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Morgen's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,923 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.


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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally I lie alternatives to standard treasure when the situation warrents it. Titles, land, etc.


If they're that fragile wouldn't we need to carry potions around in special hard cases that have a ton of padding inside of them?

Alchemists would really have it bad.


Movement and size are pretty easy to resolve. Right in the combat chapter which is usually a better resource then debate threads.

Moving Through a Square wrote:
Very Small Creature: A Fine, Diminutive, or Tiny creature can move into or through an occupied square. The creature provokes attacks of opportunity when doing so.

Normally something needs to be three size categories larger/smaller but the smallest groups have a special exception I've italicized. So yes a tiny creature can enter and occupy the same space as a medium creature, so long as the medium creature isn't some kind of 5' cube creature taking up all the room in that square.

Flanking requires another enemy/opponent so No, you can't flank with yourself unless you're using some kind of feat/spell/special ability that allows it.

Flanking is normally considered to be center of square to center of square, if the line segment between those two points is through opposite borders of the opponent's square. Where the tiny creature is specifically is pushing things into undefined territory. To me it makes the most sense to center things so no, flanking wouldn't happen as the condition wouldn't be met. Your GM may decide differently.


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Not really no. What I want is to have an enjoyable time with my friends and have interesting adventures. That tends not to happen when everyone is just as powerful or weak as everyone else. I don't expect people brandishing two feet of steel to be as powerful as people who've trained all their lives to injure the laws of physics a few times a day though to be fair.

A lot of these "how do we fix X" threads around here always seem like they'd be "how do we make X less fun."

What I do care about is people using stupid incorporeal alpha strikes in adventure paths. It's lazy!


Vod Canockers wrote:
The Shire is a country.

Excellent! Then that's what I pick. :D


I was always fond of the Shire but I'm not sure if that qualifies as a country... :/


Don't forget a few unhollowed areas with dimensional anchors then. Keeps a good chunk nice and locked down.


Yeah, opening doors while in combat is a bit wonky. Just part of how it's a game mechanically is all.

You could ready an action to 5' step to the door and open it if a space comes open. Of course I'm not sure if you're aware if the door is stuck/locked/etc but that's usually the best way to go about it given what you've got going on there.


There are tons of references and little homages all over the place if you look for them. :D


I don't but it keeps being brought up.


How are Advanced Players Guide classes already to him? Did they play every day?

I don't really know what Kurzog has for resources so I'll just toss out random stuff.

Anti-magic field + Masterfully crafted pit trap + advanced gelatinous cube? Really anti-magic + anything from the sound of the party. That plus a couple of brutes would probably trash them.

Spell Immunity should come into play as he should know their usual spell list. Really any major defensive buffs. Don't count out potions/alchemical items either. Tanglefoot bags and so on.

Spell Turning probably a good idea. Tough minors equipped with Ring(s) of Counterspells? Golems?

You can get pretty narrow focused since he literally knows what they do after all.


Yeah, see? It doesn't always work out or is horrible a lot of the time.


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There are a number of skirmishes going on all over but few countries have the internal stability to wage a large scale wars.

Everything is kind of horrible all over which is kind of making for a rough peace.


Ehhh, I don't know. Has any restarted or rebooted TV series been worth your time in the past?


Yeah, you'd need to take it twice but that's really your easiest route to having four arms.

It doesn't get you any extra attacks however. Of course Feral Mutagen very specifically gives you two claw attacks and a bite attack so it doesn't matter how many arms you've got.


Really? You'd think the extra stuff on the field would make it easier for you to get your flank on...?


kinevon wrote:
Actually, overall, the attitude of the Society's PTB, otherwise known as the Decimvirate, is that, usually, anything powerful gets locked up pending study.

It's actually listed as one of the ways the society gets people around in the back of one of the pathfinder society chronicles books is what I'm talking about.


Okay, just curious is all. It has come up a few times in the past.

Don't know how being proactive is the wrong choice ever makes it through editing.


Call in the Combat Chapter:

Total Defense is a standard action. I don't know what Full Defense is but that's probably what your talking about.

Stand up from prone is a move action.

Take 5-Foot Step: You can move 5 feet in any round when you don't perform any other kind of movement.


A spiritual medium or psychic might work. They're con artists after all and come into contact with lots of different castes.


I think you'd have to go look and see what they were programmed to do to see if that was appropriate or not. That's really all they've got to go on and without that it's hard to say as an outsider if it were justified. Like if they don't pursue people out of the area, etc.

Aside spoiler:
Was this a "have to give up to succeed" style event? Because that's the stupidest and laziest thing that seems to happen in role-playing games... I'm just curious.


One writer wants it locked away ala Indiana Jones and another wants it being used. Most Society literature seems to suggest they use the thing though.

Not like they can't drag it out when they need it of course.


Yep, Calth's got it. Familiar arcana.

Ultimate Magic Magus Arcana wrote:
Familiar (Ex): The magus gains a familiar, using his magus level as his effective wizard level. This familiar follows the rules for familiars presented in the arcane bond wizard class feature.


Think this might be an ability written under an unusual understanding of the rules. I think I see what it's trying to do at least.

Calling for a bluff if someone were trying to propagate the thief's bluff through other people. Thief says they are king from foreign land and to make way, peasant rushes ahead yelling, "make way for the king" and others go, "What king?" and then a failed bluff check latter the peasant feels like an idiot, probably hit over the head with a hat or two for his ignorance.

Where with convincing lies you've got the peasant shouting, "The king of the Western Mole People, here to speak to our fair Queen about the thousand year trade deal we all vaguely learned about in middle school" and everyone goes, "Oh, better make way then."

Basically pushing a bluff through some people until it hits someone who has evidence to the contrary to stop it. Kind of a faster yet less effective Rumormonger.

Tricking people who are easily tricked who tend to be people who aren't trained in tricking others themselves and all that.

Mechanically it makes sense for a lie to be a lie no matter the source. So perhaps they're trying to codify it like that? After all given the hefty penalties any interesting bluff is going to stack onto it a untrained bluffer is going to auto-fail that check. So now you know why all the guards busted in on your rump after you totally convinced that one guard you were just there to get the crown jewels for their monthly off-sight cleaning. Sure your Potion of Glibness helped but the second he opened his mouth to tell the guard captain you were here the plan went right out the window.


You still get Stonestrike which is nice as it works on everything evil or not. You build up uses of it reasonably well for an ability that applied for a whole round. Not as good as smite evil against a black dragon for instance but overall not horrible.

The first time you trash a golem's or a stone skinned wizard you'll be quite happy with yourself.


Good point nosig! Missed that entirely.

Totally run it Rules as Written. Really just run like everything that way in a living campaign. It's the only fair way to do things. We've already abandoned like 3 outlets for just horrible house rules creeping into PFS games over the years. Yuck.

It goes both ways after all, how else are you supposed to protect squishy caster bad guys from Enlarged or other reach having PCs? Not really sure that it's RAI not to be that way?


Also good choices for weapons! Cheaper in the long run too. I did a two-weapon fighting spiked gauntlet inquisitor once that was quiet fun. If only he'd been a better swimmer. -.-


That's pretty much how it works. Here is your argument:

Soft Cover wrote:
Creatures, even your enemies, can provide you with cover against ranged attacks.
Cover wrote:
When making a melee attack against a target that isn't adjacent to you (such as with a reach weapon), use the rules for determining cover from ranged attacks.
Cover and Attacks of Opportunity wrote:
You can't execute an attack of opportunity against an opponent with cover relative to you.

If they push the question you simply respond by politely asking for them to come up with a rules justification as to why not using some kind of citation. "I don't like it that way," is not a PFS acceptable answer. If pushed accept it and report them to your local representative. As you can see even a venture captain can get it wrong. ^


Chbgraphicarts has the right of it. It's the static damage that is important in the long term.

The only thing Monks get are an expanding damage die and a nice thing for two-weapon fighting really. You can still take all the other good bonus damage feats/magic items and the like.


With the right feats as a halfling I want to be fighting defensively all the time. It's like +6 or 7 to my Ac and a big bonus to reflex saves as well.

Being able to reduce the penalty to only -1 is gold for me.

It is a very specific character build though.


Well considering how broken Craft Contingent Spell was in D&D 3.5 >.>

Here's what I remember from Keak roughly with some other stuff.

Refill my ring of counter spells with another greater dispel magic if it is empty.
Heal spell if I get critically hit.
Teleport to a safe place if I get knocked unconscious.
Breath of life if I get teleported due to a contingency spell.
Freedom of Movement if I get grappled.
Remove Blindness/Deafness if I get blinded.


Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Hmm. Dot. I was always under the impression that additional bonus languages was only applied at character creation. That's how it's always been run when I played.

That text is still in the book but things have been clarified that all effects of stat increases are retroactive or rather that anything suggesting otherwise is a remnant of 3.5 D&D.


It's in the FAQ. You usually look there.

FAQ wrote:

Intelligence: If my Intelligence modifier increases, can I select another bonus language?

Yes. For example, if your Int is 13 and you reach level 4 and apply your ability score increase to Int, this increases your Int bonus from +1 to +2, which grants you another bonus language.
Technically, Int-enhancing items such as a headband of vast intelligence should grant a specific language (in the same way they do for skill ranks).


I don't see why you couldn't do the exact same thing with the print version. It's probably be a wash in terms of printer ink and paper use versus just buying the module.

I know lots of people who cut apart adventures to make them more useable.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

No need for an FAQ. It's clearly stated in the rules how it functions.

Create Pit is a conjuration(creations) effect. That fall under the rules for conjuration spells. I'll quote it for you all.

Magic Chapter: Conjuration School wrote:
A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

You can cast a pit under something, but not inside of something. Under a table? Sure table falls in. Under a pillar actually attached to the ground (which should be anything structural in most situations) the spell will fail as it cannot appear inside of the support. You can't use it to cut anything in two, trees or otherwise.

If you've got a 10' wide door you certainly could cast it under there and climb down one side and up the other.


I don't think most characters are going to be lucky enough to find a wand at or around level 2, at least one that most rogues might enjoy having.

Craft Wand is a 5th level feat so 5-6th level feel about right for that kind of ability.

Wand Adept is kind of a strange ability, effectively a it's a trait that you get for free. The other issue I have with it is that I don't see a wand adept having a low charisma score thematically. Not that a PC has to be built to theme but it seems odd to build the mechanics of the archetype away from that.

I think allowing the rogue to actually make wands seems a little against that theme of them being counterfeit but that's just me.


A Lawful Evil cleric that follows one of the LE Whore Queens gets good use out of a few levels of summon monster and actually get to use Sacred Summons.




There are rules for alchemical arrows floating about which should translate to crossbow bolts either automatically or easily enough as a house rule.

Alchemist/Bolt Ace multi-classing for Explosive Missiles.

There is a launching crossbow in the adventurer's armory but that thing is kind of weird... Maybe you can do something with it though.

Taldor Goblin Squad Member

End game was...not set up quite properly from how my friend was describing it.

Extremely difficult atunement that was usually interrupted by a instance server going down well past the first month or two of the game coupled by just how precise the raid fights needed to be completed. Replacing people was an impossible task as you needed to basically start over anytime anyone was new which took weeks.

The housing was popular for a while at least.


Emissary Cavalier 1/Lore Warden Fighter 2 is a nice third level character. Full speed in medium armor, combat expertise, bonus skill points and so forth.

Human for the extra feat and skill point.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think there is an issue as you're looking at more of an interaction with Disguise and Perception/Knowledge(Planes). If you want to know that they are a tiefling that's handled by a knowledge check roll with a reasonably static DC. If they want to pretend to be an elf the GM rolls a secret disguise check and compares that to a perception check to see through it.

You might be able to be bluffed into thinking that they think themselves to be an elf in your example but without actually disguising themselves it'll be just words.

Also saying that your character is very well aware that they are a known liar there is a special part under the Try Again section.

Bluff, Try Again wrote:
If you fail to deceive someone, further attempts to deceive them are at a –10 penalty and may be impossible (GM Discression).


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Thelemic_Noun wrote:
Also, profession (gambler) could well be the skill required to run a gambling establishment without being stabbed, in which case making money is kind of easy.

I believe that is usually how simply rolling the profession check would work. Seeing up a table at a local watering hole where the house gets a cut of your winnings in return for giving you the space to work.

At least I remember seeing that in at least one western. Tombstone maybe? Probably others.


blahpers wrote:
The alternative is rehashing all of the arguments from the other threads that have spawned this one, which would be exhausting and redundant.

Yes, there needs to provide some justification for the stance otherwise it comes off as frivolous. Adding even at least one rules quotation about it even suggesting that it was unlimited in duration would actually give some credibility to the question.

I've never seen or heard of any discussion on that matter before. You don't even link a thread where it is supposedly talked about.


Sprite is in the 3th Bestiary.

According to the additional resources page for the Pathfinder Society under the Bestiary 3 entry for familiars it does list Sprite as allowed.

Additional Resources wrote:
Familiars: all familiars listed on pages 112-113 and the carbuncle and sprite.


There is no argument or justification listed at all. You just claim there is some discussion on it on both sides and demand something of people.

So no case is made at all and the thread sounds like you're just making things up.

I don't hit the FAQ button when I know the answer is No. If you don't want a public answer then try emailing them about it.


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Why would they have infinite durations?

Items have caster levels that determine things like "range or other level-dependent aspects of the powers of the item." That is very clearly stated in the magic items chapter.

So Ring of Invisibility last for 3 minutes. Hat of Disguise for 10 minutes. Boots of Levitation for 3 minutes too.

Nothing in their descriptions says anything about them lasting forever. Nothing even suggest that.


Alchemist would probably work really well, or maybe an Investigator too.

Oddly self sufficient classes mechanically are your best bet. After that so long as you're being proactive and everyone is having fun it should work just fine.


You'd be fine to do a number of things. Spell casters would be rough with a 10 since..that's just cantrips. Melee classes would be playable though. Saves would hurt. Once you have a few levels though it isn't so bad. Could do a ranger or barbarian easily enough.


Some kind of base of operations would be a good idea. Perhaps on another plane of reality as you know that sounds 18th level-ish. Properly staffed of course as well.

I might also suggest a Clone spell precast for you and all your followers just as a precaution plus the laboratory and a few back up items just in case.

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