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Drow Battle Wizard

Marco Massoudi's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,195 posts. 413 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


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Dark Archive

You know what would be cool?

A Campaign Setting: "Inner Sea Dark", a "what if" book, which shows how the political and geographical landscape would look if the players had failed and the bad guys had won.
This would also be useful for people that play in a continuous Golarion universe.
Each chapter could have four pages, styled like the Inner Sea World Guide, with a half-page illustration & a half-page map and be based on the "What if the players loose" articles in the last parts of an AP.
Chapters could include:

-"Varisia after Karzoug's Rise",
-"Kazavon's Korvosa", etc. ;-)

Dark Archive

Kalindlara wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
You forgot the ghul. ^_^
I saw no picture of a Ghul, please tell me you saw one
Yup. Transparent plastic for the green glow and everything.

Wait a minute - the Ghul that i know of (from Bestiary 3) only has orange flame behind/underneath it's skull, so why the green glow? :-o

I assume you saw a render picture at Paizocon?

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really have to share this site with you guys and gals - somebody has painted mostly comical pictures inspired by D&D miniatures.
Some are cute, some outright funny, some weird and some... - enjoy! ;-)


Dark Archive

I couldn´t find a Ghul render anywhere, but here are:

Pictures of four handpainted Starfinder minis prototypes:

with flash

without flash

Dark Archive

Personally i´m excited about the timeline being advanced (which strictly only means that it´s not 4707 anymore, but 4717/4718).
But i can also see that this is not to everybody´s liking.

The best way to do this is probably like it was being done before in "Shattered Star" and "Hell´s Rebels", by offering information inside the AP about both versions of play-style.

Very few Adventure Paths outcomes are even able to change the political or geographical landscape of Golarion (IF the PCs win).

So far there has been a "Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting" in august 2008, which got replaced by the "Inner Sea World Guide" in march 2011.

If we assume that there will really be a significient change in Avistan by the end of AP#132 (july 2018), it will be the first one in 10 years, something which may be okay, less the World of Golarion may seem to be too static.
But a civil war in Taldor won´t necessarily change it´s borders, so who knows?

Personally i´d like an "Avistan" hardcover, but only after most of the following have received their own campaign Setting books:
-The Realm of the Mammoth Lords
-The Steaming Sea
-The Five Kings Mountains
-Absalom (may be unnecessary to update from PF: Chronicles)

Considering each year brings 2-3 new nations in the Campaign Setting line, it will take 4-5 years until each has received their own book.

So 2021 or 2022 could bring a new "Complete Avistan" or "Inner Sea World Guide" hardcover (and by then it would definetly be okay to advance the timeline to include certain AP happenings imo). :-)

Dark Archive

Spoiler #2:

This also involves information about the first Adventure Path of 2018, so only read it if you wan´t to know about that.

The preview for the "War for the Crown" Adventure Path (february 2018 - july 2018), states that there will be Pathfinder Battles miniature tie-ins!

The fact that this AP takes place in Taldor, especially mentions civil war, intrigue, "Princess Eutropia" and will probably partly adapted minis from artwork in the upcoming "Taldor - The First Empire" Campaign Setting (december 2017), makes me think the minis will be part of 2018s yet untitled "PFB Set 14" (maybe named "War for the Crown"? ;-)).
Which will probably carry a more humanoid-heavy theme again (like Crown of Fangs), after the seemingly more creature-heavy upcoming "Maze of Death".

Dark Archive

There were also some other Pathfinder Battles news from Paizocon i will put into spoilers:

Spoiler #1:

The preview for the "Ruins of Azlant" Adventure Path (august 2017 - january 2018), states that there will be Pathfinder Battles miniature tie-ins!

These will most probably be within the Maze of Death set (october 2017), but maybe we´ll get a boxed set? ;-)

Dark Archive

6 MAZE OF DEATH preview renders from Paizocon:

it takes a while before the picture is finished loading, but it works. ;-)

#04: Mind Frond (Basidirond)

#25: Minotaur Artillery

#30: Sea Drake (Bestiary 2)

#42: Young Blue Dragon

Case Incentive #1: Huge Air Elemental

Case Incentive #2: Huge Water Elemental

Personally i´m very excited that the "Fire Elemental Lord" seems to have been replaced with the "Huge Water Elemental", as it is the only huge elemental not yet covered by old D&D minis.
It´s also great to have a third minotaur (after HM #30 & WR #36), which is a ranged fighter.
The large blue dragon is the last of the large chromatics (technically we would still need a rider-less black one, but the Gray Maiden Rider could be removed, leaving a saddle. ;-)).
The Basidirond as an uncommon is super-cool, thank you Erik and Mike!
Also the third (of four) drakes from Bestiary 2 is made - awesome.

Let´s also not forget, that Maze of Death will have another large plant creature with the "Viper Vine" (Bestiary 2 page 279), a "Ghul (Bestiary 3) and probably more than one Ratfolk (Bestiary 3 again) minis!

Dark Archive


Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Worldwound SOLD OUT (again)!

Dark Archive

Wow, Todd you seem to be cranking out these rather fast. Very nice!

This is actually the last part of the AP that i gamemastered, as the group came apart after it - a very good adventure.

Looking forward to part 6! :-)

Dark Archive

Samy wrote:
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
4) Wildcard: Pathfinder 2e. Jason Bulmahn and crew take the stage and talk about their 2019 release of Pathfinder 2e.

You do realize you are talking about a company who went from publishing two magazines under license to being the biggest RPG publisher in the world, based on one thing: gamers are grognards and don't want to move to a new edition so they stuck with people who offered them a chance to stay with the same old?

Literally their entire business is founded on the concept of gamers not wanting to move to a new edition. That very concept paid all of their houses and cars.

And you think they're now going to do a 4e of their own?


It will happen eventually. But not so soon. The most logical step is to use the (hopefully) more streamlined rules of Starfinder together with Pathfinder Unchained (which was a well received foray into a 2nd edition).

Personally more and more of my campaigns are breaking down in book 5 of an AP, as the prep time is way too long, combat breaks down because of too many, too complicated spells and people are not enjoying gameplay anymore.
Starfinder having only 6 spell levels sounds very good to me.

Back on topic: I expect renders from the next "Pathfinder Battles: Maze of Death" miniatures set and actual Starfinder minis pictures! :-)

Dark Archive

A little off topic, but i don´t see where else i would write this:

It seems that we won´t get a Campaign Setting in january 2018, as all other monthly products for that month have been updated yesterday... ;-(

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally, i´m more interested in the organisations themselves (history, members etc), than in their spells and feats.

And yes, the name isn´t good, it sounds like going to a real bad school...

Dark Archive

While an appreciated addition to the growing pocket editions volumes,
i find it strange that "Ultimate Magic" and "Ultimate Combat" have not been made first.
These are used much more in games that i see than this one...

I´ll still buy it of course. ;-)

Dark Archive

Okay, at this point i assume that we will get pocket editions of every single Bestiary volume at least.

Maybe not Bestiary 6 for some time, but that is understandable, as the hardcover needs to sell through it´s first printing first.

As i primarily use Bestiary 1-4 when GM-ing, this is another step in lightening my load - instant buy! :-)

Dark Archive

While i like the idea of an interlocking dungeon with four levels, i´ll have to wait for and see the samples.
At this point i have so many dungeon mats that i don´t use, i would only need more if they are
a. very generic/useful for basic things or
b. based on an actual adventure dungeon...

Dark Archive

Brother Fen wrote:
Picked up this book this week. I'm glad to see Nirmathas fleshed out. I would have liked a tad more detail, but it works. I've been running a campaign in Nirmathas for two years, so it's good to have more info on places like Crystalhurst and Tamran. It's not too fleshed out so as to invalidate my own campaign developments and I like that. I was worried that I might have to retcon some things.

Nirmathas gets more fleshed out in "Ironfang Invasion" #1-#4 (AP #115: Phaendar, #116: Chernasardo Forest, #117: Longshadow & Nesmian plains & #118: Kraggodan).

Personally i felt that Molthune was well fleshed out, but Nirmathas got only half.
Now that i have Ironfang Invasion #1-3, i know it´s true - the rest is in there. ;-)

Dark Archive

Rotolord wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:

The missing 2016 promos are now available:

Kobold Devilspeaker & Wikkawak

In other news:

Three weeks until the release of the "D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter Set 2017".
I won´t be getting this, as i don´t like half of the (six) minis (but the dwarf, elf and invisible halfling are decent).

Six weeks until the release of the "D&D: Icons of the Realms Set 7", of which the title still hasn´t been revealed, nor any details beyond that it has 55 minis.
I´ve written Wizkids and D&D today, i think next week will bring some details. ;-)

Mini's Gallery calls D&D Set 7 "Forgotten Realms", I don't know what's their source...

As a side note, hi everybody, my first post on these boards I think, but I'm a long time lurker especially in the miniatures-addicted sections.

And Marco, I especially appreciate all of your reviews and often articulated comments, they make me think I'm not the only one waiting for Friday for different reasons than most of the world population :)

Welcome to the boards, Rotolord!

I´m always happy when somebody gets something positive out of my endless ramblings. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Steve Geddes wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
I´ve written Wizkids and D&D today, i think next week will bring some details. ;-)

This made me smile.

Conjured all kinds of mental images. :p

Glad to make you smile, Steve. ;-)

Maybe you´ll get a laugh out of this too:

Here´s what Wizkids wrote:

"Hello Marco,

We hope to have an update on the D&D Icons of the Realms Set 7 next week. Thanks for your patience.

- The WK Team"

And here is what Dungeons & Dragons wrote:

"Unfortunately we do not have any information we could provide at this time, however we're more than happy to get feedback along on your behalf that you'd appreciate some previews before release! Thank you for your patience, and have a great day!"


Dark Archive

I guess we won´t be getting any until after Paizo Con (starting this friday), which is understandable. ;-)

Dark Archive

The missing 2016 promos are now available:

Kobold Devilspeaker & Wikkawak

In other news:

Three weeks until the release of the "D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter Set 2017".
I won´t be getting this, as i don´t like half of the (six) minis (but the dwarf, elf and invisible halfling are decent).

Six weeks until the release of the "D&D: Icons of the Realms Set 7", of which the title still hasn´t been revealed, nor any details beyond that it has 55 minis.
I´ve written Wizkids and D&D today, i think next week will bring some details. ;-)

Dark Archive

It looks like we will soon need updated warehouse numbers - maybe in june after Paizo Con is over? ;-)

It also seems like the "Pathfinder Chronicles Miniatures" and the glassware sell very very slow - maybe a slight price reduction (if possible) would change that?

Keep up the great work store team! :-)

Dark Archive


"Pathfinder Tales: Death's Heretic" SOLD OUT!

Only a few non-mint copies remain for $7.49.

Dark Archive

Fewer Than 25 Left:

GameMastery Map Pack: Mines SOLD OUT!

Dark Archive

Fewer Than 25 Left:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Revisited SOLD OUT!

Dark Archive

Bestiary 2 Pocket Edition and Ultimate Equipment Pocket Edition in october are a very good choice.

The ones after these would have to be Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat.

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Keep making them and i'll keep buying them. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nice Devilfish (B2 page 88) vs. Jirelle & Merisiel cover, by the way!

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bring it on, Todd! ;-)

Dark Archive


AP #19: less than 500 left.
AP #20: less than 500 left.
AP #21: less than 1000 left.
AP #22: sold out.
AP #23: less than 100 left.
AP #24: sold out.

There are between 1025 and 2096 issues left in stock.

Dark Archive

Fewer Than 100 Left:

Pathfinder Adventure Path #24: "The Final Wish" (Legacy of Fire 6 of 6) SOLD OUT!

Only a few non-mint issues for $3.75 are left!

Dark Archive

Duncan7291 wrote:
I should get my case on Monday and will start reviewing. However, this set looks more like the lower quality of their DnD line. Paint jobs look bad.

The paintjobs for ALL minis of COMMON rarity are really really good, as are the paintjobs for most UNCOMMONS (Banshee, Cabbagehead & Skeleton Champion being the exception).

But the paintjobs for quite a few RARES are really bad:

-Shadowcount Sial
-Reclamation Cavalry
-Skeleton Cavalry

Personally, i like having so many useful common and uncommon minis of such great looking quality, but it kinda defeats the purpose of the rare miniatures (the Emperor and Queen minis are great looking, though!).

It certainly isn´t as bad as the D&D line paintjob!

Dark Archive

Fewer Than 25 Left!

AP #38 only has very few non-mint issues left for $7.50.

Dark Archive

Lorian wrote:
Ahh, that's pretty clever. They're so tall it makes sense they'd be easy to tip.

They don´t tip very easily imo. But with the velcro stickers they don´t tip at all. ;-)

Dark Archive

Michael McGrath 413 wrote:

This mini is really good looking -- the trouble is that I'm not certain that I know what kind of creature she is.

A lamia with rainbow wings? Is she a colorful Lillend Azata, maybe?

It´s a Lillend Azata from the "Hell´s Vengeance" AP.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lorian wrote:
I'm confused, what's this velcro and clear plastic even for?

You can put one half of a velcro sticker under each pillar and the other half in the center of one of the clear plastic plates.

That way the pillars won´t fall over even if you tip against them. ;-)

Dark Archive

Berk the Black wrote:

For those of you on the fence about some of these minis and that would like some better convincing that you need them that computer renders, I've started posting pictures of the real things over on Plasticrypt. It takes time, as I have to dig out comparison minis and I'm actually filing things away as I go, but over the next few days I should get through everything:

Crown of Fangs Set Pictures

Thanks Berk, i love your pics and always download them. :-)

I wonder if we'll get a "Maze of Death" preview tonight?
It's only 20-24 weeks till release. ;-)

Dark Archive

I'll miss your words, Wesley.
Ustalav won't be the same without you!
Where can we read your words next?

I wish you all the best for your personal live, health and career.

Greetings from Germany, Marco

Dark Archive

Singles are live.

Dark Archive

The cover image looks great.

But it's impossible to say from one picture if this is super-useful or just okay.

While the 6 mentioned tiles sound useful, i hope this has lots of additional ruined buildings. :-)

Dark Archive

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Wow, a "Jubjub Bird" (Bestiary 3 page 157, CR 15) chasing Lini - great cover!
Too bad we don't (yet) have a mini for that. ;-)

Dark Archive

I'm reluctant about this.
Ultimate Equipment (pocket edition out in october - yay) should cover pretty much anything.

Dark Archive

A (thorough) gazetteer of all 5 oceans?

I am very intrigued. :-)

Dark Archive

So the cover has been updated, but there are no samples (yet).
Maybe there won't be any this month, because of the increased workload for Paizocon, but i hope we'll still get them.

Judging from the cover only, i wouldn't buy this (and i love the Darklands/Underdark).

Dark Archive

Unfortunately, even if you have all Pawn sets & boxes, there will still be creatures that you won't have (like the Formless Spawn or Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath for this AP).
Most can be substituted by something similiar, though.

The case where no amount of Pawns helps you, is when it comes to gargantuan or colossal creatures.

You best use toys for them, the T-Rex toy from Schleich has the exact right measurements to fit into 4 squares, as have a lot of others (like the Phoenix toy from Safari).
These look great and are often even cheaper than a mini. ;-)

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
CanisDirus wrote:
So, the previews thusfar have had 51 minis (assuming the Court is all under a single "number"), but this entry mentions 52 minis. Is there a surprise in our future?

#1 (Dog) through #44 (Grey Maiden Dragon Rider) are creatures, plus 6 Dungeon Dressings for a total of 49 different minis in the blind boosters.

The Incentive has #50, #51 & #52: Dr. Davaulus, Glorio Arkona & Gnome Executioner.

Dark Archive

Weren't the singles supposed to be available today on
I just looked, as i want to rate every single one, but there isn't a section for Crown of Fangs yet. :-o

Dark Archive

John Compton wrote:
Thurston Hillman wrote:
Spoiler Alert: The best art is on page 32.
Pssh! Page 46 or bust!

Okay - i'll bite, Mr. John "Monster" Compton. ;-)

What is illustrated on page 46?
Is it a self-portrait of yours truly? ;-)

Dark Archive

It is, in Germany. :-p
Besides, some people should already have their pdfs for quite a while.
Not that i expect them to answer immediately. ;-)

Dark Archive

So, what are the monsters in the bestiary section? ;-)

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