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Drow Battle Wizard

Marco Massoudi's page

Organized Play Member. 2,831 posts. 490 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Organized Play characters.


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Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mark Moreland wrote:
Paizo is closed today in observance of Presidents' Day. Warehouse operations will continue tomorrow.

Thank you for answering questions here (and posting the minis blog) on your day off, Mark!

Have a great president´s day.

Dark Archive

Human Hunter:
While the details on this figure are amazing, the direction the bow is pointed to seems non-threatening and un-dynamic.
If the bow would be pointed straight, i could see the use of 4-6 of these, but like this it is the first mini in the set, that i won´t have use for more than one. ;-(

Dwarf Explorer:
He looks pretty cool and i can see him well in a Darklands setting. I hope the mostly darker colors don´t make the details unrecognizable.
The decision to make this mini rare is also right imo.

Human Arcanist:
Great looking mini! Perfect colors, perfect details, perfect rarity.

(Bralani) Azata Wilder:
Very similiar to the artwork on page 24 of the Bestiary, this guy is holding his elaborate bow the right way and it´s great to have a Pathfinder Battles version of this often summoned "monster".

Thanks again for a great punctual and atmospheric preview, Mark!

Do you know from your head where the artwork from the first three is from?

So next week we´ll finally see one or two of the Daemons or Qlippoth in the set? ;-)

Dark Archive

No news about the release date of these...

Dark Archive

Update #37 shows the two different Ikeshti Brood Minders and states:

100% of the sculpts are completed and the last batch is under review right now at Paizo.

Dark Archive

Joe Jungers wrote:
Any clue what levels this adventure is intended to accommodate?

Considering Starfinder has only one advancement track and that this book has the same page count as the other Starfinder APs, assuming it mimics the first AP, this second installment of AtAT will probably start at level 3 and end at level 5.

The third book would then start at 5 and go to 7.
That is only an educated guess though.

Dark Archive

Rick Kunz wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:

I noticed that the july 2018 Starfinder Flip-Mat "Asteroids" is priced at $19.99, as is the one coming in september.

I thought this was an error, as the descriptions were wrong at first, but the price stayed when the measurements were downgraded from oversized mats to normal 24 x 30 ones.
Also the Pathfinder "Wizard's Dungeon" is the same.
The $19.99 price was listed in error. They are $14.99 and the prices have been adjusted.

Thank you, Rick! :-)

Dark Archive

I noticed that the july 2018 Starfinder Flip-Mat "Asteroids" is priced at $19.99, as is the one coming in september.
I thought this was an error, as the descriptions were wrong at first, but the price stayed when the measurements were downgraded from oversized mats to normal 24 x 30 ones.
Also the Pathfinder "Wizard's Dungeon" is the same.

Dark Archive

Anaba Boeska wrote:
Are 24 x 30 flip maps going up to $19.99?

If they are, it begins in july with Starfinder Flip-mat "Asteroids".

Up until now, i am buying every flip-mat.
If they go up one third in price, i will very probably not do that anymore, so i hope not...

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The nymph looks like she's eying that shoes, wanting them for herself...
Also the shoes the druid is wearing color-clash with his robe, so maybe he has some interest too.
Man, i see whole new quest adventures for these shoes come up... ;-)

Dark Archive


Dark Archive

I'm not even kidding, atm i'm imagining what a "Gelatinous Cube" cookie would taste like. :-)

Dark Archive

Mark Moreland wrote:
Cpt_kirstov wrote:
DropBearHunter wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
DropBearHunter wrote:
couldn‘t you trade the time saved on these two for time spend on the more expensive ones?

Not at a lower rarity, no. I mean, we could just do fewer minis with uncommon-level detail, but that's not ideal.

so you can do the time swapping within the same level of rarity, but once a sculpt is so simple it slipped to common you can‘t bump it to uncommon again, to make another uncommon a common sculpt?

I thought that was why a blind mix was done in the first place, and can remember Eric writing something on those lines around the time I started collecting.
that was quite a while ago (2013, me reading it, the post might be older) so maybe it didn’t work out that way.

The number of steps has always been a driving force on rarity... if you read the rise of the runelords set blogs, its mentioned on why some of the humanoids are rare. The blind packs allow for a bigger variety, because in theory you buy more to get the ones you want, which offsets the price to make the larger ones....

look at it this way - say a paint step costs $10,000 a mini for an uncommon and $20,000 a mini for common (since they make about twice as many) If you move something like the nymph who has 3 paint steps to uncommon, and try to move something that has 5 paint steps (like most uncommons do) to common, you just cost wizkids $70,000 of profit. Note: these number are simplified for the examples sake - I'm guessing its actually closer to 20K/40K leading to 140K loss if not more based on the number of cases produced). Based on conversations, it sounds like a common can't have more than 3-4 paint steps and a wash. an uncommon averages 5-6 paint steps, and a rare can have up to 12.

This is really the issue. A common mini can only have so many paint steps due to the increased volume of that rarity compared to uncommons and rares.

Let's pretend instead of minis, we're talking about making cookies....

Thank you for going above & beyond the call of duty, Mark. :-)

That was a really great read (also thanks for the overall paint budget comment on plasticrypt).

The only problem is: now i'm hungry for "Pathfinder Battle Cookies"!

Dark Archive

Skeld, PDF Prophet wrote:
taks wrote:
Skeld, PDF Prophet wrote:

I got my shipping notice a few minutes ago, so... has begun!


Me too. This is the first time I got mine on the first day. I'm stoked. And I'm also behind on my CoCT and Ironfang note generation. Too much reading to do this week, coupled with all the wine I have to finish... ARGH! :)

For the record, I like the maps.

I meant to mention the maps; they're great. I especially like the inside cover map, with the various regions/loyalties highlighted.



-can you share how large the gazetteer of Oppara is and how detailed the map (as we´ll get that one as one of the three in the map folio)?

-Can you elaborate on the inside cover map (of Taldor and it´s counties, i assume)?

-Lastly, how many "primary movers and shakers within the Taldan senate" are in the book and are stats or CR given?

Thanks a lot,

Dark Archive

Cat-thulhu wrote:
There’s a Girallon in the set, pictured on the side of the box. I b3lieve it’s a named one from the serpents skull AP possibly.

Kalindlara is right, it´s an "Anghazani" or "High Girallon".

It may be the "King of the Jungle" mentioned in the descriptive text.

Normal Girallon have Int of 2 and are not able to wield weapons, whereas High Girallon do have an Int of 12.
You are right about the one pictured on the boosters, it´s from Serpents Skull book 3 and called Olujimi.

Dark Archive

What if the new Captain is Spock?
He served under Captain Pike after all... ;-)
I hope it´s Prime Lorca somehow.

Dark Archive

Adam Daigle wrote:

Hey folks, I just wanted to pop in here and address the Player's Guide question that's been floating around. Due to illnesses and other production-related issues, the Player's Guide for this Adventure Path is going to be delayed longer than normal. While we try to have them out by the time subscribers start getting their PDFs, that isn't going to happen this time around. I still endeavor to have it out as soon as possible, but I have no firm estimates at this time.

Thanks for your patience.

2017s first player´s Guide was out on march 16th, so no worries there and get well soon! :-)

Street date is the last day of february, so that should suffice. ;-)

Dark Archive

With 5 out of 8 uncommon large minis now revealed:

i fear one of my other 4 predicted/desired uncommon large minis:

won´t be in it. ;-(

Dark Archive

Hm, maybe a hawk will be in this set too, but we already had this:
Falcon, i´d rather have a lizard, monkey and viper as animal companions are concerned. ;-)

I also expected the Pixie to be in this preview, it was announced to be in the set in the initial introduction text... :-o

Dark Archive

I called/expected the first three minis in this set, thanks Erik! :-)

The Couatl looks great, more colorful than the artwork on page 49 of the Bestiary. 15 foot wing span and 12 feet lenght seem to translate well.
Mark, it´s hard to see how the head looks, could you maybe show us a side view?

The Dryad is very similar to the artwork from page 116 of the Bestiary, only the skin should be a little darker to reflect that the "flesh that seems made of wood".

The Nymph also looks like she was taken from page 217 of the Bestiary and i like don´t mind the added green seaweed skirt at all.

Love the Elf Druid, simple but beautiful. Makes for a great PC or NPC.

The Clay Golem seems to be too small (over 8 feet if the Bestiary is to be believed), but it is the last missing Golem from the Bestiary and it looks loike the artwork on page 159, so i´m good.

Great preview and great text - again. Thank you, Mark!

Dark Archive

These two look, like they could salvage/enhance this map:

Pathfinder Map Pack: Forest Dangers

Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Forest Starter Set

Dark Archive

Zaister wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
Bardess wrote:
Hope the three S are three PrC.

They most certainly won't be. ;-)

There are no Prestige Classes in Adventure Path books.
Not quite:

  • #2, "The Skinsaw Murders" – Spherewalker
  • #8, "Seven Days to the Grave" – Justiciar
  • #14, "Children of the Void" – Chevalier
  • #26, "Rhe Six-Fold Trial" – Inheritor's Crusader
  • #27, "What Lies in Dust" – Hellknight
  • #45, "Broken Moon" – Agent of the Grave
  • #116, "Fangs of War" – Chernasardo Ranger

I stand corrected.:-)

With the exclusion of the Chernasardo Ranger and Agent of the Grave, there are no Prestige classes in AP books.
Those two are more of an NPC option, if i remember correctly.
The other ones are 3.5 versions or outdated/have been reworked i think (Hellknight certainly has been).

Dark Archive

Now this looks super-useful! :-)

Dark Archive

How is this a "Forest" Fire?
There are more rocks than forest on one side.
The other side is better, but roughly 20% are water.

Chances of a character burning are very low on both sides.

I would have prefered one side had a needle-wood with maybe one half on fire (essentially the "rock" side with earthen pathways and a few trees still intact instead of the stones).

The other side should have replaced the lake with more woodland. A small pond (maybe 3 x 3) would be okay, but you just need to get into the water to survive easily.

I have to agree with Samy on the re-usability of this map being very low.
I can see myself using this once, maybe twice, but that's it.

Dark Archive

Bardess wrote:
Hope the three S are three PrC.

They most certainly won't be. ;-)

There are no Prestige Classes in Adventure Path books.
Also if they were, the updated description would say so.

Dark Archive

Rick Kunz wrote:
The product description has been updated with the correct Flip-Mat dimensions.

Thx Rick! :-)

The price is still the one for an over-sized map. ;-)

Dark Archive

Rick Kunz wrote:
The product description has been updated with the correct Flip-Mat dimensions.

You forgot to adjust the price to $14.99, Rick. ;-)

PS: I'm glad this is a regular sized map. :-)

Dark Archive

At the moment, i have zero exitement for the map folios.

There are very few ones where all three maps are usable and it seems it has been years since the last good one.

Either there are not enough things labeled or too many (campaign spoilers).

Please label every point of interest on the maps, everything but spoilers.
And also include measurements and a compass rose.
It really isn't that hard.

Dark Archive

Zaister wrote:

In preparing for the upcoming AP, I came across a strange detail in this book:

The current ruler, Grand Prince Stavian III [...] has no living sons, having lost his only male heir, Carrius II, in an equestrian accident.
Why does the Grand Prince's son have a regnal number, even though he died before his father and never succeeded to the throne at all?

Probably because there already had been another Carrius (I) in Taldors past.

He was meant to be the next in succession and just died before he could inherit the throne.
Princes in real live are also called "the second" sometimes, even when they don´t sit on the throne.

Dark Archive

Samy wrote:
I'm gonna guess expansions won't have boxes, and will be packaged like Map Packs or Pawn not-box Collections -- with a wraparound paper slip serving as a cover.

I don´t think so, Samy. Why?

The description for the Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Dungeon Perils Expansion says:
"These double-sided dungeon tiles come in convenient packaging for easy storage."

I think these 2-piece boxes are of thinner cardboard than the Pawn boxes, maybe as thick as the map-pack boxes or a little thicker.
They also won´t have to be as high, as the tiles are much thinner as the pawn sheets.

Dark Archive

That is correct, Rannik. :-)

It doesn't make sense to include the old D&D minis (2003-2010) or the newer Icons of the Realms minis here, because Pathfinder Battles aims to eventually publish all of the creatures found in the Pathfinder Bestiaries (or at least most small, medium & large & some huge and gargantuan ones) as minis, regardless of them being already done before or not.

There are multiple reasons for that, some of them being:

-The old stuff is long sold out.
-Most people either collect Pathfinder Battles OR Icons of the Realms, few both.
-Pathfinder creatures differ from the D&D ones.
-Pathfinder is it's own brand and doesn't look at what D&D is doing (mostly).

Personally, i collect both lines and have most of the old D&D minis, but i know that the Pathfinder Battles minis are of much higher quality than the Icons of the Realms minis, because of Paizo's great quality control.

If i were to list only the creatures that were never done as pre-painted minis from the first Bestiary, it would only be about 40 creatures long, fewer if i subtract creatures made as toys (like the various dinosaurs). ;-)

Dark Archive

The temporary discriptive text makes it sound like we'll get one city in hell, one in heaven and one on the shadow plane, but i guess that could just be ecamples.

Won't the biggest cities (capitals) be in the "Planar Adventures" hardcover, now that it's Pathfinder setting specific?

Dark Archive

Vic Wertz wrote:
It's in a 2-piece box.

So it will essentially be like the Bestiary Pawn boxes, only square?

That's great news, as it will make storage much easier.

It shouldn't be as thick & heavy either.

I imagine the Expansion set(s) will be in thin two-part boxes too?

Thank you, Vic! :-)

Dark Archive

ArcKing wrote:
Ah, nuts. Did I miss my chance to get it before ND releases the backers's orders?

It looks like 5 of the 8 "iconics" (including the starship) are unavailable atm from Paizo.

3 are still available.
I don't know if there will be a re-stock for the unpainted versions before the first wave of the Kickstarter is supposed to ship in may.
There are the painted versions scheduled for a march release, but i don't know if that release date will hold.

Dark Archive

This (and the rest of the march products) should be getting an update next week (usually on wednesday i think).

Is it possible to show things a little earlier (two months in advance)?
It is kind of sad, that it is february and we don't know what some of march's products will look like.
This way, i'm not able to pre-order this from my local flagstore.
I'll have to show up there on the street date and snatch it up if i like it.

An earlier update on the maps line would be much appreciated, two weeks would suffice. :-)

Dark Archive

Wizkids has given the release date for Monster Menagerie III:

28th of march.

The Kraken also seems to be GARGANTUAN with LARGE tentacles:

Kraken attacks ship

The quality of the last D&D set "Tomb of Annihilation" wasn´t very good, but i think the fact that MM3 has HUGE creatures (the Cyclops looks good and can be used as "Greater Cyclops" for Pathfinder) makes the set interesting.

We should get previews of actual minis very soon, i´ll then post them here. :-)

Dark Archive

Here is a list of the most needed creatures from the Bestiary (1) which havn´t been made into PPm and why:

-ABOLETH (appears in lots of adventures like Second Darkness & Serpents Skull & has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Angel, Astral Deva (summon monster IX)
-Ant, Giant (Worker & Drone) (summon monster II & IV)
-Ape, Dire (summon monster IV)
-Azata, Bralani (summon monster V)
-Azata, Ghaele (summon monster IX)
-BEBILITH (appears in lots of adventures)
-Boar (summon monster III)
-BULETTE (appears in lots of adventures lately in Ironfang Invasion)
-Crocodile (appears in lots of adventures)
-Darkmantle (appears in lots of adventures)
-DEMON, NALFESHNEE (summon monster IX, the only missing demon)
-Devourer (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Pteranodon (summon monster IV, too small to get as toy)
-Dolphin (summon monster I, too small to get as toy)
-Small Black Dragon (all other sizes have been made)
-Blue Dragon (s & m, large & gargantuan have been made)
-Green Dragon (s & m, large and gargantuan have been made)
-Small Red Dragon (all other sizes have been made)
-Small White Dragon (all other sizes have been made)
-Large Gold Dragon (all other metallic dragons have a mini)
-Drider male (Pathfinder´s male driders have a unique look)
-Drow (appear in almost every AP)
-Dryad (appear in lots of adventures)
-Electric Eel (summon monster III)
-Ettercap (appear in lots of adventures)
-Cat (every settlement has them)
-Rat (one of the most chosen familiars)
-Toad (one of the most chosen familiars)
-Viper (summon monster I)
-Giant Frog (summon monster II)
-Frog, poison (summon monster I)
-FROGHEMOTH (appears in lots of adventures & has NEVER been made as ppm)
-GIANT, CLOUD (only missing giant)
-Giant, Hill female (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Giant, Fire female (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Girallon (appears in lots of adventures)
-Golem, Clay (the only missing golem
-Horse, Pony (summon monster I & for small riders)
-Hyena (summon monster II)
-Hyena, Dire (has never been made as ppm, too small to get as toy)
-Kyton (appears in lots of adventures, summon monster V)
-Lion (summon monster IV)
-Lizard, Monitor (summon monster III)
-Mephits (summon monster IV)
-Merfolk male & female (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Mohrg (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Nymph (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Octopus (summon monster II)
-Octopus, Giant (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Ogre female (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Oni, Ogre Mage female (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Orc female (has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Rhinoceros, Woolly (summon monster V)
-Rust Monster (appears in lots of adventures)
-Sea Hag (last missig hag)
-Shadow (appears in lots of adventures, last missing common undead)
-Shocker Lizard (appears in lots of adventures, has NEVER been made)
-Squid (summon monster II, has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Vampire female (has never been made as ppm)
-Vargouille (appears in lots of adventures)
-Wolf, Dire (summon monster IV)
-Wolverine (summon monster III, has NEVER been made as ppm)
-Worg (appears in lots of adventures)
-Xill (summon monster V)
-Xorn (appear in lots of adventures)

Dark Archive

DanyRay wrote:

Marco, do you have a link? I can't find what you're refering.


Pathfinder Battles: Jungle of Despair 8 Ct. Booster Brick

Pathfinder Battles: Jungle of Despair - Hydra Case Incentive

Dark Archive


Dark Archive

We should hopefully get an update on the release date sometime this month.

Personally i expect these getting moved from march to either april or may (to be released together with the first wave of the Kickstarter mins).

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This AP (#130) and the following need to be numbered. ;-)

Dark Archive

Vic Wertz wrote:
That's correct.

Thank you for confirming, Vic. :-)

Do you already know how the package box is made up?

Is it essentially the same as the old tiles boxes (only thicker to be able to hold more tiles and with 6 x 6 inches measurements), made of the same cardboard or will it be a box?

Thank you for your time.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
xidoraven wrote:
Is this "over-sized" Flip-Mat format the new standard, or only for some products released?

It seems you were on to something:

The next two Starfinder Flip-Mats are going to be oversized.

There are now 9 "Bigger" Pathfinder flip-mats & 5 "oversized" Starfinder flipmats.

Dark Archive

Rick Kunz wrote:
Adjusted the title. It is only one map.

Thx Rick. :-)

The price is still wrong, but the rest seems right now. ;-)

Dark Archive

Great to get this and 5 other out of print flip-mats each month from april to september!

Dark Archive

I'll have to wait for the sample art or the AP volumes #127+ to judge if i need this.

Dark Archive

Given the lack of Starfinder miniatures, these Pawns are the way to go! :-)

I just wish that tiny & small starships would be printed on small pawns, so that they don't overhang into the forward and aft hex-fields.

Please make this right, Paizo! :-)

Dark Archive

Yes, great choice.
There is a distinct lack of desert maps.

Dark Archive

Again that mysterious friend...

Dark Archive

The description is off, are there not two flip-mats in this multi-pack?

Dark Archive

Sorry to say it, but there are too many "oversized" flip-mats in the Starfinder Flip-Mat line imo.
I want more normal sized ones.
I get that some have to be oversized (starfield for starship battles makes sense, as does the Sunrise Maiden), but Asteroids and now Ghost ship don't have to be larger.

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