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small character question



I want to play a small character wielding a big weapon so my question is what is the highest weapon damage i can get as a small character, i'm looking for melee weapons.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

you can use a one handed weapon 1 size larger as a two handed weapon.

I don't have the books at hand but I think that something like 1d8 would be about the best you can do



Grand Lodge

Use a small Earth Breaker, Greataxe, Greatsword or Lucerne Hammer and you can dish out a respectable 1d10. No need to take the penalty for an awkward-sized weapon.


and if i was ok with a penalty for wielding a weapon not meant for my size can i get better than 1d10?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You can not wield a two-handed weapon made for a medium sized creature. If you want to wield a one handed weapon for a medium sized creature then you will have to use two hands to do so.

That 1D10 is the best I could find also.

Liberty's Edge

3.X book that i dont remember the name of, but also D&D Wiki wrote:

Monkey Grip

This feat allows a large melee weapon (such as a Greatsword) to be wielded in one hand.

Prerequisite: Str 13, +1 Base Attack Bonus.

Benefit: This feat grants the ability to wield melee weapons that are normally two-handed for your race with only one hand at a –2 penalty to hit.

Special: A Fighter may select this as a bonus feat.

My ruling using this and my interpretation of RAI allows you to, essentially, move up one size category with all weapons. I have used this in the past a few times to make two-handed users into pretty beastly damage dealers when they hit. I would talk with your GM first on it, though, because their interpretation may be vastly different than mine.

Also, I allow alot of stuff from 3.x to just carry over, because, well, it was fun and not game breaking, so check on that too...


i really love the monkey grip feat and wished it had been reprinted in pathfinder so i wouldn't have to ask to use it. but i think my DM wouldn't have a problem with it.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber
northbrb wrote:
i really love the monkey grip feat and wished it had been reprinted in pathfinder so i wouldn't have to ask to use it. but i think my DM wouldn't have a problem with it.

How about an empathic "no", because no-brainer feats aren't good design. Also, making the gap between 2h weapons and every other combat style isn't good design either.

Monkey Grip is not really a good feat, assuming others math is correct. It looks better on paper than it is due to the -2 to attack.

I guess this is a good chance to test it(the math) out.
I shall return.

Switch Hitter Ranger using Falchion level 10 Favored enemy factored in.
63.09 DPR normal sized weapon

Monkey Grip in place of weapon focus deadly aim DPR 64.60

So damage went up by 1.6 in that case.

Switch Hitter Ranger using Falchion level 10 not using Favored enemy
31.26 DPR normal sized weapon

Monkey Grip in place of weapon focus deadly aim DPR 29.68

Without the ranger's favored enemy bonus to offset the penalty Monkey Grip is worse by about 1.5.

PS:I was power attacking in all cases. It seems that you can can offset the -2 to hit that it might be worth it, but if not then Monkey Grip is indeed a paper trap.

I was using the Randy the Ambigious Switchhitter.

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