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At 17th level, Spell Mastery so I always have some 9th level spells handy even if I don't have my spellbook for some reason.

At 19th level, it would depend upon the previous feats.

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wynterknight wrote:
It's just a weird thing I have... possibly my aesthetic sense is just offended by that many stripes in one village :)

More of a spots man, eh?

mdt wrote:
I've updated my feline race for my homebrew campaigns. Was wanting some feedback on the racial favored class options and racial ability option.

Nice, I especially like the monk option.

Though I can't get the image of a Gheira trying to play with a Rubik's Cube out of my head. *snicker*

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There's an Amiri / Seelah art up now.

Click here.

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mdt wrote:
I think they finally got 1800 silver coins, 150 gold, and left the copper for the next group. They took the ingots, kits, and 6 or 7 gems they found. It was hilarious all the different ways they tried to think of to carry away half a ton of copper on two long boats. :)

We were greedy and level 1. What did you expect?!

Last time I ran a similar game, it was so far in the past that the characters ended up becoming 'gods' in legends. The stories about them got so impossible that it was obvious that they weren't mortals.

Belief is Power.

Is it worth it to multiclass Oracle of the Heavens with Awesome Display with Sorc when Awesome Display will only affect 4 different spells?

Granted, it's a very nice bonus, but still.

In 3.5, played a half-ogre with an INT of 15, STR of 24.

Went Wizard / Barbarian / Rage Mage.

Worked pretty well.

Cast Enlarge Self, jump, land on 4 goblins. Goblin squash good. LOL

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Set wrote:
And Geb surprised everyone with that non-necromantic spell he whipped up, Geb's Mass Twinned Repeating Chain Flesh to Stoner.

Corrected for amusement.

Blake Ryan wrote:
If people want something like Forgotten Realms mythals, weave/shadow magic, and high amount of high level mages running around then they can put that in the game too.

I always thought the Shadow Weave was a rather interesting idea. Been considering adapting it for a future campaign.

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With one group I was in, was playing a half-orc fighter. Dumb as a stump, INT 8, but STR 22 at 5th level. Not sure how these days.

My character missed his footing on a ridge and slide down to the river below and ticked off an owlbear.

The others couldn't get there, so it was just me and the owlbear.

EVERY attack roll for both the owl bear and my character were 1s.

We never hit each other.

Eventually it got tired and ran off. I missed on the AoO (1 of course).

A few sessions later, another owlbear. It tried to hit me, rolled a 1. I tried to hit it, rolled a 1. And so on.

Fifth time we ran into an owlbear and we couldn't hit each other, the party rogue, who is a real smartass in character and in R/L started announcing "Dancing with Owlbears!"

Another campaign later had an owlbear trainer who trained them to dance and danced with them.

I hit the DM with several french fries LOL

In 1st and 2nd Edition, Krynn had a built in limit on how powerful characters could get. This was Level 20.

If a character went higher, the gods kicked them out and onto another plane. This was written into the rules and background of Krynn.

Raistlin reached epic levels and challenged the gods instead.

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
APG wrote:

Focused Shot (Combat)

Your anatomical insight adds deadliness to your shots.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Benefit: As a standard action, you may make an attack
with a bow or crossbow and add your Intelligence modifier
on the damage roll. You must be within 30 feet of your target
to deal this extra damage. Creatures immune to critical hits
and sneak attacks are immune to this extra damage.
Special: Starting at 2nd level, a ranger with the archery
combat style may select Focused Shot as a combat style feat.
Specifies bow or crossbow. No sling, no thrown weapons, no spells.

Well, that sucks.

So much for that idea.

Thanks for the info!

Can you use it with spells to add damage?

Firest wrote:

Seriously, put the 16 into your int.

It's not just your DC and higher level spells you're missing out on, you're also shorting yourself in skill points.

And why a Universalist?

Why a universalist? Cause he can cast anything without it taking up two spell slots.

Windquake wrote:

One of the best characters I ever played (as in role, not roll) was a Cleric with a Wisdom of 14 at 1st level. He continually second guessed himself, made mistakes, and wasn't sure he would be able to master the higher power blessing from his deity.

Things worked themselves out. His Wisdom raised through level gains and items enough to keep him "ahead of the curve", but not enough to where he could relax and become supremely confident in his abilities.

EXACTLY! I don't mind playing the super-genius or the super-strong guy or the 'wise guy' (though I usually do that one anyway *snicker*). But sometimes I just want to play an average guy who gets caught up in events.

And not have to worry about office work like I do now. LOL

Phneri wrote:

an arcane trickster that specialized in scorching ray/acid arrow (with metamagic feats elemental rays) would be pretty awesome. Scorching ray/acid arrow levels with you and you get sneak attack/ray, so that works as a fair option in combination with your relatively high dex.

Also sculpt corpse is a relatively horrifying spell. I approve.

I was seriously considering taking Craft - Sculpting just for the horror factor. LOL

The only problem with scorching ray and acid arrow is the saving throw, but you and DeathQuaker do make some good points about the multiclass.

At the moment I don't have much more of a concept than I've already posted. Not sure if I'll actually play the character, but the idea popped into my head so I figured I'd make the character.

Considering I've been blocked on character ideas lately, I'm surprised I have any idea at all.

JaceDK wrote:

What does the rest of the party look like, and what role do you see you guy filling?

With you decent dex and high con, My first thought is a ranged ray-shooter or perhaps a switch-hitter, blasting off a couple of rays at range and then polymorphing into beast-shape or whatever for melee.

You have a point about your save DC's not being impressive. So utility/buff/battlefield control spells with no save is probably the way to go.

At this point, I only one of the players might be making a Ranger / Rogue of some kind, and that's not for sure.

We generally make our characters separately. One time we all made rogues. LOL

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Mahorfeus wrote:
Call me daft, but don't Wizards need a load of Intelligence? It determines what spells they can cast and the saves of those spells. Assuming that 19 is from the Dwarf's bonus to CON, I'd put the 17 in INT, you'd still have 15 for CON which is pretty decent for a caster. Your Knowledges would benefit more from it as well.

Ok, you're Daft! Nice to meet ya, Daft! *grin*

Now, with that bit of comedy out of the way...

The thing is, I don't WANT a wizard with a huge intelligence score. There are likely more wizards out there with slightly above average intelligence scores than there are super-geniuses.

I want to make a feasible character and not have him be 'smarter than the average wizard', to paraphrase Yogi Bear.

We're starting a new game at level 5, I've already got my regular character done, but I had an idea for making a useless but useful wizard.

Race - Dwarf
Class - Wizard (Universalist atm)

Str 10
Dex 16
Con 19
Int 13
Wis 11
Cha 11

Knowledge - Arcana +9; Knowledge - Engineering +9; Linguistics +9; Spellcraft +9

Scribe Scroll; Improved Familiar; Deepvision; Quick Draw; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; Craft Wand

1st Level - Protection from Evil, Grease, Burning Hands, Sculpt Corpse, Ray of Enfeeblement, Magic Missile
2nd Level - Protection from Arrows, Acid Arrow, Create Pit, Scorching Ray
3rd Level - Pain Strike, Beast Shape I

House Rule - Give up ability bonus for two feats, cannot do it twice in a row.

Currently no equipment, but will likely craft a couple of wands. Saves are low vs his spells, but ah well.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Cartigan wrote:
Kolokotroni wrote:

I think i could dig up the old pizza and spaggetti monsters I used in junior high...they could get involved also.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster is way too high level for 5th level characters.

But the Marshmallow Golem is just the right level.

For firearms in my games:

Firearm Rules:
All firearms require an exotic weapon proficiency.

Flintlock pistol: 1d6 (small); 2d4 (medium); 2d6 (large); x3 crit; 20' range increment.

Flintlock rifle: 2d4 (small); 2d6 (medium); 2d8 (large); x3 crit; 50' range increment.

One full round to reload, Rapid Reload reduces this to a move action.

Any flintlock with a rifled barrel is automatically required to be a masterwork weapon and the range increment doubles.

Rangers can adapt the Crossbow combat style to work with the firearms.

On a misfire (natural 1), roll a d20 to confirm crit failure. If a 1 comes up, it jams and explodes doing normal damage to the wielder. 2 - 7 weapon takes the damage, 8 - 20 weapon jams.

A couple of feats specific for firearms and some weapon enchantments and you're good to go.

Might as well change the name to See the Unseen, that's what they changed the name to for the Dragonfire Adept.

Would also suggest Deteriorating Blast eventually for foes with DR.

Rhidian wrote:
... after four sessions and four characters ...

He went through four characters in four sessions?

What an amateur.

Due to bad dice rolls, I've gone through four characters in ONE session!

Sanakht Inaros wrote:
To this day, whenever they contact me, they ask if I've eaten anymore sea-elves lately.

Have you?

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Lilith wrote:
Creative players are so awesome. ^_^

Awesomely annoying! LOL

Especially when it comes from a guy who usually is the one who has all the bad ideas.

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Phneri wrote:
Snoopy's not viable. You have to be playing Linus with greater blanket specialization to be optimal.

But Linus can be countered with Lucy who specialized in the Grab and Disarm techniques.

Kolazi wrote:
So, is it possible to attempt a ranged sunder or disarm without any feats? Is there a penalty to the attack roll, or is it simply not permitted?

I'd say that you would still require the feats. That's why they are there after all.

ulgulanoth wrote:
so Jodi Lane is Amiri, but Lisa Stevens is also Amiri, so only one way to find out who keeps the title of Amiri! barbarian pit fight!

For some reason I see jello involved, not sure why.

Kthulhu wrote:
Sounds like Alkenstar should get a Player's Companion book at some point in the future, then.

That's one Golarion book I would buy.

Dunno where this came or why, aside from the guns in fantasy subject.

But I thought you guys might find it amusing.

The old man listened to the halfling trying to convince him to purchase one of the new longguns that held several rounds instead of having muzzle load each round, then inhaled deeply on his pipe before blowing the smoke in the young pup's face.

"Aye, lad, I know that this old flintlock of mine is getting old. But old don't mean worthless. Can any of your new fangled long guns put a round through a dragonscale at 100'? Ol' Longtooth here has done. And killed many an orc."

The halfling coughed as he waved the smoke away, "Well sir, I can understand sentimental attachment, but to be quite honest, the new guns are made from better steel, can fire many more rounds before reloading, and the cartridges both have more powder and are easier to load."

The old man snorted, waving his pipe around, "Better? Lad, do you know what hell I had to go through to get this weapon made? The barrel is made of adamantine that I myself mined! Damn dwarves and their deals. It was also one of the first barrels to be rifled, over fifty years ago! The wooden stock is iron wood from Kyonin, which was a pain and a half to get, literally. Damn elves and their tree worshiping ways. And lad, with enough experience, I can load this old friend of mine fast enough to fire four rounds in six seconds and hit my target each time."

The old man smirked, "Can your new fangled equipment say that? That, my short little annoyance, is what a rifleman used to be. Now get the hell off my farm before I decide to start target practice!"

@Kryzbyn - It's not 'WHABONG', it's 'KABONG'!

Let's see ... 1st edition halfling fighter ... had a Girdle of Storm Giant Strength (giving him a Strength of 25) and Gauntlets of Ogre Power (18/00 Strength). He liked arm wrestling humans in bars for drinking money. Never lost. LOL

3.5E - I couldn't find an appropriate race, so I went with a Human Bard, had his masterwork lute enchanted as a Club +1, Bane (music critics). Yes, the DM allowed it. Also had it enchanted with Thundering. When he scored a crit, there was a loud KABONG! His nickname? El Kabong.

I've got a pdf that I pieced together from the various rules that I could find, which weren't much. The Spes Magna is pretty good, but I prefer the firearm rules in "Tome of Secrets".

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Well hell, looks like I'm going to have to start buying a Marvel comic again.

I loved the original Thunderstrike comic and was very pissed when they killed him off.

Jandrem wrote:
Wow, we're actually doing that in our game. Never seen in it done before, but our Archer rolls so many natural 1's and our DM doesn't have the heart to have her accidentally shoot someone, so he just has her bowstring snap. She's literally carrying around at least 10 bowstrings.

We had that happen to one player until he forked over the cash for mithril bowstrings. Now they don't snap nearly as often, plus he used one to garrote a werewolf.

Would it be possible to, since Words of Power and Spells are two seperate forms of magic, to multi-class Wizard (WoP) and Wizard (Spell)? I can't see it being overpowered in anyway. At least no more than Wiz / Sorc.

Shifty wrote:
At worst its a juvenile asshat session with neckbeardy types having a superman and Cheetos fantasy.

Well, aside from juvenile asshats, what's wrong with a Superman and Cheetara fantasy?

Oh wait, you said Cheetos.

Never mind!

Jason Ellis 350 wrote:
We need time to devote to trying out Words of Power before we add another round of Magus to things. While I am more concerned with the Magus playtest (as I doubt alternate magic systems will be used in my group), trying to do both things at once will hinder them both. I'd rather wait a few weeks to have it done properly.

Ditto on the willing to wait for it to be done properly.

I will probably use the alternate magic system in my game, but for when the players run into a really different culture.

Standard Wizard meets Words of Power Wizard and both are confused by the other.

nighttree wrote:
QOShea wrote:
Has he made any mention about the Magus update ???

Someone asked about that, Jason said "Not with this release, but soon."

So it depends on their definition of soon. This time. I swear the definition changes.

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On Jason's FB page he posted that the playtest starts on Monday!! Woohoo!

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
So I don't really have a good "walking away" story to share, but some of these have been doozies and most of them I can completely see why the persons left the table. I almost walked from a game at GenCon a few years ago because the DM who was debuting the Eberron setting didn't know his a$$ from his elbow when it came to 3.5 rules and had to go from table to table to ask other DMs questions during the game, but I stuck it out. Thank goodness for pharmaceutical fortification!

That's why I'm so glad I have my anti-anxiety medication LOL.

With the nuts I run for, I need it.

I found the Artificer class in the Tome of Secrets. Haven't looked it over as yet though.

It might work.

Kthulhu wrote:

become newt

flesh stone

become tree


The wizard gestured at the raging barbarian in front of him, casting his spell, "Nrut hself ot enots!"

The barbarian slowly began turning grey, his movements becoming stiffer and stiffer until he stopped. The enemies main fighter was now nothing more than a lawn ornament.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Or maybe a wind-up, spring powered helicopter hat to slow falls! (Sorry, couldn't help it lol)

Has to be a fedora.

"Go go Tinker Gnome copter!"

Also works for Levitation.

Mage Hand would be an extendable hand.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
The best way to distract a succubus or nymph is with Black Tentacles ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for the flashback there to a 2nd edition game I ran.

High School, what can I say.

The player later customized the spell, turning into a higher level spell he called Evard's Chocolate Tentacles.

Good mage, but a reallllllly wierd person.

mdt wrote:
First, the HP system doesn't work for pain and adrenaline, that's why it's not in the system. If you take a real world example of a fighter, a marine, and you take one right out of boot camp (1st level) and one who's been on 10 tours (level 20), and shoot both in the chest with a 45, they both scream and fall down and die. The one with 10 tours doesn't magically shrug the bullet off and say 'Merely a flesh wound'. Again, we're back to the system being an abstraction of reality, not reality. When you try to mix the two, wierd things happen.

Unless he's the Black Knight.

"Tis but a scratch!"

With the alternate racial traits, it is now possible to build a real tinker gnome!

Required Racial Traits
Master Tinker

Suggested Traits
Dangerously Curious
Improvisational Equipment
Mathematical Prodigy

Suggested Classes

Suggested Feats
Master Alchemist
Master Craftsman
Skill Focus

Example Tinker Gnome:
Pai the Mad Scientist

Race Gnome
Class Expert
Class Level 15

Ability Scores
STR 08 (-1)
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 16 (+3)
WIS 08 (-1)
CHA 12 (+1)

Appraise +15 (+18); Craft - Alchemy +15 (+26); Craft - Clockwork +15 (+24); Craft - Siege Engine +15 (+20); Craft - Weapons +15 (+20); Disable Device +15 (+18); Knowledge - Engineering +15 (+19); Perception +15 (+16); Profession - Engineer +15 (+14); Profession - Siege Engineer +15 (+20)

Skill Focus - Alchemy; Skill Focus - Siege Engineer; Master Craftsman - Clockwork; Craft Construct; Master Alchemist; Master Craftsman - Siege Engine; Craft Magic Arms & Armor; Master Craftsman - Weapons

Racial Traits
Master Tinker (replaces defensive training and hatred racial traits)

Improvisational Equipment
Mathematical Prodigy

To be honest, I'd pretty much consider the regular spell system and the Words of Power system to be two entirely separate schools of thought.

Sure, they would have some similiarities, like each having specialists in a school of magic (evokers, illusionists, etc) or elementalists, but the Tradionalists wouldn't be able to use the Words of Power system without intensive training, aka multi-classing.

I could see a Wizard (Traditionalist) 5 / Wizard (Words of Power) 5 working out as a feasible character.

Drejk wrote:
Wasn't she an expert or very low level Rogue/Bard? I only read a short story being part of that novel.

Shandril was a Level 1 Rogue who then multiclassed into Spellfire Wielder.

The first book was ok, the rest was just screwing the character over for s&*%s and giggles.

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