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goldomark's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Marathon Voter, 8 Season Dedicated Voter. 530 posts (535 including aliases). 3 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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Apparently he said so on his facebook page. And someone from ENworld saw it.

I wonder if he is one of those freelancers they hire to write APs or if they gave him a job there. Not even sure he works on D&D.

He would bring Paizo's knowhow about APs, that is for sure.

License e-products from Fantasy Ground. Folks at WotC haven't made an official announcement yet.

Not sure what is in them, but they aren't cheap. Right now, Paizo PDFs look far more attractive. Cheaper, and if you buy the book on their store, you get the PDF for free. You do not need to pay the same amount for the books.

Did it disappear? I can't see it.

I was reading the Saga graphic novels and I was thinking: "This fantasy space-opera would make an awesome setting. Paizo should do it!".

In Dragon mag #352 Paizo did just that with the world of Bas-Lag featured in the novels of China Miéville.

I'm not sure if these stand alone/one shot settings would cannibalize PF's fan base or would be too niche to be profitable, but I know I would buy some of them.

Which novel, comic, film or TV show do you think would make a great one shot setting*?

*By one shot or stand alone setting, I mean produce just one book that comtains the history of the setting, some maps, NPCs, new races, class, items, etc. No other supplement needed.

The future AP wish list made me think about a time travelling AP and historical moments I would like to visite.

In no paticular order:

1. Age of Destiny: The founding of the Yixing Empire in Tian Xia.

2. Age of Enthronement: Make sure Iomedae can get access to the Starstone and see her become a goddess.

3. Age of Serpents: Dinosaurs and cavefolk!

4. Age of Legend 1: Visite Thassilon in the past and maybe make a cameo during the RotR AP.

5. Age of Legend 2: Visite Azlant at its peak and one of its moon colonies.

6. The Future: The Moon half blown up and is an outpost of the Dominion of the Black. This is the place from which they want to invade Golarion.

Maybe the theme of the adventure is to correct some events the Dominion of the Black changed in the past to help its conquest of Golarion in the future. Like they try to make sure Karzoug rises because that would cause chaos in the Inner Sea region. With Iomedae not a goddess Golarion would not have a leader to lead the charge against the invaders and their gods. Delay the rise of Yixing and you thus make sure humanity is less advanced when the Dominion invades.

Other stuff the PCs could do is steal some powerful items from the Azlanti. Taking them doesn't change the future since the items were going to be destroyed during Earthfall anyway. Prepare a cache of weapons on a Azlanti moon colony for the future.

Which Ages would you like visite?

I was reading about the chainsaw and I have a question.

If I do not use a charge, how much damage does it do? I'm thinking improvised weapon. Maybe 1d6 or 2d6 like a great sword? And the damage should be bludgeoning. Crit on 20?

Should I get the -4 penalty to attack for using it as an improvised weapon? I have the exotic feat to wield the thing and the technique doesn't change much. I do not think I should get the penalty even if it is not supposed to be used like that. The lower damage and crit should be enough.


I'm working on an archetype that would make an eidolon a magical weapon instead of a monster. How much is an eidolon worth in gp, depending on level, of course?

He doesn't have the demon, chaos and evil subtypes. Normal or error?

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I would like to second Brandon Hodge's suggestion for a book called Armies of Golarion, containing the stats of the armies of some nations of Golarion.

Using the Ultimate Campaign mass combat rules and the new troop sybtype intreduced in the Raspitin must Die AP, this would be very a interesting product.

Edit: Dang, didn't get Brandon'st post in the link. It is on page 16.

Seems that the rules in Ucam (p. 86) change the rules found in The Gamemastery Guide (p. 114).

Should I assume the Ucam rules are the new rules for spell research?

The new ones suck a bit. First, they only mention alchemist, magi and wizards. No clerics or sorcerers!?

Second, they cost less (cool) but take alot more time and there are so many more checks than in the GMG (but the DC is lower) to manage to crate a new one.

From RotRL and RotRL aniversary edition, the Scarecrow's (Skinsaw Murders) CR is different. Both use the Lifespark Construct template from Green Ronin's Advanced Bestiary.

The anniversary edition doesn't add any level to the CR of the flesh golem and it doesn't get the Open Mind ability, but the original edition does.

How can a construct get feats and skills, and not see its CR increase?

From the price of a Dark Blue Rhomboid Ioun Stone and Gloves of Arrows Snatching, you can deduce that feats are worth 5,000 gp if they were magical items with space limitation.

So how is the value of Metamagic Rods calculated? I'm lost here.

I can't seem to find a place that tells me the elephant's slam attack is its trunk or the elephant stomping.

Any clue? It sort of matters for a arm wereelephant in hybrid form.

If I were to put a monk level on a Ubue or Ettin, who that mean the Ubue would get three unarmed strike and an Ettin two?

This wouldn't mean anything with flurry, but I'm not sure if they do not flurry.

I want to add the young template to vampire spawns to have creepy undead kids running around.

I was wondering how the lack of Con of the undead will affect the -1 to the CR since an undead is less weaken by the template than other creatures.

In the same line of thought, the wights (base for vampire spawns) have Skill Focus (Perception) as a feat. I would like to replace it with Weapon Finesse now that the Young template gave it a interesting Dex score. I know all feats are supposed to be equal so it is not suppose to change much of anything to the CR, but this really makes a the vampire spawn more powerful (aside fom the -2 to natural armour).

Should I keep the CR 4 or is it a CR 3?

I've been browsing the NPC codex and the NPCs in there have a -2 to their CR, while the vampire aristocrate in Bestiary 1 has a -1 to her CR.

I am sure I missed something, but now I am confuzzled.

I can't find it and I'd be curious to know how PF did.

Marathon Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 8

How many pairings can we vote on if pairs can appear twice?

With quick gorilla math I get 4,497,000 (1,500 x 1,499 (an item can't appear against itself) x2).

anyone has a better formula?

Marathon Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Did I miss anything?

Marathon Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 8

To prepare in advance, just case.

What? One can dream.

Is it just going to be a reward for those who participate in the kickstarter or will it also be published?

Any thoughts?

Will a bundle of all the KQ mags be made available?

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How does these two ability interact if a Huge creature uses them both against a large creature?

DoG says: After you resolve your attack, the opponent you attack can spend an immediate action to make a single melee attack against you with the same bonuses.

Seems since the large creature only gets it's attack after it was knocked away (after the attack is resolved), it won't get the melee attack if the huge creature is out of it's reach.

How do Cleave and Cleaving Finish interact if you use Cleave on a creature and it falls to 0 hp with two creatures adjacent to it? Do you get two extra attacks on one adjacent foe? Which extra attack comes first?

One of my players was reviewing the path abilities a Champion gets and he found that at low levels and low tiers, interesting choices are limited.

He was saying that if you got a mythic tier at every even number level, there are few choices that are interesting. At level 2 and tier 1 he would probably choose To the death. At level 4 and tier 2 he wasn't sure. Precision is only useful at level 6 and than much later at level 11. Always a chanceisn't bad, but it a situation that happens rarely. Armor Master isn't very useful for a fighter or paladin unless you take it multiple times, so it feels like wasting 3 path ability to not get Dex penalty when wearing a full plate and with all the more interesting abilities unlocking later, you'll probably never chose it 3 times.

Aerial Assault, Devastating smash and Wall smasher are interesting if you like to use combat maneuvres, which we do not use often. The universal abilities are limited too if you do not use skills a lot. All that was left were Fist full of daggers and Stanch wounds for tier 2 abilitiess for a level 4 PC. Same happens for a lvel 8 tier 4 PC. He felt the lack of options would mean that a lot of PCs would always chose the same abilities and look similar over time.

He suggested that Champion and Trickter get a path ability that let's you select a mythic feat instead, Extra Mythic Feat, probably from a limited list depending on the path. Champions could have access to: Acrobatic, Athletic, Blind-fight, Cleave, Combat expertise, Combat reflexes, Dodge, etc... You get the idea.

Thoughness (mythic) says this: "Toughness provides you twice as many hit

What does it double? The usual hp you get from toughness or those you get from HD+Con(+path)?

Those pesky arrows must come out somehow. I figure it takes a standard action per projectile, but I could be wrong.

I know there is a spell that lets you make a treasure map out of corpse, but is there a divination spell that lets read entrails or innards?

It would be great in my campaign.

It would be easier to check out what might interest my group instead of checking out every product one by one.


The new playtest for 5e DnD is out. Well mostly magical items and redesigned monsters.

The items feel very 2e. This looked very familiar to me. Not all 4e fans approve. Hehehe.

But the mechanic for wands and staffs caught my eye. Wands have a max of 7 chages, staff 10. Each morning a wand recharges 1d6+1 charges, a staff 1d6+4. If you use the last charge of a wand or staff, roll a d20. Roll a 1 the item is destroyed with the last use.

I like these mechanics. They limit abuse and you do not have to recharge or buy/craft a new item if you are careful.

Right now there is one interesting inovation that can be imported in a 3.x/PF campaign.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I want to make feat trees that start with feats similar to the one below. I wonder if a +2 to one ability score is too much or too little coming from a feat. Thanks.

Divine Strenght
You are the descendant of a deity, a favored of a god or one of your parents was peticularly pious. This divine gift grants you supernatural strenght.

Prerequisite: This feat can only be taken at 1st level.

Benefits: You gain a +2 divine bonus to strenght.

Special: You cannot take this feat multiple times, but you can take similar feats that affect other ability scores.

I was wondering how I could use Dragon mag #335's Chaos Monk alternative class, and more importantly his Flailing Strike ability, with Pathfinder's Monk.

My guess is that I give the Chaos Monk the fighter's bab when using Flailing Strike and use the same dice used in the mag to determine the number of extra attacks. I just wonder what to do with the penalties to the attack rolls. Do I keep them?


If not, what would I need to add or modify to make it Pathfinder friendly?

The title says it all.

So I was reading that a fighter can make AoOs when he is flat-footed if he has the Combat Reflexes feat. If I understand correctly, this means it applys even when he is surprised.


I am really new to Pathfinder but familiar with 3.5.

Has anyone tried to "PF" the Duskblade from 3.5's PHB2 or is it PF worthy as it is?


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