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You could always combine it with Tales and take the role/powerfeat that lets you treat "poison" as "Arcane". Lots of good finesse options in Tales CD and some pretty good items as well.

Overall I really enjoy the ultimate equipment deck. It has a good mix of everything and I think has been the much needed deck my SnS Merisiel with the Tales CD has been longing for. Strangely enough the Item Boardgame has been what has caught my interest the most. Being able to have a reliable way to shuffle location and character decks...Awesome!

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I got to play the first half of the We Be 5uper Goblins adventure for free RPG day. Had a blast! I still don't know much of what is going on, but I at least somewhat understand how combat will work in general terms. Will be reading the combat section of the core book over next week.

When creating Merisiel as a pre-gen do I register this as a
"New Pathfidner Society Roleplaying Character" or a
"New Pathfinder Core Replaying Character" ?

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Johnny Chronicle wrote:
Keith Richmond wrote:
Yewstance wrote:
And I personally hope that it's a boon given out again in the future, particularly via online conventions. Or, alternatively, something else happens that makes her legal to play, like a Character Deck that includes a character with the Spy trait. (I can totally see a character deck with a Spy, an Investigator and a new Vigilante)
I've already requested Arueshallae be made publicly available to OP, in a different manner.
There's a fella in our group who would be OVER THE MOON happy with this if it comes to pass. He has not. stopped. asking. about an Arushalae unlock since hearing about it, what, two or three years ago now?

I would also be thrilled with this.

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Head Drum's last ability....awesome.

I think I've decided with rogue pre-gen

Sweet! Thanks for putting this together. I still need to give a good look through pre-gens. Plan to do that over the next few days

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tocath wrote:
Brother Tyler wrote:

I would definitely not like to see any collectible aspect creep into the game.

Yeah, not what I was suggesting.

With what I'm envisioning, every box comes with the same set of cards - and card lists are published so you know what's in it.

But those specialized items join the rest of the box, and you have to come across them in locations decks just like anything else. That's where "rare" or "uncommon" comes in.

Booster is probably the wrong term for what I am thinking - it's really just an upgrade pack that has a specific set of cards - not random.

Sounds like you're more or less discussing an Living Card Game (LCG) booster/pack vs Collectible Card Game (CCG) booster/pack. An LCG does not have rarity, when buying any particular pack you know exactly what cards you are going to be getting, and how many of each of those cards. A CCG on the other hand you know the possible cards and generally you know more/less your chances of getting a particular card.

I should note that many people consider the LCG no less cancerous than the CCG style of distribution.

I think we would need to tread carefully. There's already a lot of content out there for PACG and it can give decision paralysis if you're just starting out. I think new content that comes out should be meaningful and generally give someone enough that they can play with. Perhaps class-decks we can have more fun with this, but for general new content I think the content should be meaningful. Themed AP or bane/boon content with NO rarity.

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I would probably just stick to any of the pre-gens, or the original 7 class deck pre-gens. That's what they were made for. You could always caution them that other characters outside of the pre-gens may be more complex and leave it up to them to decide.

I agree that starting out you don't need an optimized or min/maxed character to succeed. Just because new content has been pushed out doesn't invalidate the original class decks. I played through practically all of season of runelords with the cleric deck. It wasn't until the end of AD5 that Ultimate combat was released and I added it so Kyra could get some extra swords. I think I would've been fine sticking with just the cleric deck though. Likewise I've played season 3 with people using the rogue, wizard, cleric, fighter class decks and the tables have been fine. Sure, we lose sometimes, but it can happen to anyone. My point is that the old class decks can stand up. If you're wanting to min/max, then maybe newer decks and/or the ultimate decks will aid you in that. But for someone starting out that's not needed.

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Irgy wrote:

I got confused by it quite recently. A WotR card said "end your turn", and I thought back to other cards in the past which had said "reset your hand and end your turn" and assumed the difference meant I shouldn't reset my hand. Only now realise I did it wrong after this conversation.

To be fair, it was the change that confused me not the current approach though.

I have done this as well. Made WOTR more difficult than it should've been, though it sure was fun!

To wkover's point, I do frequently see confusion over the "end of turn" step. Questions I've heard asked at our tables frequently include some variation of

"Do these 'at end of your turn' effects occur before or after I reset my hand?"

I know I can just point them to the rules to tell them the proper order, but the naming is somewhat confusion. At least Before you Act and After you Act (BYA/AYA) are somewhat descriptive of when they occur. Whereas "at end of your turn" doesn't really specify and thus gets questioned.

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It's not clear to me either. The current PFS Guide indicates:

PFS Guide Feb 2018 wrote:

If you encounter a boon that require you to remove it from
the game to activate its power, you must instead exchange
that boon with a random boon of the same type from the
game box and encounter that card.

In the case of BoNocticula you are not encountering the card since it is given as a reward and would be in your deck already.

My question is what happens if you played it and it would need to be removed from the game? How does a player keep track of that, or will they always have the loot available even if they remove the BoNocticula from the game multiple times over the course of an adventure?

For reference, I'm thinking of how banished cohorts are handled in organized play. I'm unsure if the same resolution would be reached here

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Vic Wertz wrote:
We hope that people who want to join a particular advanced group will consider playing the early adventures solo. Or perhaps some of the group you're looking to join might want to run different characters through previous tiers?

My issue was that I moved from an area with no ACG OP and into an area that frequently has 6-10+ players every 2 weeks. I joined in at the end of them finishing AD3. I had played PACG before and knew how to build characters but my decision was basically to play a pre-gen or solo-play 12+ scenarios to catch up. I decided to take the pre-gen even though it meant that the build was slightly sub-optimal for what I was intending to do. In the end though, it has worked out, and I don't particularly see it being an issue for me in the future. If it did happen in the future, I would probably just suck it up and solo play to catch up.

As an aside, perhaps the most frustrating part of joining Season 3 when I did-- I lack many of the trader access that would be beneficial (such as armor). That's probably the bigger influencer for why I would want to solo-play to catch up instead of using a pre-gen. Oh, and end of season reward would also influence that decision. To be frank though, I do LOTS of solo play with PACG and other board games. I can see how the solo play would not be an appealing option for people just starting out with PACG OP, regardless of loot/trader/end of season rewards. I think it would also put a group in a tough spot to ask them to start new characters to replay scenarios when they have already invested a lot of time/sessions into a character.

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Also note there was this recent blog (click here) which was a bit of a sneak peak on something they've been working on. Whether or not this is related to PF2 has yet to be seen, but Mike Selinker (designer) has said:

Mike Selinker wrote:
Let me make this unequivocally clear: The new set will be compatible with all previous Adventure Paths. We think the new base set rules will make Skull & Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous more fun, not less.

So yes, something is being worked on. It may or may not be related to PF2. It will be backwards compatible. So from my standpoint, I'm pretty excited for new content.

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Congrats, and welcome!!

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Nice write up and looking forward to looking through the deck! I like the Masque ally that was shared. I enjoy cards or abilities that encourage the party to stay together.

And yes, I find it funny that Tyler changes his favorite character so often but I'd be lying if my favorite character has never changed (I just haven't written a blog about all of mine).

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A one-time exception once the last deck comes out might not be a bad idea though i don't hold a strong opinion either way. Dealing with deck upgrades might be a bit...odd. Swapping out Ultimate deck upgrades for other Ultimate cards might not be super-straight forward or efficient.

Personally some of my characters I have just been holding out. For example I started playing a tier1 Ukuja from the hunter CD. Wilderness seems like it would be the obvious candidate, but Ultimate Combat seems like it has a lot to offer him. So I'm just waiting until Wilderness comes out to make my decision. I don't think the release of the Ultimate decks invalidates a character so I personally don't feel the rush to add an Ultimate deck for that particular character.

Having said that, yes, as part of PezKat's group the ultimate decks have been able to provide some relief. Linxia, for example, loved the reflecting buckler from Ultimate Combat during 3-6A to help deal with the 5 pointed sun location. Though given how I've built my tier6 Linxia I have a hard time imagining I would've picked any other Ultimate Deck for her. Same goes with my tier7 Kyra that I added Ultimate combat to around Tier5. Having looked at Ultimate Magic I think that would've been a good pick for Kyra as well, but it would've gone completely against how I built her.

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Alas, I cannot make it but look forward to hearing more!

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Parody wrote:
Irgy wrote:
I'm kind of surprised no-one in the community has stepped up and scanned in the cards or some such themselves.

Anyone can (if they have the time and technical skill) create sheets or similar for their own use. However, until the various parts appear in the Community Use Packages (card text in the Character Sheets, character pictures in the Character image pack, logos in their respective packages) or in the Blog, we cannot use them under the Community Use Policy and share those creations without violating Paizo's IP.

It'd be nice if these files were updated closer to when new items were released, but we have no control over it. All we can do is occasionally politely remind the Paizo folks that we'd appreciate it if it were part of the schedule.

Indeed, I have known several people who have made their own character sheets. Some sheets of which there are existing official sheets, and other sheets which lack the official ones. My SO uses a homemade sheet and frankly we like it better than the official one because it was built with just her specific role card in mind so it has only pertinent info on it.

As Parody points out, these can't always be freely distributed due to the lack of updates to the Paizo community use package for newer content.

I agree that it is reasonable to be upset, but I also agree that there must be perfectly valid reasons for delaying this. At the end of the day, I have settled with sleeving my character token card and using permanent markers. It works well for me. My SO likes the homemade character sheet that she uses and that works for her.

Feedback survey:
Thanks again for those willing to fill out.

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Hannibal_pjv wrote:
But you Also have to remember that you can not easily close the location later, if you miss the opportunity when you defeat the hensman. You have to Empty the location or force the villain tomthat location to get it closed later in the game.

Just for clarity, you have a few options:

1. Empty the location and then permanently close
2. Stay there and temp close the location when villain is encountered (you'll still have to take the damage at Molten Pool, but you won't have to empty the deck)
3. Force villain there and close it that way.

In some games where you end up closing locations too fast It can be a good idea to keep a location or two open in order to acquire more boons.

For example Cathedral of St Clydwell has 8 boons to 1 monster and 1 henchman/villain. So if you find the henchman in one turn, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep it open to try to get all those boons with relatively low risk. I say low risk because there would only be one monster and zero chance of a demonic horde or arboreal blight.

OTOH, a location like Abattoir which has 3 boons, 4 monsters, 2 barriers, and 1 henchman/villain with the nasty difficulty increase against banes would not be an ideal location to keep open. If given the chance you'd likely want to close it because there tends to be a lot of bad stuff there just from sheer numbers and from the difficulty increase. The caveat is obviously if you already encountered all the bad stuff and there are still 3 weapons in the deck and one monster/barrier. Maybe at that point you'd keep it open but in general Abattoir would be a location I'd rarely ever consider not closing if given the chance.

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Yewstance wrote:

Thank you for the input!

I recognised Barriers would be the big hurdle (auto-pass blessing support aside). I know there are comparably rapid exploration characters (various Druids and Alchemists come to mind, or Spell Sage MM Ezren), but most need to slow down at least somewhat to heal or suffer from inconsistent combat checks as a drawback, and I saw Linxia as avoiding that. Rather than rely on recharge/shuffling cards for explorations like the classes/characters I listed, she could just reliably heal over and over without even truly expending cards (on account of how many Reveal or Display powers on shields/heavy armors there were).

I also kind of liked the idea of being able to stack her deck with additional blessings by 'stealing' them from other characters at your location when the opportunity presents itself. But the inconsistency with drawing key cards certainly would inhibit specific checks, and closing checks and non-combat henchmen/villains are a huge component of PACG that hold her back. She still strikes me, at least with Ultimate Combat (though we've yet to see the full card list from the other Ultimate Add-On decks), as the most powerful HV1 character... but again, that's only in my theorycrafting rather than practical experience.

You did mention not trying out higher AD# blessings. I don't have my cards on me to get their exact texts, but I do recall there was at least 2 (asmodeus-themed) blessings that allowed to fully redraw your hand and auto-pass a check, at the cost of your hand at the time. I think they buried your hand rather than discarded it if they were corrupted. If that was the case, do you think it would be viable to try to build a deck that heavily utilised these blessings to both cover her weaknesses and all-but-double her explorations in a turn? The requirement - and a heavy one at that - would be the need to consistently prevent them from burying your hand (though you can also just use them after you've exhausted your hand for the turn anyway).

BoAsmodeus(3), BoGeryon(5) and BoPrinceofLies(5) have a "bury this card and all cards in your hand." Asmodeus and Geryon are not corrupted, and Prince of Lies is corrupted but the corruption text deals with discarding instead of banishing it when used. In either case you're burying your hand which IMO is too high of cost when I often need to keep my damage resistance in hand to prevent getting scourges. I suppose for a last-ditch effort it would be OK

Steal-healing blessings into your deck isn't something I've tried yet. Our table usually has at least one cleric or paladin who is able to heal (as well as my 1xCure) so we heal characters like normal. I also don't like the idea of taking blessings from characters who are in a position to need a heal, though I suppose if it was someone who was fairly tanky then it probably wouldn't hurt. At that point it's more or less about the timing of things, since we're often running 5-6 players and needing to maximize our explores at separate locations.

I played Lazzero and Ugraz through WotR (non-OP). I think Lazzero is the strongest from HV1. He can ignore the corrupted trait on blessings on his ( [] or any) check, and with Asmodean Advocate he can use some of the blessings to add d12's. For example, BoMammon can add 2d12 to any check without fear of the badstuff. That is --really-- good. Same goes for using the other blessings that synergize with this power feat.

His Asmodean Advocate role has a power to auto-recharge ( []or shuffle]) a spell and []characters at this location gain this power. That made him invaluable in my WotR play-through as I constantly stacked the highest recharge costing spells on Lazzero and didn't have to worry about him making the recharge check. He also has a scouting ability which I found very useful. His skill coverage is a little better than Linxia and I didn't particularly notice him suffering in combat any. Ultimate Magic wasn't out yet when I was playing Lazzero but I think it would be able to make him into a powerhouse.

I also played Urgraz and found him to be good as well. Though I would say Lazzero and Linxia had him beat. My favorite ability from Urgraz was preventing another character from banishing boons with his Tyrant role card.

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I have a tier 6 Linxia, using Ultimate Combat for season 3. I think she is strong, but I do not think she is overpowered. I use Knight of the Rack with the upgraded 2 cards healing power feat. I have kept the 3 armor slots (no card feats). I find that this has been sufficient. Perhaps the strongest thing Ultimate Combat offers specific for Linxia is the Reflecting Shield (Armor 5), though if you're using the Heavy Armor power feat then there are some nice armors for her, particular Rhino Armor which is a heavy armor and reveals to reduce damage.

Linxia is really good at combat, and mediocre with Charisma. Good with Diplomacy. She is OK in Dex/Cons/Int/Wisdom. My strongest feature for her is that same power-feat, but I focus on using the Corrupted boons (blessings in particular). I don't use the higher level blessings. I stick with the ADB and AD1 blessings. 2xBoArchdevils, 2xBoShax (1 from Ultimate Combat), and 1xBoBelial. I found for most of AD5, these were all that I needed to proc the self-healing power feat and keep my discard empty.

One of Linxia's biggest limiters is her deck consistency. She is shuffling her deck a TON, so if you are planning to count on a particular card (Like, say that ONE spell card feat) then don't hold your breath. Also she has only 5 blessings, only 4 of which you can generally count to be in your deck at end of turn (unless you are sitting at a location which pings you for damage and allows you to shuffle your discarded blessing back into deck via using a shield). So out of 20 cards in deck and I'm drawing 2-4 cards per turn then I have an OK chance to draw a blessing, but not great chances to draw that spell or that book of the damned I’ve been waiting on. So while self-healing is nice, it does limit her quite a bit if you’re wanting to utilize it because it can be difficult getting cards you need into your hand. Having versatile, non-specific cards goes a long way for her.

I don’t think she’s overpowered because outside of killing things and keeping herself healed, she doesn’t seem to really outpace anyone else at the table. Other characters seem to be able to explore more heavily (perhaps because they aren’t banishing/burying allies). She struggles against barriers without the use of a noncombat gem that Ultimate Combat offers (which didn’t come around until I was tier5).

Overall, I like her. She’s fun to play, but I wouldn’t say she’s my strongest character I’ve played. Perhaps one of the toughest to kill though.

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Hi there!

There are a few regions mentioned in New Hampshire on THIS PAGE (link).

Looking at this page (link) it looks like the Londonderry guy is specifically listed as a point of contact for the ACG. I'd try contacting him and see what he knows.

If all else fails, check out Play-by-post (link) which is a great way for people get involved in the ACG even if they don't have a local group (or even if you do have one and just want to play more!)

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Well, they're not mutant chickens

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Hobo Sapiens wrote:

Using a direct link such as s
is borked and takes you to the main Pathfinder page. Website string interpretation is also adding a space before the last letter (didn't have that in the post). hmmm...
Shortcut links ARE working, such as;

Seems that Archives are up...

Starfinder forum links are okay and redirect to the correct forum.

usenet/google groups is still working

Spot on. My link to

is broken. If i go to my post history, I can find threads that way. If I try to navigate to the forums from a thread it gets pretty wonky and non-intuitive.

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Another great read! Thanks for sharing! I have to often remind myself about the banishable cards. I like to carry around some cards for a really good effect, but then it's been 2 AD's and I still haven't used it. Lately I've tried focusing on cards that are more "consistent" since I'd rather have consistently good cards that are applicable, as opposed to getting stuck with ones that are great but hyper specific.

Thanks again!

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Excellent, thank you both. I somehow missed the "during an encounter" part. Just goes to show you how absent minded I've been today.

Thanks again

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Having read through the "Does Radillo Break the Game thread" i still have a few questions

What is the latest info on how to handle the timing of Radillo's errata'ed power feat?

Radillo wrote:

When you play a spell that has the Arcane trait during an encounter, you may examine

the bottom card of your deck; if it is a spell (□ or an ally), you may put it on top of your
deck (□ or add it to your hand).

1. Precisely, when does examining the bottom card of your deck and putting it on top of your deck/drawing it? Do we do this before attempting the check, after attempting the check but before recharging, or after attempting the recharge?

2. What prevents this from being abused once taking the feat to add it to her hand? Even if the power proc's before recharging, could she not just use two spells to repeatedly cycle a location Deck? For example, Using Augury And Detect Magic alternating between the two?

And an extension of this,

MM pg 8 playing cards wrote:
If a power says it may be used when something happens, you may use it every time that happens. Otherwise, a specific card’s power may only be used once per check or step.

3. Does this rule prevent Radillo from running an infinite loop of spells? Or since the card has no memory, is she able to alternate between casting Augury and Detect Magic multiple times on her turn?

Appreciate the help, I'm mostly just trying to understand how the FAQ fixed this.

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First (blind) playthrough after completing Closing the Worldwound but without gaining any boons from box. I do think I forgot to include the Adventure Path card feat in the below snapshot. Added HV1+HV2 character decks into box.

Party Inventory:

Character Name: Adowyn (WOTR)
Role Card: Blight Scout
Skill Feats: ALL
Power Feats: ALL
Card Feats: Weapon+2, Spell+1, Armor+1, Item+1, Ally+1, Blessing+1
Weapons: Stalker’s Crossbow x2, Dragonbreath Bow x2, Deskari’s Tooth
Spells: Good Omen, Transmogrify, Cure
Armors: Immolation Cloak, Horns of Naraga
Items: Chalice of Ozem, Ball of Twine, Fortune’s Arrow
Allies: Leryn, Celestial Unicorn x2, Dire Griffon x2
Blessings: BoShax x2, BoAbadar x2, BotInheritor
Mythic Path: Shield of Iomedae


Character Name: Lazzero (HV1 Class Deck)
Role Card: Asmodean Advocate
Skill Feats: ALL
Power Feats: ALL
Card Feats: Weapon+2, Spell+2, Item+1, Ally+1, Blessing+2
Weapons: Holy Radiance, Keen Scythe+2, Mace of Smithing, Vorpal Blade, BlackAxe,
Spells: Breath of Life x2, Winds of Vengeance, Steal Mythic Power, Lend Mythic Path
Armors: Mantle of Faith, Pauldrons of Unflinching Fortitude
Items: Talisman of True Faith, Banner of Valor,
Allies: Lann, Waxberry, Eliandra
Blessings: BoDispater, BoMammon, BoMoloch, BoBaalzebul, BoMephistopheles x2
Mythic Path: Mythic Marshal


Character Name: Urgraz (HV1 Class Deck)
Role Card: Tyrant
Skill Feats: ALL
Power Feats: ALL
Card Feats: Weapon+3, Spell+1, Item+1, Ally+1, Blessing+2
Weapons: Quarterstaff of Vaulting, Soulshear, Blancher, Holy Glaive of Speed, Sunsword, Noriznigath, Mournful Razor
Spells: Cure x2, Winds of Vengeance
Armors: Commander’s Field Plate, Stole of the Inheritor, Tarnhelm
Items: Wardstone Fragment, Black Robe, Amulet of the Abyss
Allies: Thylacine
Blessings: BoShax x3, BoAbadar, BotInheritor x2
Mythic Path: Mythic Guardian


Character Name: Seoni (WOTR)
Role Card: Corruptor
Skill Feats: ALL
Power Feats: ALL
Card Feats: Spell+2, Item+2, Ally+2, Blessing+1
Spells: Blast Vortex, Icy Prison, Rune of Jandelay, Elemental Bombardment, Canopic Conversion, Form of the Dragon, Meteor Swarm
Armors: Advocate’s Armor
Items: Ring of Forcefangs, Fasciculus Labyrinthum, Book of the Damned, Robes of the Rifts
Allies: Druid of the Flame, Fortune-Teller, Druid of the Leaf, Runelord Alderpash, Druid of the Storm,
Blessings: BoAbraxas x6
Mythic Path: Mythic Archmage


Cards Redeemed: Unholy Aspergillum+3, Rod of the Viper, Ghoul Hide, Anarchy Hammer, Black Robe, Soulshear, Stalker’s Crossbow, Fasciculus Labyrinthum, Blackaxe, Book of the Damned, Lexicon of Paradox, Amulet of the Abyss, Horns of Naraga
Knights of Kenabres: Valor, Agility, Vigor, Spirit, Command.
Champions of Mendev: Valor, Agility, Vigor, Clarity, Spirit


No cohort or character deaths.
Adowyn changed from Mythic Hierophant to Shield of Iomedae.
Party used Tome of Mental Prowess and Physical might in combination with Urgraz's power feat and spell Glamour to prevent the tomes from being removed from game/banished. Lazzero's blessings also helped signicantly with this since by this point he had the powerfeat to give d12s on his certain corrupted blessings. This allowed the most of the group to max out skill feats early. Urgraz was last one to max out since he had to banish it when used so it wasn't until the final scenario reward that he maxed out.

Welcome Nick!

Greetings all! I was waiting to see some of the other picks before finalizing my decision:

Here are a few options roughly in order of preference:
Varian (Tales)
Ukuja (Hunter)
Adowyn (Hunter)

Both hunters would have high Dex and Wisdom along with the divine skill for limited healing. Varian would have high intelligence along with arcane(int) and knowledge (int) skills. He'd be somewhat self-sustaining but lack party heals. Varian probably has the most appeal to me because i generally don't do spellcasters and trying to break out of that shell a bit.

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Some really cool spells from the looks of it. I like the Icicle Swarm ability. Fly seems really good for a spell2 slot, and the healing/scourge removing boon for class decks will be nice for organized play.

Overall nice work, excited to get this one in hand!

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Friendly bump for FAQ (WotR and MM). Thanks!

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Jose Bejarano wrote:
Hey, I love Ezren too, but I have a question, actually im starting to play WoR Box and I want to know if I can play Ezren from RotR Box un this box, using the wizard class deck??

Your Game, your rules. I call this the "rule of fun" so i say go for it.

Just a general word of caution: the characters included in a box are often tailored for that specific box. So Ezren from RotR might lack some powers that interact with WotR. For example, Harsk's WotR character lets him add a bonus when fighting demons. You won't find that on his RotR card. This doesn't mean you can't use the RotR Ezren with the Wizard class deck while playing Wrath of the Righteous--It might just lack some of that interaction with the box other characters would have.

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Just found out about this last week when reading the ACG blog which featured Nok-Nok, a goblin from the Kingmaker CRPG. Checked out the game and I am super excited!

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See this thread/post if you haven't already. I received confirmation this evening. I'm guessing more confirms will be getting sent out.

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pithica42 wrote:
I thought they opened at 9 Pacific, so that's my bad. But they did also say that they'd be rolling out the code early, and it's almost noon, now. So, my question still stands.

I got shipping confirmation this evening for my April order.

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PFSACG Guide wrote:

What Is Cooperative Play?

First and foremost, the Pathfinder Adventure Card
Game is a cooperative experience. This concept should
guide your behavior during play and is summarized in
the Pathfinder Society “don’t be a jerk” rule. Enjoy the
game, be considerate of the others at the table, and don’t
let your actions keep your fellow players from having
a good time. Don’t make decisions on behalf of other
players. Don’t take actions that may harm another player’s
character without that player’s consent. If there is dispute
over the rules, try to come to an agreement as quickly as
possible. If that proves impossible, choose the path that
benefits the most players. Be courteous and encourage a
mutual interest in playing, and don’t engage in endless
rules discussions.

I think the above is all we've ever really needed. Don't make actions that harm other player's without their consent. I've played Linxia as a pre-gen from tier 3 to tier 6 and I have yet to use her powerfeat to shuffle cards from another player's discard pile into my deck. Similarly I try to avoid using corrupted cards until i can redeem them unless it's a price I can pay myself. For example, i might discard a blessing from my hand (Unholy Aspergillum+3), but I wouldn't banish 1/2 blessings from the blessings deck (Devil's armor) unless everyone was OK with it.

I realize that the quoted portion isn't from the WotR/MM rules, but I feel like it should apply all the same in non-OP. As written, Alain's Glory Hound role is a bit odd because it becomes fairly restrictive. Thematically it is quite fitting; however, I personally wouldn't take the feat unless it was "may".

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Very cool, thank you!

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Hey there,

So I'm not 100% sure I understand the question but I'll try to answer. There are two plays to play PACG:
1. Playing through the box set. There are included scenarios in the box that you would play and when you finish scenarios you upgrade cards based off of what was acquired. You also earn scenario rewards that tell you when to get a card feat, or when to take a skill feat. Nothing done this way earns credit towards organized play.

2. Organized play rules. This uses scenarios that are separate from the boxed adventure. You play a character that earns "deck upgrades" and use acquired cards to get a "like-type" card to add to your deck. Earning a feat is pre-determined by how many scenarios you have completed at your current tier. You have the ability to earn rewards or unlocks for organized play

So the bad news is that your local group is stuck on the sixth adventure. Good news is that you can run a pre-generated character to be able to play with the group. This is what i did when i moved from an area without organized play to an area that has an active group that was halfway through a campaign.

So if you are playing through the boxed set (#1) then your non-organized play characters will not get any credit for organized play. If you play through using organized play rules (#2) then that is the only time you get credit.

PS, we've also recently opened a Flaxseed Lodge for the ACG. If you're interested in trying PACG via play-by-post using organized play rules (#2) then this is one way to do it. Learn more about play-by-post from the latest blog post

Let me know if i misunderstood the question or if you have any follow-up questions! Cheers,

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Keith Richmond wrote:

So, if anyone wants to playtest something for me, try adding this as an adventure rule for 6 (instead of just being a scenario rule in 6D):

"You may bury a blessing to reduce all damage dealt to you by 2."

Forgot to mention, the table I was at we did not use this in either game. I'm not certain about the other table running 3-6A

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So my GF and I defeated it on our second attempt with 3 players. We had a second table today do it on their first attempt of the day, though I think it may have been their 3rd attempt total from the prior weeks.

Five-Pointed Sun is quite cruel in this scenario. I had Linxia camped there as much as she could with multiple shields/armors to negate the damage. I don't think our Warpriest was really prepared to handle it, nor was our Witch. We got fairly lucky with the sandstorms in that: 1. someone moved to Five-Pointed Sun 3/4 times (won before 5th drawn) and 2. we were able to examine and defeat several cards from this--yay triggers. Aside from that, our Warpriest was really self-sufficient during their encounters and then Feiya with shapechange was just a beast at tackling barriers. I don't think I explored more than once per turn an any of my turns except one so they picked up my slack there.

In the end though, I think a lot of it came down to luck (more than usual). Our first game of the day was VERY one-sided against us. The second game was the complete opposite and we constantly had good spell/blessing coverage. In that second game we only undefeated one card from the siege deck.

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This is awesome!!! Nice work and thanks for the idea! Might have to try this (though I am not crafty at all lol)

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Gwaihir Scout wrote:
If I'm only going to pick up one of those bundles, which one should I get?

No doubt this could be a lengthy response, so I'll try to keep it relatively short.

Mummy Mask - I think in general most people consider this one the "best" or at least the "most balanced."

Wraith of the Righteous - Considered the most difficult set. If you're looking for a challenge, look no further.

Skull and Shackles - I enjoyed this set quite a bit, but I think the general consensus is that 1. if you're looking for a challenge then it can't compete with Wrath of the Righteous (though there are a few notoriously difficult scenarios in Skull and Shackles). And 2. if you're looking for a well polished set, Mummy's mask has it beat.

For the sake of completeness - Rise of the Runelords is the most basic/vanilla. It is probably one of the more approachable versions of the games to start with since there are less mechanics to keep track of, though this doesn't mean other sets are clunky. This is just slightly more beginner-friendly. The potential downside is that it is also considered the easiest.

TL-DR - Mummy's Mask would be the general popular choice unless you love the toughest challenges in which case I would get Wrath of the Righteous.

PS also wouldn't be a bad time to pick up a class deck or two if you're wanting to try the online ACG format in the future, or happen to have a physical PACG PFS event near you. They can also be added to any campaign box as well.

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I imagine a lot of it also has to do with playstyle and how you intend to build your character. For example Tyler's pick for Kyra is Ultimate Combat, but perhaps you'll find that Ultimate Combat doesn't have enough support/combat spells for your taste. Or Perhaps you only care to get access to more Sarenrae trait blessings for Kyra...maybe the other Ultimate decks have access to these and that would allow you to have even more blessings getting recharged/shuffled into your deck with her role card power feats.

That's my speculation anyway. I think you could in general pick an Ultimate deck to do well for a character, but there may be 1-2 other Ultimate decks that could be "good picks" based on what you specifically are wanting to do.

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I'd also agree with playing the digital game. I actually learned first from playing the digital card game, then moving to the physical format. I think the digital version gave me a decent grasp of the general flow of things, though it doesn't bog you down with the ins-and-outs of how/why you do certain things. Moving to the physical version of the game you'll still have some questions but the digital version will have at least taught you how a turn generally works and the general flow of a scenario.

A fair warning though, the digital version can be somewhat buggy so don't treat everything it does as gospel.

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The PACG Hells Vengeance 1 deck appears to be trying to load an image but it is broken on Chrome and my android samsung internet browser.

see my alias page (click)

I am assuming there should be no image here based on other PACG character decks

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Thanks Keith! Those were my suspicions but it seemed almost too good to be true.

This is going to be....awesome.

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Glamour wrote:
Display this card next to a character's deck. While displayed, treat your character card as if it has that character's skills in addition to your own. At the end of the turn, if you do not have the arcane skill, banish this card; otherwise discard it, or you may succeed at an Arcane 8 check to recharge it instead.

Hi all, just wanting a second opinion on this card to make sure I will be playing it correctly:

1. When it copies another player's skills, to what extent is this? Does this effectively copy everything on another characters token card related to skills (skills, skill feats, die types)? Or only part of it?--if so, which specific parts would you say it is copying?

2. The phrasing of the card makes it sound like it's possible for Emil, who lacks Arcane, to display this next to the party wizard and now be able to treat it as though he has the arcane skill. Since the card is still displayed prior to discarding, Emil would still have the arcane skill and would not banish the spell. Is this correct?

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