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Drow Battle Wizard

Marco Massoudi's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,512 posts. 448 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Dark Archive

DanyRay wrote:

I don't think that kind of presure is what make Erik or Michael like to make the blog.

I realy like these blogs and look foward to them, but on the other side, this kind of post taste weird..

I remember Erik seems to like writing these blogs until he didn't anymore. With some search I bet I can point the week that change.

I think you could tone it down a bit.

If the guys at Paizo keep having fun doing what they do, it will be more fun for us and i'm sure they will come more often to us..


I´m not trying to pressurize Mr. Kenway, i know he can´t do the blogs every week, no single human being can. It´s totally okay if a Con takes up his time, he is sick, too busy with something else etc.

But always writing "see you next week" and then not making good on it pisses me off.

He has been super-reliable when he took over from Erik, who had not lost his love for it, but became too busy with managing too many other things, so he chose Mr. Kenway as his successor.

But since beginning the "Maze of Death" previews, this blog has been super-erratic.
I really understand that there are things which come between posting a weekly blog, but this blog has been absent for between 3-5 weeks and that multiple times.

It´s not like you can´t pre-write these things and enter a time for them to be posted automatically too.

Also, some people have to pre-order these things early enough or they won´t get a case.
And with only a little more than a month remaining, it´s to late to do this through Diamonds Previews (which my local flagstore often does) and some other sources.

Of course nobody at Paizo has to do these blogs, but then sales would be way lower.

Personally i know almost half of the creatures that are in the set, but have seen less renders.
As a result, i didn´t order a full case.
It´s as simple as that.

Dark Archive

I have found some pictures that show the Starfinder ship minis to be REALLY DETAILED:

twitter pics.

But i´m actually quite worried about when or IF these minis will be available, because Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures have deleted all Starfinder products from their homepage - they still have Pathfinder Worldscape though...

Dark Archive

I´m really disappointed in Michael Kenway´s reliability.

He always writes "see you next week", but NEVER delivers on this promise. ;-(

I hate to say it, but i´m loosing interest in Pathfinder Battles miniatures as a result (That and Starfinder is exciting me more atm).

I didn´t order a full case the first time in years, because i don´t know what to expect in it.

I really wish Erik Mona was still doing these previews, because you could see he loved the Pathfinder Battles Minis, as he often commented on peoples comments and answered questions.

This set will be out in 4 and a half weeks and we havn´t seen half of it´s content.

So sad.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Map Pack and Flip-Mat:

"GameMastery Map Pack: Farmstead" has already been sold out before adding it to this list. ;-p

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Cards

"GameMastery Item Cards: Hero's Hoard" is listed THREE times, but all lead to the same product page.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Module:

"Pathfinder Module LB2: Treasure of Chimera Cove" has sold out!

Only six out of the initial twenty 3.5 adventure modules are left in stock, all for $2.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Campaign Setting:

"Undead Revisited" has only some non-mint copies left.

It´s a pretty good book, so get it for $14.99, while supplies last. ;-)

Dark Archive

Lorian wrote:

So are battles posts gonna be scattered where ever in the week?

This is confusing. I thought this meant Mondays now,but no post today. O.o

Michael Kenway isn't answering questions. ;-(

I guess the monday blog was a one-off because of the very long GenCon delay and that friday remains the regular minis blog day.

Five fridays remain before the street date.

I also find it very unfortunate that we don't see the last renders a month before release.

Erik often showed us some pictures of the actual minis a few weeks (2 or 3 i think) before release.
These days you can see pictures of all actual production minis a week before the final renders are shown...

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is there any word from when on only the second printings are sold/distributed?

Is there a check going on in the warehouse which Starfinder CRBs are defective and which are not?

All issues which got delivered with the first shipment to my local flagstore were defective and made creaking sounds when being opened.

I have a real problem with accepting Starfinder as a solid new system, because not only a seemingly large percentage of the CRB first printing is defective, but also because both flip-mats feature a faulty design and, to me at least, the starship pawns are not fitting inside one hex is a problem.

I bought a lot of Battlefleet Gothic & Firestorm Armada miniatures from ebay and these are great, not only do the tiny, small and medium ships fit inside a hex, the larger starships (which don´t fit inside one hex either) are based on a longer flight stand and don´t interfere with smaller ones flying right beside (and under) them.

I would have rather bought the official Starfinder minis (and very probably still will), as they seem to be designed the same, but the painted ones will be available ETA november, if not later.

Personally i think the release of the Starfinder RPG was rushed a little to be in time for GenCon 50, a decision i can understand from a business standpoint, but the lack of quality in 3.5 of the initial 8 starting products (the creature pawns are fine) is more than a little unfortunate and makes me enjoy the game a lot less.

Dark Archive

The link from AP #19 leads to AP #116.

Dark Archive

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Gorbacz wrote:
Oh noes, you didn't list the numbers, we won't be getting the customary "there are now only between 352 and 56990247 of Product X left" posts by Marco! :-P

I try to help people notice which products are running low and should be bought before they sell out completely.

Writing about what has sold out at the warehouse also makes it possible for people to try to get it from flagstores or online-shops which helps everyone involved.

I bought a lot of products of which the least numbers were left of on the last inventory list and worked my way slowly upwards.
I'm not motivated by this list to buy anything, because it's impossible to say what i need to buy first.

So please add some numbers ranges, Paizo crew, otherwise this isn't gonna be very helpful.

Dark Archive

Street date is october 25th 2017.

Dark Archive

Wizkids has dated the release date for 25th of october.

That´s understandably too late to be included in Paizos october shipment.

Paizo shipped the last set seperately and earlier from the rest of it´s products.

Is that planned for this set too or is it gonna be part of the regular november releases?

Thank you.

Dark Archive

Wizkids has updated their release schedule.
Maze of Death will be in stores on wednesday 25th of october 2017.
That's exactly 5 weeks from now.
23 of 52 renders have been shown, leaving 29.
That probably means we'll see 6 or seven previews a week, more if the blog returns to friday. ;-)

Dark Archive

Nice to see, that this great adventure SOLD OUT after seven years! :-)

Dark Archive


Dark Archive

The ships look much more detailed on these pictures!

Dark Archive


Dark Archive

The minis look pretty good to me on these pictures.

I agree on the prices being high, there are other sites where they are cheaper, but Paizo offers a reasonable discount too.

Dark Archive

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Is it to early to ask for "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Romance" aka "Romantic Adventures"??

Can we get "Pathfinder Companion: Realms of Romance"?

At least "Player Companion: Heroes of Romance" or "Player Companion: Villains of Romance"?

The later two would be pretty cool imo.

Dark Archive

The same is true for mine.

My Bestiary 2 first printing (december 2010) is still in better shape than my Starfinder Core Rulebook, despite the first seeing heavy travel and use.

Dark Archive

I´ll be frank: I´m not too excited about this preview.

-Pretty Goblin: Common? How many of these guys do i need? One is okay, but a case will have six! this should be a rare.

-Ratfolk Artillery: The rarity slot is the right one, but the mini is tiny and not small!

-Halfling Butcher: Again, how many Halflings with two weapons do i need? Six in a case? No, actually none at all, as the last set had two.

-Ratfolk Alchemist: The render looks great, but the rarity is wrong.
It would be right, if the acid bomb wouldn´t be trailing a big fat vapor cloud, but this way it looks to be too unique to use more than once.
Well, maybe i can cut it off easily and use more than one of these.

-Derro Artillery: This looks great and generic enough to use a few of. It should have been a common, though.

-Pugwampi Gremlin: The size is right, as the Pugwampi is tiny. The mini looks alright, but if i compare it to the picture on page 144 of the Bestiary 2, it is comes off much weaker. Again the rarity is off, as i need lots of these, it should also be a common.

-Derro Magister: The only one that makes everything right: it´s looks are great (taken straight from the "Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Bestiary"), size and rarity are spot on.

Another thing i don´t like so much about this preview (but to a lesser extent) is, that these are seven humanoid creatures and i would have liked more "strange/freakish" creatures in "Maze of Death".

I like that the Ratfolk are in it (and there will likely be 1 or 2 more), as they have been underpresented.
But i really don´t need another halfling or Goblin - unless it´s a "Space Goblin" at common rarity for Starfinder. ;-)

Oh well, i guess every set needs some minis that are not as much loved as others.

Good to have the hopefully regulary blog back, much better to get it on mondays than on fridays, i hope it keeps it´s new schedule?

Wizkids still lists the set for an october release date, but it still has no exact one: Releases For Oct 2017

Dark Archive


january: Qadira, Jewel of the East

february: Lands of Conflict (Molthune & Nirmathas)

june: Aquatic Adventures (Golarions oceans)

november: Taldor, The First Empire

Okay, so we only got/get four books, but they´re all covering one (or more) Inner Sea realms, which is very cool.


january: Construct Builder´s Guidebook

february: Inner Sea Taverns

april: Nidal, Land of Shadows

I hope the trend from 2017 continues and we´ll get more books about nations. Sadly Varisia, Galt & Razmiran are off the table, since James Jacobs & Erik Mona are too busy and the creator of Razmiran (i forgot) doesn´t work for Paizo anymore.

Dark Archive

Any particular reason why this has been moved from november 15 to january?

Dark Archive

Steve Geddes wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

Very disappointing they went with non-randomised sets. How difficult is it going to be collecting a squadron of fighters? :(

Meanwhile the market will be flooded by battleships.

I don´t think there will be non-randomized sets after these (if any at all).
Isn't that how Ninja Division Games release all of their minis?

Yes, as far as i know they publish most minis seperately, though there have been some boxed sets, i think.

But they usually only offer unpainted versions...

Dark Archive

Can anyone from the Paizo crew shed some light on the reason for a two month pushback?

2017 has been really sparse for the Campaign Setting line... ;-(

Dark Archive

Steve Geddes wrote:

Very disappointing they went with non-randomised sets. How difficult is it going to be collecting a squadron of fighters? :(

Meanwhile the market will be flooded by battleships.

I don´t think there will be non-randomized sets after these (if any at all).

It certainly makes sense for the seven iconic heroes , but not for the ships.

That´s why i bought a couple painted Warhammer 40K minis from ebay.
Star Wars X-Wing could work too.

Dark Archive

It seems that we won't get a minis blog tonight, as there already is a new blog entry up (Sutter's last blog, sniff) & 2 blogs on one day are very rare.

Clearly there are some issues with the frequency of this blog & most probably the intended october 25th release date won't hold.

Dark Archive

This may be a problem only when using first printing versions of the very first few pawns products.

Dark Archive

David knott 242 wrote:

One piece of information that I recently got from a friend who said that he has the Pathfinder pawns and bases: The Starfinder pawns are noticeably thicker than the Pathfinder pawns and thus won't fit into the Pathfinder pawn bases, according to him.

While I am usually inclined to believe him in such matters, I am a bit surprised that nobody else has mentioned that. Maybe he has some other type of fantasy pawns that are thinner than what Paizo makes?

I just tested it and YES, SOME OLDER pawns are indeed thinner than the medium and small pawns from the Starfinder Core Rulebook Pawn Collection.

It seems that the "Pathfinder Bestiary Box" & the "Rise of the Runelords Pawn Collection" too, had thinner cardstock.
The "Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Box" pawns seems to have the same thickness than the Starfinder pawns.

Some Pawns don't go all the way down inside the bases.

Dark Archive

8 people marked this as a favorite.

Now i'm worried!
A lot of great people left Paizo this year & James is just the latest.

Of course i wish you all the best for your future, i'll always like your Pathfinder Tales and hope to read much more from you!

Dark Archive

Who's developing this?
Is it a single writer or are more people involved (besides the multiple artists)?

Dark Archive

Wizkids decides the release date, not Paizo.

I just looked, Wizkids HAS updated their release dates today, Maze of Death STILL has an october release date, but NO EXACT date is given, which is strange.
It may be that they are still in the process of updating their site, but that would be a first for me.
If we won't get a preview today, it's highly likely that something going on with this set imo...

Dark Archive

Wizkids still havn't updated their release schedule for october, which is unusually late, even with taking labor day into account.
If they don't update tomorrow, i expect larger delays.
That being said, with assuming that october 25th is still the intended release date for "Maze of Death", i hope tomorrow brings a minimum of 5 computer renders to make it possible to at least see all these in the 7 weeks left before the minis are in stores. ;-)

Dark Archive

I'm glad that you'll receive replacement copies.

Sadly that won't help me or a lot of other people who didn't buy directly from Paizo or big companies that will replace these without costs.

My retailer (and some others i know) says that it makes no sense to return books because shipping them back to the US is to costly.

There is also the issue of not having a book for use until a new one arrives.

I may buy a german language edition when it comes out & will definetly buy a few pocket editions once they are available (hopefully in 2018).

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Everybody can rate as they wish.
If i hate a product, no matter why, i rate it bad and try to explain why i did so.
The same goes for if i really like a product.

I agree that a 1 star review is harsh, but it's totally okay if the rating person explains WHY it is a bad product for them.
The only reviews that are unhelpful for me are:
a) giving stars without explaination
b) explainations without giving stars
c) ratings before the product is actually available (to subscribers).

Dark Archive

Until these come out, i'm using Warhammer 40K, Star Wars, Battlefleet Gothic & X-Wing minis.
And because there are only the Iconics & Eoxian/Pact World ships being made, i can still use them in the future.

Dark Archive

To become a Hellknight you have to slay a devil in single combat with HD greater than your own.
An Imp has 3 HD & CR 2, so it qualifies.
Even a lemure with 2 HD & CR 1 would.

Dark Archive

Alanya wrote:

If ever these get updated, or we get new iconics/pregens, there are two things I'd love to see:

1. BAB listed somewhere on the sheet. This isn't currently listed that I can find, and it's especially relevant to starship combat and gunners.

2. Ranged weapons having their ranges listed. There are SO many different guns out there, and they all have different ranges. Experienced players will have trouble memorizing them all, much less new players. Considering that the ones most likely to be using these are newer players, this would help immensely, and keep the game flowing (as opposed to stopping for 5 minutes to try to find it on the weapon chart).

my 2c


While BaB is relatively easy to remember - only Solarian & Soldier have full, all others have +3 @ level 4 & +6 @ level 8, looking up weapons ranges took a lot of time.

Dark Archive

I imagine if this set sells well, there is room for more Starfinder cards.
I hope it does well.

Dark Archive

Landscape it is for me too.

I have the D&D 4th Edition Landscape screen, it´s one of the best products that came out of that mess. ;-)

Dark Archive

I really have enough Bestiaries for PF right now.

I´m more excited for annually Alien Archives.

That being said, "Monster Codex 2" or "NPC Codex 2" or a "Bestiary (1) Starfinder Conversion" would be something i´d buy.

Bestiary 7, not so much.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's only a Player Companion (although it's one of the best together with People of the River imo) and more aimed at PCs than GMs.
And 32 pages are not enough to cover everything relevant in Golarions most fleshed-out land. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mr. Jacobs, i wonder if we'll finally get a "Varisia" Campaign Setting around the time this AP comes out?
Or does it make more sense to wait until after all the issues have come out to incorporate all the new information?

Dark Archive

You can see the pre-painted minis and ships here from GenCon 50, the iconics do seem to be a little bigger than the final product probably will be.

Starfinder minis

You don´t have to log in to facebook, just click on the large picture and then again to go to the next one.

The ships look much more detailed than in the previous pictures.
It is especially nice, that the sizes are right (from the tiny Necroglider to the gargantuan Omenbringer), though the all fit on the same hex-bases.

I hope they will be available as singles later, as i want to have battles with an Omenbringer discharging it´s full two hangar bays filled with 16 Necrogliders at the PCs ship(s).

Dark Archive

Please delete the premature product REview.
Thank you.

Also a set list would be great.
I don´t play the card game, but i like most PF Tales characters, especially the ones from the old Paizo books.

Dark Archive

Will there be either some preview samples or a set list before release?

I count these conditions:

01 Asleep
02 Bleeding
03 Blinded
04 Burning
05 Confused
06 Cowering
07 Dazed
08 Dazzled
09 Dead
10 Deafened
11 Dying
12 Encumbered
13 Entangled
14 Exhausted
15 Fascinated
16 Fatigued
17 Flat-Footed
18 Frightened
19 Grappled
20 Helpless
21 Nauseated
22 Off-Kilter
23 Off-Target
24 Overburdened
25 Panicked
26 Paralyzed
27 Pinned
28 Prone
29 Shaken
30 Sickened
31 Stable
32 Staggered
33 Stunned
34 Unconcious

It seems that being "invisible" is a condition too, at least as far as these cards are concerned. ;-)

So that makes 35 different images plus some doubles i guess.

Though there could also be: charging, fighting defensively, total defense, running, delaying, readying an action could also be "conditions".

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One thing:

If it would be bad for Paizo to do the hardcover collections, they wouldn´t do them.
If the RotR AE would have sold badly, there wouldn´t have been a CotCT HC.

So people who think there won´t be another are very probably very wrong.

It will be a few years before another AP gets collected, especially with Starfinder stretching the resources right now.

To be back on topic:

The odds of getting a Carrion Crown HC are pretty low, because the most likely APs to get the next HC tretment are:

"Legacy of Fire" (#19 still had than 500 issues in stock in december 2016, #20 had less than 500 issues in stock in december 2016,
#21 had less than 1000 issues in stock in december 2016, #22 IS SOLD OUT,
#23 IS SOLD OUT, #24 IS SOLD OUT). It is 3.5 and needs to be converted to Pathfinder.

"Kingmaker" (#33 is the only issue that´s still available and only in non-mint condition). The computer-game will probably push it´s popularity (if it´s any good) in the fall of 2018, so that 2019 could be a good date to announce a HC collection.
It also doesn´t need very much tweaking, as most of it is very good as it is.

Dark Archive

Draeth Darkstar wrote:
Can anyone who's seen the finished product in person comment on the font size? I'm pretty blind, so it usually takes a moderately large print (16-20pt) for me to be able to read it at enough distance that a GM screen would actually be useful.

I just asked my girlfriend, she says it´s 10-12pt.

It is pretty small, if you can´t see so good, this won´t help you much, only the "Firing and shield arcs" illustration on page 4 and the headlines are large enough to see easily. ;-(

Dark Archive

Jeff Alvarez (Chief Operations Officer) wrote:

"Our most recent info tells us that the red, green, and blue Pathfinder bases will be back in stock in mid September as will the Pathfinder Base Assortment bags. The Starfinder Base Assortment bags have moved to an October release and the Starfinder yellow, orange, and purple bases should be available around the same time."

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