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What is your favorite Monty Python sketch? I would say mine is either the Cheese Shop or the Spanish Inquisition.


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fish slapping dance:)



couldn't really pick


a favorite scene.

But I know what my favorite bizarre tangential cut-in was.

Liberty's Edge

The one that gets quoted most around our house is the witch scene from Holy Grail :)

My girlfriend is a major Monty Python nerd (can't get her to play RPGs, though :( )

Good lord! Too many to name...

Though I would say that both the Silly Job Interview, and Confuse-A-Cat sketches hold special places in my heart.

Liberty's Edge

BTW-she's got a cassette tape of the audio version of the Holy Grail movie :)

Liberty's Edge

I like the ministry of silly walks; the argument dept. ; the lumberjack sketch; dead parrot sketch; etc. etc. :)

Liberty's Edge

-and the silly animations...

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Ohhh - the Argument Clinic, Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit, and the Hungarian Phrasebook.

Parrot, Sily Walk and Say No More are so good I've seen them too much!

The Exchange

Pet Shop

"But I want a Cat, that's a terrier"
"well with a shortening of the tail and I can shave it and attach whiskers it will make a fine cat"

"but that wouldn't be a cat it would be a mangled terrier"
"how about this, I chop off the front of the face and attach a beak and we make you a nice parrot sir"

"Well how long would that take?"

Sovereign Court

when we got our dog her name was originally going to be named Aurther Two-Sheds Knight, but then we realized only we would get the refrence so we just named her Monty Two-Sheds Knight

Liberty's Edge

The Fish License, Spam, Just about all of Life of Brian, The Organ Donor Card, the Anti-Church ballistic missile, the Spanish Inquisition.


Argument Clinic

Sovereign Court Wayfinder, PaizoCon Founder

"How Not to be Seen".

Other favs:

"Silly Olympics"

"Crunchy Frogs"

Scarab Sages

Pet Shop and the two Ladys talking about burying the cat.

Didn't get a wink of sleep last nigh.

Why not?

Spent all night burying the cat.

Why did it take all night?

The cat keep getting up and running away.

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I've always liked "Cheese Shop" and "Close Order Swanning About" by the Second Armoured Division.

RAF Officer grilling pilot over his perceived homosexuality due to visual clue of wearing a pink ballerina's too-too over uniform..

Officer - Are you Sir, or are you not, a Pufta!?!?!?

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The Cheese Shop and the following sketch, "Salad Days". The over-the-top death and mayhem makes me laugh.

Another favorite is The Dead Parrot.

Sovereign Court

I think I may have to go with either "The Bishop" or "Election Night Special". But they are all so, so funny. Oh, and if we are counting sketches from movies, I laugh every time I see Mr. Creosote explode in The Meaning of Life.

"Would you like a waffer-thin mint?"

The "I'm not dead" scene in Holy Grail. Also, any scenes involving the word 'Ni!' or the thing with people beating cats.
Also, 'How not to be seen'.

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"Upperclass Twit of the Year"


"Philosophy Football"

How to irritate people

Olympic Hide and Seek

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"Philosophy Football"


"Fish slapping dance."

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"Nudge, Nudge"


"Argument Clinic"

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Dead Parrot Sketch is by far my favorite one off bit. But Holy Grail is to my mind the..well...Holy Grail of Monty Python bits.

Silver Crusade

Cheese Shop, definitely.

"How not to be seen" is probably my favorite.

Not mentioned so far, but I love it:


It's more of an Honorable Mention, but I can't help but smile every time I see the "A Tiger?! (In Africa?!)" bit from "The Meaning of Life."

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So hard to pick a favorite.

One I LOVE that isn't mentioned yet is the dirty fork sketch.

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Agent: That is completely and utterly ridiculous. All I do is help him find his true inner passion, and find them.

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