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Plasmaworm (Windows)

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Plasmaworm is a fast-paced arcade game featuring an adorable worm trying not to run into itself while getting its daily meal of little icons (including one of Doctor Lucky). A new rendering of the old favorite snake game with incredible graphics and a couple new twists.

The full game includes 20 different levels of increasing difficulty, playable in single player as well as two-player modes. You can also create your own levels and music using the built-in editors. Included on this disk is the full version, as well as the demo version (which has a different level), artwork from the game, and other goodies.

Plasmaworm was designed by Richard Carlson, Iikka Keranen and Phosphorous, sometimes referred to as Digital Eel.

Important note: This game is for Windows only! Unfortunately we don't have this game available for Mac.

Minimun System Requirements:
Pentium II, 266MHz
5MB free hard drive space
DirectX 6.0 or newer
Directsound compatible sound card
DirectX compatible video card that allows 640x480 resolution
Recommended system:
Pentium III, 450MHz or faster
32MB RAM or more

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