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Welcome Nick!

Greetings all! I was waiting to see some of the other picks before finalizing my decision:

Here are a few options roughly in order of preference:
Varian (Tales)
Ukuja (Hunter)
Adowyn (Hunter)

Both hunters would have high Dex and Wisdom along with the divine skill for limited healing. Varian would have high intelligence along with arcane(int) and knowledge (int) skills. He'd be somewhat self-sustaining but lack party heals. Varian probably has the most appeal to me because i generally don't do spellcasters and trying to break out of that shell a bit.

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Some really cool spells from the looks of it. I like the Icicle Swarm ability. Fly seems really good for a spell2 slot, and the healing/scourge removing boon for class decks will be nice for organized play.

Overall nice work, excited to get this one in hand!

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Friendly bump for FAQ (WotR and MM). Thanks!

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Jose Bejarano wrote:
Hey, I love Ezren too, but I have a question, actually im starting to play WoR Box and I want to know if I can play Ezren from RotR Box un this box, using the wizard class deck??

Your Game, your rules. I call this the "rule of fun" so i say go for it.

Just a general word of caution: the characters included in a box are often tailored for that specific box. So Ezren from RotR might lack some powers that interact with WotR. For example, Harsk's WotR character lets him add a bonus when fighting demons. You won't find that on his RotR card. This doesn't mean you can't use the RotR Ezren with the Wizard class deck while playing Wrath of the Righteous--It might just lack some of that interaction with the box other characters would have.

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Just found out about this last week when reading the ACG blog which featured Nok-Nok, a goblin from the Kingmaker CRPG. Checked out the game and I am super excited!

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See this thread/post if you haven't already. I received confirmation this evening. I'm guessing more confirms will be getting sent out.

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pithica42 wrote:
I thought they opened at 9 Pacific, so that's my bad. But they did also say that they'd be rolling out the code early, and it's almost noon, now. So, my question still stands.

I got shipping confirmation this evening for my April order.

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PFSACG Guide wrote:

What Is Cooperative Play?

First and foremost, the Pathfinder Adventure Card
Game is a cooperative experience. This concept should
guide your behavior during play and is summarized in
the Pathfinder Society “don’t be a jerk” rule. Enjoy the
game, be considerate of the others at the table, and don’t
let your actions keep your fellow players from having
a good time. Don’t make decisions on behalf of other
players. Don’t take actions that may harm another player’s
character without that player’s consent. If there is dispute
over the rules, try to come to an agreement as quickly as
possible. If that proves impossible, choose the path that
benefits the most players. Be courteous and encourage a
mutual interest in playing, and don’t engage in endless
rules discussions.

I think the above is all we've ever really needed. Don't make actions that harm other player's without their consent. I've played Linxia as a pre-gen from tier 3 to tier 6 and I have yet to use her powerfeat to shuffle cards from another player's discard pile into my deck. Similarly I try to avoid using corrupted cards until i can redeem them unless it's a price I can pay myself. For example, i might discard a blessing from my hand (Unholy Aspergillum+3), but I wouldn't banish 1/2 blessings from the blessings deck (Devil's armor) unless everyone was OK with it.

I realize that the quoted portion isn't from the WotR/MM rules, but I feel like it should apply all the same in non-OP. As written, Alain's Glory Hound role is a bit odd because it becomes fairly restrictive. Thematically it is quite fitting; however, I personally wouldn't take the feat unless it was "may".

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Very cool, thank you!

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Hey there,

So I'm not 100% sure I understand the question but I'll try to answer. There are two plays to play PACG:
1. Playing through the box set. There are included scenarios in the box that you would play and when you finish scenarios you upgrade cards based off of what was acquired. You also earn scenario rewards that tell you when to get a card feat, or when to take a skill feat. Nothing done this way earns credit towards organized play.

2. Organized play rules. This uses scenarios that are separate from the boxed adventure. You play a character that earns "deck upgrades" and use acquired cards to get a "like-type" card to add to your deck. Earning a feat is pre-determined by how many scenarios you have completed at your current tier. You have the ability to earn rewards or unlocks for organized play

So the bad news is that your local group is stuck on the sixth adventure. Good news is that you can run a pre-generated character to be able to play with the group. This is what i did when i moved from an area without organized play to an area that has an active group that was halfway through a campaign.

So if you are playing through the boxed set (#1) then your non-organized play characters will not get any credit for organized play. If you play through using organized play rules (#2) then that is the only time you get credit.

PS, we've also recently opened a Flaxseed Lodge for the ACG. If you're interested in trying PACG via play-by-post using organized play rules (#2) then this is one way to do it. Learn more about play-by-post from the latest blog post

Let me know if i misunderstood the question or if you have any follow-up questions! Cheers,

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Keith Richmond wrote:

So, if anyone wants to playtest something for me, try adding this as an adventure rule for 6 (instead of just being a scenario rule in 6D):

"You may bury a blessing to reduce all damage dealt to you by 2."

Forgot to mention, the table I was at we did not use this in either game. I'm not certain about the other table running 3-6A

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So my GF and I defeated it on our second attempt with 3 players. We had a second table today do it on their first attempt of the day, though I think it may have been their 3rd attempt total from the prior weeks.

Five-Pointed Sun is quite cruel in this scenario. I had Linxia camped there as much as she could with multiple shields/armors to negate the damage. I don't think our Warpriest was really prepared to handle it, nor was our Witch. We got fairly lucky with the sandstorms in that: 1. someone moved to Five-Pointed Sun 3/4 times (won before 5th drawn) and 2. we were able to examine and defeat several cards from this--yay triggers. Aside from that, our Warpriest was really self-sufficient during their encounters and then Feiya with shapechange was just a beast at tackling barriers. I don't think I explored more than once per turn an any of my turns except one so they picked up my slack there.

In the end though, I think a lot of it came down to luck (more than usual). Our first game of the day was VERY one-sided against us. The second game was the complete opposite and we constantly had good spell/blessing coverage. In that second game we only undefeated one card from the siege deck.

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This is awesome!!! Nice work and thanks for the idea! Might have to try this (though I am not crafty at all lol)

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Gwaihir Scout wrote:
If I'm only going to pick up one of those bundles, which one should I get?

No doubt this could be a lengthy response, so I'll try to keep it relatively short.

Mummy Mask - I think in general most people consider this one the "best" or at least the "most balanced."

Wraith of the Righteous - Considered the most difficult set. If you're looking for a challenge, look no further.

Skull and Shackles - I enjoyed this set quite a bit, but I think the general consensus is that 1. if you're looking for a challenge then it can't compete with Wrath of the Righteous (though there are a few notoriously difficult scenarios in Skull and Shackles). And 2. if you're looking for a well polished set, Mummy's mask has it beat.

For the sake of completeness - Rise of the Runelords is the most basic/vanilla. It is probably one of the more approachable versions of the games to start with since there are less mechanics to keep track of, though this doesn't mean other sets are clunky. This is just slightly more beginner-friendly. The potential downside is that it is also considered the easiest.

TL-DR - Mummy's Mask would be the general popular choice unless you love the toughest challenges in which case I would get Wrath of the Righteous.

PS also wouldn't be a bad time to pick up a class deck or two if you're wanting to try the online ACG format in the future, or happen to have a physical PACG PFS event near you. They can also be added to any campaign box as well.

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I imagine a lot of it also has to do with playstyle and how you intend to build your character. For example Tyler's pick for Kyra is Ultimate Combat, but perhaps you'll find that Ultimate Combat doesn't have enough support/combat spells for your taste. Or Perhaps you only care to get access to more Sarenrae trait blessings for Kyra...maybe the other Ultimate decks have access to these and that would allow you to have even more blessings getting recharged/shuffled into your deck with her role card power feats.

That's my speculation anyway. I think you could in general pick an Ultimate deck to do well for a character, but there may be 1-2 other Ultimate decks that could be "good picks" based on what you specifically are wanting to do.

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I'd also agree with playing the digital game. I actually learned first from playing the digital card game, then moving to the physical format. I think the digital version gave me a decent grasp of the general flow of things, though it doesn't bog you down with the ins-and-outs of how/why you do certain things. Moving to the physical version of the game you'll still have some questions but the digital version will have at least taught you how a turn generally works and the general flow of a scenario.

A fair warning though, the digital version can be somewhat buggy so don't treat everything it does as gospel.

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The PACG Hells Vengeance 1 deck appears to be trying to load an image but it is broken on Chrome and my android samsung internet browser.

see my alias page (click)

I am assuming there should be no image here based on other PACG character decks

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Thanks Keith! Those were my suspicions but it seemed almost too good to be true.

This is going to be....awesome.

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Glamour wrote:
Display this card next to a character's deck. While displayed, treat your character card as if it has that character's skills in addition to your own. At the end of the turn, if you do not have the arcane skill, banish this card; otherwise discard it, or you may succeed at an Arcane 8 check to recharge it instead.

Hi all, just wanting a second opinion on this card to make sure I will be playing it correctly:

1. When it copies another player's skills, to what extent is this? Does this effectively copy everything on another characters token card related to skills (skills, skill feats, die types)? Or only part of it?--if so, which specific parts would you say it is copying?

2. The phrasing of the card makes it sound like it's possible for Emil, who lacks Arcane, to display this next to the party wizard and now be able to treat it as though he has the arcane skill. Since the card is still displayed prior to discarding, Emil would still have the arcane skill and would not banish the spell. Is this correct?

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If you look at the entire power as a whole though...

It replaces your Dex and Con die with a d12. This is an effective average increase of:
Dex 4.5 -> 6.5, or average of 2 increase
Con 3.5 -> 6.5, average of 3 increase.

In addition, you get synergy with Reepazo's other power which adds 1d6 to checks with the vermin trait, which is a 3.5 average on all checks as long as you're willing to take the downside of having bugform active

The powerfeat in question gives 1d4 which is another 2.5 average increase if you recharge a displayed card. Verminator role allows you to remove more restrictions on this first power by allowing the use of allies (a power feat gives allies the vermin trait so they can be used with or without the bug form active and still get a 1d6 bonus). So there are even less reasons to deactivate "bug form"

If you choose to recharge a displayed card and play no other cards:
* In total for a DEX check you're looking at an average of 8 increase.
* In total for a CON check you're looking at an average of 9 increase.
* In total for other checks you're looking at an average of 6 increase.

If we're just looking at the 1d4 powerfeat, that is still a 2.5 average that can be added to -any- check without playing any other card other than recharging a displayed card. There are other powerfeats that give less and have restrictions, such as Hayato's Ronin role adds 1 to his checks when he is the only character at his location. Or CD Merisiel's sneak attack you must be alone and recharge a card for 3.5 average and each extra power feat increases the average by 1. Of course there are some out there that are stronger...but still have a cost to them. Nyctessa can banish an ally, monster, or corrupted card for "[ ] a number of d4's equal to the banished cards AD number"

Do I think the Verminator 1d4 powerfeat is great? No. Do I think it's bad? No. It seems fair. Not to mention I feel like this makes the Verminator role the less obvious choice and gives more consideration to the Beetle Borker role, this is a good change since players shouldn't be pushed into one role because it's too good to pass up.

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Do we have confirmation that this rule would apply to BYA though? I couldn't find a precedent in the forums.

The way I read this, you are already passed the BYA step. The rules clearly outline First combat step and second combat step. The encountering player no longer has that BYA power apply to them since they took the damage and/or passed it. The key word here is "powers that *would* apply to the character who encountered it apply to you instead." When I read that rule in the past I interpreted it as other, persistent, powers such as "if the combat check invokes the ranged trait, then you are dealt 1d4 damage" or "[Monster] is immune to the poison trait." I understand that "would" is past tense, but the rules don't seem to indicate that this extends to past steps as well.

PS We did end up defeating the Baykok Lord and we had the encountering player take the second combat check just in case.

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Hey! Glad you're enjoying it!

I'm not from that area, but a lot of places use Warhorn to schedule events (in addition to the Paizo calendar). This Warhorn group (click) appears to be for the area you are in. I do not see any PACG games planned, but it does seem like they have a fairly active schedule. What you could do is try to contact them and see if there has been any other interest from other players and whether or not they'd be interested in helping put something together. On that page I linked there is a Venture Captain, David, listed for Central Mass, that is who I'd start with unless you see another name listed closer to where you live. If there aren't existing games going on then this might be a bit more work for you to get things started, but it'd be one way to do it.

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If i recall correctly the instruction card that is included directs you to add these cards to your class deck "box" when you reach the appropriate tier. So if the rewards are instructing you to take a card from your class deck box, then cards from your class deck or ultimate deck would be fair game.

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Having gone through my Ultimate Combat deck I am -very- excited to see the rest of these Ultimate decks come out. They really open up the possibilities for the types of characters you can create. There is a wide range of boons to select from in the Ultimate Combat deck that would benefit a wide range of characters.

In terms of armor-- I like what I see. I like the inclusion of more shields, and the addition of "If you have played a card that has the 2-handed or shield trait on this check, you may not play this card." I also like the design space of displaying some of the armors and being able to use them later rather than older armors where you recharged the armor to cycle your deck and you maybe didn't see another armor for a few turns. I agree that historically armor card feats and power feats haven't been very appealing to me but after seeing some of the armors in Ultimate Combat I have reconsidered that a bit. My first thought was in regards to Linxia "I need more armor card feats to use all these shields!"

Overall, great job!

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Hannibal_pjv wrote:
So in every check you have 12d4 + 3d4 + 1d6 and you normal die... you don`5 need to play any card afther those boosts...

In the example of 3 displayed cards for a DEX close check you would have:

1d12 + 3d4 + 1d6 without playing a single card.

If you were doing a CHA check you would have:
1d6 + 3d4 + 1d6 without playing any cards.

If you had 10 displayed cards you would have the following for a CHA check:
1d6 + 10d4 +1d6 without playing any cards

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Brother Tyler wrote:

Short answer: yes

Here's the sequence as I understand it:

1. Baykok Lord is encountered.
2. Each character (regardless of location) must take a Wisdom 9 check.
2a. Any character that succeeds at the Wisdom 9 check may play cards and use powers during the encounter (which covers both checks to defeat).
2b. Any character that fails at the Wisdom 9 check may not play cards or use powers during the encounter. You'd better hope that the character that encountered the Baykok Lord succeeds at the check, or else they will be relying on help from others.

I'm at the table this question is being asked for so i have a vested interest in it, though we'll be fine either way

On the 2b, the encountering player doesn't do the BYA WIS check since the ability reads "each other character." The encountering player does the BYA DEX check so they'd just need to have armor or take some damage. Otherwise I think I agree with the rest of your post.

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You're correct that it is completely optional to stop displaying your cards at the end of the encounter.

Note that it says when *you* encounter a card you can choose to display a card. Then at the end of *any* encounter (not just yours) you can choose to recharge all displayed cards.

I do feel like the powerfeat is a bit strong. I've been playing Reepazo in Season of the Goblins for the outpost play-by-forum event and have been leaving it up 100% of the scenarios so far (just started AD2). The biggest limiter is that it limits the cards you can play, though the Verminator role card also allows you to use allies with the bugform power feat once you pick the last powerfeat for allies gaining vermin trait. And don't forget in addition to the 3d4 in your example, you're also getting a 1d6 from the second power feat since your check has the vermin trait.

edit: Perhaps it would be more balanced if it contained restrictions on which cards give the 1d4. For example
"[ ] For each card with the attack trait displayed by this power, add 1d4 to your checks.)"
So displaying 6 blessings isn't going to give you d4's, but if you put up a few of your attack spells you would get them.

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I'd agree with choosing* first. In what other scenarios are you rolling dice without knowing what you are rolling them for? If it is a check to defeat or acquire with multiple skills listed then the rules very clearly define that you determine the skill you're using, then determine the difficulty, etc., all before actually rolling the dice.

I think it would follow that in such a case you would pick what you are attempting to do before the "Play cards and use powers that affect your check (optional)" and "Attempt the Roll" steps.

*edit: fixed typo, thanks!

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check out this thread *link* for more info. We're getting close, though not quite there yet.

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@Tyler: Nice list! Will be interesting to see how our lists would match up once I've seen the other CD's. After having gone through the Ultimate Combat I feel pretty good about a few of my first instincts for good combos match up with what you would do for those characters

One note--Looks like you left off Reepazo (promo) for Goblin's Burn!

elcoderdude wrote:

That's really cool -- but unnecessarily restrictive. If I can swap in a character of the same class from a base set, why can't I swap in a character of the same class from another class/charcter deck?

I had similar thoughts. For example it's neat to be able to play Merisiel from Rotr/SnS with the Tales CD, but peculiar you wouldn't be able to play the Merisiel from Rogue CD with Tales CD. I guess if that was allowed then the reverse would be wanted as well: Being able to play Radovan with the Rogue CD. And if a CD character can be played with other classdecks, then why can't all of them? At what point would we say "no, you shouldn't be able to do that?"

So I guess in this case they gave a little flexibility which I don't think is a bad thing. A lot of the characters I am thinking of I'd enjoy playing the base set version of the character instead of the CD version. Merisiel, for example, I am highly fond of her SnS version and would be much more interested in playing the SnS version with Tales CD than being able to play Merisiel CD version with the Tales CD. Same is true with quite a few other versions of characters (though not all)

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Also received mine yesterday and had similar thoughts. I'll just leave it as "Wow!"

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I've been absolutely digging the HV1/2 decks, and this just gives me more options to explore! Very cool post!

Enjoying following along, keep up the great work everyone!!

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Our first table has been stuck on this for the past 2 meet-ups. Our second table that I play at just finished 3-5E and we'll be starting 3-6A this weekend. I am not excited after reading this thread! Will have to look into the armor trader since our table historically hasn't used traders (though the first table does). Thanks for the tips!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Keith Richmond wrote:
(Hmm, the MM Enchanter is Veteran, but the RotR one wasn't...)
I built the card database assuming that a card name type would be universally similar across all adventure paths, with the exception of deck number. That has not proven as true as I assumed it was.

I'm confused by this convo. Both my MM and ROTR copies have veteran...

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Safe to assume this fell off the radar? :)

I see the Season 1 PDF's were updated in Nov 2016 but if this change was made I'm not seeing it.


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Party Inventory:

Character Name: Adowyn (WOTR)
Role Card: Blight Scout
Skill Feats: Str+1, Dex+3, Con+1, Wis+1, Cha+1
Power Feats: +1 hand size; […]discard pile for a cohort ( [X] or a card that has the animal trait); Evade a summoned bane ( [X] or discard a card to allow another character to do so); You may recharge a card to reduce damage dealt BYA to 1;
Card Feats: Weapon+1, Spell+1, Ally+1, Blessing+1
Weapons: Nirmathas Longbow, Demonbane Light Crossbow+1, Flaming Spear+1, Skirmishing Spear
Spells: Weapon of Awe, Good Omen x2
Armors: Celestial Armor
Items: Archer’s Bracers, Trapsmith Gloves,
Allies: Leryn, Frilled Lizard x2, Frog
Blessings: BoDeskari x3, BoAbadar x2
Mythic Path: Mythic Hierophant


Character Name: Lazzero (HV1 Class Deck)
Role Card: Asmodean Advocate
Skill Feats: Str+3, Dex+1, Con+1, Wis+1, Cha+1
Power Feats: +1 hand size; Weapon Proficiency; Ignore corrupted trait you play on your ( [X] or any) check; Your blessings that have the Asmodeus...;
Card Feats: Weapon+1, Ally+1, Blessing+2
Weapons: Radiance, Sawtooth Sabre+2, Unholy Aspergillum+3, Fiendsplitter
Spells: Cure x2, Refuge
Armors: Sweet Dragon Costume, Armor of the Pious
Items: Knight’s Pennon,
Allies: Lann, Unfettered Imp, Pallegina
Blessings: BoBaphomet, BoShax, BoDispater, BoMammon, BoMoloch, BoBaalzebul
Mythic Path: Mythic Marshal


Character Name: Urgraz (HV1 Class Deck)
Role Card: Tyrant
Skill Feats: Str+3, Dex+1, Con+1, Wis+1, Cha+1
Power Feats: +1 hand size; Discard top card of deck to add 1d6 ( [X] +1) to your check; You may discard ( [X] or recharge) a card to ignore the corrupted trait; When another character at your location would banish;
Card Feats: Weapon+1, Item+1, Blessing+2
Weapons: Quarterstaff of Vaulting, Scizore, Unholy Aspergillum+3, Soulshear, Rod of the Viper
Spells: Cure x2,
Armors: Commander’s Field Plate, Ghoul Hide, Spiked Plate,
Items: Wardstone Fragment, Banner of Valor, Black Robe
Blessings: BoBaphomet x2, BoShax x3, BoAbadar
Mythic Path: Mythic Guardian


Character Name: Seoni (WOTR)
Role Card: Corruptor
Skill Feats: Str+1, Dex+1, Con+1, Wis+1, Cha+4
Power Feats: +1 hand size; discard a card to draw a card that has the Arcane ( [X] or Magic) ( [X] or Corrupted) trait; Automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell ( [X] or an item);
Card Feats: Spell+1, Item+1, Ally+1, Blessing+1
Spells: Blast Vortex, Force Missile, Life Drain, Dismissal, Scorching Ray, Hellmouth Lash
Armors: Elven Chain Shirt
Items: Scale of Resistance, Ring of Forcefangs, Tome of Mental Prowess
Allies: Druid of the Flame, Fortune-Teller, Druid of the Storm, Druid of the Leaf
Blessings: BoAbraxas x5
Mythic Path: Mythic Archmage


Cards Redeemed: Unholy Aspergillum+3, Rod of the Viper, Ghoul Hide
Knights of Kenabres Valor, Agility, Vigor, Spirit, Command.
Cohorts removed - None.


Playing with HV1+2 character decks in box.
AD3E - Tome of Mental Prowess used by Seoni at Laboratory and succeeded Knowledge check to bury (instead of banish, instead of remove from game).

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Very excited to see what the Ultimate decks bring to Organized play and the ACG in general!

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I would agree that I think the intent is that unless a reward names a specific card-- when you examine from a location deck, encounter, draw from the game box, or acquire a card that's power has the possibility of removing it from the game then it needs to be replaced.

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There's a grumpy cat meme-- "There's two things I don't like: Change and the way things are"

I left some feedback in the thread. I really do like where this is going, though quite a few things bother me at the moment. Same thing happened on another forum I visit but after a few months they worked out all the kinks and it's now an overall better experience.

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+1 Default alias per campaign is broken with new website update for me as well. Hope an extension update is coming out to fix :) Thanks for the hard work!!

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Before I dive in, I just want to say that i like where this is going! The new format seems much more "clean." That said, it's not all the way there yet.

Here is my list of complaints:

1. The font size. It was too small. Now it is too large. I'd really like it to be similar to other websites because right now if i use my browser zoom/unzoom then it will mess up all the other sites too.

2. PM's are hidden and need to be displayed next to My account with a notification of when there is an unread PM.

3. Website links are hard to differentiate from regular text.

4. In general, the number of clicks-to-destination has increased SIGNIFICANTLY. It's not even just a matter of not knowing how to navigate. Once you know how to navigate now you need extra clicks where you didn't before. For example getting to ACG forums I need to click on Community, then forums, then card game. Before I could just click on ACG on the sidebar and bam, forums were on the page below store items.

5. This may or may not be related to the site update...I think it might be because I didn't have any issues in January. When using a coupon code in the store, there is NOT a place to use the coupon code when checking out for yourself since my payment info is already in there. To use the rain18 coupon code I needed to "mark as gift" so payment info would pop up, enter the promo code, then mark "not as gift" to get it to convert back to an item for myself, then mark it to combine shipping with my subscription. Quite the headache to save a few bucks!

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You're not alone. Throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and head over to the Website Feedback forums *LINK*

Specifically I think they want feedback in this thread *LINK*

BTW there are two links there, in case you had trouble seeing them.

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I did this scenario recently and here's just some general advice. I had a much easier time with this scenario but my party was also a bit more balanced in terms of skills (Lini, Merisiel, Valeros, Fieya)

1. This is just going to be hard for your team. Use spells that are replaceable Aqueous Orb is a good one since its AD2 (i think) and can be replaced at end of scenario (just choose not to attempt to acquire any other spells while playing and you'll get it back no problem). I'd also rely heavily on Feiyas power feat to reduce difficulty.

2. scouting is very important. You want to fight the villain once. and only once.

3. I would coordinate a team effort to close this in one round (3 turns for you). It will be hard with 3 characters but can be done. This prevents your party from taking the damage since your characters didn't START there. That is how i did it, though I had 4 characters. For you you would want to make sure Ezren is the first character to move to this location since he can't bury/banish to close. My party coordinated efforts once Lini cycled through her deck and got her BoNorgorber.

4. I used Lady Cerise to temp close this location after scouting the villain. Was only there to take one damage at the end of turn. Obviously this doesn't work if the villain is in this location so just take turns going through it if you're not finding the villain. You could also just coordinate a group effort like Shrine of Norgorber.

5. I hated the ship mechanic and tried to mostly avoid using cards that synergized with it with the exception of Feiya having 5x BoHshurha. I don't recall this scenario being much more difficult because of the ship being anchored though since my party had good blessing coverage for non-combat checks and we had BoAchekek for hench/villain.

6. Yeah, you'll have trouble with this again due to party composition. I would suggest getting armor from sea fort so your party can take the BYA damage from henchman OR choose not to play more divine cards and banish the armor to reduce damage to 0.

7. again, armor from sea fort or by other means if you have any spells or items to reduce damage.

8. Scouting will help with this. And Holy Feast is really strong in this scenario since you'll be tripling up at Shrine of Norgorber and possibly other locations once you scouted the villain.

9. Unfortunately more armor will be important for your party since STR punches in the face aren't going to be your most reliable. I'd stick with multi-use spells to make the 2nd combat check easy. You could also prep in advance for this if you've scouted to make sure that you at least have 1 armor before the first check to get your display spell out there and then be able to use it on both checks. At that point it would matter less if you had to recharge/discard multiple cards.

Hope that helps a bit. I'm normally up for a good challenge but I'm in the middle of busy season at work and then also taking night classes so I'll have to save this for a few months if I remember it then. Best of luck!

I've settled on Reepazo since I wanted to stick within the goblin class decks. He also gives us access to a second cure for the party.

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Just to add, the card reads

Aqueous Orb wrote:

Display this card. While this card is displayed, for your combat check you may use your arcane or divine skill+1d6; you may additionally discard this card to add another 2d6. At the end of your turn, if you do not have either the Arcane or Divine skill, banish this card; otherwise, attempt an Arcane or Divine 11 check. If you succeed, recharge this card; if you fail, discard it.

The important thing here is that the card tells you first to display it, and then "While this card is displayed" it has the rest of the text which gives you the choice of using arcane/divine+1d6 and also the option to discard it for the extra 2d6. If they didn't want you to be able to do that, then it would've phrased it differently so that you were either displaying it or discarding it for the ability. The way it is currently written you always display it, then you continue to read the rest of the card text.

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Sounds like we are in agreement. Thanks for confirming!

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Are these promo allies class-deck legal for organized play? PFS Guide states


You may include other promo cards only if you have

earned them as a reward.

But it is a bit unclear with these since they do not have an earned reward like the end-of-season promos.

Specifically asking about Obsidian Golem, Eder, and Pallegina since they aren't considered set-specific.

As the guide is written I'm assuming no but thought I'd ask to double check since I found nothing on the forums regarding this. Thanks!

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