro-1 First Steps Part 1: In Service to Lore


Pandemonium - Cambridge, MA
12pm Intro-3 First Steps Part 3: A Vision of Betrayal

You can register for any of these events at:

Silver Crusade

Living on the South Coast myself. I'll have to try Stillpoint sometime. Trying to get something started here at UMass Dartmouth, but people seem mostly interested in campaigns.

Liberty's Edge

Live on the Seacoast of NH here. I have been running private home scenario games in Rochester NH and Nashua NH, well...just started really. I am on my 5th run.

Don - I got to play under you at the special event at TotalCon this year. Will you be making a show at TotalCon 2012? My group will be showing again, and I may even opt to run a few games myself.

When is TotalCon?

I was wicked excited when I discovered the Boston Lodge was formed but, unfortunately, it coincided with other exciting stuff going on.

Now Christmas season is coming up, which is the busiest time of the year at my job, so I won't be able to attend anything for a while, but as soon as January rolls around, I'll be looking you guys up.

Total Con is in Feb.
TotalCon - February 23 - 26, 2012

Looking forward to seeing you again Don! I don't know that I will be able to make any of your other games...but glad to have you on board.

Grand Lodge

I will be running the Pathfinder Society games at TotalCon 2012.

You can pre-muster at this website:

You still need to register with TotalCon in January when their registration opens, but the link above is for PFS mustering.

There are still tables that need GMs. If you sign up to GM and there is a red question mark next to your name that means you are a backup GM for that table and will only get to GM it if more than one table runs or the primary GM can't make it.

And we have plenty of spots for players. If you don't like any of the scenarios being offered in a slot, you can signup for the Open Gaming. When it gets closer to the convention we'll fine tune the schedule and see if there is room for any newer scenarios then.

Hope to see you there.

Grand Lodge

Events I will be at this weekend:

Saturday Nov-26

Intro scenarios 1-3, 10am at The Game Castle in Londonderry, NH

Sunday Nov-27

Feast of the Ravenmoor, noon at Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA

Both events should last about 9 hours. Please register on warhorn at the first link above.

Liberty's Edge

Don Walker wrote:

This thread is for players in southeastern New England. Let me know who you are and where you are so I can support your area.

You can reach me at:

The Boston Lodge is:

If you join the Boston Lodge, you can sign up for games at:

I'm based in Boston and initially plan to cover the area enclosed by:

Manchester, NH
Worcester, MA
Providence, RI

So who is out there? Where do you play?

W. Dennis (Cape Cod, MA). Just heard about Hidden Hobbies in Wareham and am going to look into starting PFS there. I have yet to play or DM PFS but here's to hoping...

I just joined up on the South Shore Gaming Meetup page (Caliber) and your Yahoo Group, as well as Facebook.

aka Robert

Grand Lodge


It would be great to see some PFS activity in Wareham, MA. Send me the info and I'll post it to our Warhorn site. Be sure to add events to the website too. Some players use the Paizo listings to find events.

Don Walker

Liberty's Edge

I'm going to likely go down this coming Wednesday for Encounters even though I'm not a huge 4E fan, and talk to them about PFS and available nights to see what works. Once I set up a base with them, I'll start posting stuff appropriately.

Looking forward to hopefully working with you in the near future.


Dark Archive

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Just to update those in the Boston Lodge I am going to be Running Monthly PFS game in Danvers, MA at Toys N Things to help Don and to Spread PFS.

You can check the Warhorn site for Boston PFS.

In addition to our weekly PF game, TnT is hosting a monthly PFS game with the first adventure taking place on Saturday March 31st at 5pm. The First Steps trilogy scenarios are designed to introduce both new and experienced PF players to PFS. PFS GM Lucas Servideo is running the events based on the following schedule:

March - First Steps Part I: In Service To Lore
April - First Steps Part II: To Delve The Dungeon Deep
May - First Steps Part III: A Vision Of Betrayal

First Steps are first level adventures that both introduces players
to PathFinder Society Play, as well as all of the factions and those in charge.
Once you complete First Steps you will have a level 2 PFS character and be ready to play other scenerios. Experienced PFS players are welcome. These scenarios may be replayed with a different level 1 PC for credit.

All rules for PFS play and character generation can be found at

If you have any questions regarding PFS play or character creation Lucas
can be reached at

Players can register at

Grand Lodge

I am moving the Hanover/ Lebanon, NH area for the winter and I will play or run PFS games. Will be willing to drive, most of the games in NH seem to be in in southern NH. I am looking to schedules some games early so I can get time off work! Let me know if there is anything closer to Hanover/Lebanon, if not it looks like I will be driving about 1.5-2 hours for weekly games.

Grand Lodge

This Saturday Nov-17

The Midnight Mirror at Scholars' in Bridgewater, MA

First Steps: Intro-1 at Harrison's in Salem, MA

We also have several scenarios on Sunday at Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA

Check our Warhorn site for details and sign-ups.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

This Saturday, May 4th:

Intro-1 In Service to Lore [1] at The Gathering Place in Spencer, MA.

More details and signup on Warhorn.

Hiya folks. I live out by 495 and route 2. I have been eyeing PFS for a while, but my schedule is kinda tight. I am looking forward to getting in on a intro adventure, and will be checking out the site.

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