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Sandpoint Devil

Polevoi's page

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As far as I'm aware the most recent product that detailed the Mount locations was the Andoran companion, so barring any official word thats probably what I will go with. But I was curious if any Paizo staff cared to comment with an "official" errata so I can know my map will match up with future Paizo cannon. :D

I'm working on a map of Darkmoon Vale and my primary reference is the "Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale" but I'm also referencing the map of Andoran from "ANDORAN: Spirit of Liberty" as well as the map of the Five Kings Mountains from "Dwarves of Golarion."

The poster map from "Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale" shows Mount Gustus just north of the eastern perimeter of Darkmoon Wood and Mount Kia just east of Mount Gustus near the edge of the map.

The map of Andoran from "ANDORAN: Spirit of Liberty" shows Mount Gustus in approximately the same location but moves Mount Kia about 200 miles northeast and shows Mount Langley approximately another hundred miles further north.

The map of the Five Kings Mountains from "Dwarves of Golarion" clumps Mount Langley, Mount Soryu, Mount Carissa, and Mount Onik all directly north of Darkmoon Wood where the Guide to Darkmoon Vale places Mount Gustus and Mount Kia and moves Mount Gustus east to where Mount Kia is shown on the Andoran map and moves Mount Kia north to where Mount Langley is on the Andoran map.

So amidst all the conflicting Mount placements my question is:
What product got it right?

Beautiful cover! Out of all the Planet Stories covers so far this is the first one that makes me want to get the book based on the cover alone. Bravo Kieran!

i didnt read all the suggestions so far so if someone already mentioned this one...oh well.

The Sevenwaters trilogy by Juliet Marillier. My wife recommended them.

Book one is Daughter of the Forest. The trilogy is set in ireland and incorporates a lot of irish mythology.

The protagonists in each book is a strong leading heroine.

Tim Smith wrote:
So, if you had remembered levitate, do you think they would still have triumphed? (Still worried about fly... I suppose I could maybe work in advance info about this alongside the mind blast defence...)

Yeah, he would have lasted a few more rounds and been able to dish out a bit more damage but i dont think he would have been able to kill them.

If your group faces him in the Cathedral he will have Fire Resistance 20 and the unhallowed effect along with the octopin, so that will likely make it quiet a bit tougher. If you want to make it more surviveable you can try just removing the unhallowed effect and the octopin. That coupled with scrolls of spell immunity should keep Zyrxog scary but make him less of a TPK waiting to happen.

Tim Smith wrote:
So, in your group's successful battle, I presume he was effectively a nasty sorceror chucking fireballs and lightning around whilst his octopins provided a distraction?

I wish

The way it ended up playing out in my campaign went like this:

Original group gets TPKd by Zyrxog. Players roll up new group of PCs and i start them off with Champion's Belt, working them in with a different hook. They complete Champion's Belt and City Watch moves to apprehend Loris but Zyrxog dimension doors in (i replaced the plane shift ability with 3/day use of dimension door), mind blasts the guards and then dimension doors out with Loris.

The city then enlists the heroes' of the games to track down Loris and they find their way to Zyrxogs lair.

The TPKd group made it all the way to the room with the giant stone brain so all the drow and the octopins in the cavern were already dead.

I beefed the caverns back up a little by working out the following backstory--after the first group wiped out Zyrxog's dopplegangers and drow he paid a visit to Loris, who suggested he use the dopplegangers still infiltrating the city watch to assign a certain necromancer prisoner from Diamond Lake (Filge ;)) to a forced labor sewer cleaning party. Then Zyrxog could dominate Filge and eat the brains of the rest of the prisoners.

Zyrxog had Filge zombiefy all the drow corpses so when the new group of PCs entered the caverns they faced some new pit traps, zombies, Filge—who they killed before even getting a chance to realize it was Filge :(—and Loris.

After they took care of all of the above they started heading out of the cavern so I decided to have Zyrxog (who had been warned of the intrusion and was keeping track on the events via his scrying pool) dimension door near the exit and face the party.

He only had 2 beads left on his fireball necklace so he used those and lightning bolts but in the end the party was able to take him out without too much trouble because I forgot to have him levitate up out of their dwarf melee fighter's reach.

Are wrote:
I don't like TPKs :)

Me neither. It just ends up being more work for the DM having to tie a new group into the existing storyline.

If you run the adventure as written, and have Z show up as they're leaving the dopple hideout, mind blast your PCs, then leave and let the drow finish them off, then the PCs will know how deadly the mind blast can be. If they dont show any indication of researching mind flayers and trying to discover a way to defend themselves from mind blast you can try to give them hints to do some research that leads them to discover that spell immunity can be used for spell-like abilities as well as spells. If they use that to prepare for their show down with Zyrxog it should help significantly with the deadliness.

When my group faced him it turned into a TPK. The second time around with a new group they had scrolls of spell immunity and it was still tough but they survived.

+1 on this, and dont forget to do the summon monster/nature's ally cards as well -- you've already got the art from the bestiary, just toss the stats on the other side. Then get reaper to start pumping out miniatures for all the summoned monsters.

I just stumbled across this thread and i've got to say i've been looking for something like this. It will save me so much time trying to make my own spell cards. I like the way they look in the previews you posted and i'm looking forward to buying these puppies!

The Jade wrote:

What shows might I use to fill the now vacant Lost slot? Any recommendations for high quality spec fic TV programs I may have missed? Shows now off the air still count. I can just pick up the box set or watch some of them on Netflix.

FRINGE, i like it.

And the TWIN PEAKS suggestion was a good one too. Thats one of my favorite shows ever, however if you've already seen Fire Walk With Me the core mystery of the first half of the series may be less interesting--still, give it a shot, its worth it just for some of the lines Dale Cooper has, he's one of the best FBI agents on TV ever.

Anyone know of a spell or magic item that could be used to neutralize a ghost from materializing in an area they are haunting?

I've been looking at the ever growing number of dice being rolled in any given encounter (I DM for 5 10th level PCs) and thinking if there was a way to keep the complexity of the game while still speeding things up a bit what would it be?

Taking a cue from the DnD Miniatures rules i started looking at how they dealt with damage by just factoring the average damage any given attack could deal and rounding it to the closest value divisible by 5.

Not wanting to have to force the group to recalculate their set damage value every time they try a new weapon, or raise a level, or get a buff spell cast on them, I tried to devise a good way to just apply set damage for each damage value for all the various weapons, spells, and natural attacks.

I came up with something like this:


1d3 or lower
Set value: 1

Set value: 2

Set value: 3

Set value: 4

Set value: 5

Set value: 6

Set value: 7

Set value: 8

Set value: 9

Set value: 10

Set value: 11

Set value: 13

Set value: 18

My question is: Has anyone else experimented with something like this, and if so how did it go?

It seems like it would speed things up at least a little--but would it be at the expense of most of the fun of not knowing if you’re going to deal out massive damage (or roll all ones and hang your head in shame)?

Sweet! Thanks for the honorable mention and congrats to Silvia and Mikael!


pres man wrote:
Could I survive on making just $12/hr, yeah. It would mean not having "date night" with my wife every friday. It would mean eating at home alot more than I do now. It would mean pinching some pennies, but it would be do-able.

:-| holy crap the cost of living in Kansas must be cheap

While this isn’t about Marijuana I think its relevant to the discussion at hand...

A Drug that may aid in curing addiction

"Ayahuasca, a jungle vine from Peru, is being studied as a source for a variety of medications, including possibly addiction treatment, the Voice of America reported March 23.

The word ayahuasca means "vine of the dead," and the plant has long been used in traditional medicines. Brewed with another plant, the chacruna, it has a powerful effect on the central nervous system and is used in native ceremonies to induce visions as well as in medications.

Researchers say the drink mix produces DMT, a natural brain chemical similar to serotonin that acts as an antidepressant. Charles Grob, a researcher at the UCLA School of Medicine, said that ayahuasca and chacruna could be used to treat addictions.

"Number one, it does not appear to be addictive and the individuals do not develop a tolerance, they do not go through withdrawals, and generally speaking, it is very unusual for people to take it on consecutive days over an extended period of time," he said.

However, DMT is listed as a controlled substance with no medical use in the U.S., making the ayahuasca brew illegal here."

Fake Healer wrote:

.....people who abuse......

Abuse is the problem, not what is being abused.


all things in moderation, a Big Mac once a month isnt going to flush your health down the drain, but have one every day for lunch and you'll feel it.

You can get addicted to anything: WoW, Sugar, Coffee, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Porn, Sex, D&D, Gambling, Drugs.

Any of the above isn’t going to ruin your life if its every now and then, but you start doing it all the time and you've got yourself a problem.

houstonderek wrote:
Polevoi wrote:

except angeldust, that $#!*s crazy!


and PCP, thats crazy too!

I just caught this, sorry.

Um, angel dust IS PCP.

well there ya go

except angeldust, that $#!*s crazy!


and PCP, thats crazy too!

For me it all boils down to personal freedom. I dont think any drug should be illegal.

1) are you for or against this passing

2) why
I believe that substances that alter or enhance consiousness are an important and key component to bettering human beings as a race and allowing them to empathize and relate to one another in a more humane and peaceful manner.

Which means I'm also for legalizing most psychotropics/entheogens
such as DMT, Mushrooms, and LSD in particular:,

3) if it passes would you like to see other states adopt this measure.

When you have drugs prescribed by a doctor the pharmacist goes over all the potential dangers and risks and the container the drugs come in have directions for use--I don't see why something similar cant be put in place for the drugs that are currently illegal.

If an adult wants to drop acid, smoke pot, take ecstasy, etc. it isn't the government or anyone else's job to tell them they cant. However, they should be provided with all the scientific data (that which isnt skewed by hysteria or politics) that tells them what they can expect to experience at specific dosages.

I just have one request for this book:

Please do not use that pinhead looking Andoran Knight art from the Gazetteer and the original PFCS book

stardust wrote:
Ah yes, the "Get off my phone" incident. Fortunately, Mr. Beck has the full video available in his internet resources and the incident is not taken out of context. Mr. Beck was imitating another radio personality as a joke, and the caller was in on it.

I was not aware of that. That actually sounds pretty funny.

stardust wrote:
As for our health care system, it is broken, mostly by the insurance companies and all the laws they've managed to push through congress.

I agree wholeheartedly with you on that. We will never get any meaningful reform in this country as long as lobbyists continue to enjoy the symbiotic relationship they currently have with govt. and that includes Obama whose single biggest contributor was Goldman Sachs.

stardust wrote:
However, as broken as it is, it is still based on capitalistic principles (i.e. you pay a doctor for his or her services; better services have higher demand because there is a lower supply, and as a result higher prices), which does make it the best health care system in the world.

I've never experienced any other healthcare so I cant comment on this, however, if there is anyone reading this thread that can i would be interested in hearing their opinion.

stardust wrote:
Mr. Beck's not infallible. No human is. But its alarming to me when so many people argue against him without being able to provide an intelligent reason or argument for disliking or disbelieving him.

Oh c'mon, I gave you a few reasons for my disliking him.

Some quotes from Exhibit A:

“Your about to lose the BEST HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD.”
“…the nightmare that is our health care system.”
“…a health care system that is just trying to shove the patient out that door as fast as they can.” “Getting well in this country can almost kill you.”

Now if you didn’t know he was talking about the US’s healthcare system in advance you would probably think the first quote and the following three are about different countries.

Taking Glenn Beck’s words in earnest I’m left with the impression that the BEST HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD is a nightmare system and when it’s not trying to kill you it’s trying to shove you out the door as fast as it can; which implies that Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. all have healthcare that is EVEN worse than that!

If that’s not hypocritical it’s at least ignorant (which isn’t much better).

Now with regard to

stardust wrote:
I guess you get more ratings if you just bash and snarl insted of saying "This doesn't make sense. Let's see if we can put it together in a way that does make sense."

Jon Stewart didn’t “bash and snarl.” What he did was call Beck out, and he did it with panache.

This is what I would call a snarl (to give Glenn credit the caller sounds like pretty uninformed)

How about demonstrating that Glenn Beck has a hard time telling the truth:

Exhibit C

stardust wrote:
So, if anyone here would like to make an intelligent argument against what Mr. Beck stands for or argues for, please do so. I'm all ears. You can put it in spoilers if you like to avoid building political tension. :)

How about just showing examples of Glenn Beck demonstrating hypocrisy:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

its not exactly what the OP had in mind but I would purchase a PDF with dungeon dressing (Tables, Braziers, Chests, Bookshelves, etc. similar to the counter collection PDFs) in a heartbeat.

Just throwing that out there.

I draw out my own maps on giant graph paper but it makes it look just that little bit cooler having a wooden table or bed thats in full color and taped on instead of just hastily sketched in with pencil.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
What other suggestions do you have for the line that you think would be cool to play?

I already posted this suggestion over in the Beyond the Core Rulebook thread but it may make more sense to post here--

I would love to see an AP sized (or maybe a trilogy of Pathfinder Module sized) adventure(s) for a 2 party group that is designed to serve as a mini campaign covering 2-4 levels or so.

Its getting more and more difficult to get 4 or more players around the table and it seems like an idea like this would be perfect for a lot of GMs out there. You could do one and if it sells well increase them to 2 a year or more.

Erik Mona wrote:
What titles/ideas would you like to see us explore?

I would love to see an AP sized adventure (80-90 pages) for a 2 party group that is designed to serve as a mini campaign covering 2-4 levels or so.

Its getting more and more difficult to get 4 or more players around the table and it seems like an idea like this would be perfect for a lot of GMs out there. You could do one and if it sells well increase them to 2 a year or more.

James Jacobs wrote:

If the Pathfinder RPG lasts long enough and is popular enough (which I do hope it is), eventually we'll be doing a 2nd edition of it. What and how that happens is unknown... but speaking personally, I would like it NOT to happen for a long time. 1st edition and 2nd edition both had roughly a decade, so 10 years seems like a good starting point to me...

For now, though, there are no plans to put ourselves through the hell and horror of rebuilding the backbone of our entire RPG product line. We're too tired! :-)

I personally hope its even longer than 10 years, if it aint broke dont fix it. And if something becomes broke, house rule it.

Spacelard wrote:
So what crimes has Filge commited?

I would say Filge is residing at the observatory illegally as nothing in the module indicated Smenk owned it.

The PCs could point out that several of the skeletons in Filge's possession were recently dug up from a nearby farmstead, which would mean Filge was in possession of illegal materials (exhumed bodies).
I would also say unless he has some kind of proof that the other corpses were legally obtained no one is going to assume they were and charge him with exhuming and defiling dead bodies.
I would say animating the dead without some kind of authorizition would definetly be a crime and in most places practicing necromancer would most likely be a crime too.

those are some ideas anyway.

Krome wrote:
Hey which would be easier to tumble past, a cat or a rhinoceros? That rhino is going to kill you... no chance at all. I can roll over the cat!

ahh, but i'll bet the cat would have no problem tumbling past the rhino ;)

i see your point though. The problem with the pee wee vs lineman scenario though is that their both medium sized.

i can see the OPs point when thinking of trying to tumble under the legs of a Mastodon vs. trying to plow over a linebacker...the Mastodon seems slightly easier

Thats a good point, and i like that at as a houserule: subtract the size modifier from the opponents CMD for this specific situation.

wraithstrike wrote:
Does anyone know what the starting distance between the opposing parties are during the tournament? I can't seem to locate the information.

Each group starts the battle at one of the corners of a 100-foot square.

(page 43, center column, 3rd paragraph)

I was just looking at it when i happened across your post :D

Chuck Norris is allowed to talk about Fight Club

tricky bob wrote:
Why oh why would you design a map so incredible difficult to draw out for play.

Play it without a map. When you get to combat encounters just worry about drawing out the rooms the encounter takes place in.

Put on your tinfoil hats the Illuminati is hatching its dirty plots

Count Buggula wrote:
Of course that's mostly because he goes around apologizing for the world's problems and blaming them all on the US, saying how everything is our fault.

hmm, when has he blamed the world's problems on the US (do you have a source)? Or are you being facetious?

Its about four years old now but The Proposition is one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve seen in quiet a while, it looks amazing in Hi-Def and its brilliant screenplay was written by one of my favorite musicians, Nick Cave.

It's essentially a western with an Australian spin. The pacing on it is what I like to call deliberate (others may call it slow) but I thought it was fantastic; it rates up there with one of my other favorite westerns, Unforgiven.

Another more recent original film that was also very well-crafted was the Guillermo Del Torro produced spanish horror flick The Orphanage. It's one of the only horror movies to almost make me shed a tear and was a nice change of pace from the torture porn garbage that seems to have become so popular lately.

pres man wrote:
So does that mean that PFRPG is going back to the 3.5 ruleset, or that this is just meant to be a bit misleading?

Nah, it means its Pathfinder's version of 3.5

Duh ;)

Looking at the similarities between ufo/alien encounters and the stories of faeries, leprechauns, pixies, and other diminutive critters from folklore--and continuing from there on to mystical and religious experiences; and then looking at the drug induced experiences of shamans (more specifically ayahuasca use) where there are frequent instances of anthropomorphic spirit guides OR little elf-like beings, you can start to see many parallels that opens the door to something much more strange going on than just Aliens...

but i have to go now so i'll stop there.

Freehold DM wrote:
Holy crap, you have those?!?!? What does it say in said articles? What was reviewed?

So I checked out the 2 issues you dont have and it looks like Rockfall22 already covered the contents nicely near the bottom of page one of this thread...

I wanna know where the heck Rose and Bernard are!

Freehold DM wrote:
Holy crap, you have those?!?!? What does it say in said articles? What was reviewed?

I've got em all, i'll try to post a rundown for ya sometime between now and next monday

RiseFlynnsterRise wrote:
I find it interesting that nobody here knows the author...yet everyone condemns him as being a ass...whathaveyou...

I dont think anyone's doing that either--but if they were i'd refer them to this interview Q&A which illuminates some of Moore's disdain towards adapations of his work.

I'd also refer them to this link of an interview with Moore; which after having watched, left me with the impression that Alan Moore doesnt really take himself tooooo seriously.

I just read volume 8

Some of the most harrowing events i've ever read. Kirkman just brutalizes his characters.

With Obama constantly reiterating that McCain is just going to continue with the same policies as Bush this derogatory statement about D&D was clearly an attempt by McCain to distance himself from Bush; who clearly plays D&D.

James Keegan wrote:

Bariaur sketch

Still needs some work.

Very nice!

I picked up the 1st issue. Liked the art (both artists) quiet a bit, thought the story was nice and twisted. I missed the 2nd issue but the guy at the comic shop will try to get me a copy.

Overall pretty good first issue.

Skyler Brungardt wrote:
…Golarion is much, MUCH older than Earth.

Ah contraire. While popular history may agree with you there are some who believe advanced civilizations on Earth stretch back much further than we suspect.

Skyler Brungardt wrote:
BUT, like the Paizo staff has said on a number of occaisions, if a part of the book they publish doesn't jive with you, change it so that it suits you! :-)

True, but I know Paizo listens to their fans so by sharing my opinion I hopefully increase the odds of getting more art in their products that I’m going to be willing to share with my players.

That being said, I can respect you and Kirth’s opinion as well and I’m glad some don’t find the art to jarringly modern.

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