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Rakshaka's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 956 posts. 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists.


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Sorry I've been soloing guys, I'm trying to get my level 60 guys (everyone but Demon Hunter and Crusader) to beat Act V so I can change up the charac ter to fit whatever party is doing Nephalim runs. I think a party of 2 Monks and 2 Crusders would be pretty disgusting; lots of overlapping aura potential. Until then, the Hellfire Ring I got before the expansion is at least making the leveling quicker.
Speaking of which, has anyone had any body-part drops for crafting the Hellfire ring? Anyone know what the new difficulty has to be to get the drop (I'm guessing Torment)?

Some other things that came up a lot during my past few years running and playing that might slip past the conversion guide.
-Natural 1s on skill checks aren't automatic failures (with a couple exceptions)
-Many spells that you might be intimately familiar with from 3.5 have subtle differences that might assumptively go unnoticed, like Haste, Death Ward, Hero's Feast, Mind Blank, Shapechange
-Some class features are very different from previous incarnations (like Smite).
I'll try and think of others..

Andreww has the right of it. Can't move means can't make Fly checks, which means no hovering and a fall to the ground.

Yeah, these are really nice. Good job!

In no particular order, and also, a lot of these are parts of arcs that are utterly fantastic. I'm leaving out a lot of other favorites, but these are the ones I like the most.

6:13 Sacrifice
6:0 The Lost One
1:22 Hostage Crisis
2:2 Cargo of Doom
3:12 Nightsisters
3:17 Ghosts of Mortis
4:19 Massacre
4:10 Carnage of Krell
5:15 Shades of Reason
5:16 The Lawless

Danowan = Me
or rather, that's my Diablo name.. So getting the Windforce was pretty awesome. (I did that post right before I got on with you guys)

Crusader is loads of fun, definitely lots of balance and cool abilities. Alright, I'll try to join on in. I usually play solo (like going at my own pace) but am looking forward to joining up at some point soon.

Something not mentioned is that Golarion actually does have a couple 'no-teleport' zones. The Mana Wastes immediately come to mind, but woe to anyone attempting teleport shenanigans anywhere near the Hungry Mountains in Ustalav. (See 'Shadows at Gallowspire')

There's also something to be said for seeing somebody walking up versus just having them suddenly appear; wouldn't you be alarmed if people just appeared out of nowhere instead of knowing that they're approaching? I mean, unless there's a major batch of protocol and letters informing and setting up the teleport, wouldn't people teleporting without notice elicit near terror (in a world with the most common creatures that teleport are evil Outsiders).

I always wished there was a spell that announced your arrival before you appeared, you know, just to be polite. (like a doorbell, or audible announcement like 'Here comes x'.)

It is this line of thinking that makes me think that teleportation is for impatient people without manners. (not serious)

Another example would be an opponent 'disappearing'. Did he just cast Greater Invisibility and is getting ready to unleash some stealthy snackdown, or did he just do Dimension Door with the intention of escaping? Knowing the difference can dramatically affect what action you might take next.

Edit; Ninja'd!

That's exactly what I've been doing; playing the game normally again with the Crusader (who is super-fun), then switching to bounty mode with my DH to get back old the gold I am losing from switching around gems in socketed items.
Something I've never seen that dropped for the Crusader was a Set Piece plan: Cain's something-er-other. The plan gave the means to create 3 out of 4 of the items in the set, which is pretty awesome. Between that and the Hellfire ring and my Crusader is plowing through the acts.

I also play from time to time (see Aelrynth on sometimes as well as Aranna), though I don't always join up depending on my game connection. It seems that by dividing the map into more zone-type areas, they've reduced the amount of lag I experience.
I haven't gotten the expansion yet (will this weekend), but love the changes so far that they've made. My Demon Hunter used to be capped out as far as gear (I had a Windforce that did 1300+ damage), only to find two better weapons within a week of re-playing it. I had a hand-crossbow that summoned ghostly Fallen Master's that attack enemies, until I found a better weapon, a bow shaped like a pair of raven's wings that summons ravens. (Looks like some holy weapon of Pharasma). So yeah, the loot dropping has gotten way better. Its as if they found most of the 'un-fun' elements in the game and got rid of them.

If you want another example of an AMF item (though it's from 3.5), there's this one from the last module in the Savage Tide AP, 'Prince of Demons' (Dungeon #150)

Totem of Negation:

Price= 200,000gp
Body Slot- Slotless
CL- 20th
Weight- 60 lb.
"...A totem of negation is a one-use item that activates as it is thrust into the ground. At this point, the totem creates a 60-foot radius spread of dead magic, a region in which no spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability can function. The dead magic zone persists as long as the totem remains in place. An active totem of negation remains anchored in place via an effect identical to that utilized by an immovable rod, except much more powerful. []bThis effect is the only magical effect that can function inside of a dead magic zone created by a totem of negation[/b]. If a creature pushes against an active totem of negation, it must make a DC 30 Strength check to topple the totem- doing so leaves the totem of negation a mundane pole. A totem of negation can also be destroyed by damage, but it has Hardmess 20 and 600 hit points..."

Hmm, it does seem kind of like an afterthought, doesn't it, considering where they are in the module. My suggestion if you really want to use it is to have it be a random encounter on the road between Illmarsh and Caliphas, unless they are teleporting there. Otherwise, as much as it sucks (since I really love encounter), I would drop the encounter altogether since thematically it ties to outer space horror and the fifth module isn't like that at all.
If I were dead set on running it, I'd have it show up, attempt to feed at each PC from up in the air, then shoot into the sky. It seems dirty, but what it would let you do (assuming enough PCs fail the save against its ickiness) is use it again as one of the Tyrant's Whispers (akin to a high level Summon Monster spell) or in place of an Animate Dream. Also, giving it the advanced and giant template seems like a good way to beef it up once they are 13th level or higher, reinforcing its horribleness.

Thoughts on The Lost Episodes: I liked everything since I'm already a huge fan of the show, but the first 3 and last four episodes are the strongest, particularly the Yoda arc. Also, the fight against Dooku in the Sifo-Dyas episode is one of top ones; not the best (Like Pre-Vizla vs Maul), but still good.
Wow that's a lot of people left alive:

Such as:

Cad Bane
Darth Maul
Mother Talsin (?)
A lot of the other Bounty Hunters (Aurra Sing, Endo)

Now I'm wondering if any of these are going to be in 'Rebels' or even Episode 7. Also, I'm confused about the canon now. If
Lost Episode:
Yoda sees the vision with Shaak-Ti stabbed like in the deleted scene in Episode 3
is that canon? I thought 'Force Unleashed' was condidered part of the main storyline, which means she dies on Felucia by Starkiller.

Consider also that in part six, the Council itself doesn't have a lot of the arcane at its disposal other than the Hellknight Sorceress, so Sandor would make a good stand in for one of the many Council captains that permeate that module. The Drovenges could easily fund the resources to intice Sandor to stay a little longer. Sandor seems practical, so granting him magical trinkets for future services seems a likely scenario. Consider also how dangerous the Council of Thieves and the Drovenges are; since Sandor is known by them, he might not be able to just 'walk away' for fear of the eventual night when an assassin's blade finds him.
I would not have him encountered at Walcourt; without the distaction of allies and the tight quarters of the hideout, he's going to get one-rounded barring some extreme luck.

Hey Jason, any word on Mythic Undead?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Voomer, I apologize for the lateness of the reply as everything in the last seven or so hours of posts reflects my final encounter almost exactly. My PCs had no spells left and little other resources (like 2 channels and maybe 5 rounds of bardic performance left); they did the whole dungeon in one go. To help, I gave them 1 Mythic Tier but also gave the Dark Young 3 Tiers. Mythic PCs are capable of ridiculous amounts of power, and offsetting that with the Dark Young having Tiers helped balance everything out. I went the whole 'Desna stops time thing', as I kind of describe at the bottom of my first post . I think Mythic might be the solution, especially since you can take their tiers away once the threat is over if you aren't comfortable continually using it. As for another solution..
Delay the complete manifestation of SN, and have the Dark Young follow them into the water. It might be really epic (or mean if they're not equipped for the underwater, but IIRC, there's so much treasure for that in the module that they should be fine) to have them fight in the dark depths amidst the manifesting elder god. You could even have the Devilfish show up to help.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Pathfinder design team, you are amazingly awesome. Very concise and clear ruling. On behalf of anyone who whined in this thread or earlier threads, thank you, and sorry.

Good luck, and thanks for all the hard work you did here. I don't think that the game would be what it is now without everything you've put into it. You will be missed.

Are there Russian soldiers in this... oh wait. There they are! Everything looks awesome! I mean really awesome. I could even use the soldiers as proxies for Plague Doctors in a certain other AP.

Dullahan in Carrion Crown:
This looks a lot like the artwork from Ashes at Dawn, minus the giant flail-o-doom.

Was that the inspiration for this sculpt from CC or another source?

Back on topic: I feel that haunts are specifically designed for less players than more, just as a good horror game is more effective with less players. Its easier to work in personal horror and individual moments of terror when the DM doesn't have to split his attention so many ways. With four players, you almost have the time to give individualized descriptions to each PC of how they perceive the haunt. This just isn't possible with too many players since not only are you dealing with that many extra actions (or lack of actions) against the haunt, but you're forced to give abbreviated, blanket descriptions of what's happening because of that loss of game-time. I could why some people might equate the haunt to a trap in that regard since like a trap, you're hoping the PCs that can deal with it do so, and when you've got that many actions against it, its all about mechanics and loses the flavor. In fact, if your DM didn't take any pains to describe the haunt and just went about the mechanics, it might as well be a trap. Isolation is a key component of horror, and that just isn't going to happen with that many people. Its like the reaction of two people seeing a ghost versus a crowd.

You have my sympathies. Again, I'm not usually one to ever call anyone a bad DM, but I can't think of anything else to say here. If I was running a horror game and people volunteered to leave, I would take it as a golden opportunity to give them the most spectacular, horrifying death they wanted rather than randomly drawing straws. Sheesh, again, it just smacks of DM vs PC escalation, and I'm sorry you had to experience it. I love running this path, as have my PCs, and have had no problems conveying terror in this game. (and I'm a big White Wolf WoD second edition fan and GM)

That sounds.. rough. I mean, cutting the group down to size by killing off PCs with a crit-specialized monster smacks of a 'DM vs PCs' mentality, a mindset that's easy to fall into when you have more than five players. Did all of the players agree to this or were given any warning of "I need to trim some players, who volunteers?" If not, I could see why your opinion of the AP as a whole is negative.

I can tell you for a fact that there is no 11th level werewolf with a scythe in the whole AP, so it sounds like you had a DM that was doing their own take of it. I'm not one to call someone a bad DM, but the inclusion of this is interesting, it smacks of escalation. How many players were there?
Sorry if the above came across as vitriolic, I feel the amount of designer-bashing within the past few weeks has escalated (not this thread necessarily but others), so it was sort of a jerk reaction.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I DM'd a d6 game for two years, and by the end, the two force users had grown powerful enough that I was forced to send Darth Vader after them (among other things), which they of course had to run from. The thing about those Force Points is that they got pretty ridiculous once your dice pools got above 6. I miss that system..

On topic: 3 days!!!

Seriously? You're calling the Haunts lazy because they didn't convey horror in a play by post game you partially participated in ? In a format that lacks 90% of the sensory enhancement required to covey that mood? (voice, lighting, music, etc.)?

Also, as Brandon said, if you have a problem with Haunts, take them to another forum or create your own. This whole thread's devolved into a "I don't like Haunts" thing rather than what was in the first 50 or so posts.

If you can't use these haunts that 90% of the posters seem to enjoy in a way that coveys horror, I have to wonder who is being lazy here? I guess I'm bugged because posts like the above don't add anything to making the game or its experience better; it's just whining for the sake of whining. Have you actually read the AP or are you just making an assumption that all the elements above couldn't possibly be related in a cohesive story? (turns out, they are).

Reminds me of part of an actual weird dream I had recently; I had to look up the stats for one of the villains in Second Darknes to see whether or not another particular villain could call down a meteor, and when I reached on the shelf, beside the Deluxe, black-bound Runelords book was one of Crimson binding (CotCT), one of mottled purple (SD), one of iridescent orange (LoF), and one of leaf-emblazoned green (KM). Sigh...

Sorry for rant, on topic: I for one would love to see a re-worked, hardbound Second Darkness. Probably not the most popular choice, but one that I feel would benefit the most from partial re-writes. (I'm not the only one who feels this way.)

When I DM RotR again ( recently got the swanky Ultimate edition), my players and I have decided that its either going to be all wizards, or all dwarves. Besides the goblins and giants mentioned, I think the beginning of Book 6 (The Venkers), could have some real emotional resonance. I might make the Black Arrows all dwarven though to further reinforce the ties of kin-ship that make some of thr conflicts that occur even more compelling.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm a big fan of Ray of Frost or Acid Splash for a Rogue's Minor Magic Trick, simply because hitting something's flat-footed, touch AC is typically about 10 (or less for large and bigger), almost an auto-hit for a ranged sneak attack.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm gonna jump on the "Let's Praise Pett Party" here. Besides the crunch-tastic treasure he writes (I still remember some of the ones from 'Serpents of Scuttlecove'), he creates some of the most interesting opportunities I've seen in modules for role-playing experiences, whether its piloting 'remote-controlled- Cockatrice' (Prince of Redhand), performing an Asmodean play in Westcrown (Six-Fold Trial), defending a Golem in court (Trial of the Beast), or exploring a classic Haunted House (Skinsaw Murders) its always unique and memorable. All the authors here have had shining moments within the APs and modules, and I don't mean disrespect by not singling anyone else out (I want more Brandon Hodge, Greg Vaughn, and Jason Nelson!), its just that Pett has had so many that are so diverse and completely unique. I am playing in Kingmaker, and am terrified that he wrote the last module.

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Tirisfal wrote:

A clown is my friend.

A clown vill not bite me und throw me in ze basement.

A clown is not a big shpider.

Unless it's the one from Stephen King's 'It'. That's sort of like the best of both worlds, like a "Clown-Spider.."

As a Devil associated with vengeance, I would almost think about making the pre-requisite or her atonement forgiving the one who took her head, at least in order to make it full swing to LG. In the module, its listed as the Archdevil Moloch who did this, but it'd be neat to turn it into Liebdaga instead. Of course, if you're past that point, perhaps she was a consort to Mammon before he lost his body?

Anyway we can get details on the Kickstarter 'Bastard Hall' game you ran? Any particularly cool moment, monster, or plot device you used? I'd love to know if they wiped out or emerged triumphant..

GermanyDM wrote:
Man, this stuff is pure gold, Rakshaka! The more I read, the more excited I get about running this game. Combined with some of the other tips on these forums, my players are in for an awesome time. (I hope.)

Glad people can still see how the module went for me; that's kind of the beauty of these boards! Right now, we're still at the beginning of part 5, and since its Mardi-Gras down here, it might be a bit before we play again, but once that's done, I'll have something up for 'Ashes at Dawn'. I'm already writing up a bunch of expanded stuff for Caliphas: stuff like fake vampire clubs, superstitions about witches, which noble houses actually might like to see all the vampires burn (an investigation needs the occasional red herring), and so forth...

Helaman wrote:
What's a stronger way to tie part 2 to 3 together for the WW angle. It has me stumped...

This will sound lame, but by Role-Playing the personalities the Whispering Way has crossed paths with as extremely sympathetic. Kendra, Vesorianna, The Count, and The Beast are all victims of the group, and for the most part are undeserving of their fates. Even neutral-minded characters might balk at allowing an unchecked death-cult to wander the countryside killing with impunity. My players felt a moral imperative to right the wrongs the cult had performed, which began as simple as going after the Warden's soul, but has escalated into hunting down and killing the cult wherever they may be. If your players are not good aligned, consider raising the stakes and having the WW kill off family members, associates, and other acquaintances of the PCs, whether by happen-stance or deliberation.

Besides that, there's thing I did with the second mob that trails the PCs to the Schloss, killing them off with a Dullahan to gather the first of a growing mass of undead moving towards Feldgrau. I had there actually be a trail that the PCs were following left by the WW all the way through the Shudderwood to the lodge. If the PCs made any friends with anyone as morally ambiguous as the players of a non-good group might be, consider having these friends be part of the mob that moves on the Schloss.
Hope that helps some.

Second the Neothelid. We still don't have a proper proxy for a purple worm from any of the old mini sets (The one WotC made was huge), so a neothelid could double as one as well (or as a Nightcrawler. Let the worms crawl up!!

That might possibly be the best looking dragon out of all the DDM minis and PF ones combined. I was skeptical about this being a good choice for the limited Gargantuan incentive spot, but the sculpt, pose and paint job have made me want one, even with me already having Icingdeath. This looks way better. Now if we can just get a Red...

How is asking for basic targeting function on the ability 'coming off as somewhat entitled?'? Because you don't use it?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

APG might as well be considered Core, and when I have a player in my Carrion Crown game ask me if he can take this Hex, I feel really stupid responding, "No, cause even the developers don't know how it works"; it belittles the integrity of how the game system works as a whole.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Please clarify this Paizo. The fact that this has been in print for nearly two years with no indication of targeting or how the effect really works is kind of appalling. If you're gonna make an ability core-usable in your gaming world, at least have the responsibility to make it function like its supposed to. I have never preached 'wow, Paizo doesn't care about what people want, only their own personal agendas', but the lack of errata on this nearly two years after the fact is making this post a first in that regard. Please, prove me wrong and anyone else who is beginning to be infected by this attitude. Errata, please.

The biggest obstacle you might face is escalation of wealth. If all of your monsters are equipped with items to offset the 'badassery' of your players, the end result will be the players having these items for themselves, or worse, selling them for some powerful piece of equipment (like a Metamagic Rod of Dazing Spell). In this regard, my advice would be to use primarily expendables to give your monsters their tricks, like potions, scrolls, and one-shot items like Beads of Force.

Freehold DM wrote:
Rakshaka wrote:

I just saw the trailer and I am so excited about the final episodes:

-More Niam Leeson
-Yoda goes to Korriban
-Order 66
-Sifo Dyas
-Mace Windu vs Mother Talsin

Looks amazing, can't wait.


I'm REALLY hoping they don't kill her off. The Nightsisters are one of my favorite things about SW:TCW. Of course, if you've heard any of the commentary on the Dathomir/Maul episodes, it brings into contention the whole question of whether or not she is alive to begin with.

I just saw the trailer and I am so excited about the final episodes:
-More Niam Leeson
-Yoda goes to Korriban
-Order 66
-Sifo Dyas
-Mace Windu vs Mother Talsin

Looks amazing, can't wait.

This reflects one of my fears for my PCs; One of them is a Human Scythe specialized fighter with Improved Critical, and a fair amount of bad guys have already fallen to the 100+ damage critical. Hopefully, Adivion doesn't succumb to this, but I plan on using some Mythic tricks to prevent the fight from going anti-climatically.

CKDragons: I would have him immediately fly into the Mortuary Tempest for a bunch of free healing and retribution for anyone that follows. They can't Dim-Door into middair, so that might give him some time to re-coup while the other two deal with the PCs.

Demons don't just want destruction, they want more souls more the abyss to shape into their kind. Simply killing somebody does nothing; it's not going to turn the murdered chaotic evil and is only going to draw attention to the Demon. A Demon destroys, but not mindlessly; they destroy things that shapes those around them towards their alignments, like loved ones, objects, ideas, and beliefs.

No official ruling necessary, unless the Hex specifies otherwise, it follows the normal rules for Line Of Effect, which is blocked by a Wall of Force.

I would take Adivion and remove his Forsaken Lich template, having him waiting for the PCs at the base of the tower. Have they dealt with Marrowgarth yet? If not, it would be pretty interesting to have Adivion riding him in patrol. As for Tar Baphon, the idea of using him but without the Mythic Tiers is pretty awesome. The other thing I would change is his gear; he wouldn't have access to his stuff since its still locked below with his original body. In this way, you could use whatever you feel like supplying him with to keep his CR normal, whatever stuff the Whispering Way might have to supply him with. An image I kind of like is him flying above the Gallowspire, directing a Nightcrawler which bashes fruitlessly against the side of the tower in an attempt to get in.

Man, I'm kind of envious; having this scenario play itself out is like letting a having a free license to throw whatever big-bad monsters you want to at the party. I could see TB's first goal is getting back into Gallowspire to get all of his stuff, which gives him a good reason to stay there and wait for whatever PCs your group rolls up.

I don't like using Anti-Magic Field simply because of the amount of book-keeping and stat-re-configuring that occurs, usually eating up a solid 5+ minutes of game as everyone figures out what their "magic-less" to hit bonus is coupled with their saves, AC, skills, and what-not. Inevitably, someone has to look up several abilities to figure out if they're supernatural or extraordinary. It's not as if any character sheet I've ever seen has a "Magic-less" AC, so this always slows the game to a crawl.

On another note, while I will use any Save-or-Sucks, I will not use Plane Shift offensively. While it's one of the best tactics for a lot of monsters (escape and isolate one of my enemies with me? Yes, please!), half of the planes might as well be death-sentences themselves, and then you're stuck either reneging the spell by allowing the PC to escape or rolling randomnly on a chart of awefullness. The end result is usually about 45 minutes of game time devoted to telling how one PC gets to a horrible place that they can't escape from. At best, it can be a role-playing opportunity, but at the expense of everyone else playing as they watch the stuck PC go about getting back.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

-Whatever it is that can turn them into Nightshades... that unknowable force that exists in the void between stars that represents an End that even Demons fear.
-Losing power (being destroyed on their home plane)
-(for some demons) Remembering their mortal life.
-Becoming a Bygone with no power (if somehow a material plane eradicated all form of one type of sin)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In the case of poor Mr Roper, he doesn't even have the climb speed that most oozes possess, limiting him to at best 10' a turn of moving upwards, more than enough time for a Hungry Pit to just annihilate him.

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