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Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Yewstance wrote:

One more point on what I was saying about "Setting aside" cards, also note that the fact that cards immediately go to a zone unless there's a check to change that is also supported in the wording of the Cure spell and similar, which has never changed.

I disagree. The rule i cited was not implemented when many of those cards you are referencing were released. the rule did not exist in RotR, SnS, and in WOTR it was even clarified that the action price must be paid Immediately. That text has now been updated to the rules i quoted above. Prior cards haven't been updated based on the new rules. I'd argue that no where in the MM rule does it say you don't set it aside to "limbo zone" if there isn't a check required. It simply says set it aside and resolve the actions first. There are threads in the rules forum that discuss this. One example, Lini doesn't bury allies at the farmhouse.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Just some quick thoughts-

Question 1

MM page 8 wrote:

When you reveal a card, it does not leave your hand. When you

display a card, it leaves your hand immediately. When you play cards
by performing any other actions, set them aside while you process
their effects. For example, a spell might tell you to discard it, then
allow you to succeed at a check to recharge it instead; set it aside
until you resolve the check that determines whether or not you
recharge it. Do what each card requires in the order you set them
aside. While set aside, a card does not count as being in your hand,
your discard pile, your deck, or anywhere else.

So The Asmodean Disciplines is set aside while using the power. Technically it isn't in your discard pile, your deck, or anywhere else. Regardless of where it is, I think given that it is on the redemption card is a pretty clear indicator that the intent here was for it to be able to be redeemed. As far as what cards you can redeem. You're limited to whats on your character deck's redemption card.

Question 2
This is a good question. It does appear that it, as written, it would apply for everyone. Personally I'm not sure how fond of that I am because Urgraz with Book of the Damned could very easily be manipulated if all he has to do is hand it to someone else after he redeemed it. Though, this would be consistent with how it was handled in WOTR where the entire group has a list of redeemed cards rather than individual characters having their own list.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
You literally couldn't ID all the possible combos; that would bleed into the Starfinder IDs (which start at 2001 I think)

Worse yet, PFS Playtest ID's start at -1501. SFS start at -701 so we're safe there

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Hey all, here's another: Ultimate Wilderness: Zova character sheet

Nok-Nok will be coming once the BGG page for Nok-Nok has been approved. At that point I can submit the file to be uploaded. This could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

wkover wrote:

Is this really the Tapestry description, or is it for something else?

That description is for the product Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure #10-00: The Hao Jin Cataclysm which is also known as the ACG component of the Multi-table Special that was played at Gen Con. In other words, it's not what you would normally be playing as part of season 5.

Release: The Hao Jin Cataclysm will be available for sale in August 2019.

Also note the release of August 2019 is specifically for the the special (they generally time-lock the specials for some time after the initial release).

I'm unsure when Season 5 Adventure Deck 1 will be available. We played it at Gen Con but the reporting option for these scenarios hasn't gone up yet either. Between that and the product not being up on the site I am guessing it isn't intended to be released quite yet. Or someone needs to flip a switch somewhere.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Sorry to hear about the mixed feelings and I have no doubt the organizers will value your feedback.

Note that if the GM's were the same ones that signed your chronicles for those sessions then you would have their PFS ID and their initials which would help with the description you would be sending to the email Bob Jonquet mentioned.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

I suppose I probably shouldn't create a char-ID for each one of these, Huh?

Jokes aside, also enjoyed this.

Good luck on #2. Ukuja will make your head explode thinking of all the combinations he can have with 2 cohorts. Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but it certainly is a ton of combinations.

Anyway, cheers for the read

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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I apologize I got the street date incorrect and the Ultimate Wilderness deck is available for purchase.

Also the Ultimate Wilderness preview blog post is now up

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This is making a great addition to my Ukuja build! There's definitely some good cards in here that make this worthwhile. I'm also intrigued to give Zova a go sometime. In general I enjoy versatility and she can offer quite a bit of that.

Thanks for putting together the Ultimate decks! Can't wait to see what comes next!

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work you're putting into this!

Here's to hoping the website redesign stops messing things up for you :)

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Vincent Hatakeyama wrote:
The Random from Discarded works, it’s just that some hidden formulas display some error code when there is no discarded cards.

It's giving a "#NUM error" because you are trying to heal a card that doesn't exist. If there aren't any cards in your discard then there is nothing to heal and you can un-check the "random from discarded" check-box.

If there are cards in your discard pile and a power has been played to heal you then that's when you'd check the box. It will randomly pick a card to be healed.

Player Name: redeux
PFS number: 274929
character number you want credit to go to: -1
faction for that character, if you know: TBD (I'll try to figure this out soon!)
character name, if you know: TBD

Hi all, I'd like to play one of the pre-gens as well. I'm generally not picky but might lean towards a character that is more simple since I am still pretty new to the RPG.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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wkover wrote:
We expecting a blog on the Wilderness deck soon? I'd love to see a preview.

Note that the street date for Ultimate Wilderness is August 21. Due to Gen Con there was a push to get August subscription items available for pick up or shipped early which is why a number of subscribers have it in hand earlier than normal.

If I were to guess the Ultimate Wilderness blog post will be up on a Thursday within the next 3 weeks.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

I didn't run the special so can't help with the exact scoring, but it works a little something like this:

10 for each permanently closed location.
40 for cornering and defeating the villain
20 for a special objective that is disclosed when building characters
And then at end of scenario/time limit 1 point for each card left in a player DECK (not hand/bury/discard)

This, of course, may have changed between rounds. I didn't make it past the qualifier xD

But yes, huge shout out to Jen, Matt Caulder, and rest of the HQ/volunteer staff. I had a blast both participating and running games for the ACG.

"I'd be good with that plan Raz. Where shall we set up camp?" Merisiel asks.

I'm also good with not resting if that's what the party wants, but it seems it could help the spellcasters so currently I'll vote for resting.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Yewstance wrote:
eddiephlash wrote:
Ult. Wilderness has a bunch of alchemical cards that the Alchemist characters might enjoy.

I haven't gotten Ultimate Wilderness yet. Interesting; I suppose that's partially to support the druid, Channa Ti? The original Druid Class Deck had little that particularly suited her in that regard.

I find it hard to believe that Ultimate Wilderness could come close to Ultimate Equipment for an alchemist, though.

Think more plant alchemical cards, whereas ultimate equipment is more the traditional potion alchemical cards you're thinking of. A very quick check of UW i counted ~11 alchemical plant items.

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If you're looking for RPG rewards then Season 3, without a doubt, has the most.

Season 0 - 1 reward
Season 1 - 1 reward
Season 3 - 6/7 possible rewards (without spoilers, one is a split scenario).
season 4 - 1 reward

Season 3 would also make the most sense since you already have the MM box to play season 4 so no extra purchases there outside of the Adventure PDF's.

Of course, if you're tired of the MM box and/or want to mix it up, try season 2 (ROtR box). I've found that one to be fairly tame due to the lack of triggers (MM) and army/skirmish barriers (WoTR)

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As an FYI, all of the scenarios have been published. An update has been pushed out.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

I want to share a personal experience but i want to make it clear that I am not arguing this for my own benefit. I have long given up hope for the reward in this case.

I don't think the "make-up" option really works for new players. I joined my local group when I moved into the area and they were on 3-3D/E. They were super welcoming and have been awesome. I had been playing PACG for quite some time prior to that but this was my first experience with Organized Play. Also for some background, i play a TON of solo games (PACG or otherwise). The thing is, with a pre-gen and the current structure of capstone scenarios, I would never be able to play it. When I joined the group we would've needed to do one of two things:
1. Me solo the first 3 AD's, which I'm not opposed to but that's a HUGE ask for someone who is just starting out, who may not own the game box, and who may not be familiar enough with the rules to do that in a short time-span. I could've, but I didn't. It didn't even occur to me that I should/could do this.
2. Alternatively, the group would've needed to make new characters and catch me up. This is also a HUGE ask considering it took them 4-6 months to do those first 3 AD's if I were to guess based on our progression for other tiers. I think that is too much to ask 1-5 other people when they don't know whether or not the new player will fickle out and stop showing up.

So what do you get? You get someone like me who played a pre-gen from tiers 3-6 and doesn't even get the chance to play the capstone scenario. That doesn't feel inclusive to me when we just spent 6+ months playing together. Sure, I've missed quite a few sessions since I joined the local group, but it goes against the whole inclusion policy of Organized Play to exclude me. I also think it is unfair for me to expect or ask the other players to play the capstone without a chance to get the reward for themselves. For me personally, sure, I don't mind sitting out of the capstone. If I really wanted that reward I would just go and solo it. My concern is with other players, and even potential new players. What happens when a group is playing the capstone in a public setting and someone asks to join in. What do you say? Do you tell them they can't join you? Or do you end up playing a different scenario and hope they don't have a good time so next time you meet up you can do the capstone course?

Don't get me wrong, I understand there are ways to navigate these situations, but I guess my message is we shouldn't HAVE to navigate these situations. The scenarios should be designed in a way that supports the Organized Play inclusion policy. I'm not advocating for pre-gens to qualify for the capstone rewards, I'm advocating to allow more players the opportunity to PLAY the scenarios even if they don't qualify for the rewards. If we want to do tiered rewards based on the number of scenarios/AD's completed, then that'd be a great step. I also understand that some groups may not want a tier 5 pre-gen joining them on a capstone scenario. That's a legit concern a group might have, but in that case I think they could defer to their own judgement on how they want to include the new player in their group. The current capstone scenario rules are inflexible and don't allow that kind of discretion.

I am interested in the discussion about giving capstone rewards to those who didn't complete the whole adventure path. I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on that idea, but I think if there was a way to devise tiered rewards for partial-completion then that would be most interesting. Alternatively I think if we just kept the rewards as-is and softened the eligibility requirements for the rewards I would like to see verbiage added that a character can only earn 1 capstone reward to minimizing any "gaming" of the system.

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example: Force Shortbow+1 has "discard this card to add 1d4 and the Force trait to a combat check by a character at another locaiton."

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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Sorry to bump yet another thread on this.

As an FYI there was a community member who created the character sheets

PS, I'd still like to see the official sheets on the paizo website along with decklists. But in the interim, this is what we have

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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I agree that there is room for improvement here. I think the exclusivity of these capstone scenarios goes against the PFSACG guide when it says

PFSACG Guide 02.2018, pg4-5 wrote:

Be courteous and encourage a mutual interest in playing


Community Standards Policy
The Pathfinder Society (PFS) is an inclusive social organization open to everyone. It is our intention that everyone can enjoy gaming in a safe and fun environment.

Meaning we're supposed to promote being inclusive and gaming for all, but yet here due to the nature of capstone scenarios that's not currently possible.

I think what I'd like to see at least is to broaden the availability of the capstone scenarios even if the rewards are kept exclusive. Meaning I would at least like to give the players from Andrew's examples the opportunity to play the scenario, even if they can't earn the reward. If we can find an agreement where they too earn the reward, that would be great, but I understand if capstone rewards are kept exclusive.

Overall I think we just need to make sure that the design of the game supports our goals.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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The Adventure 6 PDF has been updated


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For the character sheet side of things - someone from the community has made the character sheets

For the deck lists, It's not the solution you're looking for but I personally use a google sheet where I list my current deck contents. It's a little more effort typing out the card names, but it is much more flexible to keep up-to-date. Though, yes, this doesn't help the inventory need

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

as an FYI - someone from the community has made the character sheets

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Also interested in this. With Gen Con around the corner it'd be nice if this were available to play

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

If you use a shirt reroll then I typically do it like this

Bane DC 15 combat: 2d10 + 1d4 ⇒ (6, 3) + (4) = 13 shirt reroll on 2nd d10
Bane DC 15 combat: 6 + 1d10 + 4 ⇒ 6 + (7) + 4 = 17

Note that I typed out the results of the first d10 and the d4. I then only rolled the one die I was needing to reroll

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Here's goblin promo Reepazo

Reepazo character sheet

Thanks for the template hawkmoon! And thanks to Mr&Mrs Jacket Potato for typing up the class deck sheets!

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Yewstance wrote:

Both are still pretty borderline, though. Nothing like "pass a knowledge check to reveal this instead of recharging it" like you get in Wrath of the Righteous proper. Your statement that the Ultimate Decks do little to synergise with Shardra is completely correct, in my opinion, but there is at least a couple of ways they can allow you to make Knowledge checks.

Awesome, thanks for that! I will have to take a closer look at some of these cards to see how feasible it is since my local group will be starting SoRight soon and initially (months ago) I was thinking she would be a solid candidate until I did an initial pass through of the ultimate decks. Thanks again!

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Tyler Beck wrote:
Yewstance wrote:
Ultimate-Magic Arueshalae is one of the many characters on my want-to-play list... shame I may never be allowed to do so in official PFSACG.
Actually, Keith recently mentioned somewhere here on the forums that there will soon be a new way to unlock Arueshalae for org play... it will no longer be exclusively a convention boon that is long-past. :)


While we're on the topic, I believe when I looked through all the ultimate decks I didn't find a single card with a knowledge check to recharge or otherwise activate Shardra's examine power feat. She was an unlock from Season of Runelord's but I feel like she's taking a beating in OP if she has zero access to knowledge checks outside of cards she encounters. I was somewhat hoping the ultimate decks would have something for her that the Oracle deck missed.

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Hi there!

bluestacks wrote:
which two characters from any set do you think would compliment each other well to conquer WotR?

Can you be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you wanting an overpowered team, or just a team that won't get wiped out fairly quickly? Do you care if one character is the "MVP/Hero" while the other character is more support? Or would you rather they both be able to fight their own battles and no one outshines the other? Stuff like that.

Also, what kind of character do you enjoy playing the most? Perhaps you could pick one character you really want to play and we could suggest someone that would compliment that character well. As written this is really too broad of a question to answer. My initial response would be to just pick any two characters that don't overlap their skills and you'll probably be OK. Someone with the divine skill to heal or someone who can evade would certainly be useful.

bluestacks wrote:
Would shuffling class deck cards into the box be too powerful and break the game?

I wouldn't say it really breaks the game, but it certainly dilutes the thematic cards you'll find in the box set. This, in turn, can actually make the game harder in some circumstances. For instance in WotR you may be required to banish a corrupted card to close a location, but now corrupted cards will be harder to come across because you've diluted the boons with non-corrupted cards

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WaterScorpion, Are you asking for the feedback rating of characters now, or are you asking for suggestions with the rating scale or anything else before doing the character ratings?

If it is the latter, I'd probably suggest setting up a Google Sheet with the class decks listed and then if someone wants to help rate they could take a column and rate on a scale of 1-3 for any characters they feel comfortable rating. You could then look at the averages for any given row to give you an idea of the general consensus for a particular character.

Yewstance wrote:

I could definitely contribute to this, and it sounds like it would be one element of my in-progress Character Reviews, but their current format only includes Base Set characters and goes into far more depth than that.

If there's enough interest, I could do a side-project which just lists every character and solely refers to their complexity of play.

Hey! This reminds me I never got back to you on that. I was on vacation and it spaced my mind.

I agree that it would tie in pretty well with something like this. I don't know if i would go SUPER-in-depth because I think the biggest "customers" are going to be those new players or someone who wants to add some variety to their collection. So i picture something like the following being the most helpful:

1. List each class/character/Ultimate Deck and give a general overview of what they can do. By this I mean like a simple intro paragraph that tries to capture the essence of the deck. It would be pretty easy to explain a fighter deck, for example, but someone new to PFS may not know what Magus is so I think easy-to-swallow descriptions may help get players make a good guess of what they do. Longer than the actual product descriptions which are generally just 1-2 sentences of actual description. The description would just be normal paragraph length making it easy to digest.
2. Individual character ease-of-playing rating.
3. Perhaps a short bit of info for each character. I mostly suggest this since character decks have a bit more variety than class decks so it would be harder to summarize. I do like what you've done with the in-progress character ratings for boxed sets, though as you mentioned this gets complicated for class decks if you haven't played those characters or own those decks. So Unsure how that could fit into this unless there were contributions from the community.
4. Maybe a link to the preview blog post about the character/class/ultimate deck for more info
5. I probably wouldn't recommend ultimate decks to pair with class/character decks. Again, because I'd like to see something aimed towards new-players and I don't think we should be pushing 2 decks onto someone who is just starting out.

Anyway, that's just some brainstorming. I still really like what you're doing with your character reviews. If we're talking about Class decks I'm more or less just trying to picture what people really are interested in if they were brand new to PFS or it's their first time doing Organized Play. I don't think it needs to be super in-depth. Just enough to help them decide "Okay, this is the first class deck I want!" and not intimidate them by information overload.

Sorry if I am de-railing your thread WaterScorpion

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Longshot11 wrote:

So, before I can get to Customer Support - I would have to ask the community for assistance. While 3 of my missing cards are Token, Character and Role for Reiko, there's no deck list to confirm the other missing 2. Since Items were spread both in front and back of the wrap, I'd assume they're the missing entries. Here's what I got:

- Alchemist's Kit
- Blue Star
- Compass
- Fireworks
- Noxious Bomb
- Pheromones

Which 2 cards am I missing?

Here's the list of B items I have:

Blue Star
Board Game
Noxious Bomb
Rings of Bondage
Staff of Minor Healing

Longshot11 wrote:
As a bonus question - can anyone confirm if they also got a Straitjacket armor in their deck? I already have 2 of this (arguably crappy) armor from the Occult Decks, so I'm almost hoping for a misprint here...

I got it as well. It's not clear to me if this was intentional or if it should have been another B armor.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Just my two cents...I liked it. In particular, I think the game does a good job of at least getting players familiar with the general flow of the game by allowing them to focus on the stages in a turn while the game handles the shuffling and scenario set-up. I think the game captured the excitement of creating a character, fighting monsters, acquiring good stuff, falling into traps, and leveling up.

Yes, there were bugs, but find me a game without bugs. I played the through the whole RotR AP and while the bugs were increasingly frustrating, it wasn't unplayable and still mostly enjoyable.

Yes, there could be more AP's, but i thought the RotR and season of gobs are good introductions to the game. They later pushed out the valeros adventure which I haven't tried yet.

The loot boxes were an unfortunate decision (read: i hate microtransactions), but they do allow you to purchase the Obsidian version on steam. They also introduced their "Ambassador program" which unlocked the obsidian version for anyone who spent $25 or more collectively while playing the mobile app. source.. Going forward I just recommend people to play the free version, and if they like it, buy the steam version and link it to their mobile account. This way they get all the content and can ignore the micro transactions.

So yeah, I agree, not everything is perfect, but it's how I learned to play the game. I liked it enough I bought a secondhand copy of RotR for $50 and from there I was hooked. I rarely have an inclination to play the digital app now, but that's more or less because I have a constant backlog of games I'm trying to get through.

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Excellent! Thanks for sharing! I still need to go through your wotr adventure but will be adding this to the list as well. I'm wrapping up another campaign soon so excited to dive into these!

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

Yewstance wrote:
If you're playing a Hell's Vengeance character, can you duplicate one of your class deck boons? Lets say, for simplicity sake, you literally own 2 copies of one HV deck, for some reason. Can I play with 2 Hungering Staffs? Having the "once per turn you may ignore the Corrupted trait on a card" is a much more powerful boon for someone already using one of those two Class Decks, so it seems like a question that will come up.

My assumption and sincere hope is that you'd simply lose out on that part of the upgrade rather than expecting someone to buy two of the same deck. I don't want to see PACG to get into the LCG mindset that you have to buy multiples of the same deck/pack/core set just to get a certain card to use with your deck.

I wouldn't complain if the reward was updated to a more practical approach that let a HV1 character to use two HV2 cards, or vice versa.

Regardless, I'm super excited for this reward. HV decks have been a blast to play with both OP and regular play. I also have had some plans for some non-HV characters to use the HV decks so this potentially will make that more fun.

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You could always combine it with Tales and take the role/powerfeat that lets you treat "poison" as "Arcane". Lots of good finesse options in Tales CD and some pretty good items as well.

Overall I really enjoy the ultimate equipment deck. It has a good mix of everything and I think has been the much needed deck my SnS Merisiel with the Tales CD has been longing for. Strangely enough the Item Boardgame has been what has caught my interest the most. Being able to have a reliable way to shuffle location and character decks...Awesome!

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux


I got to play the first half of the We Be 5uper Goblins adventure for free RPG day. Had a blast! I still don't know much of what is going on, but I at least somewhat understand how combat will work in general terms. Will be reading the combat section of the core book over next week.

When creating Merisiel as a pre-gen do I register this as a
"New Pathfidner Society Roleplaying Character" or a
"New Pathfinder Core Replaying Character" ?

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Johnny Chronicle wrote:
Keith Richmond wrote:
Yewstance wrote:
And I personally hope that it's a boon given out again in the future, particularly via online conventions. Or, alternatively, something else happens that makes her legal to play, like a Character Deck that includes a character with the Spy trait. (I can totally see a character deck with a Spy, an Investigator and a new Vigilante)
I've already requested Arueshallae be made publicly available to OP, in a different manner.
There's a fella in our group who would be OVER THE MOON happy with this if it comes to pass. He has not. stopped. asking. about an Arushalae unlock since hearing about it, what, two or three years ago now?

I would also be thrilled with this.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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Head Drum's last ability....awesome.

I think I've decided with rogue pre-gen

Sweet! Thanks for putting this together. I still need to give a good look through pre-gens. Plan to do that over the next few days

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tocath wrote:
Brother Tyler wrote:

I would definitely not like to see any collectible aspect creep into the game.

Yeah, not what I was suggesting.

With what I'm envisioning, every box comes with the same set of cards - and card lists are published so you know what's in it.

But those specialized items join the rest of the box, and you have to come across them in locations decks just like anything else. That's where "rare" or "uncommon" comes in.

Booster is probably the wrong term for what I am thinking - it's really just an upgrade pack that has a specific set of cards - not random.

Sounds like you're more or less discussing an Living Card Game (LCG) booster/pack vs Collectible Card Game (CCG) booster/pack. An LCG does not have rarity, when buying any particular pack you know exactly what cards you are going to be getting, and how many of each of those cards. A CCG on the other hand you know the possible cards and generally you know more/less your chances of getting a particular card.

I should note that many people consider the LCG no less cancerous than the CCG style of distribution.

I think we would need to tread carefully. There's already a lot of content out there for PACG and it can give decision paralysis if you're just starting out. I think new content that comes out should be meaningful and generally give someone enough that they can play with. Perhaps class-decks we can have more fun with this, but for general new content I think the content should be meaningful. Themed AP or bane/boon content with NO rarity.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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I would probably just stick to any of the pre-gens, or the original 7 class deck pre-gens. That's what they were made for. You could always caution them that other characters outside of the pre-gens may be more complex and leave it up to them to decide.

I agree that starting out you don't need an optimized or min/maxed character to succeed. Just because new content has been pushed out doesn't invalidate the original class decks. I played through practically all of season of runelords with the cleric deck. It wasn't until the end of AD5 that Ultimate combat was released and I added it so Kyra could get some extra swords. I think I would've been fine sticking with just the cleric deck though. Likewise I've played season 3 with people using the rogue, wizard, cleric, fighter class decks and the tables have been fine. Sure, we lose sometimes, but it can happen to anyone. My point is that the old class decks can stand up. If you're wanting to min/max, then maybe newer decks and/or the ultimate decks will aid you in that. But for someone starting out that's not needed.

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Irgy wrote:

I got confused by it quite recently. A WotR card said "end your turn", and I thought back to other cards in the past which had said "reset your hand and end your turn" and assumed the difference meant I shouldn't reset my hand. Only now realise I did it wrong after this conversation.

To be fair, it was the change that confused me not the current approach though.

I have done this as well. Made WOTR more difficult than it should've been, though it sure was fun!

To wkover's point, I do frequently see confusion over the "end of turn" step. Questions I've heard asked at our tables frequently include some variation of

"Do these 'at end of your turn' effects occur before or after I reset my hand?"

I know I can just point them to the rules to tell them the proper order, but the naming is somewhat confusion. At least Before you Act and After you Act (BYA/AYA) are somewhat descriptive of when they occur. Whereas "at end of your turn" doesn't really specify and thus gets questioned.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

It's not clear to me either. The current PFS Guide indicates:

PFS Guide Feb 2018 wrote:

If you encounter a boon that require you to remove it from
the game to activate its power, you must instead exchange
that boon with a random boon of the same type from the
game box and encounter that card.

In the case of BoNocticula you are not encountering the card since it is given as a reward and would be in your deck already.

My question is what happens if you played it and it would need to be removed from the game? How does a player keep track of that, or will they always have the loot available even if they remove the BoNocticula from the game multiple times over the course of an adventure?

For reference, I'm thinking of how banished cohorts are handled in organized play. I'm unsure if the same resolution would be reached here

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Vic Wertz wrote:
We hope that people who want to join a particular advanced group will consider playing the early adventures solo. Or perhaps some of the group you're looking to join might want to run different characters through previous tiers?

My issue was that I moved from an area with no ACG OP and into an area that frequently has 6-10+ players every 2 weeks. I joined in at the end of them finishing AD3. I had played PACG before and knew how to build characters but my decision was basically to play a pre-gen or solo-play 12+ scenarios to catch up. I decided to take the pre-gen even though it meant that the build was slightly sub-optimal for what I was intending to do. In the end though, it has worked out, and I don't particularly see it being an issue for me in the future. If it did happen in the future, I would probably just suck it up and solo play to catch up.

As an aside, perhaps the most frustrating part of joining Season 3 when I did-- I lack many of the trader access that would be beneficial (such as armor). That's probably the bigger influencer for why I would want to solo-play to catch up instead of using a pre-gen. Oh, and end of season reward would also influence that decision. To be frank though, I do LOTS of solo play with PACG and other board games. I can see how the solo play would not be an appealing option for people just starting out with PACG OP, regardless of loot/trader/end of season rewards. I think it would also put a group in a tough spot to ask them to start new characters to replay scenarios when they have already invested a lot of time/sessions into a character.

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Also note there was this recent blog (click here) which was a bit of a sneak peak on something they've been working on. Whether or not this is related to PF2 has yet to be seen, but Mike Selinker (designer) has said:

Mike Selinker wrote:
Let me make this unequivocally clear: The new set will be compatible with all previous Adventure Paths. We think the new base set rules will make Skull & Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous more fun, not less.

So yes, something is being worked on. It may or may not be related to PF2. It will be backwards compatible. So from my standpoint, I'm pretty excited for new content.

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Congrats, and welcome!!

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