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Mynafee Gorse

Tirq's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,455 posts (3,886 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 22 aliases.

The Exchange

A group of friends are going to run a game that is a one shot, and I was asked to join. The campaign is 7th level with 20 pt buy and average starting gold. Only 4 people. I have no idea what is in the dungeon or what the story is about it other than it is in a tower in a desert that has a lot of old-school traps. No one has cemented their roles yet, so I talked with a friend about cool combinations we could do. Since we're both into classes that other people aren't big fans on, we decided that it would be good to do Rogue/Shadow dancer and Monk/Shadow dancer. I wanted to do Monk, because I prefer them to Rogue. The bonus to saves makes the Monk real nice, as well as starting out late enough to do a PrC, regardless of how good it really is. I mean... if we have a competent Wizard, we should be fine, right?

Here comes the real issue. I really want to have Janni Style and Janni tempest for my feats, and I also have to make prerequisites for Shadow Dancer. That means out of the 5 basic and 2 additional feats, I have 5 of my 7 feats planned already.

Then there's the fact that, since we're doing a combination of characters, we wanted a teamwork feat. We wanted Stealth Synergy so that we could hide in each other's shadows and get huge bonuses. So that makes 6 of 7 feats.

Because Shadow Dancer relies on Dexterity more so than Strength, I thought I'd take Weapon Finesse and grab an AoMF that is Agile, so that I don't really need a lot of strength. So that's all 7 feats.

But Janni style and Flowing Monk rely on Tripping, and I really wanted to take Agile Maneuvers so that I add my good dex instead of poor Strength score. So that's... 8 of 7...

There's this great feat that compliments the build perfectly called Vicious Stomp. I knock an opponent down and get an AoO that is an Unarmed Strike. I thought I should grab that feat because it works so well with the character. That makes... 9 of 7.

I really need help selecting which feats to take, what my Point buy looks like, and what Items I need to pull this off effectively. The only thing I'm set on is Flowing Monk, Shadow Dancer, and Janni Style. Everything else is subject to change. There currently is no deadline, but it would be nice to know sooner than later. What is the best way to pull this off without shooting myself in the foot?

The Exchange

I was looking into the Prestige Classes and wondered "Can an Arcane Archer use a Crossbow and use its class abilities with it?" The only thing I notice, though, is the word Arrow is used, not Bolt. I understand that the GM could simply say "Whatever", but I want to know in case I do something similar in PFS.

On the subject of Arrows/Bolts, if a Rogue or Ninja fire a ranged attack at someone in the Bedeviling Aura of the Phantasm Illiusionist spell school, do they gain Sneak Attack bonus?

The Exchange

Imrijka, is your name pronounced Im-rizh-ka or Im-ri-ka?

What is your favorite companion to travel with?

How do you say "Great Googley Moogley!" in Orc?

The room is quite normal for a command hub. A large hologram machine in the middle, not turned on yet, and computers surrounding the walls with the forward largest wall being clear, showing the darkness we all refer to as space. Colonel Hanson stares quietly out into darkness, thinking about what is about to happen. When he hears men, soldiers, gathering behind him, he turns around to see the faces of these brave people. “Men, we have a problem.”

He turns on the hologram machine to show what looks to be a small supply ship. “This is a supply ship that usually gives supplies to and from the Sang’heili home world. Unfortunately, as you might have heard, there are some pirates between here and there. We’re having you gentlemen deal with this. You shall wait inside the hull until the pirates ambush the ship. We don’t want you going too close to the main route, but too far and the pirates won’t want to take the bait. That means you’ll be traveling in view of Paradise. Not many ships wander there, otherwise we would have discovered it by now. Our team is still getting information from the planet, so don’t go on it unless you have too. Spartan Brian-213, I will need you to choose four people here to man the mission. The other members will be on call here, performing intellegence operations. Do I make myself clear?”

Name, Rank, and Home Planet.

This thread shall be used for anything between the players and myself.

20 years. It has been 20 long years since the war within the Covenant and the Humans. 20 years since the uprising in the covenant that made the Elites rebel. 20 years since the Elites joined the Humans. Their communities have combined since then, including the militaries. Currently, though, the biggest sensation is the discovery of a new planet. A planet called Paradise. Paradise is the farthest planet from Earth, even farther than Harvest. It is the planet between the Sang'heili home world and Harvest. Militairy sects have sent representatives to inspect this new planet.

New from the mind of Tirq is the game of Halo: Combat Evolved, with a twist! Special rules for this mission, though. Half-Races and Human along with the:
Elites are Strong and Proud, but narrow minded and quick to anger.

Specialized (1 RP): Pick either mental or physical ability
scores. Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to two ability scores of the chosen type, and a –2 penalty to one ability score of the other type.

Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP)
Monstrous humanoids are similar to humanoids, but
have monstrous or animalistic features. They often have
magical abilities as well. A monstrous humanoid race has
the following features.
• Monstrous humanoids have the darkvision 60 feet
racial trait.
• Monstrous humanoids breathe, eat, and sleep.

Fearless (1 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members
of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws
against fear effects. Special: This bonus stacks with the
bonus granted by the lucky (greater or lesser) racial trait.

Cornered Fury (4 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Whenever
a member of this race is reduced to half its hit points or fewer
and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial
bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.

Skill Training (1 RP): Prerequisites: None;
Benefit: Pick up to two skills. These skills are
always considered class skills for members of
this race.

Monsterous Humanoid 3RP
Medium 0RP
Base Speed
Normal 0RP
Ability Score Modifiers
Specialized (+2DEX, +2CHA, -2WIS) 1RP
Common, Sang'heili 1RP
Racial Traits
Cornered Fury 4RP
Skill Training 1RP
Fearless 1RP

Half Races automatically become Human, and the Elites are always male. Thus is tradition for their people that would not be swayed by humans.

The allowed classes are: Fighter, Barbarian, Gunslinger, Cavalier^, Rogue^, Paladin*, Wizard*

* are Elite only. They get a special powers due to pro-longed exposure to Relics throughout their ancestery. A prepared spell is actually a small Forerunner device that functions exactly like the spell.

^ are Human only. They're cocky, and certain traits come to them naturally while Sang'heili are too proud for such behavior.

Shields are equal to your bonus Health gained from leveling up.

Starting Level is 2, GP is average for 1st level of your class, Starting health is full, with the rest of the level 1/2 +1 HD IE 8 1st, 5 2nd.

Weaponry will be added in the Campaign Info section.

This is the discussion part of the forum. Talk about whatever you want.

The land surrounding you is lush and green, which is normal for the Earth Kingdom. The sun sets behind a mountain to the south. Before you sit several people, not too different from yourself, around a blazing fire. One person at the end wears a strange mask that looks similar to a Seagull-Sparrow, short and stubby with a wide base. His head is tilted so that he is not looking directly at anyone. His hair is parted in the center, and reaches down to his chin. You cannot see his ears, but you can see his neck. His Kempo-Gi is a dark brown, and covers his chest and legs. The Kempo-Gi is adorned with metal rings and bangles. The man is wearing a necklace with large, round beads that hang down to his belly. The man is also holding a staff made of metal that has several metal rings of varying length at one end. He is a quiet man, who has yet to introduce himself.

The players are gathered together by a mysterious man wearing a mask of a bird. All of you are simple benders from your respecting town or village. He wishes to train you for his own purposes, his reasons are his own.

This is a Campaign based off of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

The rules are simple: 1st Level, 20pt buy, max health at begining and 1/2HD+1 at each level

There is only one class throughout the whole world: The Element Bender Monk

I want around 5 players for this, I'll gladly accept 6 or 4, but too many will make this slow, while too few will constrict what people will want to do.

Run the backstory by me before you do anything, though.

The Exchange

Started from this thread.

Perhaps you are playing, doesn't matter as what, but you find yourself inside of a battle. You need a shout to scream at your opponent, driving fear into their hearts... but what? Thats what this thread is for. Just start writing stuff, backstory not required, and see what people think.

The Exchange

Alright, so I had some cool ideas for Sorcerer bloodlines, and I will put them online for the world to see. I'll do 2 in the forseeable future, the first is called Nobility and the second is called Valkyrie. I have Nobility created and Valkyrie will be created sometime next week.

Nobility Bloodline:
Nobility Bloodline
Your family can track its heritage back to that of nobility. Whether a lowly lord or baron, or even the king himself. None quite understand where the magic lies within you, but none can deny its power.
Class Skill: Knowledge (Nobility)
Bonus Spells: Shadow Weapon (3rd), Warding Weapon (5th), Twilight Knife (7th), Phantom Chariot (9th), Wreath of Blades (11th), Battlemind Link (13th), Mages Sword (15th), Frightful Aspect (17th), Wooden Phalanx (19th)
Bonus Feats: Combat Casting, Arcane Armor Training, Leadership, Weapon Focus, Skill Focus (Knowledge (Nobility)), Power Attack, Arcane Strike, Flanking Foil, Light Armor Proficiency, Step Up, Following Step
Bloodline Arcana: When you cast a spell with the duration of 1 round/level (D), you add 1 extra round to the duration.
Bloodline Powers: In order to channel the powers of your long lost kinsmen, Strength and Fear must be utilized to their fullest potential.
Martial Law (Ex): As a free action, you may use your Sorcerer level instead of your Base Attack Bonus for attacks, but not for Combat Maneuvers. At 1st level, you may use this 1 + your Charisma Modifier times per day. At 5th, this becomes 3 + your Charisma Modifier. At 7th, this becomes 3 + your Charisma Modifier and your Strength Modifier. At 11th, this ability becomes 5 + your Charisma Modifier and your Strength Modifier.
Royal Decree (Ex): Starting at 3rd level, you reduce your Arcane Spell Failure by 10%. At 7th level, this increases to 20%. This ability stacks with other feats and abilities.
Commanding Presence (Su): At 9th level, you may emit a 30-foot aura of power. Allies that start their turn in the aura gain a bonus to hit and damage equal to your Charisma Modifier or your Strength Modifier, whichever is higher. Emitting this aura is a free action. You may emit this aura for a number of rounds per day equal to your Sorcerer level.
Commander and Chief (Ex): At 15th level, you gain proficiency with all Martial Weapons and Light Armor. If you are already proficient with Light Armor, you gain proficiency with Shields (Excluding Tower shields). If you took Martial Weapon Proficiency before this ability, you may exchange that feat for any Combat feat you meet the prerequisites for. You may do this any number of times equal to the number of Martial Weapon Proficiency feats you took beforehand.
Long Live the King (Ex): At 20th level, you achieve your unalienable right as king. You gain a +6 bonus to your Strength and Charisma, you add your Charisma as a dodge bonus to your Armor Class, you are unaffected by the Disarm maneuver, and you are also immune to Fear and Mind Effecting effects.

All of this is, of course, subject to change. I want to see what peole think about this.

The Exchange

I'm moving to Hagarstown, Maryland, sometime in the summer, and I was wondering if there was PFS anywhere near there. I didn't see a Venture-Captain listed and I was just wondering.

The Exchange

I am preparing myself for going into a Curse of the Crimson Throne game for the Saturday after this(21st) and I am having trouble deciding where I want to put my stats.

We will be starting halfway through book 2, so If you can fill me in on anything without spoilers, that would be nice.

The GM stated that we would roll 4d6, drop the lowest, and reroll if it was less than 9. We would also be given a free 18. I rolled going from lowest to highest:
and the given 18.

The rest of the party includes a Rogue going Shadowdancer, a Summoner who may or maynot be joining us, and 1 or 2 unknowns at this point in time.

With the given information, I decided that a Melee character would be nice. Because of how I rolled, I thought Monk going Low Templar would be good, since its a great PrC that makes anything an upfront fighter/ flanking buddy. I will be the Rogue/Shadowdancer's Bestest buddy, in my opinion.

The part that I have not decided yet is where I should put the Stats, or spend the money that my character starts with(not to mention Gender, but I digress). We are starting at level 5 with 12,500 Gold. I am thinking that an Amulet of Mighty Fists would be the first big thing to buy, but those Armor Bracers seem really nice. I also don't know if I should take an Archetype or not, since I will only be in the class for 5 forseeable levels.

Thankyou in advance for your advice!

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