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Drow Battle Wizard

Marco Massoudi's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,679 posts. 449 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Dark Archive

I hope we´ll get a flip-mat with the "Thaumtech Cairncarver" from AP#2 on one side and maybe the as yet untitled starship from AP#3 on the other side!

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Relase date for the january products seems to be january 31st 2018:

phd games

Prepare for the (7 weeks) gap! ;-)

Dark Archive

Pigraven wrote:
Sorry to jump back a set, but does anybody know the source material for the illustrations (and possible stat blocks) of the Halfling Butcher and Pretty Goblin from Maze Of Death?

No problem Pigraven. :-)

I'm pretty sure the "Halfling Butcher" is from Book 1 or 2 of the "Hell's Vengeance AP (#103 or #104) and has a stat block in there.

The "Pretty Goblin" i don't remember exactly (it was just a random piece of art somewhere in the back of a hardcover), but i'm pretty sure it has no stat block.

On another note:

set 8 renders

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Damn you for putting an "Ellicoth" on the cover!
I love these (magical) beasts, but at gargantuan size they are too big for a pawn and there are no similiar looking miniatures as stand-ins either! ;-(

Dark Archive

Some thoughts on the number of pawns provided:

The person responsible for choosing the numbers provided for every creature has done a good job.
Almost every creature is there in the required amount.

There are a few exceptions:
-"Apari" have organization: solitary, but two are in the set.
-"Deh-Nolo" is the same.
-"Dragon, Young Adult Blue" is the same.
-"Gray" are encountered solo, paired or as invasion (6-12), but 4 are included.
-"Haan Combat Pilot" are encountered solitary, but 2 are included.
-"Hallajin" is the same.
-"Ikeshti Rivener" is the same.
-"Inevitable, Anhamut" is the same.
-"Kalo Deepspeaker" is encountered solitary, but 4 are included.
-"Maraquoi Shaman" is the same.
-"Necrovite" is solitary, but two are included.
-"Novaspawn" is the same.
-"Orocoran Ichor Lord" is the same.
-"Reptoid Master" is the same.
-"Skittermander Whelps" are encountered solitary or as a nest (5-25), yet only 4 are included.
-"Swarm Thresher Lords" are encountered up to 2 at a time, yet 4 are included.

There could have been more "Drow Enforcers", "Space Goblins", "Hesper" or "Ikeshti" instead, but that´s a minor concern remedied with buying a second box.

-"Elicoth", one of the coolest creatures imo, is missing because it´s gargantuan.
-"Frujai Colony" - colossal.
-"Kyokor" - colossal.
-"Oma", which is colossal as a creature, but medium as a starship.
This could and should have been included.

-The "Cybernetic Zombie" pawn is medium, but being based on an Ysoki base creature, it should be small instead.
-"Void Hag": 2 are included, but for a coven 3 are needed.

Mostly a very good selection. Having more pawns than needed is better than the alternative.
If 3-5 medium Oma and one more medium Void Hag would be included and the "Cybernetic Zombie" (assuming it is based on the Ysoki art from page 114 of the Alien Archive) would be small, it would be nearly perfect.

I´ll put up a proper review once i have the physical product in hand.

Dark Archive

edxerox wrote:
These look really great. What I always find challenging about the map packs though is how to set up these 'feature' terrain tiles into a coherent battle map without generic terrain tiles to go with them to use to place around these feature tiles. In this pack the generic tiles would simply be white snow tiles. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, you are not alone with that.

In this special case these maps could work as underlying "background":
Winter Forest
Mountain Pass.
These two are the only flip-mats which have "ice terrain" and one is long sold out.

There are other map-packs which work better by themselves or with another map pack, but some, like Desert Sites, have the same problem.

An okay stand-in for both desert & ice is this:
Basic, even if the colors are not exactly matching, they are close enough. ;-)

Dark Archive

Crodge wrote:
It's free, and there is a ton of options.

I really liked your review of "Ultimate Wilderness", it was short but on point. :-)

As you are often the first to rate a product, but in most cases don´t explain why it gets the rating, i often can´t comprehend it.
It would be great if you could write one or two short sentences to explain, as i found your reasoning in case of UW very sound.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

Dark Archive

The Undead are patient.
That's why the Corpse fleet will now arrive in march 2018.

Dark Archive

Moved to march 2018!

Dark Archive

As these have been moved to march because Paizo wasn't thrilled by the paint job, i guess even fewer people will buy them.
I know i will only get them if they are dirt cheap.
Some online stores offered them for under $30, but that's still to much imo.
$25 would be okay.

Dark Archive

It doesn't seem that many people subscribed to this...

Dark Archive

Todd_Westcot wrote:
Thanks Rick!

Congratulations on completing another full Adventure Path, Todd!

These look great enough to be pawns imo.

Any other sets finished/in the pipeline?

Cheers, Marco

Dark Archive

I guess i won't be buying any Starfinder minis then and stick to the pawns for special creatures and use Star Wars, Warhammer 40K & PFB minis for the rest.
I already use Battlefleet Gothic, Dropfleet Commander & Full Thrust models for the starships.

I also would be very surprised if Ninja Devision really makes that march date a reality.

The only thing they seem to work at momentarily, seems to be the Kickstarter and the pledge manager has already been moved to january 2018...

Dark Archive

I sure hope that's not the case with the print set too.
It would be the next in a series of quality issues with Starfinder...

Dark Archive

Can somebody share the stat block info for the city of Talasantri (pop, races...)?

Thank you.

Dark Archive

Iconic Psychic blog

Dark Archive

Samy wrote:

Wonder how tough it would be to retrofit Misgivings for this map...

In any case, this looks like a very useful map on my "rooms per dollar" meter.

What's the isolated room in the upper right corner of the upper floors side? It doesn't seem to connect to anywhere, no stairs or anything.

It seems to be the room where the staircase leads to, there is a trapdoor in the floor if you look closely. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi Erik, i hope you´re well!

1.)Will the 10-headed Hydra in the Pathfinder Battles Set 14 "Jungle of Despair" be of HUGE or GARGANTUAN size?

2.)So i guess that means Pathfinder Battles Set 15 will have the "Huge Earth & Huge Water Elemental" as case incentives?

3.)How many of these creatures are in PFB: JoD:
-Assassin Vine (L)
-small dragons (s)
-Eel (s)
-Monkey (s)
-Rat (s)
-Toad (s)
-Viper (s)
-Weasel (s)
-Cat (s)
-Mohrg (m)
-Nymph (m)
-Octopus (s)
-Giant Octopus (L)
-Squid (m)
-Wolverine (m)
-Yellow Musk Creeper (m)

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions in here.

Cheers, Marco

Dark Archive

Vic Wertz wrote:
Rahod wrote:
Will they make combat cards for regular combat and spaceship combat?
What sort of cards do you envision for starship combat?

A picture with information about the type on one side (like Thaumtech Necroglider, Affiliation: Corpse Fleet, Crew: one...)

and a picture of shields/hull points on the other, together with relevant info like weapon damage, pilot bonus, maneuverability...

These would be really handy, as looking up every single ship and what kind of bonus which system provides is a real pain, especially when you have a spacefight with multiple ships.

Dark Archive

Vic Wertz wrote:
rknop wrote:

Just checking- will this pawn set have labels and numbers?

(I had to manually write numbers on all my Starfinder core pawns.)

Labels, yes; numbers, no. (And, like the Starfinder Core pawns, there is color-coding to differentiate multiple pawns that have the same art.)

Do a lot of you want numbers?

It´s far easier to write "Skittermander 1", "Skittermander 2"... on the Initiative counter than to write "Skittermander Blue", Skittermander Yellow" and so on.

It´s a space issue.

So yes, i´m more of a numbers guy, even if both numbers and colors would be the best of both worlds.
But if i would have to chose, it´s numbers.

Thank you for asking, Vic.

And thank you very much @Owen for explaining "Summon Monster". :-)

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Pathfinder Battles set 14: Jungle of Despair has been announced!
It will be out in may 2018 and contains 44 creature minis plus 6 dungeon dressings.
The case incentive will be a Hydra with 10 interchangeable heads!!!

5-headed version


The other announced minis are:


-Tanuki (Bestiary 3)
-Hollow Serpent (Bestiary 3)
-Serpentfolk Fighter (Monster Codex)
-Giant Leech (Bestiary 2)
-Pixie (Bestiary)
-King of the Jungle (?)

Dark Archive

The set list has been added!

It's good to see that every creature gets at least 2 pawns and that creatures which are encountered in groups get up to six pawns.

Can anybody who knows provide an answer to how many creatures of one type the new "summon monster" spell can conjure?
I would guess up to four, as that's the number of pawns all elementals get, even if personally i'd like it to be one.


Dark Archive

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Sara Marie wrote:

Kayos. and Paul T, your orders have been generated now.

I wish you a great sunday evening, Sara Marie! :-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The shifters name is "Zova" & she is a shoanti from Varisias cinderlands.

Dark Archive

Street date is wednesday 1st of november.

Dark Archive

The Pitborn Fighter is now available from Paizo.

All 50 minis from the boosters are at the moment.

The two large dragons (blue & Nightmare) seem to sell best.

Dark Archive

While i agree that waiting for part 5 or 6 to be out before beginning to read/prepare an AP makes for the best coherent roleplay experience, it's a much more difficult thing to do with this first Starfinder AP, as one has to wait 11 months instead of the usual 5 until the last part releases.
Also with 64 pages instead of 96, it feels shorter than a Pathfinder AP, which level-wise it actually is.

On the other hand, i don't think this AP is breaking down after book #4, as most Pathfinder APs i took part in did.

Dark Archive

update with four new sculpts

-Driftdead (AP#1)
-Ksarik (First Contact)
-Knight of Golarion (Starfinder CRB)
-Ysoki Gang Leader (AP#1)

The next update is due on wednesday 8th of november and from then on every two weeks.

Dark Archive

Vic Wertz wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote: i remember it, Paizo pitches minis ideas to them and they either okay them or don´t. ;-)

Occasionally, we go to WizKids with a specific idea for a new format, but the way it normally works is that WizKids comes to us and says "we want to do a product with this format." We might occasionally have suggestions about to how to modify that idea, but usually we just say, "okay—here are the minis we think should be in it."

Marco Massoudi wrote:
As i have come to know the Wizkids minis team, they won´t change anything in the booster composition by themselves.

That's simply not the case. For example, we had always wanted to do dungeon dressing with them, and had talked about a lot of ways to do it, but the current system for distributing them into boosters was largely their plan. And though we've offered up a ton of ideas for case incentives, they're almost always the ones saying "With *this* set, we'd like to do a 2-pack of Huges," or "with *this* set, we'd like to do a Gargantuan," or "with *this* set, we'd like to do a playset plus a handful of single minis."

Marco Massoudi wrote:
It´s a little unfortunate that D&D 5 has huge miniatures available in their boosters, but Pathfinder only had them in their 2nd set... ;-(
When they want to try something new (or retry something they haven't done for a while), they might choose the Pathfinder Battles line to try it out on, or they might choose any of their other lines. For example, they brought the Builder series concept to the Battles line only after they had success with it in a couple of their HeroClix lines. If WizKids thinks that putting Huges back into Battles boosters is a good idea, we'll be happy to give them a list of minis to do (and they know that). But that is entirely a business decision for them to make.

Thank you for taking the time to reply so thoroughly, it´s very much appreciated.

It really clarifies some issues for me.
Have a great weekend, Vic!

Dark Archive

Vic Wertz wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
You´re probably reluctant to do sets including huge minis in boosters for all kinds of (good) reasons (booster size, changing set composition, sales)...
That sort of decision is up to WizKids, not Paizo.

Thank you for the reply, Vic. :-)

I guess Wizkids is focussing more on huge minis being part of their D&D minis (the upcoming Monster Menagerie 3 being the 2nd set to include huge minis), but as i remember it, Paizo pitches minis ideas to them and they either okay them or don´t. ;-)

As i have come to know the Wizkids minis team, they won´t change anything in the booster composition by themselves.

It´s a little unfortunate that D&D 5 has huge miniatures available in their boosters, but Pathfinder only had them in their 2nd set... ;-(

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Erik Mona wrote:

Marco Massoudi wrote:

-The Bloodstained Altar would also make most sense if it was 2 squares long and 1 square broad, so a medium mini can be layed on it.
It will probably not displace a large mini though, as it isn´t that massive.

I agree that this is more of a Medium as well. You can definitely put a Medium figure on top of the altar standing up as normal, though. I just did it a few minutes ago!

You could also be super-devilish and just put it

upside down to place a medium mini on it. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Official Maze of death gallery

The fireplace is the most useful piece, as it also includes a campfire & wood pile.


Heres a picture of all dungeon dressings.

As you can see by the packaging, the fireplace definetly replaces a large mini, as does the portcullis (which unfortunately seems to be bended and warped in every single case i´ve seen).

The altar, fountain & Knight statue replace a medium miniature.

I can´t really be 100% sure about the barred door, but normally only two of the six dressing pieces replace a large mini in a case, so i´d guess it replaces a medium mini despite being something between medium and large.
I hope i could help you. :-)

Dark Archive

This Pathfinder AP volume & the one from last month also don't have a number listed in the header - it should say #131 & #130 respectively. ;-)

Dark Archive

Nice cover: Valeros & Lirianne fighting mutant gnolls in the "mana wastes".

Dark Archive

Erik Mona wrote:

The elemental mixup is my fault. I misremembered which Elementals were in this set when building my Paizocon presentation and accidentally included the water elemental.

Rest assured, the water elemental WILL appear in an upcoming set.

Hey Erik, it´s great to have you back here offering your thoughts!

No big deal with the Water Elemental - we´ll get it next year. ;-)
Is there still a "scenery" incentive planned for the next Pathfinder Battles set?
A "walls and doors" set or a modular "Wizards Tower" would be great sellers imo.

You´re probably reluctant to do sets including huge minis in boosters for all kinds of (good) reasons (booster size, changing set composition, sales), but will there ever be an Aboleth?
It´s very probably the most often requested huge mini that has never been made into ppm (besides the Water Elemental) and at CR 7 multiples of it (organization: brood (3-6)) would be useful.

As far as dressing repaints go:
barrels, cages, crates & (round) tables seem to have been the most popular sellers.
I´d still like that grey stone fireplace variant, but let´s see what sells best. ;-)

Dark Archive

Maze of death singles

#7 Pitborn Fighter is the only one that´s not available.

Personally i already bought three fireplaces and a Decapus somewhere else, before the singles went up. ;-)

Dark Archive

Chezo wrote:
Very interested in getting this for my next campaign. I've never brought anything on preorder there a release date yet?

Wizkids release schedule lists it for november 2017, with no exact date given yet.

Dark Archive

Young Boromir wrote:
Received a case yesterday in the mail from Paizo. Will be opening it today.


I'll be happy to read your thoughts about the minis.
Have fun opening them & good luck for getting a complete set! :-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
captain yesterday wrote:

Aren't they getting more in sometime this fall.

I seem to remember hearing that.

Yes, i remember reading it is either planned for a november or december reprint.

But i think the core Rulebook reprint (which i´ll buy despite having the first printing) is due in december, so who knows?

Personally i hope the "sold out before street date" situation will end with "Pact Worlds" & AP #7.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
SphereRunner wrote:
I read all of the bulletin points and I'm excited for this book, but how much more are you guys going to talk about the planets themselves with the gazetteers and not just copy and paste from Pathfinder Distant Worlds book?

I have been wondering about that too, but with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds only 64 pages strong and including a Bestiary section of Lashunta, four-armed giants of Akiton, Contemplatives, undead Bone Sages of Eox, the Forever Queen, Dragonkin, Brethedans & Oma, which have all been updated to the Alien Archive, it has to contain more than the four-page entries about the planets.

That being said, there are other things than the planets planned in Pact Worlds too.
Do we have a page count yet?
I imagine it has to have more pages than the Alien Archive, as it costs $5 more...

Dark Archive

What kind of article is it, that tries to sell a hardcover, but doesn't mention that it's momentarily sold out and a second printing will be available hopefully later this year?

Please add this information and an ETA, otherwise customers will wonder whats wrong with the book.
Thank you.

Dark Archive

Now officially sold out it seems.

Dark Archive

Something which a "Robert Silvester" wrote on the Starfinder Kickstarter page:


SPM/ND promised shipping from a depot in Canada for their Rail Raiders Infinite campaign, so as to avoid/minimize shipping and customs charges.

Today, with the project a year overdue, they suddenly announced that this will not happen...

SPM (Soda Pop Miniatures): "I have confirmed that Canadian pledge rewards will be distributed from our fulfillment center in the United States. I understand that we stated differently on the campaign page, and I have no insight into this difficult decision. I apologize for any fees or taxes our Canadian backers may need to pay to receive their packages."


For their Starfinder Kickstarter they wrote this:

"To help minimize your shipping and customs costs, we will ship rewards to multiple international shipping hubs at our cost (US, EU, CN, and AU). These hubs ship all rewards to backers in their region. Depending on your region, this will help reduce or eliminate any additional import duties you will be required to pay.

United States of America: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $26.5 / All-in Pledge $35
Argentina: Adventure $52.5 / Campaign $70 / All-in Pledge $112.5
Australia: Adventure $17 / Campaign $21 / All-in Pledge $27
Austria: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Belgium: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Brazil: Adventure $52.5 / Campaign $70 / All-in Pledge $112.5
Canada: Adventure $14.5 / Campaign $22 / All-in Pledge $44
Switzerland:Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Chile: Adventure $52.5 / Campaign $70 / All-in Pledge $112.5
China: Adventure $15 / Campaign $19 / All-in Pledge $25
Costa Rica: Adventure $52.5 / Campaign $70 / All-in Pledge $112.5
Czech Republic: Adventure $20.5 / Campaign $24.5 / All-in Pledge $28.5
Germany: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Denmark: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $21 / All-in Pledge $24.5
Spain: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Finland: Adventure $27.5 / Campaign $32.5 / All-in Pledge $32.5
France: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
United Kingdom: Adventure $14 / Campaign $16.5 / All-in Pledge $18.5
Hong Kong, SAR China: Adventure $14 / Campaign $17 / All-in Pledge $22
Hungary: Adventure $20.5 / Campaign $24.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Indonesia: Adventure $30.5 / Campaign $41.5 / All-in Pledge $75.5
Ireland: Adventure $15 / Campaign $17.5 / All-in Pledge $19.5
Iceland: Adventure $33.5 / Campaign $39.5 / All-in Pledge $39.5
Israel: Adventure $27.5 / Campaign $56 / All-in Pledge $87
Italy: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Japan: Adventure $24 / Campaign $31 / All-in Pledge $50
Korea (South): Adventure $20 / Campaign $26 / All-in Pledge $40
Lithuania: Adventure $20.5 / Campaign $23 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Luxembourg: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Latvia: Adventure $33.5 / Campaign $39.5 / All-in Pledge $39.5
Mexico: Adventure $48.5 / Campaign $63 / All-in Pledge $93
Malta: Adventure $22.5 / Campaign $51 / All-in Pledge $82
Netherlands: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Norway: Adventure $28.5 / Campaign $34.5 / All-in Pledge $34.5
New Zealand: Adventure $20.5 / Campaign $30.5 / All-in Pledge $61
Peru: Adventure $52.5 / Campaign $70 / All-in Pledge $112.5
Philippines: Adventure $22.5 / Campaign $29.5 / All-in Pledge $51
Poland: Adventure $18.5 / Campaign $22.5 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Portugal: Adventure $20.5 / Campaign $23 / All-in Pledge $26.5
Romania: Adventure $33.5 / Campaign $39.5 / All-in Pledge $39.5
Russian Federation: Adventure $33.5 / Campaign $39.5 / All-in Pledge $39.5
Singapore: Adventure $19 / Campaign $25 / All-in Pledge $40
Slovakia: Adventure $31.5 / Campaign $37.5 / All-in Pledge $37.5
Sweden: Adventure $28.5 / Campaign $34.5 / All-in Pledge $34.5
Thailand: Adventure $23 / Campaign $34 / All-in Pledge $66
Taiwan, Republic of China: Adventure $15 / Campaign $20 / All-in Pledge $34
Ukraine: Adventure $28.5 / Campaign $34.5 / All-in Pledge $34.5
Rest of World: Adventure $36.5 / Campaign $67 / All-in Pledge $110

Please note that these are ESTIMATES ONLY and may change as we unlock more items, if you purchase additional rewards, or choose rewards spanning multiple shipping waves."

The last part basically negates anything written before.
It will be interesting to see what happens come may 2018.

Dark Archive

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
The water elemental was revealed as the case incentive at the paizocon banquet, which is where the confusion came from.

Ah, thanks Cpt_kirstov, now i remember again! :-)

Dark Archive

Rotolord wrote:

Wow, if these end up as price points applied elsewhere too this will be a booster only situation for me...

In my experience, some will offer a lot of them cheaper (like Paizo themselves next wednesday) and some will offer them for even higher prices.

At least wait until wednesday 25th and check out Paizos webstore. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
captain yesterday wrote:
Review deposited.

Your review makes for a good read. ;-)

Dark Archive

David knott 242 wrote:

I am still scratching my head trying to figure out where the image of the Huge Water Elemental came from since it is not a mini that Wizkids is ready to sell yet.

The First announcement about this product was, it being "Air & Fire Elementals".

Shortly later, at GenCon 50 or PaizoCon (i can´t remember), the images of the Huge Water Elemental and Huge Air Elementals were shown.

From then on, i too was under the impression, that the incentive content had been changed to include the Water elemental (and ordered two incentives).

I´m 100% sure it is not Paizos fault, as Wizkids decides about these things.

But it would be nice to hear the story behind this.

As i recall, the next Pathfinder Battles set (#14 ETA may 2018) is planned to include another scenery set and the one after that (#15 ETA october 2018) should include the two missing Huge Earth and Water elementals.

This is not set in stone though and Wizkids could still decide otherwise.

Dark Archive

I´m cool with initial products (AP #1-6, Starfinder Core Rulebook, Alien Archive) being pricier for the reduced page count, because Paizo didn´t know how well it would sell.

From july next year on though, prices should either be reduced if the page count stays the same or the page count needs to be upped, as it is clear now that Starfinder is selling comparably to Pathfinder or even better.

Dark Archive

Yeah, updates are still lagging behind the usual schedule since GenCon 50. ;-(

Dark Archive

I found a set list and prices from an online shop (the art sources were added by me, not all are 100% accurate):

1 Pretty Goblin (???) 3,99
2 Ratfolk Artillery (Monster Codex) 2,99
3 Halfling Butcher (Hell´s Vengeance) 1,99
4 Mindfrond (Bestiary) 2,99
5 Purple Fungus (Bestiary) 3,99
6 Werebear (Bestiary 2) 3,99
7 Pitborn Fighter (Blood of Devils) 2,99
8 Juju Zombie (Bestiary 2) 3,99
9 Witchfire (Mummys Mask) 3,99
10 Ulat-Kini Warrior (Strange Aeons) 3,99
11 Ulat-Kini Mystic (Strange Aeons) 3,99
12 Lizardfolk Warrior (Bestiary) 3,99
13 Wood Golem (Bestiary) 3,99

14 Ratfolk Alchemist (Monster Codex) 5,99
15 Derro Artillery (Strange Aeons) 4,99
16 Pugwampi (Bestiary 2) 4,99
17 Urdefhan Warrior (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 7,99
18 Urdefhan Necromancer (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 7,99
19 Ghost Fungus (Bestiary 2) 6,99
20 Blight Druid (Strange Aeons) 5,99
21 Lizardfolk Mireborn (Module) 7,99
22 Gate Hellknight (Pathfinder Society#7-25) 7,99
23 Ghul (Bestiary 3) 7,99
24 Penanggalen (Bestiary 2) 6,99

25 Minotaur Artillery (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 9,99
26 Minotaur Cleric (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 9,99
27 Giant Moray Eel (Bestiary) 5,99
28 Viper Vine (Bestiary 2) 8,99
29 Deep Lurker (Bestiary) 6,99
30 Sea Drake (Bestiary 2) 6,99
31 Ice Devil (Bestiary) 6,99
32 Amphisbaena (Bestiary 2) 5,99

33 Derro Magister (Occult Bestiary) 8,99
34 Talmandor (Taldor Campaign Setting) 8,99
35 Tengu Hero (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 9,99
36 Elf Mystic (Hell´s Vengeance) 13,99
37 Apostate Devil (Bestiary 5) 9,99
38 Diabolical Mystic (Hell´s Vengeance) 9,99
39 Medium Copper Dragon (Bestiary) 14,99
40 Canopy Lurker (Decapus) (Bestiary 2) 8,99

41 Nightmare Dragon (Strange Aeons) 24,99
42 Large Blue Dragon (NPC Codex) 29,99
43 Cyclops Mystic (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 8,99
44 Minotaur Labyrinth Guardian (Inner Sea Monster Codex) 29,99

45 Fire Elemental Lord (Mythic Adventures) na
46 Air Elemental Lord (Mythic Adventures) na

47 Altar (Dressing) 14,99
48 Barred Door (Dressing) 14,99
49 Fireplace (Dressing) 14,99
50 Fountain (Dressing) 10,99
51 Knight Statue (Dressing) 10,99
52 Portcullis (Dressing) 19,99

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