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Philip Knowsley's page

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Kyudoka wrote:
13) Use the wedding between a PC and Lily as the kickoff for Realm of the Fellnight Queen
14) Use the wedding of two of your PCs to EACH OTHER as the kickoff to Realm of the Fellnight Queen

29) Use the wedding of Varn to his young new bride (who is younger than his oldest daughter, who is betrothed to a PC) as the kickoff to Realm of the Fellnight Queen...

(Which was run immediately before some kingdom building & then straight into book 3 VV.)

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pennywit wrote:
My current thought is that Realm of the Fellnight Queen could be used as a way to tie Varnhold closer to my players, BEFORE the Vanishing occurs. Thoughts?

I've already done so (although in a different hex - which is neither

here nor there) with the trigger being the marriage of Varn to a new
Tenzikil crashes that, one of the party members outbid him for his
chosen's cakes (I think) & we went from there...

It worked really well, although I made Rhoswen a princess, rather than
queen... You'll never guess who her mummy is! ;-p

By the sound of your campaign, you'll really need to bump up the threat
of the fellnight spriggans. My group chewed through them, & they are not
an optimized group really at all... Also - we're not doing the whole
mythic thing...a ruleset to far... :)

Only thought I have is that Aleksi could leave some sort of scrying 'item' with
the big V, so that if/when he is taken out, Aleksi could teleport in, steal the
occulus & teleport back out...
Perhaps have teleport tied to a contingency spell? e.g. teleport in, ignore the
PCs & take the hits getting the occulus & then contingency cuts in to teleport
away, without having to do so defensively etc.
This would theoretically mean that he was only around the PCs at their lowest
point - i.e. they'd have already thrown everything at V to take him out.

Ipmeerk wrote:
Deaths Adorable Apprentice wrote:
throw a few levels into oracle and take the nature mystery though that you can get the bonded mount, which would be the tatzlwyrm.

Could work. Would at least give it some levels.

Or equally - the sylvan sorcerer bloodline. They get an animal companion.

Ipmeerk wrote:
This thread is mainly about having a tatzlwyrm pet and not about kingmaker. Why was it moved there?

Just a guess...buuuut: -

Anyone on the Kingmaker forums (especially GMs) will likely be better able
to answer your question & include within that answer the suitability for
use in Kingmaker...

Hah - after I'm not sure...but 2 - 3 years, we are just starting Book 3!
Needless to say, the characters are on SSLLOOOWWW progression, & I've
thrown one or two extra quests their way...

Orthos wrote:
Philip Knowsley wrote:
Inneliese wrote:
If not... just give Malgorzata more levels/cultists and run her as a higher CR event in between RRR and VV?
I did this - worked fine.
Likewise. I also never got around to doing Kundal - though I've been considering adding a "Big Bad Wolf" themed event to Chapter Six.

Heh - in my game they met & killed Kundal... But I am dealing with a bunch of

players who almost never consider where people come from, or the consequences
of their actions against 'normal folk'...
Kundal turned out to be the husband of one of the women in the Cult of G,
which is how she became embittered... :)
(That'll teach 'em...)

She also got away, as she wasn't in the underground store room the cult
was meeting in when the party attacked... Oh what fun I shall have. ;-p

Inneliese wrote:
If not... just give Malgorzata more levels/cultists and run her as a higher CR event in between RRR and VV?

I did this - worked fine.

I'll be placing a lot more than spriggans in VV - I want to amp up the fey
aspect of the AP, & VV will get a portion of that with Shadow Fey additions.
The big V is going to be a schock to my PCs who most likely will not be
expecting what they find, as the fey will only be taking advantage of the
situation, rather than causing it. (After all, nature abhors a vaccuum...)

I'd also say that 'ostensibly' Restov is still their overlord.
You could play nice & send an envoy from there to the effect that they've
heard things, & if the PCs don't get nice, & quick, then there will be
ramifications from their backers...

More than any sane GM could ask for... ;-p

Unfortunately it seems like somebody has ganked this Guide... :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Get Tales of the Old Margreve - THAT'LL put a bit of horror into your forest! ;-p

As for Fellnight Queen - I ran that between books 2 & 3...kind of as a lead
in to the PCs knowing more & caring more about Varnhold. The marriage was of
Varn to his young bride... (She was going to be stepmum to an NPC daughter of
Varn, who shall be married to one of the PCs soon.
BUT, my point here is that Rhoswen was the big N's daughter - if you want to
tie them together it's a great way to go. You can drop in all sorts of hints
about what's coming. I always referred to her as Princess Rhoswen for example -
after all, she can't be the queen if her mum is greater.

Cool - thanks! :)

I went with the kobold thing early on in Book 1...but with a completely
different tribe I inserted. This lead to the party making a deal with 1,
but fighting the other. (Plus it's always fun when you add PC classes to
normal monster this case barbarian.) ;)

You can also throw in choices which aren't necessarily 'hard', but which
do restrict your players other options.
e.g. instead of Restov just giving 50BP to set up the kingdom, I used the
suggestion of others on these boards to have different factions offering
different (sometimes negotiable) deals... Yes, Restov gave them 20BP, but
all the rest was earned elsewhere.
Now the players have some dwarves in charge of the only goldmine thus far,
Pharasman Clerics & Inquisitors checking in every so often to determine
what's happening around death/undeath in the kingdom, a High up Cleric of
Gorum who will block anything they try through that church (although they
don't know that yet), an NPC who has been treasurer, spymaster & is now
councillor - who is actually tied to Restov & is working for them & not
the PCs (behind the scenes)...& so-on.

Go for it. Let your imagination run wild.

Ok, just a couple of ideas off the top of my head.

RL prisons do not allow anyone except guards to carry weapons, so one might
assume that a fantasy jail would be the same... Probably adding in all
magical items into the pile on that one...sure - you can claim them back
when you leave, here's your ticket, have a nice day...

Also, you may want to think about anti-magic zone/s...after all, I'm sure
that some of their guests from time to time are 'users' who need to be
controlled somehow.

Hope they help, if I think of any more, I'll post later...

I agree with pennywit, & would add that, if it's the army doing the pillaging
& plundering...does it matter...?
You only really have to worry about what the PCs or main NPCs might lay their
greedy little fingers on...
In that case, all you'd need to do perhaps is work out what would normally
be available for purchase, plus what any captured folk have & bingo, there's
some treasure.

I agree with pennywit, & would that, if it's the army doing the pillaging
& pundering...does it matter...?
You only really have to worry about what the PCs or main NPCs might lay their
greedy little fingers on...
In that case, all you'd need to do perhaps is work out what would normally
be available for purchase, plus what any captured folk have & bingo, there's
some treasure.

Simple answer to this is 'right next door'... :)
The maps don't align exactly...but close enough. I've put maps 1 & 2
together & maps 3 & 4 together as approx. 50x70cm maps. They look quite

Chemlak wrote:
I did a number of things that all purport to help reduce the size of the sheet, and the end result at each step was either no change or a bigger file. And yes, saving under a different name was one of them.

MS Rocks!

Oh wait - did I get that wrong...again...?

+1 to pennywit's comments...

Plot twist cards are a Paizo product. I don't use them, but as I understand
it they allow a little bit of a story telling opportunity to enter in the
player's arena. The player draws a card & can influence the story in an
interesting way.
Just don't let the players get too ambitious with them. I've read some posts
where the GM hasn't held the reigns tightly enough & this has allowed
players to control situations through 'creative' use of the cards.
Creative is good, but nerfing the story is not... ;-p

So - back to ye olde kingdom events. I pre-roll, usually years at a time,
& then use what I've rolled to build NPCs & events from the books into the
game. If an event is rolled which doesn't fit with what has gone before,
then I make one up, or I re-roll.
This allows me to put some real thought into the event, rather than it be
some random good or bad thing...
Lets face it, which is best? -
Oh, random dignitary - roll a d6 & you get that many BP...or
Baron Drelev asks for permission to pass through your kingdom with some
Mivonese mercenaries - he needs help to fight the residents of the Slough.
All that extra cash being spent is good for your kingdom - you get 4BP

That's just one of the simple ones I used. It added to the story, as they
then knew that Drelev was having issues & needed mercenaries...PLUS they
got some BP. Players were happy... (Plus in my game it got my players
worried about other realms having armies...heh heh heh...)

As for CE kingdom with Good PCs Nuh-uh. Just as pennywit said...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey, just thought of another idea that will both help & then hinder...
The Church of Abadar could offer to fund some BP for the kingdom with a
few possible & different payoffs: -

1. The Kingdom has to build a church to Abadar within (x) years; or
2. The Kingdom must shift to Abadar as the official Religion (repayment
of the loan commuted so long as the official religion stays that way, but
massive repayments based on principal plus time elapsed if official religion
is shifted elsewhere); or the most simple
3. A basic loan. Say 10 or 20BP, with repayments over a number of years
with a decent interest rate.

I just thought that any of the above would be a way to inject capital into
your PCs realm (which still seems to be an issue), with which they could
dig themselves out of a hole...& still not have it all their own way.

Abadar is the perfect god for that.

BCannibal wrote:
Slightly off topic, but Other than the Inner Sea World Guide Campaign Setting, is there any good source books detailing the country of Galt?

Guide to the River Kingdoms has 2 not particularly helpful paragraphs.

The PF Chronicles Gazetteer has about a page.

Just guessing, but you probably need to include the hexes from book 4...
& possibly some below the printed maps... i.e down Mivon way.

You rock! :)
Can't wait to use it...
Oh cr*p - I just realised that I have to actually read the URule supplement...sigh...

Chemlak wrote:
Philip Knowsley has been an absolute star and done a sterling job modding the Alchemist's Lab image into a Windmill for everyone to use - I think it's fantastic.

Thankyou for your kind words, but I wish I was more of an artist to be

able to do it justice.

I will be gaming tonight with a graphic artist, so shall sound him out on
the possibility of any future needs... (...mostly in order to save myself
the embarrassment of admitting to such a poor attempt...)

Kobold Werewolf!

Not only that, but I think the Devs said at some stage (although I could be
misremembering), that because the GMG came out after the original rules...
& I think before the newer UCam - that they tried to have the rule sets
talk to each other - but they weren't necessarily completely compatible,
& in fact might not always play together all that well...

I might not be 100% on that, but I'm sure I read something along those
lines somewhere in these hallowed boards...

Comment on the healing power...don't worry too much...
My players also started out with not much on those lines (yes, they had
a Druid, but that was it.)

Just add in a potion of cure light or whatever into each encounter, this
will mean that they have healing, but it's not overpowering on the 'loot'
front, because all it's actually doing is replacing the cleric they don't have...

Chuckbab wrote:
Personnally, I wouldn't let them 'just build that'. The building itself would be an empty shell: filling it with a bound devil would be played out as a side quest.

Yup - because if the PCs couldn't do it...who else in the kingdom could?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So - what you do is look through the rules & see what different buildings
already give you... Then, you combine them together, charge an appropriate
amount, let the players build it... Perhaps they may need to complete a
quest, or throw some pretty heavy magic at it first - but if they want it,
why not let them try it...
Then, when they're not looking...burn it down! Burn it all, Burn, BURN!!!

Errrm, sorry, what I meant to say is exploit the exploiters. I'm sure there
could be all sorts of devilishly good ideas come from it...

Note: I don't know the original that you refer to, but am assuming that
somehow - bound devils churn out power - yes?
So, yes, it could explode. Or, a significantly more powerful devil than
those bound by contract could decide that this could be fun...& buy out a
contract - increasing the power output...perhaps just a little too much...?
Then they'd need to find a way to get rid of it before everything got fried...
Or perhaps the devils started breeding...but the young'uns wouldn't be bound
by contract...they'd be free to just muck around like the children they are...

:) Have fun anyway.

Chemlak wrote:
Sounds pretty good to me: I'd recommend the Aerie from URule as a good starting point.

Okey dokey - I started last night...may take a while however...

I did think about the Aerie, but it was just too neat for me...I like things
a bit :)

I actually started on one based on the alchemist, with parts of the building
chopped off, the front pathway in a different place. I'm kinda happy with
it, but will have real issues getting the 'sails' right.

I started on them by trying to use a sail from the ship in the 'Pier', but
just can't get it right...sigh...

Shall report back.

I ask - because I too have looked (on your behalf), but couldn't find one.
However - albeit that I'm quite cr*p at mucking around with images, I had
a thought that I could possibly take one of the existing images & modify it
to have windmill sails...
I'll give it a go & get back to you. If I manage to make one - I can email
it to you...

pennywit wrote:
I encountered a first last session. First game I've ever run (or been in) where a PC took ranks in Profession (accountant). May be related to a small embezzlement problem a couple sessions back ...

Heh - I play a character in RotRL who has ranks in Profession (librarian).

He's definitely not a Sorcerer (Sage)...definitely!

Hey Chemlak,
Glad to be of some little service after all you've done! :)
On a related note - did you ever get a pic sorted for a windmill?

Chemlak wrote:
Oh, and to those wonderful people whom I failed to meet for a drink in the bar at the Hilton Metropol last night - I'm really sorry, I spaced out, and needed to head home before I was too dangerous to drive. It was great to meet you (however briefly). I will be at UKGE again today, but probably not for very long (I have a game this morning). I'll try to drop by, if I can.

Darn it! :) I didn't even think to look there.

Thanks Chemlak.

Hi Chemlak,

Playing last night I came across something which isn't a bug per se, but
it would be great if you could include in the next iteration...

When a stockyard is built, it reduces consumption by an extra 1 per outlying

It would be great if there was some way to reflect this in the sheet.
e.g. a separate box to enter the amount of farms, or a dropdown set of
numbers or something, which would the auto-calc...

Cheers dude, hope all is well in your world.


Ok, must admit to not having run this module, so can't help with some stuff...

But, the forest & the encounters in it, I see 2 simple fixes.
1. Make the forest smaller; &
2. Make the path through the forest subject to some natural features which
'railroad' the characters in certain directions, as the road/path winds
around. e.g. a river, canyons, cliffs etc.
Thus, whilst you are railroading them in a certain direction...& potentially
past encounters, it will feel natural due to the terrain... This will also
have the effect of increasing the size of the amount of forest they have to
traverse, because it's no longer 1500sqm.

Hope you find something that helps you in the end.

Yup - that does sound extra cool!

I like making the party work for it...but they have to have something to
work for.

I'd suggest leaving some sort of trail of breadcrumbs for them to follow
to be able to bring Grigori down. Otherwise, they're on a hiding to nothing.
i.e. it's a no-win situation... & we all know how much fun that is right?

Ok - so it's obviously not going to be a social encounter - isn't it? Does
Grigory have to be fought face on for a social encounter? Why not some
one-on-one time with individual towns-folk?

Perhaps there can be some good investigative work by the group, perhaps
even Grigory stuffs up somewhere along the line to even up the playing field.

Your game, & you know your players best...but will they love being in a
situation they can't win & can't find a way out of?

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Just in case there's someone out there bemoaning that they want a flag, but
don't have an artistic bone in their body...try: -
It's what I used to create the flag for my player's kingdom after none of
them showed much interest...

Thanael wrote:
Tower of the Last Baron ?

Thanks Thanael, I'll have to have a read & see if it'd fit. :)

Anybody else?
A friend suggested The Assassin's Knot - an old AD&D module I think.

My immediate thought was that you're going to have to create a new kingdom

Yeah, you wouldn't want people to catch linnorms. Imagine the cost of going to the doctor for that... :)
As for bridging rivers with aqueducts, I'm sure you'd be ok with using the existing rules for roads.

Hi Chemlak,
Hope the chickenpox has drifted away to Neverneverland & your wee one is ok.

Howdy everyone,

I'm looking for a short'ish insert for my Kingmaker game where the players
must assassinate someone. Preferably there's be political intrigue in the
background, rather than just some merchant that some other merchant wants
(i.e. Because it's political, it won't be a good vs evil type affair...
Rather - it may, or may not, spark a war.)
Note: The players will not be using their own PCs, as I'll be using this
short adventure to illustrate happenings elsewhere.

Anybody know of anything like this? Doesn't even need to be Pathfinder
specific, I can insert rules & foes, I just need the story & some NPCs
fleshed out.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


You could also create the spriggans as an army, & potentially the centaurs
if things don't go so well...
I like the thought of an undead army from the valley of the dead...
If you were keen on having Varnhold be a bit more populated before the big V
takes them all, you could also have a 'thrall' army of
know, just to create a bit of right & wrong kinda tension... ;-p

I'll be keeping an eye on what you do, as we're at a similar place in the
story. (Although I'll be running my players as NPCs through some of the
last books unfinished tales. e.g. the cult. I'll have the players play
people like Jhod, Akiros etc, which I hope will flesh out the NPCs a bit
more & have the players actually empathise with them a bit more...)

Chemlak wrote:

[Non-serious Rant]

Ahem. If I ever meet Jason Nelson, I am going to either buy him a beer, or kill him on the spot. Possibly both.
[/End Rant]

Bwahaha! Give him one from me too! (Of either of your choice)

Great rules - hard to implement without your own personal Chemlak!

As for the responses to my queries... B*gg*r - damn rules! Popping up when
you least expect them...sigh... ;-p
Which is to say, errrm... My apologies - didn't realise... My questions
were silly, rather than yours...
Also - what is 'WAI' - haven't come across that acronym before.

Cheers & glad you got a night of gaming in!

Also - it looks like the town gp limit isn't calculating a figure based on
the size of the town at all...

Hi Chemlak,

Hope URule is going better than expected... ;-p

Bug report on the last version of the UCam sheet.
My players added a library in a recent session & I noticed that the 'Lore'
didn't increase in the 'Overall' sheet...
Then I noticed that there were actually no increases or decreases at all
in the 'Cities' column for any of the secondary kingdom characteristics...
(i.e. corruption, crime etc etc...)

Can anyone else comment on this?


Sorry dude.

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