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Tired of flipping through dozens of tiles in the hopes of assembling a dungeon suitable for your adventure? Dungeon Tile Designer allows you to design and print all the tiles for your dungeon in few minutes! Now you can run your evening adventure with tiles ready for the whole dungeon!

Dungeon Tile Designer is easy and intuitive, and you don’t need any drawing skill to build a nice-looking dungeon tile. In three easy steps, you'll be able to sketch out your dungeon and produce every tile you need. Now your players will enjoy a complete dungeon unfolding before them in every game session!

Dungeon Tile Designer is not a drawing program (even if appears to be one)—it takes advantage of pdf technology to assemble and combine pre-drawn dungeon tiles.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher in order to use this PDF.

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***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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This just ticks me off!

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Ok, this thing would be great, indeed it seemed to be great so I went ahead and bought several other companion products, but it has one major flaw. THE SQUARES ARE NOT ONE INCH! They are just every so slightly smaller, but more than enough to ensure you can't use anything you make with this in conjunction with a battlemat or any other standard sized tile or map. Why the would do this, other than just to be annoying, is beyond me! If there is some way around this that I am too ignorant to understand, my apologies for the bad review. Also, this is available at Oone games in bundle packs for a discount, something else i noticed after the fact.

An RPG Resource review


Wow! I didn't think you could do that with a PDF... this product is a system for creating your own dungein tiles. In operation it's very simple - there are a range of options for floor colour, wall position, pillars, stairs and doors: just make your choices from a 'control panel' and see the tile appear before you... then print it out.

Naturally, there are limitations. While the options are versatile, they are finite. No interesting corpses or debris, for example, to litter the place. You have to print your tile straight off, there is no way to store it for later. But the sheer advantages of being able to create a tile that is the way you want it, not just the best fit from whichever tile collections you possess, far outweigh any quibbles.

Although you cannot save tiles, there is a handy grid system to print out beforehand and design the dungeon you want to create which helps you keep track of the tiles you need to make. You can label tiles, to help in laying them out, or rely on memory/your notes and leave them unadorned.

Overall, it is a really useful tool which should appeal to everyone who likes a clear visual presentation of their dungeon to put in front of the players, whether or not you want to use miniatures.

You mean you can't save the tiles you make (according the the reviews)!?


Tranquilis wrote:

You mean you can't save the tiles you make (according the the reviews)!?


No you can't save tiles. This is a PDF, not a software. It has been specifically designed for making dungeons and print them on the fly.

However, you can make a shot of the screen and save it for later use (enlarging to double should be enough to get a good print resolution)

You can see how it works for free by downloading a demo here:


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