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A decent end to a dis-jointed yet fun AP


Overall, the conclusion to the Carrion Crown AP was a fairly solid part 6. There are a lot of unique enemies and challenges that address some of the issues of high level play. The locales of Renchurch and Adorak are wonderfully detailed and some of the high level haunts are uniquely awesome. All that said, there are a few negatives; it is a extremely combat heavy module, and with it being higher level, tends to bog down a lot. The end guy also has no correlation to the overall story and events unless you as the DM write him in to be so (involving him in earlier AP chapters). I give a more in depth review of the module here .
Overall, this has been a fun and solid AP to run but has also taken a lot of work to connect all the dots of the storyline.

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Great Role-Playing Opportunities and Diverse Combats


In my opinion, this is an excellent role-playing module for mid-level characters due to the opportunities it presents and morality questions it raises. I feel that Neil Spicer did an excellent job detailing an excellent array of villains with various motivations, despite their inherent nature of eating up a massive word count (vampires are always classed NPCs). I felt that this module does a good job at giving a great framework for setting up its different combats while keeping the role-playing heart of that intact. What's even better is that the writer has ambitiously written it so that the PCs can either join with or fight against the vampires encountered, allowing for two different ways to play it depending on the motivations of the group. While the module has its share of weaknesses, on the whole, its quite excellent. A more detailed review can be found Here .

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More Mythic threats and a diverse array of abilities


Primarily, I've been using this with my Carrion Crown game and it has not disappointed. Since my game became Mythic after the fourth book of the AP, this supplement has been invaluable for porting over some of the new mythic monster abilities to challenge my highly experienced group of PCs. The Mythic wights, ghouls, and ghasts are perfect for lower-level mythic play while simultaneously being usable in high level play (simply by porting some of their abilities onto higher level monsters).), while the Jigsaw Man is an awesome new threat that I've been fixing to incorporate into my game. For the price you pay, this gives enough extra oomph to the monsters that even non-undead-centric campaigns like Wrath of the Righteous can use some of the threats within. Good Stuff, and a good watermark on what is possible with Mythic monsters.

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Just got this as a Christmas gift, and I can't stop looking it. I've ran RotR before when Pathfinder was just coming out, and even though I own the whole AP in soft-cover, this book is still jaw-dropping. Not only is the presentation absolutely spectacular in every way but the attention to detail is astounding. The case itself that houses the hardcover is awesome and could easily be used for a prop if someone wanted to costume as Karzoug. It is also big enough to hold my Core Rulebook, dice, and other gaming supplies if I choose to use it for toting around game supplies instead of holding the AP. The AP itself is vastly improved, addressing a number of issues that pop up while playing it. There are expanded parts for every module and good re-writes of some of the older stat-blocks. While I feel that everyone should run or play RotR at least once, using this tome is probably the coolest way to do it. Amazing!