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Triga's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 185 posts. 2 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just got email from customer support. The emails were indeed a mistake.
Thanks for all the replys and attempted help.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I just received 2 emails this morning at 3:19 am, eastern, telling me that my game time had expired and if I did not setup auto bill my account would expire in 6 days, then at 3:19 also another email saying my account expired.

I bought into both kickstartes, almost $200. Included in that is 2 months game time. Up until now my account has not had any access to the game at all. I was actually complaining a while back about having spent so much on the kick starters and not having access to the game. And now my account is expired before I even get to play?

I am assuming this is probly just a mistake of some sort.

Has any one else gotten these emails?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

So close to $200 and participation in both kickstarters won't get me into the game? That seem reasonable?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Mbando wrote:
Friend, if you put even a quarter of the effort into getting some help that you're putting into flouncing, you'd probably be playing right now.

I contacted customer support and they said that my $175 in pledges dose not get me in until Jan 2016.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

The unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email dose not work error 404. I could not find an option on the account page either.

I payed almost $200 in both the kick starters and for some reason still can not play the dam game and so I do not want to receive emails from golbinworks and more and probably will not ever play this game.

This is ridiculous.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Well after receiving a reply from customer service I can not play until Jan 2016, open enrollment. So $175 worth of pledges in both kickstarters is not enough money.

I feel duped Paizo.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Ive been trying to log in but it will not let me. I downloaded the client and installed it but no go.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I spent like $175 on both of the kickstarters and still have not been able to play.

How much do I have to spend to get to be able to play?

It says I am enrolled in early out reach? What is that?

Silver Crusade

I am rolling up a Halfling Bard / Archaeologist and would like some advice on skills. My Int mod is 2 so I get 8 skill ranks. What do folks think would be a good set of skills, and also would it be a good idea t0 spread ranks out? Like maybe only one point in some skills just to get the +3 bonus?

My charactor concept is kind of like a pint sized Indiana Jones.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Yup I finalized both my pledges and still says I am not enrolled. I'll send an email. Thanks.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

?? Do I have to spend more money to form my own guild for the land rush?
Goblinworks website sais I am not signed up for early enrollment and brings me to a list of add ons to get me to spend more money.

Between the two kickstarters I spent $185.

So I am hoping I am just missing something and do not have to spend more.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Was just curious when we will se the survey for choosing our add on items. It has been about two weeks.

just curious.


Silver Crusade

Try this name generator.

Silver Crusade

This is currently not in print and can not be found for sale any were. Is this going to get a reprint at some point?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I have another question. If I get the 35$ backer lvl, then add 100$ for an add-on, can I get the emerald spire and flip mat print pack add on even though the 35$ backer lvl only has the emerald spire pdf and not the flip mat?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

The kick starter page says that the 15$ backer lvl will get you the emerald spire pdf, this post here says 75$ lvl.

Also there seems to another pdf about for indomitable for the 75$ lvl?

Things are getting extremely confusing.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

So the community funds the project with two kickstarters and we still also have to pay to be in the beta?

Has any one at paizo or goblin works risked any of there money? I may end up eating that question, but it just seems like wth man, part of entrepreneurial endeavors is risk, and with the risk there is a chance for reward.

Its almost insulting to ask for more I think.

sorry if this post is late, I was just one catching up on the blog.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:
Email me after the Kickstarter closes and we'll investigate. Should not be a problem as long as you used the same Kickstarter account.

Absolutely fantastic. I will email once the kick starter closes.

Thank You.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I pledged in the first kickstarter, but I have yet to even see the tech demo they created.

Were did they post it?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I just wanted to make sure I understand how to get this.

All we have to do is increase our pledge by 100$ and that's it?

There is no specific "add print pack" option we have to choose like when we choose our original pledge level

Just want to make sure I understand.


Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I was originally pledged at the 100$ level, there was an issue and the card I used I thought I might be canceling so I canceled my kickstarter pledge.

I ended up keep the card and so I re pledged at the same level.

My question is if there is any way I can still get all the daily rewards that I would of gotten had I not canceled. I originally pledged on like the 16, so I think I would of gotten all of the daily rewards.

I am not sure if there would be any way for the folks over seeing this to check my original pledge date, but I though I would at least ask.


Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

What level contributer must you be to register a guild?

I though I saw an email or some thing telling people at the crowdforger level and above they could register a guild, then I see this new thing about a poll or something.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Whats the PFS certificate?

Whats the alliance pack?

Whats the player pack?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I pledged at the 100$ level, but with all the added things and changes I am unsure what I am getting now.

I think there is some kind of miniature added, also some thing about daily deals, in game items?

Just a thought that maybe things need to be restated in a very organized manner.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

ok cool. I am sure that this has all ready been posted, but I could not find it with the search.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

You guys already have another kick starter going and haven't even delivered the rewards from the first one yet.

When will we be receiving the printed copy of Thornkeep?

Silver Crusade

I was wondering if trying to run paizo adventure paths and modules set in golarian with low magic would cause any problems with the stories in those products.

I just do not like the idea of being able to get any magic item from any large city, I like how Tolkien did it in middle earth, magic items were rare and held by few.

But would this conflict with story lines and such in paizo adventure paths or modules? Would it cause any problems dose any one think?

Silver Crusade

Paizo I am getting tired of seeing the same iconic characters in every book. You need to do more random characters in your books.

I mean after a while if you've seen one picture of Valeros, you've seen every picture of valeros. I think that's his name.

Just a suggestion.

Silver Crusade

ooo please let me play in your campaign. I have spent all kinds of money on the rules books,(Core,APG,UC,UM), but I can not find a local game to join, so I haven't ever actually played a game.

I would play either a paladin or a cleric. It is Saturday morning, I will work on my character and post details by the end of the today hopefully.

Silver Crusade

I was just curious how people go about planning their characters, if they plan at all.

I am still trying to find a game to join or get my own going so I have not really ever played a game, but I was thinking it might be fun to kind of ad hock it and build my character as I go.

Silver Crusade

I am going to try to build either an quest arc or a campaign and I am looking for some k9ind of ancient being, either a god or less than a god, but it must be very very evil and powerful.

This being is going to be at the center of all of the evil happenings in my campaign.

Thinking about some kind of lover craft evil comes to mind. The kind of thoughtful, malevolent, pure evil. TH kind of evil that knows your name and will come after you alone.

I was hoping I could find something like this in golarian so I do not have to make things up.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Vic Wertz wrote:
The Flip-Mats and the Thornkeep book (though not the autographed version) will eventually be available in other ways. You'll *probably* hear about it in the blogs at first.

Awesome! That is what I wanted to hear.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

bump . . .

No one knows?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I missed the chance to upgrade to the 100 supporter level so I will not be getting the flip-mat rewards, will these flip-mats be available for purchase dose any one know?

Silver Crusade

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Still plenty of things left for sale. I hear RotR is going for about $100 on Ebay, looks like I might have to get some of that.

Do you still have the ROTRL AP stuff? If so what condition is it in?

Silver Crusade

I want to build a ranger for a pbp game, this will be my first pathfinder game.

I want to use both a bow and sword or maybe spear. I want combat to be my main focus. I know rangers are the guides, and scouts with all their skill points, but I want to mainly focus on combat. But the idea of being the parties scout or guide is cool for fluff.

So I have the core, APG, UM, and UC, at my disposal.

Silver Crusade

so only clerics? deity favored weapon dose not mean anything for any other class?

Silver Crusade

Some were I have gotten the idea that if you use your deities favored weapon you get a +1 bonus, is this true?

Silver Crusade

I just got my copy of ultimate magic and was reading throught it, and came upon the spell books section, but it dose not seem to actually state what these are for.

When a caster gains levels she can pick new spells, and memorize so many each day. So what are these books for if she can pick her spells every level? Are the spells in the book in addition to the ones she picks when she levels?

All that it says is that here are spell books, they contain spells.

Unless I am not very observant . . .

Silver Crusade

Even worse. yay for greed!

Silver Crusade

So to purchase the giant I need to spend $120. Shouldn't you just get it for free? kind of a rip off. Your on your way to WOTC land. It just seems like a money grab because you can.

Silver Crusade

I do not see a problem. As long as when your barbarian rages it is in a lawfull fight for the right reasons. I mean a disorganized police officer is still lawfull good. I like to think the alignment system is more about your motives for your actions.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

justsomebard wrote:
A CR20 Seagull wrote:
Notable F2P MMO that makes headlines...Guild Wars 2 anyone? O.o
Guild wars 2 isn't going to be free to play it's going to be buy to play just like every game that isn't a mmo. I would much prefer that model to the one that DDO uses because after a certain point you run out of things to do in that game unless you want to sub.

exactly, and also it dose not follow the open world that true MMOs follow. GuildWars is an online co-op rpg.

I just hope Paizo puts the development dollars and time into this game so it dose not fail, or stagnate.

Every free to play MMO I know of is like and untended garden. It still bears fruit, but only because the rotten fruit from last year dropped its seeds.

(edit)It also worries me because as of late there has been a growing discontent among the pc gaming community with developers releasing broken and unfinished games, and I think with a small company, and as a result a small name, if Paizo dose not get this right the first time out it will take a lot to come back from.

Big names can afford to piss people off and release crap games, they have some killer titles in their past to keep customers, Paizo dose not have that.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I was just wondering why the mmo format for the game.
It seems to me there is a huge risk that the game will just flat out fail with a free to play mmo. Many, many mmos come and go and no one even knows they ever existed.

I always thought a single player fantasy game would work best.

With the Pathfinder adventure paths, Paizo has huge stock pile of game material for a base game and expansion packs.

I just do not see MMO as the way to go.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This game is dead before it lives if it is going to be free to play, or any variation there of.

Name one notable free to play mmo that continuously makes head lines? None! There are no free to play WOWs or free to play EVEs.

Free to play is another way to say, decent into mediocrity.
Free to play games survive, but they do not live.

Every single free to play game out there is infested with some kind of farmer trying to make real world money.

I am very disappointed.

Silver Crusade

I just looked through the play test and noticed nothing about any new dragon type of race.

This is going to be really disappointing if they do not include a dragon race.

Silver Crusade

So this is an adventure? Or mega dungeon? Pathfinderized? Dose it include everything I need to run it? like all the monster stats, maps ect?

And how will the print edition be made. Will it be in color? What kind of paper will it be printed on? Like one of paizo's supplement books?

Silver Crusade

This is great!

Silver Crusade res-%E2%80%93-wizkids-paizo-team-up/

This is the first I have heard of this. Was it announced here at Paizo's sight and i just missed it?

EDIT: The link is broken. if you go to the site and do a search for Pathfinder it should be the second result down the list.

EDIT: from wiz-kids site, thfinder-battles-prepainted-miniatures-line/

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