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Monk Archetypes (PFRPG) PDF

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How strong is your technique?

Not all monks are alike; they vary like the shades of leaves on an autumn tree. Which one will you play? Consider the sutras of the contemplative monk, or the graceful, flowing strikes of the huashan. Can you handle the ascetic kenza, with their elemental focus, or would you prefer the itinerant seng—warriors of last resort who roam the land seeking wisdom? You may be more suited to the serene sadhu or one of the more the martial orders, like the sohei, thaskalos, or yamabushi. How will you choose to walk the path to Enlightenment? No matter what you pick, you'll find these pages not only loaded with more than archetypes, but sixty-one feats and seven new chakras.

Go beyond temples and swords. Strike your opponent with more than a flurry of fists. Pick up Monk Archetypes and show your foes your technique isn't just strong, it's Rite!

Author: Frank Carr
Conversion: Timothy Wallace
Cover Artist: Jason Rainville
Pages 25

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**( )( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Decent product that could be Great!

**( )( )( )

Let me begin by saying I really like this book. However, it is full of issues that reveal little work was done to fully transition the content from 3.5 to Pathfinder. Many of these issues have been addressed by the author (see product discussion), but none of these corrections have made it into the pdf. Now on to a brief overview of the book's contents.

After a colorfully illustrated title page and a page with authors and patrons listed we get 9 new archetypes.

The archetypes (8 pages) include the following:

1. Contemplative Monk

Gains the ability to use Sutra Magic, which is covered in a separate pdf (not included in the book). Sutra magic is basically a system of magic that uses small bits of paper, which represent prayers prepared by the monk.

2. Huashan

This archetype gains defensive maneuvers, attacks of opportunity while using total defense, negating critical hits, moving with a designated opponent, blindsense, an attack that continues to do damage on subsequent turns, use combat maneuvers to negate incoming melee attacks and combat maneuvers, and blightsight.

3. Kenza

Has spell casting using the inquisitor's spell list and limited access to cleric elemental domain spells.

4. Seng

Does not provoke attacks of opportunity when moving 1/4 base speed, can spend ki to receive DR 2/-, his successful attacks on the same creature increase subsequent attack damage in the same round. can spend ki for additional actions during his turn, and gains insight bonus to armor.

5. Sadhu

Gains a ki pool @ 3rd lvl, access to Major Chakra, and gains an existed bonus feat list including all feats in the book. Major Chakra are based on investing ki as balanced, yin, or yang - described as aligning the ki. Though there are 7 chakra, according to the archetype description the monk only gains access to 6.

6. Sohei

Teamwork focused abilities for both offensive and defensive bonuses.

7. Thaskalos

Grappling focused abilities and grappling of multiple opponents.

8. Yamabushi

Spell casting from the paladin list along with limited additional spells focused on wind, stone, water, and fire. Elemental resistance and disease curing.

Next the Ki focus mechanic (similar to psionic focus) is described along with ki and chakra feats (2 pages).

These ki and chakra feats are described in 11 pages and include 21 ki feats, 38 chakra feats 38, and 4 general feats.

Ki feats are feats that require a ki pool and many also grant an additional point of ki along with the described ability.

Chakra feats operate by using ki that is either invested (put into the feat, but not spent) and/or expended (spent) while using ki focus to provide some benefit. Many of these feats also provide an additional point of ki.

The book closes with a six page description of the major chakra, for the sadhu archetype, and a 1 page licensing.

Overall, the mechanics are very interesting. These mechanics complicate the use of ki, but do offer very flavorful options in exchange for the extra book keeping. Though most of the archetypes are well thought out, the Contemplative Monk is only usable with an additional book and the Sadhu description seems unclear about what abilities the archetype has access to (all major chakra?, 6 or 7?, and in a specific order?).

With the inclusion of the corrections provided by the author, editing to correct table placement, and clarification for a few of the archetypes and this could easily be a 4 star book. Gift Certificates
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