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My group is currently progressing through RRR at the moment and although they have currently signed a treaty with Hargulka's Monstrous Kingdom, that may fall apart as a certain bard has taken to the streets to add this latest insult to his list of grievances (stolen in large part from Jason Nelson's email he sent out to his players -- hopefully got the name right).

At any rate, I am in the process of painting a mini to represent Nagrundi and this particular two headed troll has a snack hanging from his belt which I can't help but think looks more than a little like the infamous Rubber Chicken of my childhood. I can't help myself but to make this a magic item for my players to have fun with. What I have come up with is the Rubber Chicken of Wonder.

Obviously this is based in large part on the Rod of Wonder, but rather than having the fairly powerful effects of that item, I'm more looking for very minor effects that are potentially somewhat useful or somewhat annoying. Nothing game breaking though. So things like "You squeeze the chicken and a crowbar appears." Or "You switch places with another PC". Obviously some of the effects of the Rod of Wonder still work "like grass grows, etc." Mostly I'm just looking for fun ideas to stock the table of possible results with.

Any and all suggestions would be most welcome!

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Your weapon increases/decreases one size category. (then make it only for 24hrs, or make them roll a dice to determine how many hrs/days the effect lasts.)

You grow a beard (fun if it's a female PC), or all the hair on your body falls out/disappears.

Various spell effects can be annoying/fun - e.g. faerie fire or similar.

A bathtub full of hot water appears...or a bathtub without any water...?

Gain 1 rank in 'Perform: Slapstick'

You're surrounded by a swarm of chickens. Use appropriate swarm stats.

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You gain the ability to understand chickens, or, at least you think you do, you hear voices from them about egg laying and how that other chicken is greedy and took the best feed. If you talk to the chickens they don't seem to understand you.

With the exception of magical casting, all those in a 10 foot radius about you for the next hour must make Will saves at DC 11 or everytime they say a word that starts with B, they must follow it it up immediately with 'Bwkak' (Ala a chicken noise). Such as "I was checking near the Border *bkwak!* . There's no sign of any further bandit *bkwak!* activity."

All Dogs get the urge to chase you that day.

These are great! Thanks for the ideas! The bathtub will be especially funny for my group since one of the players decided to take a bath in a certain body of water during the first book and regretted the outcome. :)

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