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Kingmaker book 6:
-Satyr (Bestiary)
-Water Mephit (Bestiary) small
-Devourer (Bestiary) large

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Kingmaker book 5 creatures:
-Nereid (B2)
-Ogre/Oni Mage (Bestiary) confirmed!
-Lycanthrope, Weretiger (B2)

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Kingmaker book 4 creatures:
-Dire Tiger (Bestiary) large
-Ahuizotl (B3) large
-Bog Strider
-Poison Frog (Bestiary)
-Dragonfly, Giant (B2)
-Spirit Naga (Bestiary) large
-Dust Mephit (Bestiary) small
-Dergodaemon (B2) large
-Ant Swarm (Bestiary)

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Kingmaker book 3 creatures:
-Xill (Bestiary)
-Spriggan (B2) confirmed!
-Soul Eater/Gorger (B2) confirmed!
-Dread Zombie Cyclops

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Kingmaker book 2 creatures:
-Nixie (B3) small
-Pony (Bestiary)
-Worg (Bestiary)
-Puma (Bestiary)
-Scarecrow (B2)
-Snapping Turtle, Giant (B2) medium
-Bat Swarm (Bestiary) confirmed!
-Cairn Wight (Bestiary)
-Rat Swarm (Bestiary)
-Quickling (B2) small
-Monitor Lizard (Bestiary)
-Crocodile (Bestiary) large
-Trollhound (B3)
-Rock Troll (B2) large
-Centipede Swarm (Bestiary)
-Ettercap (Bestiary)

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The booster shows a small Spriggan & the "Stag Lord" to be in the set.
Maybe a large Spriggan will also be in it.

Book 1 has the Stag Lord on the cover, book 2 has the Troll Leader, book 6 Nyrissa. We already have King Irovetti from the cover of book 5.
That makes the "Cyclops Lich" from book 3's cover a possibility.

Here are the creatures featured in book 1 which are possible:

-Fairy Dragon (B3)
-Grig (B2)
-Frog, Giant (Bestiary)
-Boar (Bestiary)
-Kangaroo (B3) medium
-Elk (B3) medium

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33: Gongorinan Qlippoth (Bestiary 6)
34: Venom Daemon (Piscodaemon, Bestiary 2)
35: Azata Knight (Ghaele Eladrin)
36: Human Ranger
37: Dwarf Explorer
38: Human Arcanist
39: Human Paladin
40: Serpentfolk Wizard (Bestiary 2 & Serpents Skull #6)

41: HOLLOW SERPENT (Bestiary 3)
42: THULGANT QLIPPOTH (Bestiary 2)
43: KIRIN (Bestiary 3)
44: ASTRADAEMON (Bestiary 2)

#35 is from the Bestiary.

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14: Eagle
15: Vulture (Bestiary 3)
16: Winged Chupacabra (Bestiary 2 & Serpents Skull #1)
17: Yellow Musk Creeper
18: Elf Assassin (NPC Codex)
19: Tanuki (Bestiary 3)
20: Morlock Cleric
21: Human Hunter
22: Serpentfolk Rogue (Bestiary 2 & Monster Codex)
23: Serpentfolk Cleric (Bestiary 2 & Monster Codex)
24: Ravenous Qlippoth (Nyogoth, Bestiary 2)

27: LION

#14, 17, 20, 25-30 are all creatures from the Bestiary.

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01: Pixie
02: Mold Runt (Vegepygmie)
03: Dryad
04: Metal Cobra (Iron Cobra)
05: Azata Wilder (Bralani Eladrin)
06: Giant Ant
07: Morlock
08: Giant Leech
09: Nymph
10: River Drake (Bestiary 3)
11: Sabosan (Bestiary 3)
12: Elf Druid
13: Serpentfolk Hunter (Bestiary 2 & Monster Codex)

#1-9 are all creatures from the Bestiary.

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Wizkids has provided the release date:

It's april 25th already!

Monster Menagerie III was in stores on the 28th of march, just 10 days ago.

I really don't like having only 4 weeks between a D&D set and a Pathfinder set as i collect both lines.
The Pathfinder Battles minis are of much better paint quality.
The "Kraken" case incentive (gargantuan size with overhang) is fantastic though.
In my opinion it is a great Dagon or even Cthulhu proxy (even if they are huge & colossal in Bestiary 4).

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AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
so when is Paizo going to talk WizKids into doing Starfinder Battles? if they start now, they can do most of Alien Archives in the first set ;)

Wizkids has passed on the kind offer by Paizo, as has Reaper miniatures.

Sadly, Soda Pop has gotten the rights and they have so far produced zero prepainted minis.
I wouldn't hold my breath for any more prepainted minis than the four initially announced sets and those will very likely take at least until may or june to be available, if not much later. ;-(

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Iammars wrote:
Well, just because the Worldwound closed doesn't mean that all the demons got sucked in like a vacuum. They're still there until we go kill them!

Your absolutely right, Lammars.

What i was thinking is, would it still be called "the Worldwound", if the gate to the Abyss would be closed, leaving thousands of demons there stranded or would the name change back to Sarkoris?
Probably the former, as it's more iconic and there are not many sarkorians left to re-populate the country.
What i'm getting at is, i'm interested in how the Inner Sea setting has changed from the "Inner Sea World Guide" time (4711) to the time of Pathfinder 2.0. :-)

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A 416 page softcover.
I imagine it to be similiar in material to the pocket editions, only at full size.
I'll probably getting this version as i imagine i'll only using it up to one year, until the full rulebook is available.

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Rick Kunz wrote:
The release of Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Dungeon Starter Set and Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Dungeon Perils Expansion has been changed to July.

That's still in time to use them in conjunction with the Pathfinder Playtest adventure. ;-)

Thank you, Rick.

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So the Worldwound is still demon-infested, interesting.
If i would have to guess, i would bet the burned-out crypt under Magnimar is where the first adventure takes place at level 1.

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The adventures are taking place over the course of seven years will be interesting.
I hope they take place in different Inner Sea nations and are not 100% dungeon crawls, but offer 5% world story at least.
I'm also looking forward very much to an eventual "Inner Sea Guide 4719" with an advanced timeline from all 24 Adventure Paths (and Varisia maybe called New Thassilon?).

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If anyone is interested in the stats of the two Serpentfolk, they are from page 202 & 203 of the "Monster Codex" and are a Rogue level 1 & Ranger level 2.

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I really like the lion, which seems to be the right size when i look at the Bestiary entry (5-8 feet long).
It is after all supposed to be a representation of a normal version and i can use the "Dire Lion" from the D&D "Dragoneye" set or the "Blessed Hunter" from "Unhallowed" if i need a Dire Lion.

The tiger on the other hand looks definetly too small, it should both be longer (9 feet) and a bit heavier than the lion according to the Bestiary.
The flying position also looks stupid, the hindlegs should be on the ground, like in the artwork on page 265 of the Bestiary.

While i like the idea of more animal companions/familiars, i found the three birds (falcon, raven, owl) from the Reign of Winter minis set represented the necessary birds very well. At least the eagle is of the white feathered type, making it the american national animal.
Hopefully we'll still get a lizard, monkey & viper.
The vulture looks nice, but it is small and i too would have prefered a medium one to work in tandem with the "Goblin Vulture Pilot" from "The Rusty Dragon Inn" set.

The human Ranger should have an eagle that looks like the single mini, but sadly the colors are different.

We have now seen all 8 rate medium minis & i only want more than one of the Piscodaemon (CR 10), the rest are exactly the right rarity.

Three more commons to show, one of which is the Pixie if the set description is to be believed.

Two more medium/small uncommons unrevealed & one large uncommon.

The last rare large missing is seen on the box art - it's the Anghazani or High Girallon.

If i look at the "Forest (warm) entry from page 320 of the Bestiary, these are the missing minis:
-Boar (m)
-Constrictor snake (s)
-Dire Ape (L)
-Girallon (L)
-Monkey (s)
-Toad (s)

It seems very probable that the last unrevealed large uncommon is some kind of ape.

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I don't think these will be available before may or even june 2018, if ever.
Because wave 1 of the unpainted kickstarter minis are supposed to ship then.
So far only a few prototypes have been "produced".
If the first wave KS includes these ship minis, there will be enough additional ones produced, which then need to be painted by Ninja Division staff.
I wouldn't be surprized if these got cancelled, though.

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Can we get some sample images?

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If anyone wants to have the stats for the elf assassin, it's the "contract killer (rogue 11) from page 150 of the NPC Codex (pocket edition out in october).

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Mosaic wrote:
I mostly like the morlock, although I’m not sure about the pointy ears. Do we have and regular non-cleric morlock minis?

So far we havn't had any Morlock minis.

While i like the Morlock Cleric, i hope we get a plain old normal Morlock in this set too.

I really hope that one or more of the Darklands creatures previewed on monday are DROW. ;-)

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Does the starfinder backup story replace the poster insert?

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Off topic, but i don't know where else to post this, as the new updated site is'nt working so well (yet):

Why can't i post in the october product threads and when is the site expected to work fully?

Also a rough ETA for the players guide (like in the coming week or in two weeks) would be appreciated.


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Less than 4 weeks till the release of MM 3 and not a single preview of an actual mini - that´s a new low even for Wizkids.

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Has there ever been an AP which hadn't had a Players Guide on the street date of it's first installment?

I think it is great that we get a free product that helps to create characters (in advance) for an upcoming campaign.
It is obviously a lot of work checking all the possible character classes and archetypes which exist for compatibility with not one, but six adventure parts.
It is also a great tool to generate excitement and to check if the AP is something one likes.

The lack of a Starfinder Dead Suns players guide made me realize that we need one for every AP.

At the moment i am asking myself if it wouldn't be more practical to incorporate it into the first part of an AP, as a lot of the introductions already are half a guide.
What do you think?

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Mark Moreland wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:


...snip for space...

For which two minis would you vote to be in the next possible case incentive?

My vote: 01 & 23

Weird. You and I made almost the exact same list just a few hours apart.

No wonder Cat-thulhu confused us - one of us is probably the other ones (evil?) twin! ;-)

Dark Archive


01 Aboleth
02 Bebilith (D&D version exists)
03 Behir (D&D version exists)
04 Black Pudding
05 Bulette (D&D version exists)
06 Nalfeshnee Demon (D&D version exists)
07 Ankylosaurus (Toy exists)
08 Elasmosaurus (Toy exists)
09 Stegosaurus (Toy exists)
10 Triceratops (D&D version exists)
11 Orca (Toy exists)
12 Blue Dragon (D&D version exists)
13 Green Dragon (D&D version exists)
14 Brass Dragon
15 Bronze Dragon
16 Copper Dragon (D&D version exists)
17 Gold Dragon (D&D version exists)
18 Silver Dragon (D&D version exists)
19 Dragon Turtle
20 Elephant (Toy exists)
21 Mastodon (Toy exists)
22 Giant Flytrap (alternate mini exists)
23 Frogemoth
24 Cloud Giant (D&D versions exists)
25 Cauchemar Nightmare
26 Remorhaz (D&D version exists)
27 Retriever (Star Wars Crab Droid)
28 Shoggoth (Arkham Horror)
29 Giant Slug (Toy exists)
30 Giant Squid (Toy exists)
31 Treant (D&D version exists)

For which two minis would you vote to be in the next possible case incentive?

My vote: 01 & 23

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Berk the Black wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:

... Lists of missing monsters are alway helpful. Thanks! ...

Erik, a few sets backed you mentioned there might be Formians upcoming. At the time, there was some confusion about Formians and Fomorians, so I was wondering if you think we still might see Formians in a future set? It would be nice to get several types, instead of just the workers that were made in another line’s set.

And, a Huge Aboleth! The Aboleth is certainly a highly used creature to still not have a mini. And the Pathfinder artwork for it is wonderful (although I don’t know what actually makes a picture suitable to use for a sculpt). I know there is a problem working huges into the sets, but this one is high on my list. I really wish the encounter packs had taken off better, as that would have been a great way to work this guy in.

Out of all HUGE creatures in the six Pathfinder Bestiary books, the "Water Elemental Lord", which we'll finally get in Set 15 is the most used one in adventures, of which no mini exists yet, so i am glad that it is finally made.

That being said, the Aboleth is definetly the 2nd-most used huge creature (not yet made) in all Pathfinder Adventures.
So i am voting for it to be one of the two huge minis we'll hopefully get in 2019. ;-)

Dark Archive

Awww, no preview today. ;-(

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Paris Crenshaw wrote:

Hey, Folks!

I put together shipsheets for the ships used in the campaign. I'll add pages to it when parts 5 and 6 come out, as well. The stats and DCs for some of the offensive actions on the enemy ships' sheets are based on fighting the Sunrise Maiden as she is presented in the first book.

Dead Suns Shipsheets.PDF


Thank you very much, Paris.

Highly appreciated!

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Erik Mona wrote:

You guys are in such great hands with Mark.

Thanks for keeping up the great work, Mark! You're a master at this already!

I absolutely agree, Erik. :-)

Was my "missing Bestiary minis" list of any use to you?
How amazing is the "Fallen Star" ship mini?
I hope we'll get something similiar (but different) to this after set 15's huge Earth & Water elementals.
Your comment on plasticrypt about Wizkids seemed to suggest great things for Pathfinder Battles future. ;-)

Dark Archive

Two as yet unrevealed HUGE minis in "Monster Menagerie III" seem to be:

-Adult Remorhaz (looking very similiar to the sleek "Young Remorhaz" from MM II, only bigger) &
-T-Rex (looking similiar to the old D&D "Fiendish Tyrannosaur").

So far, there are no previews of actual minis from the set, besides the very good "Kraken & Islands" set, which is gargantuan with large tentacles and a very nice rowboat, as can be seen in the "Fallen Star" Toy Fair pics.

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Cuup wrote:

I've noticed that Ultimate [Blank] and [Blank] Adventures Books will sometimes be released in close proximity to AP's that share the same flavor - Hell's Rebels AP and Ultimate Intrigue; Strange Aeons AP and Horror Adventures, etc.

Could we be seeing a Planar-based AP in the near future? :)

AP#131: War for the Crown #5 looks to take place mainly in Axis.

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Rick Kunz wrote:
Announced for June 2018! Image and description are provisional and subject to change prior to release.

Rick, the price is given too low for a Bigger Flip-Mat product, it most probably has to be $19.99.

Lately, the prices are always wrong for the flip-mats, does the computer system automatically copy the one from last months product maybe?
Thank you, as always. :-)

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DanyRay wrote:

auto failed will save for me...

will it be released with a main set of random mini called Fallen Star or it's the name of the ship taken form the famous sea and it will be stand alone as Orcus, or the Collossal red?

Thank you Marco fo sharing this.

In others news it seems like a lot of time passed since we eard about Monster Menagerie 3

I don´t know, but personally i think it will be a stand alone Boxed Set as the Colossal Red Dragon, because of the comment that it will have one gridded and one ungridded side and because of it´s size.

On the other hand, the yet officially untitled Icons of the Realms Set #9 & it´s case incentive are scheduled for a july 2018 release, so who knows?

I also found the ships schematics and it looks the same:


Yeah, about MM III, Wizkids sure are taking their time with previews.
Personally i expect the first one somewhen this week, maybe tomorrow, maybe friday.

Also Tiamat & Bahamut 2nd printings will soon be back in stores.

Dark Archive

I know i´ll be getting this.

Personally i estimate a price between $100 and $120.

This is a mini i have been waiting for a long time.

What do you think of it?

Dark Archive


It looks like it´s gonna be 5 or 6 squares broad and the two stern and aft sections are gonna be 6 x 6 squares, with the middle deck section looking like it´s 8 squares long.

"NECA/WizKids representative James O’Brien gave ICv2 the rundown on the prototype ship. “The decks of the ship are going to be removable. You can have things going on below decks, whether it's stored treasure, surprise encounters, or if it's even just a place that people end up moving to, to have some combat interactions.”

“One side of the decks are going to have a grid for combat, and the other side of the deck is going to be plain,” he continued. “Whether people are doing gridded games of Dungeons & Dragons, or theater of mind, it's going to be the right layout for them.” The design is not final. WizKids did hint that an unpainted version of the boat may be available after the painted version is released."

full lenght view

closer side view

closer side view

Also shown are the tentacles, sandbank and rowboat from the march 28th Kraken Monster Menagerie III set.

It looks, like there are two open/close-able doors and 8 open/close-able cannon doors.

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Mark Moreland wrote:
Paizo is closed today in observance of Presidents' Day. Warehouse operations will continue tomorrow.

Thank you for answering questions here (and posting the minis blog) on your day off, Mark!

Have a great president´s day.

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Human Hunter:
While the details on this figure are amazing, the direction the bow is pointed to seems non-threatening and un-dynamic.
If the bow would be pointed straight, i could see the use of 4-6 of these, but like this it is the first mini in the set, that i won´t have use for more than one. ;-(

Dwarf Explorer:
He looks pretty cool and i can see him well in a Darklands setting. I hope the mostly darker colors don´t make the details unrecognizable.
The decision to make this mini rare is also right imo.

Human Arcanist:
Great looking mini! Perfect colors, perfect details, perfect rarity.

(Bralani) Azata Wilder:
Very similiar to the artwork on page 24 of the Bestiary, this guy is holding his elaborate bow the right way and it´s great to have a Pathfinder Battles version of this often summoned "monster".

Thanks again for a great punctual and atmospheric preview, Mark!

Do you know from your head where the artwork from the first three is from?

So next week we´ll finally see one or two of the Daemons or Qlippoth in the set? ;-)

Dark Archive

No news about the release date of these...

Dark Archive

Update #37 shows the two different Ikeshti Brood Minders and states:

100% of the sculpts are completed and the last batch is under review right now at Paizo.

Dark Archive

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Joe Jungers wrote:
Any clue what levels this adventure is intended to accommodate?

Considering Starfinder has only one advancement track and that this book has the same page count as the other Starfinder APs, assuming it mimics the first AP, this second installment of AtAT will probably start at level 3 and end at level 5.

The third book would then start at 5 and go to 7.
That is only an educated guess though.

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Rick Kunz wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:

I noticed that the july 2018 Starfinder Flip-Mat "Asteroids" is priced at $19.99, as is the one coming in september.

I thought this was an error, as the descriptions were wrong at first, but the price stayed when the measurements were downgraded from oversized mats to normal 24 x 30 ones.
Also the Pathfinder "Wizard's Dungeon" is the same.
The $19.99 price was listed in error. They are $14.99 and the prices have been adjusted.

Thank you, Rick! :-)

Dark Archive

I noticed that the july 2018 Starfinder Flip-Mat "Asteroids" is priced at $19.99, as is the one coming in september.
I thought this was an error, as the descriptions were wrong at first, but the price stayed when the measurements were downgraded from oversized mats to normal 24 x 30 ones.
Also the Pathfinder "Wizard's Dungeon" is the same.

Dark Archive

Anaba Boeska wrote:
Are 24 x 30 flip maps going up to $19.99?

If they are, it begins in july with Starfinder Flip-mat "Asteroids".

Up until now, i am buying every flip-mat.
If they go up one third in price, i will very probably not do that anymore, so i hope not...

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The nymph looks like she's eying that shoes, wanting them for herself...
Also the shoes the druid is wearing color-clash with his robe, so maybe he has some interest too.
Man, i see whole new quest adventures for these shoes come up... ;-)

Dark Archive


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I'm not even kidding, atm i'm imagining what a "Gelatinous Cube" cookie would taste like. :-)

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